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8 Ways to Get XP (Experience Points) Fast in “Pokémon GO”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Pokémon GO is a fun, free to play reality game available on most mobile devices. Winning over long-term Pokémon fans and new players alike, the game was first released in 2016 with the chance to catch the first one hundred and fifty-one characters and was an instant hit.

Now, players can hunt for Pokémon of more generations, join raids, battle and trade with other players, and engage in the endless stream of events available in the game's world.

Leveling up is an essential part of the game. Higher-level players can power up their Pokémon further, and reaching level milestones reaps rewards such as special items that are otherwise difficult to get. As with many RPGs, experience points are needed to level up in Pokémon Go. Here are eight ways to get XP in this immersive game.

1. Catch Pokémon

The main goal of Pokémon GO is to catch Pokémon and add their data to your Pokédex. From the very beginning, you are shown how to throw balls to catch these monsters and add them to your team (or send them to the professor for Candies).

Pokémon can be found almost anywhere, though they're more common in urban areas and parks. Use Incense and drop Lures at PokéStops to attract more!

Catching a regular Pokémon in the field offers a base reward of 200 XP.

2. Throw Well

Throwing a Poké Ball and touching the Pokémon with it gives you a chance to catch it, but it's also about how you throw the ball.

You can get additional experience points with Nice, Great, and Excellent throws, which are worth 20, 100, and 200 additional XP, respectively. You also get an extra 100 XP for catching the Pokémon on your first try, but there isn't much you can do to make this happen except luck, and maybe berries).

Curveballs are also an excellent way to get extra XP (10 XP per successful catch). These types of throws also make it more likely for you to capture the Pokémon (great for legendaries), so they're worth mastering.

3. Complete Research

A fairly new feature of Pokémon GO is the stream of Field Research, sort of like side-missions, you get from the Professor. These can include battling in raids, catching certain Pokémon, using berries, or achieving types of throws.

Completing field research reaps rewards in the form of items, Pokémon encounters and experience points.

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4. Battle in Raids

If you live in a place with lots of gyms, lucky you! Raids, where an egg hatches and a Pokémon becomes available to battle and catch, occur in many different Pokémon Gyms daily.

Battling in these raids gives you a chance to catch rare Pokémon, and also gives you several thousand experience points, depending on the rarity of the raid Pokémon, as well as a chance to catch it.

5. Add Friends and Send Them Gifts

A great way to get experience points very quickly is by adding friends on Pokémon GO and sending them gifts. Gifts are dropped at PokéStops and when your friendship level increases, you rake in that tasty XP.

Don't have any friends who play? No problem! If you have a Twitter account, simply tweet your friend code (obtainable by clicking on your face on the bottom left, then "Friends," then "Add Friend") and use the following hashtags:

  • #PokemonGOfriends
  • #PokemonGOfriendcode
  • #PokemonGO
  • #PokemonGOTrainerCode

Send and accept gifts from your friends and watch the experience points roll in! Bear in mind you can only open a certain amount of gifts per day.


6. Evolve Pokémon

Evolving Pokémon involves using a set amount of Candies of its type. For example, you can evolve Caterpie into Metapod with 12 Caterpie Candies, and then Metapod into Butterfree with 50 Caterpie Candies.

When collecting common Pokémon, you'll accumulate enough Candies to evolve several of them. This is useful for an experience points boost.

7. Play Daily

You can get wonderful bonuses by playing Pokémon GO daily; namely, by finding PokéStops and catching Pokémon.

The streak can go up to seven days, granting XP and item bonuses for each consecutive day.

8. Use Lucky Eggs

Lucky eggs double all experience points gained for 30 minutes. Use one of these right before evolving and catching Pokémon and before you battle in a raid to maximize your earnings!

Pokémon GO Catch 'Em All!

Players around the world are continuing to enjoy this hugely fun mobile game, and with constant new challenges and events, it looks like it's going to remain popular for some time. Keep striving for the maximum level 40 and never forget the undying Pokémon slogan: "Gotta catch 'em all!"

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