10 Things Your/Every Main Minecraft Base/Shelter Should Have/Needs

Updated on April 14, 2016
Picture From The Minecraft Forum Creator's Name is MisterPink
Picture From The Minecraft Forum Creator's Name is MisterPink

So young Steve, you have weathered many a night, slain many a monster, survived many a creeper and bent the earth to your whim. I am impressed. Built mining bases, mini shelters in dangerous locations, sub-bases and a main base of operations during your conquest of the earth and everything else your base needed… That’s an impressive list. To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, here’s a checklist for 10 things to build in your minecraft base. Essentials your main Minecraft base should have.

1. Bed

This one is pretty obvious. Every base should have a bed so the player may spawn there when killed. This is extra important when you have multiple bases you work from, for example if you have one base that is specifically set as shelter for work in a biome (Rainforest, Swamp, and Snow for their unique materials), or a shelter in a dangerous location(Abandoned Mine) for easier exploration. Its much easier when you can just spawn in the shelter rather than having to run all the way back(and potentially lose your dropped items.)

2. Traps and Defense

It doesn’t matter what type of trap or defense you have as long as it offers protection from enemies (and potentially other players). Unless you have everything lit, there is always a chance of something to find and get you above and below ground. This becomes more important since the rumors of enemies being able to pass through portals on their own and some enemies spawning through rock because of nearby darkness (ie, Empty dark cavern or spawner right behind your wall.) Doors are good starting barriers but like I said in earlier article… Piston powered objects are just so much cooler!

3. Pistons

Potentially the greatest thing since sliced cake and music box loops. Pistons can make things both cool and awesome. The only downside of Pistons is the difficulty curve in using them correctly, but once you get the hang of it, you will never go back to regular doors, stairs, bridges and traps again. Most impressive uses of pistons that I’ve seen include doors, self moving walkways, auto moving stairs, and really awesome experiment involving ice for push sliding and water for dropping so that it could automatically push the player across ice and using the momentum to launch the player upwards and sideways a distance… then using water to null fall damage combined with another piston to immediately move you along the next segment… It was cool. (Video Post?)

4. Main Storage Room

This one seems pretty obvious, but I am surprised at how many worlds and players that I’ve been to/with that have chest and items stored willy-nilly. They are also usually the first to complain of an item being lost or creeper explosion taking out their items or (On occasion) lava erasure. Your main base (and ideally, all bases) should have a main room for material storage that follows some sort of organizational outline. There are many different ways to do this. You could have an area of chests for iron and below, and a chest or two for gold and above follow by an area of chests for misc items and supplies. If you want, create your own system! The general idea is to save time and avoid there “Where he hell did I put my diamonds?” frustration.

Pro…Suggestion?: Personally I have a (or a billion…) cobblestone chest(s), crafting/smelting supplies chest (includes Torches and Redstone), raw ore chest, smelted ore chest, food/farm chest, misc items chest, Nether chest, and if I really feel like it; a “current project” chest.

5. Mineshaft

Due to the general nature of minecraft; if your base is not just for show, then you probably have a (or several) mineshaft(s). This could be a multi-tiered/multi-purpose mineshaft or simply one that goes straight down to bedrock. A multi-tiered or branching mineshaft may be used for things that require space such as underground forests, animal breeding pens and farming… But the main reason you want the mineshaft is to get the much desired diamond, redstone, and obsidian. Basic mineshafts utilize either a “Squircle”(square/circle) staircase or simply a single long ladder up and down. The next step up is similar to the staircase except with minecarts. Some view this as far too inefficient and costly for its purpose. My personal favorite is the “Freefall” into water, and next to it is a Piston Auto-Staircase or even better 2x1x”n” Vertical Piston Launcher… It’s the quickest way I can think of traveling vertically.

6. Central Minecart Network

With the recent addition of Redstone Boosters for tracks, Minecarts have now turned into an incredibly efficient and speedy way of traveling quickly from location to location, or preferably, base to base. You may also combine chests into minecarts to make the movement of items and supplies quicker too. (Especially if you have multiplayer help) The important thing is the ability to get from base to base quickly and safely with the least amount of effort. If you are playing multiplayer, a network would be incredibly beneficial for everyone… Especially if it’s competitive multiplayer.

…Pro’ggestion(?): If you have the ability to do so, it is possible to combine this with Nether portals for even quicker travel. (1 block movement in Nether = 10+ in Normal)

7. Food Farm

Ah. The farm, generally found as one of the first installations for starting and main bases. Farms provide a major asset to all players in the form of food. Food as you probably know is important for providing stamina, health regeneration, and NOT STARVING. :(. A steady source of food cuts many of your major worries and anxiety and allows you to expend stamina (Jumping, Running, Mining, ect.) without issue. Typically you want to start with wheat, and then move to watermelon as soon as you find the respective seed.

8. Item Farm

Estranged child to #7, the Item Farm. This is a general term applied to rooms or locations created for the sole purpose of gathering items. These come in all shapes and sizes, utilize all sorts of traps, and have multiple theories or philosophies behind them. The most common item farms rely on creature spawners and traps so the spawner would provide a steady stream of monsters that would be killed by a trap and their loot collected and ready for the player to pick up. Another form would be animal breeding; most common is the chicken farm where you throw eggs to (hopefully) get chickens to hatch in a room… The chickens in that room lay eggs to throw… rinse wash repeat. The general idea is to have an enclosed system that grants you the ability to “farm” items with little effort beyond setting it up. Finally, underground tree, cacti, and sugarcane farms fill the last category of “Item Farms”.

9. Golems

Although now Golems may just be more for show(fad) than anything else since torching everything in a 20x20 radius will make your base relatively safe, they provide the ability to farm snow and are a somewhat reliable last line of limited defense should something happen to get through. On the plus side, you can have golems around instead of a few outside torches and then in the morning, gather all of the loot from the monsters they kill. Golems are mostly useful in dangerous environments such as Strongholds or Abandoned Mine Shafts. (Take That! You Damned Poisonous Spiders…)

Protip: DO NOT USE GOLEMS IN TIGHT PLACES AND DO NOT USE GOLEMS NEAR LAVA. They will block you, and they will push you around… and above all else, NEVER HIT A GOLEM. If you do, say goodbye to your lifebar.

10. Enchanting Room and Potion Stand

Enchanting is a relatively new addition to the Minecraft world that grants the player the ability imbue items with a variety of powers. Potion making allows the player to create potions with various abilities that grant bonuses or have offensive properties against monsters. Enchanting uses experience points and has its own formulas/equations for picking enchantments. Potion making is pretty straight forward; using only materials. Both rooms are a great addition to any main base, especially if they are next to the Main Storage Room(s) explained in #4. To top it off, you really only need 1 of each and they both take relatively small space; the only one that should be on it’s own for efficiency is the Enchanting Room since it requires bookshelves and line of sight to work effectively.

Honorable Mention: Your Own Room!

Dear Steve…Or Player playing as Steve. How could you forget yourself? You whom have torn down mountains, slain hordes of creatures, and built yourself a grand base of operations… Why have you not thanked yourself with a personalized room to call your own? Are you not worthy of a room built from the sweat of your glorious brow?

Although this list is not absolute, this is a personal list of what I generally plan to have in my bases. I build them in the order of utility and necessity. Utility before looks… If you can plan and do both at the same time, more power to you!

If you have any comments or suggestions to things I may have forgotten to include, feel free to leave me a comment below!

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        sime gurl 135 6 months ago

        ummm u would obviously need a vacation spot

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        TimmyGoesToSchool!!!!! 7 months ago

        I think it's a good idea to have the ground be glass so nothing can spawn in it

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        don't forget the bathroom!!

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        BatSloth 12 months ago

        1 block in the Nether is equal to 8 blocks in the Overworld...

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        Niice ideas but i think you should also mention about building walls and towers