10 Hollywood U: Rising Stars Tips and Tricks

Updated on January 3, 2015
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From the creators of High School Story comes another fun simulation game, but this time you will be enrolled to Hollywood university, choose your path to fame, become an actor, director or fashionista as well as meet and date famous movie stars and celebrities.

The game has several quests to keep you busy for hours. To become a successful actor, director of a celebrity, you will have to build your entourage. You will find several opportunities to make new friends, which include directors, celebs and movie stars. Follow these Hollywood U: Rising Stars tips and tricks if you want to complete quests faster, earn bonus rewards and add more friends to your entourage.

1. Choose Friends Who Earn More Cash per Hour

Build your entourage to boost your reputation at Hollywood U. You will need friends and acquaintances to help you reach the skies. The friends added to your entourage will earn regular cash for you. You will need to place them in a dorm of their type in order to earn some cash per hour.

Before adding friends, make sure you check how much cash they earn per hour. Some directors, actors, fashionistas earn more cash per hour than others. Tap on Store > Friends and then tap on a character to find out how much cash he/she earns per hour.

Connect your virtual friends to real-life friends on Facebook or Google Plus to earn cash faster and get additional rewards.

2. Some Dorms Store More Money than Others

Tap on a dorm and press “Info” to find out the number of friends it can accommodate and the maximum cash it can store. Some dorms can store more money than others. For example, the director dorm can hold a max of 360 cash whereas the Movie Star dorm can hold only 160 cash.

Earn extra cash by building more fashionista and director dorms and place high earning directors and fashionistas in these dorms. Don’t forget to tap on these dorms to earn money.

However, each dormitory has a guest limit. For example, you can place 4 friends in a Movie Star dorm. The table below shows the max capacity and cash each dorm can hold:

Max Capacity
Max Cash
Director Dorm
Movie Star Dorm
Fashionista Dorm

In a nutshell, always check the max cash a dorm stores and the max cash per hour an actor, director, fashionista earns. Build dorms that hold more cash and place friends that earn more cash per hour than others in those dorms.

3. How to Unlock Friends at Club VIP

Build a Club VIP and start partying to add new friends to your circle. You can also get rare friends, but you will need two different friends to unlock a new friend, such as a model, an action hero or a celebutante.

For example, adding a Movie Star and a Fashionista will unlock a model, which you can add to your entourage. Before starting a party, be sure to add those that are not involved in any quest. Once you have selected two friends from your buddy list, tap on “Party”. You will get a new friend once the party is over.

A combination of a movie star, fashionista and director can be used to win some really cool friends. In later stages, you will be able to unlock more friends and then combine them together with these main friend types to acquire rare VIP friends. Here are some possible character combos to unlock friends at Club VIP:

Character 1
Character 2
Character 3
Friend Unlocked
Movie Star
Agent or Reality TV Artiste
Wardrobe or make-Up Artist
Movie Star
Model or a Celebutante
Movie Star
Action Hero (Male and Female)
Pop Star
Pop Star
Fairy Tale
Action Hero
Fairy Tale
Pop Star
Pop Star
Pop Star

4. Level-Up Your Character and Key Friends at the Workshop

Build a workshop to level-up your main character and his/her friends. When building is complete, tap on the workshop and choose your main character or friends to level-up. Leveling-up main characters is crucial for completing certain quests.

You can speed-up the level-up process by building two workshops on your land. This way you can level-up two characters (your main character and a friend or two side-characters) side by side, which ultimately will help you complete quests faster than normal.

5. The Politest Answer Earns Extra Rewards

In dialogue-based tasks, choosing the humblest, politest answers can help you win hearts, earn extra cash and complete quests quickly. The answer may seem too politically-correct to you, but who cares, as long as you are winning hearts and extra rewards, you are good to go. Some quests will require you to select an answer before the timer goes off. In such circumstances, choose that answer you think is polite, helpful and nice.

Pay attention as to what your friends say about a particular scriptwriter, actor, director, fashionista, model, stuntman or any other celebrity. They may throw in some background about these people, their likes, dislikes and what they don’t want to hear about them. Choose your answer based on the information you got about a particular celebrity, blogger, scriptwriter and other characters.

6. Build Additional Dorms to Add More Friends

Adding more friends to build your circle is the key to achieve success in Hollywood U: Rising Stars. As you progress, you will need more friends in your entourage. To add more friends, build extra dorms. Tap on Store > Buildings and place at least 2-3 dorms of the same type on your land.

A better strategy would be to build as many dorms as you like until you hit the max dorm cap. Make sure you have leveled-up and have enough space and cash to build them. You can purchase land by tapping on the “For Sale” sign. Building more dorms not only allow you add more friends, but also earn more cash.

7. Don’t Waste Diamonds on Simple Tasks

Those precious diamonds can be of immense help in VIP quests, so don’t use them in tasks that take a few seconds or a few minutes to finish. Use them to finish VIP quests as they can grant special benefits like bonus rewards and extra story options.

You can spend them in some time-sensitive quests offering good rewards. Ignore those time-sensitive quests that don’t offer any reward. You can use diamonds to complete tasks that take hours to finish.

8. Make the Most of Décor Items

Many quests will allow you to add décor items that increase the value of your estate. To add décor items, go to Store > Décor and choose an item required to complete a quest. You can later sell them for half the total cash you spent to purchase them.

Tap on a décor item and press Sell. This is an excellent way to earn extra cash. You may also store them in the Storage bin if you want to store them and use them later. Sell only those items that you don’t need.

9. Participate in Story-Based Quests to Earn XP and Cash

Tapping on the Quest icon grants access to story-based quests and side-quests. While choosing side quests is a good way to earn a few bucks, it’s those story-based quests that earn you more rewards in the form of XP and cash. Keep an eye on the rewards section before choosing a quest.

Quests that grant XP and cash are worth trying out. Remember, you can’t add friends to a story-based quest if they have been involved in side quests, which may take hours to complete. You can’t use them in your story-based quest until the side-quests get completed. So before choosing a side-quest, keep an eye on rewards and the hours it will take to complete.

10. Don’t Waste Diamonds on Tasks That Take a Few Seconds to Complete

Those precious diamonds can be of immense help in VIP quests, so don’t use them in tasks that take a few seconds or a few minutes to finish. Use them to finish VIP quests as they can grant special benefits like bonus rewards and extra story options.

You can spend them in some time-sensitive quests offering good rewards. Ignore those time-sensitive quests that don’t offer any reward. You can use diamonds to complete tasks that take hours to finish.


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    doreen 3 years ago

    Hi! I'm hard time to get a female agent. What combination should I do?

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    random :) 3 years ago

    I really like the tips you have here but in the first game High school story, there were many party combinations but in your list it has not very many. I know this list is for Hollywood U. but plz put more on there if there is more.

  • profile image

    Dyke 3 years ago

    Ethan Level 20 And Aria Level 15 For Action Hero

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    Puchii 3 years ago

    What is the best combo for Action Hero? Ive tried so many times :/

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    shak 3 years ago

    hi irene. i combined celubunate female+popstar guy, i get award host guy. for award host female i combined celebunate female+popstar female

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    Irene 3 years ago

    How do you get an award host?

  • profile image

    Shivani 3 years ago

    In which dorm does reality tv star gows in??

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    kaydance_sinclair@gmail.ca 3 years ago

    Who do you party with to get a gamer?cause im wondering

  • Anurag2008 profile image

    Anurag Ghosh 3 years ago

    You will need to level-up to be able to upgrade dorms. Earn XP (explained in this post) to level-up.

  • profile image

    Help 3 years ago

    How can I upgrade a dorm?it says to upgrade in my quest but I can't because it is not there to let me do it!!!