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How to Get to Summit of Apocrypha in "Skyrim"

This guide will walk you through how to get past the six chapters of the book Waking Dreams, get hold of the four books and get to the summit of Apocrypha.

This guide will walk you through how to get past the six chapters of the book Waking Dreams, get hold of the four books and get to the summit of Apocrypha.

Waking Dreams Chapter 2

In Skyrim: Dragonborn, the hero needs to get to the Summit of Apocrypha. At the Summit of Apocrypha, the hero will challenge Miraak and put an end to him. But first, the hero actually needs to get past the hordes of monsters and devious twists that lie between him and the summit of Apocrypha.

Let's Begin

Reading the first chapter of the Black Book: Waking Dreams after the hero learns the final word of power will transport the hero to Apocrypha. The route to the second chapter is simple.

  • Move forward from the start point in Apocrypha and read the second chapter.
  • The area that the second chapter sends the hero to is littered with seekers. It is best to adopt a sneak approach rather than eliminate every seeker that the hero sees.
  • It is important for the hero to explore this second chapter area and find a book on the pedestal here. The book is Boneless Limbs.
  • Once this book is obtained, find an opening in the upper levels and go outside onto a balcony overlooking the pools of acid. The third chapter will be here.

Waking Dreams Chapter 3

Chapter 3 lands the hero in an area with many seekers.

  • For a speedy walkthrough and a longer existence, do not engage the seekers.
  • Instead, go into sneak mode, look at the map and find a path to the book that contains Chapter 4.
  • The hero also needs to pick up a book called Delving Pincers. This book can be found somewhere from the start point of Chapter 3, so just do some exploring.
  • Once this book is found, return to the start point and activate a scrye near the start point to unlock a tunnel that will lead the hero outwards to an area with bridges interconnected to the center. Here the hero will collect the book Prying Orbs.
  • There will be an exit from one of the bridges here that will lead the hero to Chapter 4.

Waking Dreams Chapter 4

Chapter 4 lands the hero somewhere near the outside of Apocrypha. If the hero looks up, he can see the summit of Apocrypha. The key in Chapter 4 is to head downstairs from the start point and enter a tunnel.

The tunnel will lead to a maze-like structure where the corridors appear to be evolving as the hero advances. There will be a table within the tunnel where there is a healing potion.

  • Turn left at this table and advance through the tunnel to another area.
  • Climb the stairs here to get the book Gnashing Blades.
  • Go back down the stairs and look for another set of tunnels different from the one that the hero came from.
  • When the hero sees a stone face statue in front, turn left and come out of the tunnel.
  • Head upstairs and look around for a scrye. Activate this and then descend the stairs and enter a different set of tunnel.
  • Continue through this new set of tunnels and then arrive at an area with a locked gate. Search around in this area for the scrye that will open the gate.
  • Once the scrye is activated, a lurker will appear. Defeat the lurker and go up the stairs past the (now unlocked) gate.
  • At the top of the stairs will be Chapter 5.

Waking Dreams Chapter 5

Chapter 5 will land the hero in an area with four pedestals. Each pedestal will contain a different inscription pertaining to the four books listed above.

  • Place the correct book on each pedestal. For example, if the pedestal shows an inscription of pincers, then the book Delving Pincers should be placed on the pedestal.
  • Once all the books are correctly placed, the pedestal containing Chapter 6 will be powered up.
  • Go forth and read it.

Waking Dreams Chapter 6

Chapter 6 will land the hero outside the library of Apocrypha.

  • Here the hero needs to defeat two seekers.
  • Then go and collect the word of power Armor, Dragon Aspect from the wall and look around for the dragon Sahrotaar. This ugly blue dragon will be perched on one of the structures.
  • Use the Bend Will dragon shout to tame Sahrotaar.
  • Then ride and navigate Sahrotaar and get to the Summit of Apocrypha.