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"Skyrim" Glacial Crevice Walkthrough

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In Skyrim, the hero must enter the glacial crevice to find the fifth wayshrine. The hero can get to the glacial crevice by going up the snowy path from the fourth wayshrine. Enter the glacial crevice to find a whole "new" world within. The hero will find lots of monsters here and will have to do a lot of trekking to get out of the glacial crevice. This will guide the hero on how to get through the glacial crevice and eliminate the monsters within to reach the Shrine of Radiance. Then, you can gain entry into the inner sanctum of Auriel's Chantry to reach Auriel's Chapel.

Swim through the stream and enter a whole world within the glacial crevice.

Swim through the stream and enter a whole world within the glacial crevice.

Use Sneak Archery Attacks in the Glacial Crevice

The glacial crevice area provides the best platform and training ground for the mid level hero bidding to become the expert in sneak archery attacks. First the hero must navigate through a small stream to reach a large cavern with a troll in the distance on a slope on the left. Two sneak archery attacks on the troll in quick succession will lead to the troll's demise in spite of the troll's regenerative powers. Go up the snowy path where the troll stood to see some falmers. Defeat them using sneak and bow attacks and reach an exit gate at the end of the path (on the left).

There are more traps here including a trip wire and a upgoing snowy path that leads to one more falmer and chaurus in the distance. Defeat them and continue on. The path beyond splits into two. One path leads to a large tent via a bridge. There are two falmers here which can be sneak bow attacked from afar. There is also a gate near this area which will lead to another trip wire. The other path turns right and leads the hero up a slope to an archer falmer and a dead end.

The hero needs to head past the gate to find yet another split in the path - one leading right and up through a gate, and the other one leading left and down to the stream (past a waterfall all the way back to the forgotten vale above).

The path up will lead the hero past three tents. Beyond these tents up a slope on the left is a passageway which leads to a falmer. His back is facing the hero. This is bad news for the falmer since the hero specializes in sneak bow attacks. Carry on past the dead body of this sorry falmer and carry on onto three more falmers. One of them may surprise the hero by jumping down from a falmer hole. Use a variety of fighting styles to defeat them. The snowy path past these falmers will lead the hero to a bridge. The path beyond the bridge veers left. Follow the marker on the hero's compass. Although the journey through the glacial crevice is long and slow, the hero will finally reach the end of the glacial crevice and emerge into a valley bounded on the two sides by falmer built structures.

Gain Entry into Inner Sanctum of Auriel's Chantry

Gain Entry into Inner Sanctum of Auriel's Chantry

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Reach the Shrine of Radiance

Once the hero is out of the glacial crevice, the shrine of radiance (the fifth wayshrine) is within the hero's reach. Past the exit of the glacial crevice, the hero should take the first passageway left and up to reach the falmer dwelling. From this vantage point, the archer hero may be able to see a falmer in the next dwelling in the distance. Sneak attack and put down this falmer before moving on.

The infamous falmer tripwires (two of them) present themselves as the hero carries on further into the valley. Jump past them and reach an area with lots of falmers. Dispatch the first falmer from afar and head up a slope on the right to reach more falmers on the ramps, walkways and bridges in this area. Dispatch this group of falmers and see the final tent in the distance.

There will be about two falmers (including a falmer skulker) near the final tent. Defeat them and enter the tent. There is a chest with some magical bows inside (for this particular hero). Head out of the final tent and turn right to see a hole ahead. Jump down and head through the hole. This will allow the hero to reach a gate. A dark passageway lies beyond the gate. Avoid another tripwire here (or suffer the consequences of another rock fall) and defeat a falmer sorceror on the right. Finally, the hero welcomes the sight of the ghostly prelate Edhelbor standing outside the fifth wayshrine.

Go into the wayshrine and fill the ewer with water. Now turn around and behold the sight of the chantry of Auriel.

Gain Entry Into the Inner Sanctum of Auriel's Chantry

Go before the mains door of the chantry. Notice a water basin before the chantry. Pour the five servings of water from the ewer into this water chalice. The doors of the chantry will open when the water drains into its base, and this will allow the hero to explore the inner sanctum of Auriel's chantry.

The inner sanctum of Auriel's Chantry can be divided into three main areas:

  1. The main hall is full of frozen statues. Click on the symbol of Auriel in the centre to receive the blessing of Auriel. If the hero removes some objects from the frozen statues, be prepared to take on the reaniminatd frozen monstrosity.
  2. The way to the left of the main hall can be opened by placing the ewer on the pedestal. This will lead to some treasure guarded by a frost giant.
  3. The way straight ahead of the main hall and to the left will eventually lead the hero to locate the arch-curate Vyrthur in Auriel's Chapel. The point of no return occurs when the hero has to jump down a small cliff in an icy area and then move ahead into a small passageway. Spot Vyrthur in the distance on a throne beyond this passageway.

It's time to engage the arch-curate Vyrthur in combat and rid the land of this menace.

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