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How to Solve the Midden Daedric Relic Puzzle in "Skyrim"

The Daedric hand puzzle in the Midden Dark

The Daedric hand puzzle in the Midden Dark

Uncover Hidden Treasures: Daedric-Hand-and-Rings Puzzle

In Skyrim, the hero ventures into the Midden dungeon below the College of Winterhold to find the Augur of Dunlain, a divination artifact. In the Midden Dark, the hero encounters the Daedric relic puzzle, also known as the Daedric-hand-and-rings puzzle. The hero is then prompted to solve the Daedric relic puzzle, whereupon he will uncover hidden treasures.

Access Midden

The hero's quest to solve the mysteries of the Eye of Magnus eventually brings him to the Midden. There are two ways to access the Midden:

  1. A trapdoor in the ground in the Hall of Countenance within the College of Winterhold.
  2. Another trapdoor in the ground at the far end of the courtyard within the college.

The search for the Augur of Dunlain takes the hero from the Midden into the Midden Dark. The monsters in this area are relatively easy to defeat with dual destruction magic spells and a follower. In my opinion, the most difficult monster is the Ice Wraith, an agile, melee-based attacker that deals high damage.

Solve the Puzzle

In the Midden Dark, the hero will encounter the Midden Dark Daedric hand relic. This hand relic has five fingers. The hero is allowed to place rings on four of them. To the right of the relic, there is a key lying on a table. To solve the puzzle, the hero must:

  1. Pick up the key and head back to the College of Winterhold.
  2. Look for the Arcanaeum, which is the library of the college.
  3. Upon entering the Arcanaeum, turn left and head for a chest that has a master lock on it.
  4. Either pick the master lock or use the Investigator's Key to unlock the chest.
  5. Pick up the four rings – Katarina's Ornamental Ring, Pithi's Ornamental Ring, Balwen's Ornamental Ring, and Treoy's Ornamental Ring – in the chest. (Note: The hero should use stealth when picking up the rings to prevent the librarian, Urag gro-Shub, from noticing the theft.)
  6. Return to the hand relic in the Midden Dark and put the rings on the following fingers:

Katarina's Ring

Index Finger

Treoy's Ring

Middle Finger

Balwen's Ring

Ring Finger

Pithi's Ring

Little Finger

Get the Treasure Map

With the placement of the ornamental rings in this order, the hand will clench, turning into a fist, and a Daedric servant called Velehk Sain will appear. The hero must bargain with Velehk Sain. He will eventually ask for the hero to release him from the Midden dungeon. Once the hero releases Velehk Sain, he will give the hero a map of the hidden Daedric treasure.

 Location of the Daedric treasure chest

Location of the Daedric treasure chest

Locating the Daedric Treasure

The map given to the hero by Velehk Sain indicating the location of the Daedric is not very useful. Instead, the hero should simply head west from Winterhold, and then use the map above to locate the treasure. Around the area I indicated, the hero should see the Statue of Talos. If facing this statue, the hero will notice the treasure chest on the ground to the right.

Pick up all the treasures here, then head up to the Statue of Talos to receive a blessing and retrieve a book near the statue which will increase the hero's one-handed weapon skill. Thus, in addition to getting the treasure, the hero also gets some nice skill rewards from around the area.