101 Signs That You’ve Been Playing Too Much Minecraft

Updated on June 7, 2016

1. You’ve tried getting wood by punching the trees in your backyard.

2. You’ve tried mining for coal in your backyard.

3. Reality suddenly isn’t cubic enough.

4. You’re disappointed that real saplings take more than a few hours to grow into full-sized trees.

5. When dusk falls, you panic, run home, and pray you don’t run into any zombies.

6. You arrange office supplies in groups of 64.

7. You get angry that dirt doesn’t float in real life.

8. You’ve tried gathering saplings in real life by beating leaves with sticks (and other tools)

9. You’re on the “all bacon, all the time” diet.

10. You always carry a backpack of tools with you everywhere you go.

11. You’ve reached the size limit for all of your worlds.

12. You have an entire chest (in game) filled with records.

13. You don’t need to look on Minepedia to know the exact number of uses you can get from a given tool.

14. You have an entire chest (in game) filled with diamonds.

15. You’re saving up for a diamond pickaxe (in real life)

16. You’ve carved a series of two-meter high tunnels under your home (while looking for coal and iron.)

17. You’ve built your own crafting workbench in your garage.

18. You’ve painstakingly gathered enough spider webs together to make something vaguely resembling a brick (and you plan on painting on it once it has a proper frame of sticks!)

19. When you yell “CREEPER!” all your friends duck or scatter.

20. You’ve tried every possible option on the Painterly Pack Customizer.

21. You’ve spent whole days doing nothing but building things on Minecraft.

22. You check Notch’s blog daily just to see if there are any new updates.

23. You’ve taken up cactus farming (and you don’t even live in an arid area.)

24. You think of the ecology of the world in terms of Minecraft biomes.

25. You go into rock shops looking for Redstone.

26. You pray night after night that, when you die, you won’t go to the nether

27. You wouldn’t mind going to the nether as long as there’s an obsidian gateway there (and you have flint and steel.)

28. You can’t understand why your wooden pick axe won’t break through solid stone.

29. Your solution to saving energy is to go dig for lightstone.

30. You dream in pixels

31. You’ve installed a pressure-plate for your front door.

32. You honestly believe that you can just gather lava in a bucket and carry it back to your forge.

33. You leave the house genuinely angry that you haven’t found enough clay in your world to make a house (yet.)

34. You’ve exchanged your real bed for one made of stone and wool.

35. You’ve dug down to the bedrock (in your own backyard.)

36. You STILL don’t understand why your wooden pick axe won’t break through solid stone.

37. You gather mushrooms believing that, as long as you make stew with one red one and one brown one, it will be edible.

38. You scour gravel driveways for flint.

39. You’ve gathered sand and put it in the oven in the hopes that it would turn into glass.

40. You explore local caves hoping you’ll run across a mob spawner (and mossy cobblestone!)

41. You’ve recreated famous monuments (and buildings) in Minecraft

42. You don’t believe trees have roots or branches, only logs and leaves.

43. You take solace in the fact that Minecraft weather never changes.

44. You know every bug (and you’re always one of the first players to exploit them.)

45. You feel safe as long as you have a door between you and something that wants to kill you.

46. You’ve gathered enough obsidian to build your own real-life nether portal (and you can’t understand why it doesn’t work!)

47. You miss your pig spawner

48. You’ve seen Herobrine.

49. You have a Minecraft-themed tattoo

50. You’ve written Minecraft fan fiction

51. You’ve read (and critiqued) others’ Minecraft fan fiction

52. You’ve made minecraft block-themed decorations (and put them up for the holidays)

53. Your business card includes a line like “Minecraft Master.”

54. All your friends play Minecraft

55. Your dog plays Minecraft.

56. You’ve been inspired to start your own farm (but can’t understand why it doesn’t take care of itself.)

57. You’re learning coding just to make mods for Minecraft.

58. The biggest open pit mine in the world was built by you, in Minecraft.

59. You don’t bother to dig up Redstone anymore.

60. Your Minecraft worlds have been developed into huge, sprawling cities (and no one else is playing on them.)

61. You’ve panhandled with a sign that says “will Minecraft 4 food”

62. You dream of having a job digging ditches.

63. You’re constantly emailing Notch about things he should add into the game.

64. You’ve created Minecraft fan art.

65. You’ve taken the time to create papercraft art of Minecraft.

66. You support authors of articles about Minecraft (like the author of this article) by visiting their sponsors through links like those near the top of this article.

67. You’ve laid more track in Minecraft than has ever been laid in America.

68. You can scare your friends by sneaking up behind them and hissing like a creeper about to explode.

69. You wish every day was update day.

70. You’re learning to speak Swedish (in the hopes that you’ll get updates and rumors faster!)

71. You go from door to door asking people if they’ve heard about “the miracle of Minecraft.”

72. You revere Notch as if he were a god.

73. You believe all foods are best when cubed.

74. You’ve downloaded Minecraft music onto your MP3 player (and you listen to it while you work.)

75. You have multiple Minecraft accounts (and play on them simultaneously.)

76. You’ve eradicated all the monsters in the Nether (and built it up enough that they can’t spawn.)

77. You inspire people by telling them that the world is their Minecraft– they can build anything!

78. You’ve built more full-sized, non-functional vehicles than Leonardo da Vinci could ever have dreamed to draw.

79. You doodle blocks and new structure ideas on notepads when you’re on the phone.

80. You visit the Minecraft forums hourly.

81. When you get together with your friends, the first topic to come up is always Minecraft.

82. You’ve become a professional griefer.

83. You can find your way out of any spawn jail.

84. You’re depressed that your watch doesn’t just say when dawn and dusk are (but you’re crafting one that does.)

85. You start to believe that, in the real world, your spawn point is somewhere far, far up North.

86. You can’t understand why punching sheep in the real world doesn’t give you wool.

87. You start doing bizarre things in the game (like importing stone from the nether and turning your main world into the nether instead.)

88. You feel compelled to start playing around with gunpowder and TNT in real life.

89. You have plans to make the sun more. . . square.

90. You’re building a powerful laser in order to write “MINECRAFT!” on the moon.

91. You contribute trivia to the pages on Minepedia.

92. You can out-creep a creeper.

93. The idea of finding big gold nuggets in real life doesn’t excite you anymore.

94. You catch yourself going to the hardware store looking for iron ingots and sticks.

95. You remember Indev.

96. You start getting really skinny (because you don’t have to eat food to stay alive in Minecraft!)

97. You start drawing durability bars on your yard and garden tools.

98. You’ve killed more than your fair share of Spider Jockeys

99. Minecraft is no longer just a game for you.

100. You make at least one comparison every day between the way things work in the real world and the way they work in Minecraft.

101. You write lists and articles about Minecraft.


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      • profile image

        OriVT 3 weeks ago

        you put lightstone instead of glowstone lol

      • profile image

        jeff 2 months ago

        minecraft isnt real

      • profile image

        HI 4 months ago

        1152: You surround a diamond with wood in an attempt to make a jukebox.

        1153: You surround a piece of circuitry with wood in an attempt to create a note block.

      • profile image

        Liam Yang 7 months ago

        243. You expect to create a wooden pickaxe just by putting wood planks and sticks on a 3x3 grid (in real life)

      • profile image

        Bonnie 8 months ago

        Omg Minecraft is so addicting but I don't have any of these

      • profile image

        Mio_Naruse 9 months ago

        102. Writing this list of signs you play to much

      • profile image

        James 10 months ago

        wow, lightstone? lmao

      • profile image

        ender destroyer 14 months ago

        1000. you expect to find a stonghold in real life

      • profile image

        Blankie333 14 months ago

        you shoot some cows expecting to make armor but just freak out and run away instead

      • profile image

        SDMG 17 months ago

        1139: You ignite pigs thinking you will get cooked porkchop.

        1140: You leave a single block in an infinite survival world.

      • profile image

        HI 17 months ago

        1146: You decide not to take an afternoon nap because "you can't sleep at night."

      • profile image

        Cole at Channel -7 18 months ago

        1138: You kill your self thinking you will just respawn on or beside your bed.

      • profile image

        White_TabbyCat_Gray 19 months ago

        866: You go to your local farm and get wheat then bring it back home and try to make Bread On your Crafting table that you finally made

        867: You go to sleep and lay there for 3 seconds then get up and think that its day now

        867: You have been spending years trying to change to creative so you can fly.

        868: You`ve read everything in the article and the comments and said yes to them.

        I wonder who sad yes to all of those?.. :P

      • profile image

        hhhhh 19 months ago

        866: You hope you spawn by your bed when your near a murderer.

      • profile image

        lololllolol 20 months ago

        you try to make a block of coal, gold, iron, diamond, or emerald by placing pieces of coal, iron/gold ingots, diamonds, or emeralds in a 3x3 pattern

      • profile image

        geekyalma101x 20 months ago

        1137: U read all 1137 signs your addicted to minecraft

      • profile image

        Not A Minecraft Addict 20 months ago

        1136: you spend 2 hours reading all 1135 comments and write ur own.

      • profile image

        HI 20 months ago

        1135: You give the cashier emeralds.

      • profile image

        Kiedamon 20 months ago

        God. I remember the time I was up so ridiculously late that I stepped into the kitchen and noticed one of the light bulbs wasn't working. When I looked at the corner the light should have been lighting up I thought "I should really replace that bulb, I don't want anything spawning" then I just froze and laughed my ass off.

      • profile image

        HI 21 months ago

        1123: You drink orange juice and think you are immune to fire.

        1124: You drink strawberry juice, mix a weirdly glowing watermelon in, and think it will heal you instantly.

        1125: You drink green radish juice and mixing in a rabbit's foot thinking you will jump higher.

        1126: You drink blueberry juice and mix a yellow carrot in and think you can hold your breath in water or see better at night.

        1127: You think drinking sugar water will make you run faster.

        1128: You think drinking pink bismuth will rapidly regenerate you.

        1129: You put a stick in a campfire, put the fire in your water bottle, and drink it thinking you will get stronger.

        1130: You put a spider eye in the blueberry juice to make yourself invisible.

        1131: You put a spider eye in the sugar water to make a slowness potion.

        1132: You put a spider eye in the strawberry juice to make a harming potion.

        1133: You mix gunpowder in all the negative "potions", throw them at people you hate, and wonder why it breaks and spills instead of making them poisoned, slow, harmed, and weak.

        1134: You realize there is no nether wart in the wolrd!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Micah Laster 21 months ago

        34. says You’ve exchanged your real bed for one made of stone and wool.

        beds arn't stone and wool they are wood planks and wool

      • profile image

        HI 21 months ago

        1120: You kill a dragon and expect a portal.

        1121: You wonder why a snowman doesn't move.

        1122: You buy head sculptures, place three of them on "sand", and wonder why the Wither didn't spawn.

      • profile image

        HI 21 months ago

        1120: You kill a dragon and expect a portal.

        1121: You wonder why a snowman doesn't move.

        1122: You buy head sculptures, place three of them on "sand", and wonder why the Wither didn't spawn.

      • profile image

        Foxy the pirate 22 months ago

        You fall in love with a minecraft villager in real life

      • profile image

        Poop 22 months ago

        999999999999999999999: you fall in love with a villager

      • profile image

        pro gamer 23 months ago

        You go in woods and take a bone and try to tame a Wolfe. (Remember there's NO reaspawn button onece your dead,your dead.)

      • profile image

        MineFox 2 years ago

        786: you kill all the sheep in the world and wonder why you have no wool yet.(real life)

      • profile image

        mariothedog 2 years ago

        786: u change ur irl name to Minecraft.......

      • profile image

        Mcmcmc 2 years ago

        Holy crap that's a lot of comments.

        1119, you find this article 5 years after its posted

      • profile image

        Drybones707 2 years ago

        1117 When you go outside at night you have a sword with you

        1118 Where ever you go you bring steak and torches

      • profile image

        Jimmy 2 years ago

        1115 You cannot run without straight legs and skipping

        1116 You have a stiff hand which makes chopping motions all the time

      • profile image

        Craftmine 2 years ago

        1114. Playing games that look like minecraft.

      • profile image

        MinecraftFna 2 years ago

        You look at the world around you and all you see is a replacement of what it would look like in minecraft.

      • profile image

        Someone 2 years ago

        Thanks, you are an idiot.

      • profile image

        CreeperGirl8203 2 years ago

        1113: u play minecraft too much and kill the mobs but seeing creepers at ur door every day (in mincraft) u kinda take it too far.... Like me I married over like 200 creepas THERE SO ADORIBLE!!!!!!

      • profile image

        anonymous 2 years ago

        1112: You get sick and tired of playing Minecraft!

      • profile image

        lolhacks 2 years ago

        1111:you punch a man

      • profile image

        notchmcfotch 3 years ago

        1110: you jump off a bulding try to fly and land on a trampoline and get flunged to a cop car to fall off to get carried to the hospital and a hobo take you (inreal)

      • profile image

        tfdgv 3 years ago


      • profile image

        notch bruh 3 years ago

        1109 you carry a whole inventory in your pocket

      • profile image

        TallDude 3 years ago

        You Run Away From Mobs

      • profile image

        me 3 years ago

        You DON'T yell and scream when someone sings let it go. Instead, you scratch your head and think, who wrote that awesome song?

      • profile image

        minertroll 3 years ago

        You made a book "101 sings" from this webpage in game (quill/book). - and are proud to have sold it for over $1000 in-game currency!

      • profile image

        CalvinCraft321 3 years ago

        1104 You punch a skeleton in science classrooms, hoping for that rare chance that it will drop an enchanted bow

        1105 You think that if you get poisoned, as long as you don't hurt yourself, the poison wont kill you

        1106 You complain that you didn't get to choose the difficulty before you started the world (in real life)

        1107 You go to villages looking for squidward

        1108 You post these kind of things on this kind of article in the comments

      • profile image

        UPtoDOWN 3 years ago


      • profile image

        zhekalevin 3 years ago

        1103 you buy capes on Ebay for $1000+

      • profile image

        God 3 years ago

        1102 you realise that you don't need jesus

      • profile image

        nethergirl 3 years ago

        I am sooo NOT playing too much minecraft,yo.

      • profile image

        Herobrine 3 years ago

        Herobrine is here hehehe

      • profile image

        arandomperson 3 years ago

        You don't know they added horses because you've been playing minecraft nonstop since 1.4

      • profile image

        Awesome dude 3 years ago

        1101 you smash boats tryin 2 get sticks

      • profile image

        Brandon 3 years ago

        1091: You have played over 90 maps.

        1092: You have MADE over 90 maps.

        1093: When someone says: "Would you like some cheese on toast?" You say: "Pfff! Cheese isn't real!"

        1094: When you go to sleep you count creepers.

        1095: You own at least 5 servers.

        1096: You're OPed on at least 10 servers.

        1097: You see Notch and say: NOOB!

        1098: You're scared of the dark.

        1099: You don't believe in vampires and werewolves but you do believe in zombies and dragons.

        And finally! 1100: You come home saying: "Yes! Minecraft!" Then your mum says: "It's time to get off!" But you say: "It's only been like, 10 minutes!" Then you look at the time and it's been 5 hours.

      • profile image

        Allyson Valdez 3 years ago

        1089:you read this all over again checking if you had to much minecraft

        1090:you've become a very awesome pro

      • profile image

        lexicatishere 4 years ago

        1088: You're going through this like a checklist

      • profile image

        why do u care 4 years ago

        number whatever: everything you do is minecraft related

      • profile image

        jackson 4 years ago

        You are STILL reading this

      • profile image

        Donuts 4 years ago

        1087: You've read this whole thing

      • profile image

        Blueyoshi1124 4 years ago

        1084: The forcably ride a horse to try to tame it

        1085: you have just found out the world isn't a cube (I'm sorry its true)

        1086: you've made a command block in irl but you don't know why it dosent work

      • profile image

        Jerusha 4 years ago

        1083: Expecting yourself to be able to B U I L D a city O N L Y using blocks.

      • profile image

        CowsterMan 4 years ago

        You can swim up a waterfall with no hands

      • profile image

        Jack 4 years ago

        You are positive jumping off a 40 story building will be safe, providing you land in a puddle of water.

      • profile image

        Steven 4 years ago

        You can't find diamonds in a cave give up man

      • profile image

        Kyle 4 years ago

        You tried to mine in your backyard and could not find redstone. Your took a stone and some red spraypaint and made a "red stone"

      • profile image

        alex 4 years ago

        i don't have any of those prplems but i think herobrine and slender man is following me

      • profile image

        Jacob 4 years ago

        1082: At night you run back to your house, in hope that no mobs have spawned, and just to make sure you turn on all the lights, and listen.

      • profile image

        Daniel 4 years ago

        1081: When you gouge out someones eye and throw it into the air, hoping it is close enough to an eye of ender and it will show you where the dungeon is

      • profile image

        riolu77 4 years ago

        1080: You know me in minecraft.

      • profile image

        ender 4 years ago

        1079 when you are at school the year is 2013 but u think its then u say that update isn't out yet

      • profile image

        Derped_Mai_Pants 4 years ago

        435: when you get lost, you kill yourself in the hopes of respawning beside your bed

      • profile image

        ender 4 years ago

        hi creeper

      • profile image

        creeper 4 years ago

        1078:you lie on your bed thinking you will go to bed in 60 sec

      • profile image

        DerpyFacey 4 years ago


      • profile image

        8888888888888888887777777777777777777777777777776767 4 years ago


      • profile image

        MrChicken 4 years ago

        1075: you don't now why you can find monsters

      • profile image

        whocares 4 years ago

        We are actually at 1122

      • profile image

        miners 4 years ago

        # 1,074 You petition the government - to force food manufacturers to label how much the food replenishes the 'hunger bar' (placed alongside the nutritional facts section).

      • profile image

        miners 4 years ago

        # 1,072 You realize that the ACTUAL number is now at 1,072 (and you are upset about the miss-count)!

        #1,073 You have Ophidiophobia (an abnormal fear of snakes) SSsssSSss.

      • profile image

        MomoSct 4 years ago

        When you watch movies and see good people get trapped in a cave or in jail, you are thinking about digging a hole to escape (actually happened to me lol).

      • profile image

        Hannahrox2424 4 years ago

        When you have modded every possible mod that is blocked on servers so it works (X-Ray, toomanyitems, fly mod, etc,etc...)

      • profile image

        PanWicker 4 years ago

        You get upset when you read "lightstone" in 29 or "Minepedia" in 13

        it's glowstone and Minecraftwiki damn it...

      • profile image

        LizCrafter 4 years ago

        74... I downloaded more than 5 hours of MC parodies yesterday....

        1,419 - You used to want to be an architect, but now you don't because you would be too disappointed that its not like Minecraft

      • profile image

        Kpdoesminecraft 4 years ago

        None of these describe me

      • profile image

        :P 4 years ago

        1,418- (In real life) You Are afraid to go outside in the morning for fear that a spider will pounce on you or a creeper will blow your house up.

      • profile image

        :P 4 years ago

        1,417- You spend your whole day watching Minecraft parodies and Minecraft videos on Youtube.

      • profile image

        FTB 4 years ago

        wow, nice signs and even the comments are better.

        When do you know if u have played too much Feed The Beast ?


      • profile image

        BZB 4 years ago

        1417 You try to double jump and fly

      • profile image

        Wrange45 4 years ago

        You think putting a Diamond inside wood blocks Gives you a jukebox

      • profile image

        vb 4 years ago

        1,414 You think you can put a piece of coal on top of a stick and think it will make 4 torches (real life)

        1,415 You think you can pick things up and they can dissapear inside your "inventory" (real life)

        1,416 You think when you say /give me 328 or /tp skythekidrs it should happen

      • profile image

        vb 4 years ago

        When you go to the bathroom and turn on the lights you run away, or staying within 20 meters of it, believing creeper will spawn

      • profile image

        vb 4 years ago

        1,413. you go to towns looking for squidward (in real life)

      • profile image

        NavySeal360 4 years ago

        To be addicted to MineCraft you play all day long 24hours a day sitting down only getting a drink food and going to the bathroom. Also u ignore every thing that someone is saying to you. Also to be addicted to MineCraft is knowing every single thing in the game. That is the reason is someone is addicted to minecraft:)

      • profile image

        Mine 4 years ago

        1,412. You make a pig farm, and feed them with only carrots.

      • profile image

        Mine 4 years ago

        1403. You punch Cactus and wonder why you get hurt.

        1404. You ride a pig to work.

        1405. You think wild wolfs will never attack you first.

        1406. You wish you don't have fingers.

        1407. You get injured from fighting a cow with you bare hands.

        1408. You have many identical chests in your house, full of cobblestones.

        1409. You try to make TNT using gun powder and sand.

        1410. Your house is made from dirt.

        1,411. You read all of this list and think it's not long enough.

      • profile image

        Red_Records 4 years ago

        1,402: You have more than 100 golden apples in survival.

      • profile image

        jack 4 years ago


      • profile image

        Michael Jackson 4 years ago

        I play Minecraft too

      • profile image

        Pwizzle 4 years ago

        1401 you think there is no need to drink water in real life since you don't have to in minecraft

      • profile image

        Lightningbolt 4 years ago

        O_O I did not know there was a lot of signs you play minecraft.When I was on a sever.I build 1.A BIG and LONG house 2. I build a tower 3.I made an underground mine-with lots of tunnels 4. I made a house in the mind 5. I mined all the way to bed rock 6. I killed a lot of sheep to make a wool house 7. I made a hotal 8. I made a suwge system 9. I made a TNT house 10. I made a water factory 11. I made a mob Swaner 12. I made a farm that produces over 1200 wheat (this one took more time than the rest) 13. I made under water tunnels to get to places faster 14. I made a train system (does not work,it's just for show) 15. Made a cow farm 16. Made lots of signs and then go to others people's homes and put signs everywhere (did not get cought lol) 17.Made a deck over a river to fish easer 18. Made a shop that sells food 19. Set my friend on fire for destroying my house with TNT (he later got banned) 20. Made another house 21. Found some pigs and ride some (lather from cow-staler) 22. Made a giant coke can (from out of blocks) 23. Started a pranking war with my friends.And that's kinda it.But please not this took me a VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        megawolf65 4 years ago

        1040: made 4 servers of more