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10 "Ooblets" Farming Tips!

KatherineOfSky loves to share the joy she gets from playing video games here and on her YouTube channel! Tutorials are her specialty!

Pull up all the red thingies!

Pull up all the red thingies!

1. Free Cloth!

When you first arrive at your farm, pull up as many weeds as you can because they often contain Clothplant seeds. (You will need clothlets to fulfill quests in town as well as build structures for your farm. The seeds are very expensive in Reed's Seed shop). Plant as many as you can on the first day so they can start their four day growing process.


2. A Profitable Early Product

An excellent early game product to sell is Quib Tarts. Make sure you collect Quibs right from the start: they are the blue fruits growing on trees. (Shake the trees several times for them to drop their fruit on the ground). Collect them every time you see a full tree. They take several days to respawn.

Plant Sweetiebeeties in preparation for making Froobtose. A few days after you arrive, a free Crunchster will come to you by mail. Place it on your farm. (Note that it is not placed from the "C" Decoration menu, but instead right from your hotbar. Select it as you would a seed, then place it down.) I tend to place mine between the house and town so that it is easily accessible and I can drop off and pick up products when I walk by.

Now, walk to and click on the Crunchster, select the Sweetiebeeties which will be processed into Froobtose. Since the machine can only be worked by an Oooblet, assign one to work it. (Note that assigned Ooblets will no longer follow you around town to be available for battle. If you want it to rejoin you, unassign it from the machine/coop by clicking on it).

Once the Froobtose is finished crafting, go inside to your Hotplate and combine it with 2 Quibs. The result is a tasty Quib Tart worth 30 gummies when you sell at Cuddlecups Cafe! (This is a 27 gummy profit over the cost of materials!)

Setting up the Crunchster

Setting up the Crunchster

3. Recipes Needed

Note that sometimes you need to acquire new recipes in order to process some materials, for example: Ground Springbeans need a new recipe before they will appear as a legit product to work with in the Crunchster.

4. Sprinklers

I recommend bypassing the level 1 Basic Sprinkler ("water gun") since Rainplops are very rare. As an example, in my first game I had only 1 rainy day out of 11, which yielded only 3 Rainplops. (Rainplops are scattered outside in the world to pick up. They look like a raindrop with a golden glow.).

Instead, build the Medium Sprinkler, which waters a 1 tile radius around it, e.g., a 3x3 area with the sprinkler at the center. Make sure to leave an empty space to place the sprinkler.

Medium Sprinkler AOE

Medium Sprinkler AOE

5. Paths FTW!

Make paths around blocks of crops to increase your run speed. Your character can run as fast on paths as when s/he is Sprinting (holding Shift), however running on paths costs zero energy.

In early game (level 2 sprinklers), I would recommend a block of 4 sets of crops (a 6x6 area) surrounded with walkways. The next level of sprinklers covers a 5x5 area, so you may need to adjust paths or simply plan for them from the beginning.

Run free, free as the wind!

Run free, free as the wind!

6. Making Walkways

Paths will also prevent rocks from spawning and weeds from creeping in. If you need to make more paths, go to Manatwee, where you can make them at the table saw in the west side of the store. They cost Planklets to craft.

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7. The Water Spout

Place Sprinklers for crops farthest away from the water spout. Because you need to frequently refill your dribblycan, you'll spend less time walking back and forth to quench your parched crops.

8. Weeds!!!

Watch for weeds in your crops: they appear as red stalks with yellow buds and have little blue bubbles floating around the plant. They can appear at any time of day and must be removed in order for the plant to continue growing.

When you are in the Farming interface and select a plant, it will indicate that a Weed is there. Press Spacebar to remove the offending growth!

The easiest way to spot weeds is through the animated blue blobbies that float around the plant.

The easiest way to spot weeds is through the animated blue blobbies that float around the plant.

9. Oob Coop Benefits

The lowest level of Oob Coop will house an additional ooblet on your farm and allow assigned ooblets to collect sticks, stones, and weeds. (You can place coops not only on tilled tiles, but also in the piles of detritus that litter your farm). This isn't terribly useful, however it can save you energy in early game.

Once you can afford to, upgrade your oob coops to level 1. The level 1 allows you to house two Ooblets, where they also water your crops, enabling you to reduce the need for a sprinkler. They also increase the growth bonus to nearby crops.


10. SALE!!!

Buy seeds in bulk when they are on sale at Meed's Seeds! Sale items will be denoted by the red flag inside the seed box. They are typically 50% off. It's great to buy Sweetiebeeties early game to make Quib Tarts, and then Springbeans and Pompadoots for Lurge Latty, another profitable product. Watering cans can also go on sale, saving you a bundle when you need to upgrade.

The red flag will show what's on sale!

The red flag will show what's on sale!

11. Gleamy Oobsidian

Keep an eye out for Gleamy ooblets! If you raise a seed and get your own, they occasionally drop Oobsidian when living on your farm! Oobsidian is a scarce resource that locks progression in the game: you can obtain it from harvesting when you see it on the ground, and rarely by breaking rocks, finding it in a home, and occasionally as a reward for a quest. If you are very short you can also buy it from the Fountain with Wishies.

Having Gleamy ooblets around is a nice way to farm this rare material.


Happy Ooblet Farming!

I hope you found this guide useful. Happy Ooblet farming! Splenda!

© 2020 KatherineOfSky

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