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10 Reasons Why Non-Gamers Would Find "The Sims" Fun

Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

My Sim, modeled on me, after playing "The Sims" on her pc.

My Sim, modeled on me, after playing "The Sims" on her pc.

Why I Love the Sims: I Need a Life

To say I’ve been cooped up is an understatement; sometimes I feel like I'm under house arrest. I'm home so much I even get on the dog's nerves. I've begun to tell the days by the sweatpants I wear.

I complained to my daughter that I was going stir crazy. “I virtually have no life,” I said over coffee one day when she came by to do her laundry.

She suggested I get a virtual life… and that is how I was introduced to The Sims 4.

I couldn't get out in real life, so I found a virtual escape.

I couldn't get out in real life, so I found a virtual escape.

Why Non-Gamers Might Like the Sims

If you wanted to make my kids crack up, just suggest I’m some kind of "gamer." Within seconds, drinks would be spewed, sides would be split . . . quite possibly, pants could be wet. The mere suggestion is absurd.

They would have good reason to laugh. The extent of my "gaming" experience is pretty sad. Like many others who grew up in the 70s, I was mesmerized for a while by Pong and I caught Pac Man Fever for a bit. When I was starting life out with career and family, I went on the occasional Duck Hunt, and would visit the world of Super Mario Bros. because it was a novelty. At my computer, If I’m really bored, I might pass the time with Free Cell or Minesweeper.

Until recently, that was the extent of it.

Well, that’s all changed. In the last few weeks, I have become a dedicated gamer.

Okay, well, that statement even made me laugh. Let’s just say I’m a dedicated "Simmer."

10 Reasons Why You Might Like The Sims 4, Too

Read on for 10 reasons why you will probably like The Sims too, regardless of gamer status.

1. A Virtual Life Is Better Than No Life

I used to be very social and always on the go and I miss that. I never thought a game could replace it, but Sims has surprisingly filled that void.

Not only has it patched up the socialization-sized hole that has been festering in my soul, but it’s kind of liberating. When bad crap happens, I can just start over again. Rarely in real life do you get do-overs.

2. It’s Pretty User-Friendly

One reason I've always shied away from video games is that many are so confusing to me. I'm not good at working the controllers and any six-year-old has the skills to defeat me.

The Sims 4 is pretty easy to work, though, and doesn't give me a hand cramp.

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My Sims Get to Do Things I Never Will. "I'd like to thank the academy..."

My Sims Get to Do Things I Never Will. "I'd like to thank the academy..."

3. You Can Live Vicariously

I used to love table-top role-playing games back in the 80s. It was a great outlet for my warped imagination. I get the same kind of enjoyment out of playing Sims and live out one adventure after another. I love creating characters and sending them on different kinds of adventures. No two are quite the same, and I don’t even have to leave the living room to go on them.

4. You Can Control Things as Much or as Little as You Want

You can be the puppet master of your Sims world and control their every thought and deed. It can be fun to make your little puppets dance as you desire. You can control their every move obsessively. You can plan their destiny, and then guide them toward it with a heavy hand. You can play out the story you have in mind the way you want it to play out. It’s all you.

Alternatively, you can let your characters just do their own thing and watch, occasionally nudging them in one direction or another. It can be quite amusing to see the kinds of things they get into on their own.

5. You Get to Play Dress-Up

When I was a little girl, and when my daughter was little, I loved dressing up Barbie dolls. Now, I love dressing up Sims. You can play stylist and dress up not only your own Sim, but have your Sims dress other Sims up.

6. You Can Decorate the World

Sims makes it very easy to decorate or build homes or businesses. Decorating doesn’t end at the door, either. You can decorate your yard as well, or your neighbor’s yard, or the local pub, or the neighborhood park. You can add new homes and buildings and decorate them as well. You can build the entire world from scratch if you like.

If you find yourself short of inspiration, there is a fantastic gallery in which users upload completed rooms or entire houses. And if you are proud of your own creations, you can share them with other Simmers.

Sims have style. You can play dress up to your heart's content.

Sims have style. You can play dress up to your heart's content.

7. You Can Have as Many Virtual Kids and Pets as You Want

I loved raising my kids and I’ve always loved having pets, so being able to have all the simulated children and pets I want is a big plus. I can have all the fun I want with them, take care of them, then save the game and go to bed without worrying about them. There’s no more empty nest syndrome, no dirty diapers or stretch marks, and no more pet deposits to my landlord.

8. Women Can Get Men Pregnant in the Sims Universe

If that isn’t an interesting storyline to play out, I don’t know what is. 'Nuff said.

He's having a baby!

He's having a baby!

9. It’s a Weird World

One of my first Sims had a really bad night one New Year's Eve. First, her scarecrow popped off his perch and started walking around the house—he was doing chores, though, so I guess it was okay. Then she went to bed and a vampire came in and bit her. She passed out, and when she woke up, she was drawn to a strange, green light outside. She was promptly abducted by aliens. When she got home, there was a ghost in her house.

Yes, it was a very strange night indeed. But that is what’s cool about the Sims universe—never a dull moment.

10. Fan Challenges

The Sims never has to get boring. Even if you thoroughly raid everything to do in the base game, expansion packs and add-on programs, you can continue to entertain yourself with new challenges. Clever fans have come up with a lot of great challenges themselves, such as the "100 Baby Challenge," the "Rags to Riches Challenge," and, for those who want something darker, the "Black Widow Challenge."

I’ve just messed around a while and touched on the tip of the iceberg for what the official game offers, I can’t wait to start playing some of these more imaginative challenges. The possibilities are endless.

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