14 Awesome and Fun Challenges to Play in the Sims 4!

Updated on March 23, 2018
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Brittany is an avid Sims fan and has been playing and modding the games since the first Sims title was released in 2000!

10+ of the best challenges to play in The Sims 4!
10+ of the best challenges to play in The Sims 4! | Source

Sims players have been creating fan-made challenges for the games pretty much since the series began in 2001. Challenges are a fun way to mix up normal game play; instead of just creating a Sim and living out a normal life, you can play by a set of rules and objectives to try to reach a particular outcome.

Some challenges are more difficult than others, but all are a creative and an interesting way to introduce a more linear game play style to The Sims' sandbox game play.

Players have been coming up with different challenges for The Sims 4 since the day it was introduced. Here are some of the most fun and interesting challenges for the Sims 4; try them if you're bored with the game and looking to mix things up!

1. The Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge is one of the most popular ones in the Simming community.
The Legacy Challenge is one of the most popular ones in the Simming community. | Source

The Legacy Challenge is one of the oldest, most classic of Sims challenges. Players have been doing it for years, probably since the days of the Sims 1. The basic rules are pretty simple:

  • Create a Sim of your choice, and move them onto the biggest empty lot, but they must start in poverty (only $10,000 simoleons, excluding the cost of the lot).
  • The "founder" has to build their house and wealth, and then procreate to make a second generation.
  • You play on in the single family for 10 generations.
  • There are various challenges throughout each generation and different flavours you can add to the challenge to make it more exciting or challenging.

The legacy challenge is pretty fun for a few reasons: you get to play through one bloodline for so many generations, it's got a rags-to-riches story to it, and you can really see the growth of your Sims' home, family, etc.

Check out this website dedicated to the Sims Legacy Challenge (with rules for the Sims 4, 3 and even Sims 2!) here.

2. History Challenge

The Sims 4 History Challenge is a fan-favourite!
The Sims 4 History Challenge is a fan-favourite! | Source

This is quite a popular challenge for The Sims 4. Created by user Cloudseeker on The Sims 4 forums, this challenge is designed to start in the "prehistoric" age, and takes you and your Sims throughout various time periods, ending in the Modern era.

  • Create two Sims (your Ancestors) and place them in an empty world (delete all lots and all Sims, or download an empty world- see link for the challenge below for more details). They will start off as your prehistoric Sims.
  • Prehistoric era Sims can't join any jobs, but can sell collectables, paintings or woodwork. Sims can't have a "house"; they must live in a tent or on the land and can only eat food that they've caught or grown (fish, insects, fruit).
  • Complete the goals in the Prehistoric era to move on ("Reach level 10 Fishing, Gardening and Handiness skill on the same Sim" is one of the 5 goals in this stage).
  • Move on to Early Civilisation, where your Sims can now build a house in the Roman Empire or Ancient Egyptian style!
  • Progress through each era- Prehistoric, Early Civ, Middle Ages, The Old West, The Industrial Age, The Roaring Twenties, and the Modern Day- by completing goals and unlocking new game mechanisms!

I really love this challenge- it's an extremely unique spin on the traditional legacy challenge and the creator put a lot of thought into the eras, game play and goals. A lot of Simmers really got into this challenge too (the forum post has 45+ pages of replies on it alone!), and if you're into using CC in your game, there's a lot of themed content for each of the eras, so you can make the game even more authentic!

Check out the full challenge rules here and check out some of the amazing era-themed custom content (cheetah print loin cloths for the Prehistoric Age, anyone?), here!

3. Decades Challenge

The Decade Challenge is another unique challenge focusing on history!
The Decade Challenge is another unique challenge focusing on history! | Source

The Decades Challenge is a variation of The Legacy Challenge/The History Challenge. It's not identical to the History Challenge though, because instead of going through various eras, it's more focused on American lifestyle between 1890 to present time.

  • You start off in 1890. Sims can only marry within their own ethnicity, can only marry the opposite gender, can't use electricity (obviously), indoor plumbing, can only "try for baby" (no woo-hoo for fun!), and all furniture must be wooden, among other things.
  • By 1900s, Sims can have electricity and indoor plumbing, but only men are allowed to get jobs outside the home.
  • In 1910, male Sims must go to "war", which is just feeding the cowplant and rolling dice to see whether or not they survive!
  • Women can finally go to work in the 1920s, but by the 1930s, anyone in a career must lose their job (the Great Depression).
  • Each decade continues with various challenges and things to unlock until you reach the current decade!

This is another one that gets major points for fun and creativity. There's challenging aspects and it stays pretty true to how life was in each of these time periods. This is another one that would benefit from downloading some themed custom content for your game (if nothing else, it's a nice excuse to give your Sims pretty Victorian dresses!).

Full challenge details are here! Historical Sims Life is a great blog which offers some custom content you can use for this challenge.

4. 100 Baby Challenge

The 100 Baby Challenge is another classic challenge...have 100 babies in as few generations as possible!
The 100 Baby Challenge is another classic challenge...have 100 babies in as few generations as possible! | Source

Let's change it up a bit, hey? Instead of a history-based challenge, we have this extremely fun and classic, 100 Baby Challenge! This is another that's been played through most iterations of the Sims.

  • Have 100 babies in as few generations as possible!
  • Once you have a baby with a Sim, you cannot have a baby with that same Sim again (yes, promiscuity is encouraged in this challenge- have as many baby daddies as possible ;))
  • No cheats are allowed, but you can age up babies immediately.
  • You must give birth to a girl to continue the legacy. The youngest girl born to the founder continues the legacy when the founder becomes an elder and can't give birth. If you don't have any girls, you lose!

This is a fun and silly challenge that lots of people love playing. You can make it gender neutral if you like by using mods (so men can get pregnant), but either way, it's a fun challenge that'll get you and your Sims out and making woo-hoo with everyone they meet.

Full challenge rules here!

5. Black Widow Challenge

The Black Widow Challenge is devious and fun!
The Black Widow Challenge is devious and fun! | Source

The Black Widow challenge is another of somewhat scandalous nature; the main challenge is to marry male Sims, kill them, and inherit their money!

  • Start with a Young Adult female Sim. She must have the materialistic, snob and romantic traits and should have the Serial Romantic aspiration. She can move into a house but you're not allowed to use any cheats for money! She also is not allowed to work- all the money she has must be inherited from partners.
  • Meet a Sim and get married to him.
  • Have a dinner party to show off your new partner, and while you're there, find a potential romantic interest.
  • Cheat on the husband with the new romantic interest, invite him over and get caught cheating.
  • Find a way to kill off the husband (some suggestions are here) and then marry the new romantic interest!
  • Keep all the tombstones on the lot- aim for 10 husbands to win!

There's a few other rules and goals that go with the challenge, but that's the main gist of it. The Black Widow Challenge is one that's been around since The Sims 2 as well- can you seduce and kill all the Sims in your town? Check out the full details here!

6. Homeless Challenge

The Homeless Challenge is a bit harder than some of the others!
The Homeless Challenge is a bit harder than some of the others! | Source

The Homeless Challenge is one that I'd actually say is a bit hard! As we all know, part of playing The Sims is making sure our Sims are happy, but it's a lot harder to do that when you don't have the typical creature comforts. For this challenge, you must:

  • Make a single Sim- they can be male or female and have whichever traits you'd like. Buy and move them onto an empty lot. Using cheats, remove all their money.
  • Your Sim can not have a job, but can obtain cash by collecting, fishing, gardening, rummaging through trash, begging other Sims for money, writing books, playing instruments, painting, or any other hobbies.
  • In the beginning, they'll have to use public toilets and sleep on park benches until you reach the part of the challenge which allows them to start building a home. Of course, you'll need to have enough money to do that too!
  • As you progress in the challenge, there are mini challenges (like the "building permit" mini challenge- you deduct $500 simoleons from your Sim's money and then they can start building on their lot) that'll allow you to progress
  • The game "ends" when you have $5000 saved and have built a basic house!

This is another of my personal favourites. The mini challenges are unique and fun, and it's definitely hard trying to take care of a Sim who doesn't have all the necessities at hand. There's great pride when you reach the end of the challenge and see how far your homeless Sim has come!

Check out all the full details here.

7. Asylum Challenge

Like playing with "insane" Sims?  How about a full house of them in the Asylum Challenge?
Like playing with "insane" Sims? How about a full house of them in the Asylum Challenge? | Source

Time to get a bit crazy! Literally. The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge is all about managing Sims with the insane trait. Can you do it?

  • Make a household with 8 Sims (or find some in the Sims 4 Gallery!). All Sims must have the insane trait. You must randomize their other traits (but they cannot have the "Self-Assured" trait. Randomize their aspirations.
  • You can pick one Sim to control throughout the challenge.
  • The goal is to have your controlled Sim complete their aspiration (to prove they've gained control of their life) and they can then leave the asylum!
  • No cheats are allowed, and to spice things up, you can make the house only have 5 beds, 6 seats, just one bathroom, and the cheapest electronics.

This is a fun and difficult challenge; you really have to work hard to control your Sim despite their insane trait, and you also have to watch out for the other uncontrolled insane Sims in the house. I like this challenge as it's based on an in-game trait, rather than an external set of goals or objectives.

Full challenge details are here!

8. Apocalypse Challenge

Zombies?  Post-Apocalyptic fall out?  Nuclear war?  Survive it all in the Apocalypse Challenge!
Zombies? Post-Apocalyptic fall out? Nuclear war? Survive it all in the Apocalypse Challenge! | Source

Sims fans have long wished for an official post-Apocalypse expansion pack (think The Sims + Fallout), but the closest we've ever gotten was Sims 3: Into the Future. The Apocalypse Challenge, however, lets you use your imagination and pretend that you're living in a post-war world!

  • The year is 2015, and all of Simtopia's been wiped out by an apparent nuclear war! Thankfully, your Sim has survived in their bomb shelter, and the goal is to survive there until they die of old age.
  • Create a sim and a "shelter." The shelter is a single room which can only have the basic necessities: cheapest bed (the prison cots from Get to Work or the camping beds from Outdoor Retreat would be great), toilet, and kitchen appliances (stove, fridge, counter).
  • Your Sim cannot leave the lot (the rest of the world is destroyed and there's the threat of nuclear fallout).
  • If your Sims die of anything other than old age- you lose!

I've seen a few variations of this challenge online, but all of them have to do with survivalist living and gives you some unique restrictions on typical game play.

Check out the full challenge details here!

9. Disney Princess Challenge

Live life as Snow White, Jasmine, Pocahontas and more with the Disney Princess Challenge!
Live life as Snow White, Jasmine, Pocahontas and more with the Disney Princess Challenge! | Source

Which challenge are you most looking forward to playing?

See results

This is another HUGELY popular Sims 4 Challenge- probably in part because everyone loves Disney-related things, and also due to the fun and creativity of the challenge. The challenge was created by Playingwithmah over on the Sims forums, and is available for both The Sims 3 and the Sims 4. In The Sims 4, you must:

  • Start off as Snow White. Create Snow White and she must have 7 children (dwarfs) in the game. Each child has to have a bad trait (like "gloomy"), and all children must have the same father. All the children have to complete their Aspiration or get an A in school before you move on.
  • Next up is Cinderella! Choose a female of Snow White's descendants and when they become a teenager you play as them. She will need the "neat" and "foodie" traits, and will have to clean the house and cook every day. She can't marry until the mother dies!
  • You continue on with several other Disney Princess through each generation- everyone from Tiana (Princess and the Frog; one of the goals is to marry a Sim with green skin), to Rapunzel (your Sim can never leave the house or have friends until she gets married), to Belle (Beauty and the Beast; your Sim has to have the Bookworm trait and has to marry an "ugly" Sim who can only be changed after the wedding).

This challenge has a lot of fun goals and objectives and allows you to get a bit fun and creative with replicating the looks and lives of the various Disney Princesses. There are 10 Generations/Princess in total, but there's some extra alternative Princesses and goals that you can add or switch out, if you desire.

Check out the full challenge here!

10. Build-A-City Challenge

Build a city and its population with the Build a City Challenge!
Build a city and its population with the Build a City Challenge! | Source

The Build-A-City Challenge (also known as BACC) is a somewhat-complicated challenge which includes traditional legacy-style game play elements with building/creating a city of your own in the game.

  • You start off with a certain amount of Sims/lots by using a randomizer at the start of the game.
  • As your progress through the goals, you can unlock more lots, options, careers, CAS, Sims, etc.
  • The challenge gives you global control of the world you're playing in- control all the households to reach your goals!
  • You win the challenge when you reach 50,000 points!

As I said, this one is a bit complicated- lots of rules and things to unlock- but I know lots of people who love this challenge and really enjoy playing it!

There's a website dedicated to its rules and regulations and you can check it out here!

11. One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge

Dust off your Build Mode skills and get to work in the One Room, One Week, One Theme challenge!
Dust off your Build Mode skills and get to work in the One Room, One Week, One Theme challenge! | Source

If you're not really in the mood to set in for a long, legacy style challenge and if you like playing in Build Mode, the One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge may be just for you! Created by Rosemow on the Sims Forums, this challenge is a bit different from the others, but still allows for lots of creativity!

  • Every week on the Sims 4 Forums, Rosemow updates the thread with the weekly challenge.
  • No CC can be used in the rooms, and rooms can be shared on The Sims 4 Gallery for other players to use and download in their games (use the hashtag #oneroomoneweekonetheme so people can easily find your room in the Gallery)!
  • Past themes have been: A Fruity Kitchen, A National Holiday Themed Room, A Music Room, A Guest Bedroom, A Wellness Room, Grandma's Kitchen, and more!
  • There have 118 weekly challenges to date!

I really like this challenge as it's one that you can complete relatively easily (especially compared to the longer/more involved challenges), gives you a chance to show off your building skills, and you can get really creative with the themes. Besides, decorating rooms is one of the best part of the Sims!

Check out the challenge thread here!

12. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

Play as the Bachelor or the Bachelorette and find your Sims soul-mate!
Play as the Bachelor or the Bachelorette and find your Sims soul-mate! | Source

The next few challenges are based off some great reality TV shows, and what better place to start than with The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge?

  • Create a Bachelor or Bachelorette. Give them whatever traits you'd like but they MUST have the "romantic" trait.
  • Create 7 contestants! They can have any traits you want. They can be all male, or all female, or mixed- whatever your Bachelor/Bachelorette prefers! Try to make them as diverse as possible, for more fun. Or look for some unique Sims on the Sims 4 Gallery!
  • Your Sim must go on dates with the Sims in the house- either via group outings, or one-on-one dates.
  • Eliminations take place every 3rd day- and the Sim with the least romantic relationship with the Bachelor/Bachelorette must be moved out of the house.
  • Keep going until your Sim finds their true love!

You can add or change any of the rules you want with this challenge, or try to recreate your favourite season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, whatever you'd like. This one is great for a more social/romantic-based challenge, or fans of The Bachelor franchise!

Check out the full challenges rules here!

13. Big Brother Challenge

Play out The Big Brother in your Sims 4 game!  You're both Big Brother and the audience- all the decisions are up to you!
Play out The Big Brother in your Sims 4 game! You're both Big Brother and the audience- all the decisions are up to you! | Source

I recently got into the Big Brother TV shows (yeah, I know, I'm about 15 years late on this), and it really inspired me to make a Big Brother game in my Sims 4 save! The Big Brother challenges have been going on since The Sims 2, though!

  • Create 8 unique Sims. I recommend randomizing their traits and making them as different as possible. As usual, you can also download a set of Sims from the Gallery.
  • You cannot control any of the Sims! No wants can be fulfilled and you can't interfere with anything- even death.
  • Each week you can focus on a skill as the challenge (can be painting, fitness, woodworking, cooking, etc...any skill in the game). The Sim who builds the highest skill can win immunity (no eviction).
  • Eviction can occur once a week. The Sim with the lowest amount of friendships in the house must be moved out.

I love this challenge; it's a lot of fun and you can see just how well your Sims take care of yourself and develop friendships without your input. It's interesting watching the different personalities, and is a lot like watching the actual Big Brother TV show. This challenge is great if you want to have a more hands-off playing experience, too.

Full challenge rules are here!

14. Masterchef Challenge

Find the best cook in Simtopia with The Sims 4 Masterchef Challenge!
Find the best cook in Simtopia with The Sims 4 Masterchef Challenge! | Source

I'm a big fan of Gordon Ramsay and Masterchef (USA), so I was so excited when I saw this challenge. Created by SimDougnut on Tumblr, this challenge allows you to challenge 5 Sims and find the "master" chef.

  • Create three judges, and five random Sims. The judges need to have Level 5 cooking skill and "foodie" traits/Cooking Aspirations.
  • None of the contestants can have cooking skill at the start of the contest, but they can read cooking skill books or watch the Cooking channel during non-challenge days.
  • Each week, there are three cooking challenges which your Sims must complete in.
  • The judges are given the food to eat and the highest quality dish wins, the lowest dish earns elimination.

If you like the cooking skill in game or are a fan of Masterchef, this is definitely the perfect challenge for you!

Check out the full challenge rules here!

Have you played a challenge in The Sims 4 yet? Which one are you most looking forward to playing? Let me know!

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    • profile image

      Mr. CookieCream 

      7 days ago

      I created a Challenge, The Granny time challenge.

      So you need to make one grandma sim or grandpa, then make on child sim gender can be any so your relationship with the child and grandparent must be full once full the child must be a teen because of most grandparents say the grow up so fast, to win the challenge you must have the kid be a teen a full relationship grandparent must be level 5 cooking skill the child must have one hobbie, also known as skill, and you must complete these before the grandparent dies now the rules the grandparent must have the cheerful trait and the child must have the good trait, the child can’t wear anything edgy and you need to cook a quick meal while they are a kid and must cook meals while teen, if the child eats 3 unhealthy things in a row they have to be yelled at and given a healthy food item so that’s pretty much it so please try out my challenge and I hope it works out

    • profile image


      12 days ago

      Im gonna try all of these! Thank u!

    • brittpinkie profile imageAUTHOR

      Brittany Brown-Doherty 

      13 days ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hm, I'm not sure, I haven't used either of the mods in a long time. Maybe talk to the creator of the mods and see if it needs to be updated or not :(

    • profile image


      2 weeks ago

      i really want to do the decades challenge, how can i disable the cell phone? i've tried 2 diff modes neither work...

    • profile image


      4 weeks ago

      Who wants to make a studio challenge? It will be like the legacy challenge but different.

    • profile image

      Doggy lover 

      4 weeks ago

      I have it o ps4 i cant mods or cc

      Life is sad

    • profile image


      5 weeks ago

      I created a challenge, sorta like the 100 baby challenge and the mamma Mia movie. So you just try for a baby with a guy, dump him then Repeat that 2 more times. The once you have finished, you can finally take a pregnancy test. You have to raise the baby without knowing who the baby daddy is. ☺️

    • profile image


      5 weeks ago

      I created a challenge, sorta like the one hundred baby challenge and the Mamma Mia movie. The first day is sorta challenging, so I apologize if it doesn’t work out.

    • profile image


      6 weeks ago

      *~ I HAVE MANY CHALLENGES!! ~* I've done and created many challenges and I've done many challenges, and I'm going to make many more!! Please tell me which other Challenges I should do in the comments (Or tweet me @assassinsbunny ) I really love doing these challenges!! :) On my YouTube channel (Assassins Bunny -Look for white minecraft bunny skin profile pic. Link: https://youtu.be/j5gRF6fkqUw )

    • profile image


      6 weeks ago

      Love the 100 baby challenge but it madek my game a little slow

    • profile image


      6 weeks ago

      I thought of the bachelor bachelorette challenge once didn’t know it was even a challenge the alyssum challenge looks fun homeless challenge and 100 baby challenge I did the homeless challenge and black widow there both fun I’m now starting legacy challenge for my YouTube channel I hope to make I love sims

    • profile image


      7 weeks ago

      I have a challenge, the reaper challenge.

      You create your SIM with the family aspiration and your SIM MUST be a romantic, you choose the rest of the traits. The first thing you have to do is kill a SIM. Once the grim reaper comes talk to him and start a small romantic connection with him. Once he leaves you have to kill as many sims as you can to see the grim reaper more often. Once you get to a certain part of your relationship ask him to be your boyfriend but DO NOT ask him to move in(to make it more fun) you will still have to kill to see him. You need to adopt a child, I don't know if it's possible but if it is you need to marry the reaper. The child will have to start to murder to see his/ her dad. That is my thanks for reading

    • profile image


      8 weeks ago

      I just read it and this look's so much fun. Thank you creator for putting these challenges up for us to try. I guess my question is what inspired you to try in the first place play Sims? Like what made you play sims.

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I've played ALL of these challenges! It took 4 months and was a challenge in it's self! They were all so much fun! Especially the Black Widow one!

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I have an idea for a challenge, so its a legacyish challenge. but the it starts off as a royalty thing. Prince/princess loves a peasant, they cant be together so they run away together and have children, and they royal falls in love with the personality :) The peasant must look as deformed as possible. by gen. 10 must be "beautiful". Hope you like it :D

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I HAVE A NEW CHALLENGE (sorta)

      The Rainbow Challenge:

      This challenge is kinda like the legacy challenge/not so berry challenge

      Like these challenges you make a staring sim based on the color "red" when they have a child there childs color would be "orange" and so on so forth. i need help figuring out the stages of what you need to complete. ANY SIMS 4 GAMEPLAYER OR ANYTHING CAN TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS CHALLENGE!


    • profile image


      2 months ago

      I love the 100 baby challege...I am going to do it now!

    • profile image


      3 months ago

      I like parmo challenge

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      hi I was just wondering if the asylum challenge is any fun or not and do you have too only have 5 beds and does the leader have to have the insane trait thanks

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      love big brother cant wait to do it

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      Sounds like a good set of challenges

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      I love big brother

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      Good one is NSB love it so much!!

    • profile image

      {Cinna Min} 

      5 months ago

      Cool Ideas I can't wait to try all these great challenges thank you so much for the ideas!

    • profile image


      5 months ago

      I love the big brother challenge

    • profile image

      Sierra Crum 

      5 months ago

      Can you make a challenge where you are a baby vampire born by 2 human parents and make the vampire baby grow up and when it becomes a young adult you put a spin on it and have the vampire max all skills, get all reward traits,and max level 10 in all careers,career branches,and jobs as well as fullfill all the aspirations.(Can use potion of youth if needed. After you do after this you can transform the vampire into a human.

      Thats the end of the challenge you can put your own spin on it but must follow all the rules

    • profile image


      5 months ago

      Thanks for the ideas!

    • profile image


      5 months ago

      These are great challenges and I cant wait to play these it will be fun to play!!! :] :]

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      What if there was a small twist to the Apocalypse challenge, like

      Start out with two sims locked in the apocalypse base. They have to have at least one boy and one girl. Once the boy and girl get to YA they have to make one boy and one girl as well and continue for two generations. You lose if you have two boys/girls and the mother/father are dead.

    • profile image

      Esme Grobler 

      6 months ago

      There's one like the Decades Challenge called the Victorian Challenge. It's not as popular as it should be. So you start an old fashioned family. They begin with a small amount of money, a tiny cottage. The family has a father, a mother, three daughters and two sons. The oldest and prettiest daughter has to marry a rich man and both sons have to start selling things for money. They all move into the large house, then they need to kill off the rich man. The second oldest then marries... Kill him off, take the money and house. The third... Marry, but don't kill him off. The rest of the family must try, but the third must actually CARE about her husband. Sound fun? Try if you want to.

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      I like the Hunger Games Challenge a lot!

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      I think the Homeless Challenge Asylum or History challenge sounds cool! By the way I love all he challenges xD

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      I'm not sure which challenge to do, but the homeless andBlack Widow challenges look very interesting. I'd like to do the decades one, but it doesn't give any information on when to change years or decades...

    • profile image

      Random Shocked Person 

      6 months ago

      THE PREHISTORIC CHALLENGE HAD ME IN COMPLETE AND UTTER AWE. It's the coolest, most creative and unique challenge ever! Right now, I just finished the Disney princess challenge, I'm doing the asylum challenge and I am almost done with the first generation of the not-so-berry challenge. I love the sims 4 ❤️

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      I'm Excited for the Bachlorette challenge!!!!

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      As soon as a saw it I knew the homeless challenge was for me!!!!

      If you get any more ideas be sure to share them!

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      Which challenge is the most fun to do? I thing I might to the master chef one and i and deffinatly doing the 100 baby challenge. I am doing the super sim challenge at the moment and a version of the homeless one called rags to riches. the rules to the super sim one is below

      rules - http://lithiarch.weebly.com/the-super-sim-challeng...

      Have a simtastic Day simmers

    • profile image

      Puppy lover 123 

      7 months ago

      I am doing my own version of the big brother one

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      I did the Black Widow challenge. I have to admit, at first I was slightly bored, but when the game got moving, and I got around 4 tombstones, I actually started to love it!

      Awesome challenge! :)

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      I did the Disney Princess Challenge, I actually completely finished it! It’s really fun, to see your generations grow and change. I highly recommend this one!

    • profile image

      Crazy cat 

      7 months ago

      I’m doing the Disney princess challenge it’s really fun

    • profile image

      kitty cat 

      7 months ago

      um.... i did not find eney that i want to do

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Really Fun! I tried the Insane one, and so far it has been going well. Not as crazy as I imagined. Two of the sims even got married. Straight after the marriage, they started yelling at each other and being weird. I like this challenge a lot, and I think it is very diverse from all the others.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Well done I had no clue what to do on the sims 4 now I have an idea

    • profile image

      ME is good 

      8 months ago

      nicely written and a great set of challenges

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      if you mean sims/1/2/3/4 you can buy the disc and save the file to your computer or get a orign account

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      We’re can u get the game

    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Thanks for the ideas


    • profile image


      10 months ago

      you should a challenge called the build the house

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      nice job on writing this


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