Skyrim Unearthed Kolbjorn Barrow Walkthrough

Updated on June 27, 2018
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Skyrim Unearthed Kolbjorn Barrow Walkthrough

Defeat Ahizdal when he arises in Kolbjorn Barrow
Defeat Ahizdal when he arises in Kolbjorn Barrow

Skyrim Unearthed Kolbjorn Barrow Walkthrough

In Skyrim Dragonborn, the hero will be able to do the Unearthed quest at some point in his ventures in Solstheim. He will be told that Ralis Sedarys wants to meet with him outside Kolbjorn Barrow. The hero will head there and be asked by Ralis to fund the Kolbjorn Barrow excavation project. The first time, the hero will be asked to invest 1000 septims. Each time, the amount of investment money will increase and will eventually end at about 5000 septims for the last investment. Each time the hero invests, the Kolbjorn Barrow will be excavated deeper until it cannot be excavated anymore. Each time, the hero will be asked to “check out” what happened to miners and guards in the Kolbjorn Barrow. This is the Unearthed Quest. This Kolbjorn Barrow walkthrough will guide the hero on how to navigate Kolbjorn Barrow and defeat the evil foe at the end of the final excavation. In particular, it will guide the hero on how to solve the various puzzles in the Kolbjorn Barrow and get to Ahzidal and his treasures.

Skyrim Defeat the Draugrs in the Kolbjorn Barrow

After the hero invests in the excavation of Kolbjorn Barrow, he will get periodic updates from couriers throughout Skyrim. Each time, the creepy archaeologist will ask the hero to return to Kolbjorn Barrow to check out on his employees and to clear out more draugrs. The draugrs are easy to defeat by this stage, and for each deeper excavation, there appears to be more draugrs. Defeat them all and then check out the highlights of each excavation, particularly the final excavation.

Skyrim Solve the Puzzles and Get the Treasures in Kolbjorn Barrow

During the final excavation, the hero will be allowed full access to Ahizdal the final foe and his treasures, provided he can solve the puzzles in Kolbjorn Barrow. Theses puzzles are described below –

  • in the room with the staircase (which go down) blocked by bars, turn the stone pillars to two eagles and turn the lever to get down into the stairway and defeat Ahizdal (see below).
  • in the same room, there will be a set of body armor in a room blocked by bars. Turn the same stone pillars to two fishes and turn the lever to allow the gate to retract and get Ahizdal’s armor of retribution.
  • in another room with two stone pillars, one should push the stone pillars to show two snakes and then pull the chain to access the room.
  • in another chamber with a set of special stone slabs, the hero will need to solve the stone slab puzzle to get the metal bars to rise. Go into sneak mode and fast roll through all the stone slabs so that they light up at the same time. This will cause the metal gate will rise. Enter the room to get the ring.
  • one of the words of power of cyclone is found in the final excavation of Kolbjorn Barrow.

Kolbjorn Barrow Defeat Ahizdal

And for the final set of treasures, the hero needs to defeat Ahizdal (to get Ahizdal's mask). Ahizdal casts fire magic, so stay out of range of Ahizdal for the vampire lord hero. Use Serana as the tank and let Ahizdal and the rest of the draugrs take on her. Go into sneak mode and launch arrow attacks on Ahizdal. Keep doing this until he is defeated. If Serana becomes incapacitated, sneak roll away down the corridor that leads into the final chamber and hide there until Serana recovers. Then head back to Ahizdal when he and the draugr resume attacking Serana, and defeat him from stealth positions.

Once Ahizdal is defeated, speak to Ralis. The hero can either spare him and get a reward from him in Rock Raven. Or he can take Ralis down for what he has done.


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