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"Skyrim": Fill Initiate's Ewer

Fill Initiate's Ewer in each shrine.

Fill Initiate's Ewer in each shrine.

Fill the Initiate's Ewer

In Skyrim, the hero must fill the Initiate's Ewer with water from the basin in each shrine and unlock the remaining wayshrines to reach the inner sanctum. There is a ghost prelate which will stand by each shrine and will command the shrine to rise from the ground.

In addition, the ghostly prelate will open the portal that will lead from one wayshrine to the next. The hero must fill the initiate's ewer with a total of five servings of water, each from one wayshrine. Reaching the fifth wayshrine will pave the way into the inner sanctum. This will guide the hero on how to navigate the dangers, fight off the monsters in each area, find the three wayshrines (second to fourth wayshrines in the forgotten vale) and fill the initiate's ewer with water from the basins in these wayshrines.

Find the Second and Third Wayshrine

The hero will find the second wayshrine after going through the torturous darkside passage. A ghost prelate will open the portal into the Forgotten Vale. The forgotten vale is one vast frozen icy area located somewhere in Skyrim (west of Volkihar Castle). Use the hero's HUD and follow the marker on the compass to find the way to the third wayshrine (Shrine of Learning).

This part is easy, and the hero should encounter minimal to zero monsters en route to the wayshrine. Another ghostly prelate guards the entrance to the wayshrine. Say yes to him to allow him to summon the shrine from the ground and unlock the portal to travel onwards. Remember to fill the initiate's flask with water from the basin in this shrine.

Find the Fourth Wayshrine

In a similar fashion, enter the portal and follow the marker on the hero's compass to the fourth wayshrine (Shrine of Resolution). At this point, the formidable monsters in the Forgotten Vale start appearing. To reach the shrine of the resolution, the hero needs to walk along the right-hand side of a semi-frozen river in the forgotten vale.

Towards the end of this frozen river, the hero can cross some frozen ice to the left-hand side. There is a frost giant standing at the far end of this river. The hero can either attempt to defeat this frost giant or just ignore him and go up the snowy steps to the fourth wayshrine. The frost giant's back is facing the hero, and he will similarly ignore the hero if the hero ignores him.

The monster-slaying hero may want to tackle the frost giant. This is a practice round for the slaying of another frost giant later on in the game. To engage the frost giant, go into sneak mode and use bow and arrow attacks on the frost giant. Hit him twice before getting out of sneak mode. Now, Serana will move forwards to distract the frost giant.

Continue shooting arrows at the frost giant. The frost giant retaliates. One strike from the frost giant and Serana will be subdued. The frost giant will come after the hero. Retreat and jump into the icy river just before the frost giant reaches and hits the hero. Jumping into the icy river will make the frost giant turn his attention away from the hero. Swim away from the frost giant to a suitable dry land. Climb onto the dry land and relaunch more arrow attacks on the frost giant. Enranged, the frost giant will move forwards toward the hero again. When the frost giant reaches the hero, jump into the icy river again. Repeat these series of steps until the frost giant is defeated.

With the frost giant defeated, head up the stairs to the fourth wayshrine. Say yes to the prelate here and then follow the same routine before entering the portal to reach another area. The key in this area is to find the crevice which will lead to the shrine of radiance.

Defeat the Twin Dragons Voslaarum and Naaslaarum

Defeat the Twin Dragons Voslaarum and Naaslaarum

Learn the Dragon Shout Drain Vitality

Emerge from the portal on the other side of the fourth wayshrine to search for the fifth and final wayshrine needed to fill the initiate's ewer. Turn left from this wayshrine and find that the path (beyond the ghostly prelate here) will split into two, with one leading upwards further into the snowy mountains and the other leading downwards into an icy frozen lake. The fifth wayshrine (Shrine of Radiance) is found beyond the path leading upwards into the mountains.

However, before the hero attempts to find the fifth wayshrine, there is time for a bit of distraction and a majestic fight: defeat the twin dragons Naaslaarum and Voslaarum and learn the Dragon Shout Drain Vitality. This dragon shout consists of three words: "Gaan", "Lah" and "Haas".

Head down the path onto the icy lake if the hero wants to defeat the twin dragons. Spot a rock outcropping in the distance near the middle of the lake. This rock will contain the dragon shout of power drain vitality. As the hero walks towards the wall, two dragons break through the ice on the frozen lake, emerging to attack the hero. These are the dragons Naaslaarum and Voslaarum.

Send Serana forwards to engage one of the dragons, let's say Voslaarum. The second dragon will feel compelled to attack Serana. Take this opportunity to launch a series of arrow attacks at Voslaarum until it is defeated. Now Serana will likely be defeated by this time. The second dragon Naaslaarum will turn its undivided attention onto the hero. Quickly switch into vampire lord mode. The hero may want to run up the stairs back up to the fourth wayshrine to avoid the dragon for a little while. Anyhow, on return to the battlefield, summon a gargoyle to distract and attack the second dragon. In vampire lord form, use life drain on the second dragon. Use bats to teleport away from the dragon's breath attacks when necessary. Eventually, Naaslaarum will be defeated. Head up to the wall of power and learn the dragon shout. If the hero continues forwards across the rest of the frozen lake, he will reach some stairs leading back down to the second wayshrine.

It's time to use the other path and search for the fifth and final wayshrine to fill the initiate's ewer completely.