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101 Signs That You’ve Been Playing Too Much Minecraft

Updated on June 07, 2016

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1. You’ve tried getting wood by punching the trees in your backyard.

2. You’ve tried mining for coal in your backyard.

3. Reality suddenly isn’t cubic enough.

4. You’re disappointed that real saplings take more than a few hours to grow into full-sized trees.

5. When dusk falls, you panic, run home, and pray you don’t run into any zombies.

6. You arrange office supplies in groups of 64.

7. You get angry that dirt doesn’t float in real life.

8. You’ve tried gathering saplings in real life by beating leaves with sticks (and other tools)

9. You’re on the “all bacon, all the time” diet.

10. You always carry a backpack of tools with you everywhere you go.

11. You’ve reached the size limit for all of your worlds.

12. You have an entire chest (in game) filled with records.

13. You don’t need to look on Minepedia to know the exact number of uses you can get from a given tool.

14. You have an entire chest (in game) filled with diamonds.

15. You’re saving up for a diamond pickaxe (in real life)

16. You’ve carved a series of two-meter high tunnels under your home (while looking for coal and iron.)

17. You’ve built your own crafting workbench in your garage.

18. You’ve painstakingly gathered enough spider webs together to make something vaguely resembling a brick (and you plan on painting on it once it has a proper frame of sticks!)

19. When you yell “CREEPER!” all your friends duck or scatter.

20. You’ve tried every possible option on the Painterly Pack Customizer.

21. You’ve spent whole days doing nothing but building things on Minecraft.

22. You check Notch’s blog daily just to see if there are any new updates.

23. You’ve taken up cactus farming (and you don’t even live in an arid area.)

24. You think of the ecology of the world in terms of Minecraft biomes.

25. You go into rock shops looking for Redstone.

26. You pray night after night that, when you die, you won’t go to the nether

27. You wouldn’t mind going to the nether as long as there’s an obsidian gateway there (and you have flint and steel.)

28. You can’t understand why your wooden pick axe won’t break through solid stone.

29. Your solution to saving energy is to go dig for lightstone.

30. You dream in pixels

31. You’ve installed a pressure-plate for your front door.

32. You honestly believe that you can just gather lava in a bucket and carry it back to your forge.

33. You leave the house genuinely angry that you haven’t found enough clay in your world to make a house (yet.)

34. You’ve exchanged your real bed for one made of stone and wool.

35. You’ve dug down to the bedrock (in your own backyard.)

36. You STILL don’t understand why your wooden pick axe won’t break through solid stone.

37. You gather mushrooms believing that, as long as you make stew with one red one and one brown one, it will be edible.

38. You scour gravel driveways for flint.

39. You’ve gathered sand and put it in the oven in the hopes that it would turn into glass.

40. You explore local caves hoping you’ll run across a mob spawner (and mossy cobblestone!)

41. You’ve recreated famous monuments (and buildings) in Minecraft

42. You don’t believe trees have roots or branches, only logs and leaves.

43. You take solace in the fact that Minecraft weather never changes.

44. You know every bug (and you’re always one of the first players to exploit them.)

45. You feel safe as long as you have a door between you and something that wants to kill you.

46. You’ve gathered enough obsidian to build your own real-life nether portal (and you can’t understand why it doesn’t work!)

47. You miss your pig spawner

48. You’ve seen Herobrine.

49. You have a Minecraft-themed tattoo

50. You’ve written Minecraft fan fiction

51. You’ve read (and critiqued) others’ Minecraft fan fiction

52. You’ve made minecraft block-themed decorations (and put them up for the holidays)

53. Your business card includes a line like “Minecraft Master.”

54. All your friends play Minecraft

55. Your dog plays Minecraft.

56. You’ve been inspired to start your own farm (but can’t understand why it doesn’t take care of itself.)

57. You’re learning coding just to make mods for Minecraft.

58. The biggest open pit mine in the world was built by you, in Minecraft.

59. You don’t bother to dig up Redstone anymore.

60. Your Minecraft worlds have been developed into huge, sprawling cities (and no one else is playing on them.)

61. You’ve panhandled with a sign that says “will Minecraft 4 food”

62. You dream of having a job digging ditches.

63. You’re constantly emailing Notch about things he should add into the game.

64. You’ve created Minecraft fan art.

65. You’ve taken the time to create papercraft art of Minecraft.

66. You support authors of articles about Minecraft (like the author of this article) by visiting their sponsors through links like those near the top of this article.

67. You’ve laid more track in Minecraft than has ever been laid in America.

68. You can scare your friends by sneaking up behind them and hissing like a creeper about to explode.

69. You wish every day was update day.

70. You’re learning to speak Swedish (in the hopes that you’ll get updates and rumors faster!)

71. You go from door to door asking people if they’ve heard about “the miracle of Minecraft.”

72. You revere Notch as if he were a god.

73. You believe all foods are best when cubed.

74. You’ve downloaded Minecraft music onto your MP3 player (and you listen to it while you work.)

75. You have multiple Minecraft accounts (and play on them simultaneously.)

76. You’ve eradicated all the monsters in the Nether (and built it up enough that they can’t spawn.)

77. You inspire people by telling them that the world is their Minecraft– they can build anything!

78. You’ve built more full-sized, non-functional vehicles than Leonardo da Vinci could ever have dreamed to draw.

79. You doodle blocks and new structure ideas on notepads when you’re on the phone.

80. You visit the Minecraft forums hourly.

81. When you get together with your friends, the first topic to come up is always Minecraft.

82. You’ve become a professional griefer.

83. You can find your way out of any spawn jail.

84. You’re depressed that your watch doesn’t just say when dawn and dusk are (but you’re crafting one that does.)

85. You start to believe that, in the real world, your spawn point is somewhere far, far up North.

86. You can’t understand why punching sheep in the real world doesn’t give you wool.

87. You start doing bizarre things in the game (like importing stone from the nether and turning your main world into the nether instead.)

88. You feel compelled to start playing around with gunpowder and TNT in real life.

89. You have plans to make the sun more. . . square.

90. You’re building a powerful laser in order to write “MINECRAFT!” on the moon.

91. You contribute trivia to the pages on Minepedia.

92. You can out-creep a creeper.

93. The idea of finding big gold nuggets in real life doesn’t excite you anymore.

94. You catch yourself going to the hardware store looking for iron ingots and sticks.

95. You remember Indev.

96. You start getting really skinny (because you don’t have to eat food to stay alive in Minecraft!)

97. You start drawing durability bars on your yard and garden tools.

98. You’ve killed more than your fair share of Spider Jockeys

99. Minecraft is no longer just a game for you.

100. You make at least one comparison every day between the way things work in the real world and the way they work in Minecraft.

101. You write lists and articles about Minecraft.


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    • Damien Bamford 6 years ago

      Thanks to this list, I'm buying Minecraft right now...

    • Linkusofepica 6 years ago

      102. You hit pigs expecting food

    • minecraftia 6 years ago

      103: you get frustrated when your infinit well dosint work (in real life)

    • minecraft is awesome 6 years ago

      104: you think throwing chicken eggs will create a chicken

    • Taz 6 years ago

      105: you leave all the lights on in the basement so that no mobs can spawn there!

    • person 5 years ago

      106: you punch the dirt expecting a dirt brick

    • redslash 5 years ago

      you read this article

    • skateward 5 years ago

      107: You let yourself drown whilst looking inside a chest in hope of duplicating your beloningings.

    • Castle 5 years ago

      108: when all things in your dreams are built out of blocks.

    • Baguetttte 5 years ago

      You throw water at a wall and expect an infinite flow.

    • Brian 5 years ago

      1) Fill bucket with water.

      2) Send to Africa

      3) ???

      4) Infinite water solves global drinking water issues.

      Problem, physics?

    • chasemillis profile image

      chasemillis 5 years ago

      !!! This is freaking awesome!! I definitely suffer from some of these

      Haha 21 - that game is soo freaking addicting!!! There's no goal, so we can't ever win!!

      btw for anyone just starting, get some mods (like flying and the fill mod). They make everything a thousand times easier. And start your own server so that you can give give yourself items using the data values. But don't start Minecraft, be warned: it's the most addicting game ever

    • raizen 5 years ago

      109: You punch your PC in hope to get redstone

    • jacob 5 years ago

      i am a minecraft fanatic

    • Eddie 5 years ago

      ALot of these describe me.

      I think you wrote this about me

    • oldrunnynose245 5 years ago

      1337: You throw your bacon at herobrine, in hope for cooked bacon

    • HiddenFace 5 years ago

      You see a plane in the sky and say, "There's a mod for that"

    • Innovative insurance 5 years ago

      101 signs good one to know i enjoyed it

    • TROLOLOLOLOL 5 years ago

      110: You see a ball and scream in confusion

    • drago 5 years ago

      #111:you read this article

    • MinecraftCrafterWhoCraftsInMinecraft 5 years ago

      I'm playing Minecraft right now as I read this in two site split mode :D

    • Nitro 5 years ago

      112 you plan to, or have built a 1:1scale model of your house.

      113 you try to renovate your house, starting by punching out your windows, and go to the emergency room.

    • Rectar2 5 years ago

      This entire list is all facts about me!

      The list above me, not below me. Only 114 is not a fact.

      114: You smash a spider to get string

      115: You kill your friend to get bones

      116: You pick your nose to get slime for sticky pistons

      117: You are going to MineCon

      118: You are just writing facts about yourself in the comments

      119: You spam Notch's inbox

    • bananaman that you wish you could meet 5 years ago

      120. You call a person you steal a griefer, and shout grifer waiting for an admin to ban them (in real life)

    • spyke3002 5 years ago

      121: You create a thousand worlds because you just have to try this awsome seed.

      122: You build a giant Creeper and fill it with TNT. Then you hook it up to a Noteblock so it is like Ssssssssssssssss and then you flick the lever. Oh, wait you were staning ON it, weren't you?

    • James 5 years ago

      123: You seem to be the first who noticed 34 should be wood and wool, NOT stone and wool.

    • Earl S. Wynn profile image

      Earl S. Wynn 5 years ago from California

      124: You've played minecraft long enough that you remember when beds were made of stone and wool and think anyone who hasn't been playing that long is a n00b. :D

    • InsaneMiner98 on YouTube 5 years ago

      When you go to sleep in (REAL LIFE) U hope to wake up in MINECRAFT :)

    • EvilDickSix 5 years ago

      125: u read this commment and you say (THIS KID MAKES NO SENCE AT ALL FOR GOOD SAKE)

    • Sauron1209 5 years ago

      126: u cant figure out why your torches wont stay lit forever (irl)

    • Absolin 5 years ago

      127: u wonder why trees wont float when you punch them.

    • Dogboy357 5 years ago

      128: you read this article and count all of the things that apply to you

    • Dogboy357 5 years ago

      these all honestly apply to me...

      3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 36, 37, 38, 39, 43, 45, 47, 53, 54, 56, 57, 59, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 72, 74, 77, 79, 83, 85, 87, 89, 90, 92, 93, 98, 99, 100

      and from the comments:

      106, 107, 108, the comment from hiddenface, 111, 112, 118, 119, 122, 123, 124

      please see this as a challenge to see which all aplly to you...

    • A Person 5 years ago

      129: You start a diamond mine in your backyard and charge people 10 gold ingots to enter. (in real life)

    • A Person 5 years ago

      130: You sleep with the light on to prevent mobs spawning in your room.

      131: You secretly made all of the comments. . . (not a secret anymore)

    • Blade1209 5 years ago

      132: you have a R.I.P. sign next to you while playing minecraft for when you die. (even though you never need it.)

    • blargg 5 years ago

      133: You punch an open door and expect it to close.

    • A Person 5 years ago

      134: You start every morning like a new world and choose creative or survival.

      135: You jump off a house and expect to survive. (in real life)

    • finalgamer14 5 years ago

      135: in school you punch all the walls, trying to grief.

    • billy 5 years ago

      136 when you fall over or hurt yourself you quickly eat what ever food you have [in real life]

    • billy 5 years ago

      137when playing with your mates you get one to dress up as a greaper and another a skeleton, you then get your friend dressed as a skeleton to shoot your friend dressed as a creeper to death in hope he leaves behind a record and possibly some gunpowder

      138when you hear about people commiting suicide you start think about the things they missed out in life the only thing you can think of is minecraft

      139you spend so much time playing minecraft that you lost your job and your house so you now live with your parents or you live in a van and drive around hacking into peoples wifi so you can play minecraft.

      140you think its safe to go into lava as long as you have water close by and food after to heal yourself

      141you collect coockies and apples which you store in your chest in real life.

      142you don't drink water unless its the water in a mushroom stew

    • billy 5 years ago

      143you go into peoples backyards and collect there mushrooms reeds apples pumkins and wheat.

      144you thinks that if you punch a random grass until it dropps seeds that the seeds will grow into wheat

      145you have pet wolves in real life

      146 you use chemicles to put yourself to sleep the day before the new update comes out as you cant handle waiting.

      147 you have brought a pumpkin and a few bags of ice in real life so you can make a snow golem when 1.9 comes out.

      148 when people talk about animals breeding you think that there talking about 1.9

      149 you cant understand why your infinite spring isn't infinite

      150 you kill pigs on fire to save cooking them but cant understand why there not instantly cooked

    • stephon (or Jesus) 5 years ago

      151 your mom wakes you up and you scream ahh creeper get away and start hitting her

    • Ze Bitch 5 years ago

      DAMNIT I'm all above.

    • leetlebug 5 years ago

      152: You sign up on this website to post on this forum.

      153: When you walk through your house when the lights are off and wonder why there are no torches on the walls

    • me 5 years ago

      my name is bob and i am a minecraftadict

    • dogboy357 5 years ago

      hiii bob.

    • random guy 5 years ago

      100000000009 u kill cows in hope of leather for leather armor

    • Darkclue 5 years ago

      154:you cant understand why your dogs chollor dosnt turn red when you give it a bone

    • pokemo_miner15 5 years ago

      155:you start to find creepers...attracting

    • Ben Perkins 5 years ago

      156: You have been digging in your backyard for years trying to reach bedrock. (in real life)

      157: You've been trying and trying to get into your inventory for years. (in real life)

    • God 5 years ago

      When you're no longer addicted to TES IV: Oblivion

    • Notch 5 years ago

      158: every thing you look at (in real life) look like blocks to you

    • jesus 5 years ago

      159:you punch your fridge hoping milk will come out

    • Roflcopter 5 years ago

      180: You Say "WHY IS THIS IN MINECRAFT" With Server Mods

    • Minecraftaddict 5 years ago

      181: You wonder why there is more than 2 kinds of weather(in real life)

    • LeonArkadius 5 years ago

      182: When you make articles like this.

      183: When you read an entire [insert number here] signs that you've been playing too much Minecraft article

      184: When you have over 101 mods on Minecraft.

    • Myoreo 5 years ago

      Im Only number 145

    • Herobrine's brother :) 5 years ago

      185: When you hear a ghost and pull your bow out.

      186: You become aware that gold doesn't always come in ingots.

      187: When you attempt to summon Herobrine. (in real life)

    • Notch's brother 5 years ago

      188:you start killing yourself so you can go to your spawn

      189:When you go to the wild (and wondering why is mo'criters mod is installed

      190:If you think green paper is useless(Money)

    • Herobine Persson 5 years ago

      When beds first came out it was stone and wool, beta 1.3 i think... i tottaly forgot about that!

    • marlyie 5 years ago

      191: you wonder why the wolves attack when giving them a bone(irl)

    • Anonymous 5 years ago

      192:You think real diamond is blue.

    • Roberto 5 years ago

      I'm 31 48 152 155 183 184

      193 You dress up as a creeper and you make the hissing noise but u acctualy blow up

    • TheBlockey 5 years ago

      194 you haven't did any of what the signs describe because you are always playing Minecraft

    • mr.miner 5 years ago


      you go "ooo!" every time you get hurt. (irl)

    • me :) 5 years ago


      you've made your own creeper plushie :)

    • Ranbouk 5 years ago

      197: You jump from the clouds on water in hopes that you won't take fall damage(in real life)

    • Someone that is not Notch 5 years ago

      the last one should have been

      "You read all of these"

    • Creeper face 5 years ago

      198:you cant understand why dawn dosent last 10 minutes

    • sargent sprinkles 5 years ago

      199:you go digging and hope you find a strong hold, dungon, diamond or lava

    • popokatepetls 5 years ago

      this list is outdated... you should update it! 96. you NEED to eat food to stay alive now. and a lot of other stuff

    • ezio133798 5 years ago

      201:you read every one of these comments

    • avanish 5 years ago

      202 you have bought new skins at the shop which sells animal fur and woner why you don't change skin

    • avanish 5 years ago

      203: you put a fermented spider eye and a bit of sugar in a water bottle and think you run faster

    • avanish 5 years ago

      204: you feel low on health and you have run out of food so you go to the grave and eat some rotten flesh then you go back home and drink milk.. next day you wonder why you feel sick

    • hybiu 5 years ago

      lol i am not addicted or a fanatic i just like the game

    • Lemons315 5 years ago

      205: you start thinking that tall black people are damaged by water and have the ability to teleport

    • Lemons315 5 years ago

      206: you can't understand why, when you kill a pig irl, it's body won't disappear in a puff of smoke and be replaced by floating green orbs

    • classified123 5 years ago

      you think that hell is the nether and heaven is the end

    • Zombidz 5 years ago

      207: You see somebody rob your house but they get away

      you try to chase him but hes to fast

      then you yell "GRIEFER!"

    • moo 5 years ago

      208: You sprinkle little red dust around a lever and a lightbulb, expecting the light bulb to light up.

    • poop on my c()ck 5 years ago

      209: You have Minecraft posters all over ur wall

      210: your dreams are of you finally going to Minecon

    • rockdude908 5 years ago

      211:you wake up at 3 am and play minecraft till mourning

    • Xander Kyron 5 years ago

      12345678911121314... until 211 from comments and list combined fit me. Is everything too bad?

      This also applies to me.....

      212: Every single bit of this, past - future is you.

      213: Every day you try to mine the side of your school hoping for bricks and walk home praying there are no creepers, you get paranoid, start fast-walking, then charge home thinking a creeper is following you and sizzling in front of your house so you jump on it when it's not there and hit your face on pavement

      All future present and past ones describe me (1 - INFINITY)

      Again, all fit me.

    • Jimbob the Addict IV 5 years ago

      214: When you try to get in a boat with your legs sticking out.

    • meep223 5 years ago

      215:You only wear leather clothing

    • Sirix 5 years ago

      216: when you start seeing world holes irl

    • Idk123 5 years ago

      216: if you put a comment on this article

    • crazy dofus 5 years ago

      217:you never hang up clocks

      218:you dig in your backyard in the morning hoping to find a dungeon holding coffe beans

      219: you scream creative and hope to fly

      220:you never get bored of minecraft

    • Blob man 5 years ago

      what applies to me:

      Reality suddenly isn’t cubic enough.

      You’re disappointed that real saplings take more than a few hours to grow into full-sized trees.

      You get angry that dirt doesn’t float in real life.

      You don’t need to look on Minepedia to know the exact number of uses you can get from a given tool.

      You think of the ecology of the world in terms of Minecraft biomes.

      You’ve written Minecraft fan fiction

      All your friends play Minecraft (well, a lot at least)

      You’re learning coding just to make mods for Minecraft (I will)

      You don’t bother to dig up Redstone anymore (pretty much)

      You can scare your friends by sneaking up behind them and hissing like a creeper about to explode (well, actually my friends do that to me)

      You wish every day was update day

      You revere Notch as if he were a god

      When you get together with your friends, the first topic to come up is always Minecraft

      Minecraft is no longer just a game for you

    • TheBlockey 5 years ago

      221: You are wondering why their score isn't written on the graves of people.

    • dalolman 5 years ago

      222: You're actually sneaking over cliffs.

    • ROFLCOPTER5000 5 years ago

      223: you're forgetting how to speak by playing in single player mode.

    • dakodafooll 5 years ago

      3000: You wake up and try to punch the couch hoping for wood and wool

    • Misc 5 years ago

      9001: You've build over 9000 buildings in minecraft

    • Sara 5 years ago

      You carry torches everywhere you go.

    • Ry 5 years ago

      227: You try to build a spawn trap on someone's farm (in real life)

    • Minecraft Joe 5 years ago

      228: You hit a cow's udder with a bucket expecting to get a bucket of milk

      229: You go to the grocery store and get angry that milk doesn't come in buckets

    • Nettcod 5 years ago

      I saw one of them was "you take time to make minecraft papercraft". For me, that isn't minecraft addiction, it's paper addiction. I take time to make papercraft EVERYTHING.

    • Skylord 5 years ago

      230: You signed up just to comment

    • spyguy8404 5 years ago

      200,042: you go outside and say, 'that's a cool texture pack!

    • cooldude8756 5 years ago

      You read the whole thing [I did :-(]

    • a person 5 years ago

      777 you are a creeper

      7777 you hit everything with a diamond pikaxe and don't get anyting and your pikaxe dosent break :(

      77777 you try to get rid of everything that isn't squares

      777777 YOU ARE A SQUARE

      7777777square+square=your life

      77777777 you run from me bceause im a creeper WAIT thats a good reason to run i am a creeper!

      777777777 you scream at my 77777777

      7777777777 if you see your twin you run saying AAH ITS HEROBRINE!

      77777777777 you forget how to brethe from playing minecraft to much

      you put for wooden planks to make a crafting table then you try to make a picaxe (c=cobble) (s=stick)




    • blocky minecraft! 5 years ago

      Real life? I never heard this word. What does it mean? I only play minecraft. I don't do anything in real life exept play minecraft.

    • Undeadknight 5 years ago

      817: The Creeper Uses UnHappySadFace and says Do you like dis

    • MinecraftFastTrack 5 years ago

      231: You think that you can get a baby cow by giving two cows wheat.[in real life]

      232: When your world has so many buildings there is no room in between them.

      233: When you play with a furnace and you end up burning your house down.[real life]

      234: When you try to make armor with fire. [real life]

    • iamfreakenawsome 5 years ago

      235: you hope when you die you go back to spawn

      236: you know how to make a 3 by 3 piston door off the top of your head

      237: you wonder why people are in mineshafts

      238: you daydream about minecraft

      239: you run and scream from the skeleton in your biology class

      240: you make building in game that are 1:18 of real buildings

      241:you forgot what fallout halo bioshock and assaincreed were

    • ddionnehb 5 years ago

      You try riding into lava with a Minecart and not die (real life)

    • MinecraftFastTrack 5 years ago

      242: When you cry in yout sleep cause your afraid a zombie will spawn in your room cause tou have no torches.[real life]

      243: When you rather have a diamond in minecraft than in real life.

      244: When you love the gave more than you love your mom.

      245: When you start collecting lego blocks to make your own house out of legos.

      246: When you have read every comment possible on all the minecraft videos.

      247: When you have watched all the videos about minecraft.

      248: When your mom even says she thinks you love the game more than you lover her.

    • MinecraftFasTrack 5 years ago

      249: When you read every comment on this page.

      250: When you take wow {world of war craft} and you throw it out the window.

      251: When you post more than 20 comments on this page

      252: When you build a 3 story house in less than 1 hour [including everything inside it].

      253: When you try to get a mod where you can build a car.[real life}

      254: When you don't even go to work so you can have more time on minecraft.

      255: When you can't walk cause you have been sitting too long.

    • a person 5 years ago

      14when a creeper/zombie/skeleton actually does spawn in ur house (real life)

      01134when you sleep for 20 seconds like they do in minecraft, notice it isn't day then play minecraft UNTIL day

      707your middle name is minecraft

      663play so long you break bedrock

      0113 you play so much minecraft you don't read this

      did you notice those are all words on cauculators 14=hi 01134=hello 707=lol 663=egg 0113=ello

    • MinecraftFasTrack 5 years ago

      256: You play so much your computer gets fried

      257: You mined so much there is only one layer between you and bedrock.

      258: Your girlfriend got you this game and you loved it so much that you dumoed the girl so you love the game more

      259: When you put as many numbers as me

      260: In you spare time you dig a hole in your backyard looking for diamonds [real life]

    • Steve 5 years ago

      lol this is funny as the Nether! (XD, jk.)

      i think mine is #21....

    • naan 5 years ago

      You can't understand why you can't break solid stone with a candle

    • Ezio133798 5 years ago

      262: you try put lava in a bucket

    • someone 5 years ago

      you wonder why you cant make a hut of stone on a tree.

      you actually managed to break trough bedrock with sapplings

      Each time you see a plane u hope that the "enderdragon" didn't see you

    • Theozor 5 years ago

      263 You buy a plane, thinking you can put coal in the fuel tank as fuel and plugging a keyboard into the panel to use the buttons as controls.

      264 You don't know what a country is.

      265 When you put leaves on the ground

    • Theozor 5 years ago

      you think they will dissapear.

    • louis 5 years ago

      you completed the game in 1.7.3

    • Hammertron2000 5 years ago

      267: when you punch a tree for wood then magically turn into planks for a wood pick that can supposedly break through stone

      268: you put gold and iron ores in the oven hoping gold and iron ingots will come out

      269: you sued notch becuase he didn't invite u to minecon

      270: both of your 2 best friends only wear minecraft t shirts

      271: your dad grounded you dor a month and threw ur alien ware computer down the stairs for playing too much

      272: ur brother has jioned the religion of notch

      273: you believe that in jenga that if you remove all bottom blocks it will float

      274: u believe you can live forever if u keep eating

      275: u insist to ur teacher that the world is square

      276: u see a ball and call the police

      277: you believe if cobblestone in ur microwave it will turn to stone

      278: you sued someone for playing with a ball not a cube

      279: you were walking down the street and u c an ad that covers mob damage

    • Hammertron2000 5 years ago

      280: oh and u tried to swim

      Up a waterfall

    • hhhhhhhheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetbgufd 5 years ago

      281 you think you can make a mansion in a few days.

    • Boomer 5 years ago

      282: You don't care if you die in real life because you think if you do, you just respond again!

    • Desmond 5 years ago

      283: You install every mod ever thinking they will all be comatiable then realize that your game crashed.

      284: When your game crashes you kill yourself because you didn't know how to backup your world but somehow knew how to install mods.

    • alexbuzzbee 5 years ago

      281: you jump in the air twice hoping too fly

    • Me 5 years ago

      #what ever it is: You go to the opticians to order a hd texture pack.

    • Ninjacat 5 years ago

      You try to train your dog to attack farm animals.

    • Ninjacat 5 years ago

      You throw eggs at walls hoping to hatch a chicken.

    • Loverofminecraft 5 years ago

      282: You realize that there are no more minecraft comments, so you make another

    • Ninjacat 5 years ago

      285: You Love Minecraft So much that you got a lot of your friends to play it now they're addicted too. This applies to me :)

    • Ninjacat 5 years ago

      You go to Minecon.

    • Ninjacat 5 years ago

      You go outside and you try (unsuccessfully)to shove a bone in a wolf's mouth.

    • mcfanatic 5 years ago

      On a foggy day you try to turn the world's render distance up

    • evilkat2010 5 years ago

      I though it was 101 signs not almost 300 xD

    • Jesse 5 years ago

      286: You read 286 of these.

      287: You changed your name to Steve.

      288: You punch holes in doors to make them look right.

      289: you get plastic surgery to have a blocky body

      290: You stalk chickens hoping they'll lay an egg.

      291: You light pigs and cows on fire when you get hungry.

      292: Your scared of black people.

      293: You glue together a stick and 3 stones so you can go outside and hit a tree with it.

      294: You exit the world and make a new one.

      295: You don't know how to read a clock.

      296: You attempt to grief someone's house by hitting it with flint and steel.

      297: You pay your taxes with diamonds and gold ingots.

      298: You punch a hole through the wall and have a bow and arrows ready on Halloween.

      299: You make carpet by putting colored powder on wool.

      300: You don't know how to talk.

      301: Your paranoid.

    • andrew 5 years ago

      i suffer from most of these

    • spore2go 5 years ago

      302: When you start a religion worshiping Notch

    • spore2go 5 years ago

      303: When you convert all your friends to play minecraft

    • spore2go 5 years ago

      304: When you want to make the moon a square

    • spore2go 5 years ago

      305: when all of these apply to you

    • spore2go 5 years ago

      306: when your ocd makes you want to tear down your house because your neighbors is better

    • cake_5 5 years ago

      307:you play with your paper crafts all day:)

    • California 5 years ago

      After my first day of playing, which involved about 6 consecutive hours containing ~15 minute breaks every 30m-1h, I had a #30.

    • Meh 5 years ago

      308 You think the world is a HD texture pack.

      309 You know more than the Wiki.

      310 You wonder how people can live without minecraft.

      311 The only word you know is "minecraft."

      312 You keep trying to get armor from cows.

      313 When you want a war to end, you try hard to turn PVP off.

      314 You spam Notch's inbox hourly.

    • GamerDude9000 5 years ago

      313. You made a minecraft costume and tried breaking down your home with your foam pick and sword

    • ummm ummm pie 5 years ago

      314 you know all the minecraft songs by heart

    • Fuck you S.O.P.A 5 years ago

      315: you get scared when your room is dark

    • my name is name!! 5 years ago

      316 you don't want Mob spawners to spawn anything but skeletons for bone and arowws

    • *-* 5 years ago

      316: You make 'arrow to the block' jokes.

    • GemDragon 4 years ago

      317: You think if u go to bed next to tall black ppl ur bed will blow up.

      318: You cry yourself to 20 seconds of sleep when u here that Notch threatened to put the complete minecraft pack out with no more updates

      319: U spray paint ur cat white and shove bones down its throat hoping for a tamed wolf.

      320: You've annoyed all ur fellow nerds by talking about monecraft.

      321: U think that if you press F5 you'll see yourself in third person.

      322: You don't understand why when you press shift you won't start dancing.

      323: You scream at your brother for sneaking on to your server and wreaking havoc(and u don't even yell at him when he reads ue diary)

    • Seth 4 years ago

      honestly, I do #57 and 80 XD

    • Notch 4 years ago

      324: When you start reading the stuff that tells you if you've played too much minecraft!

    • Hammertron2000 4 years ago

      2nd post-

      325: you always have lights on to prevent mob spawn

      326: u think that when ur born u choose survival or creative

      327: you start eating solid gold apples and cant undestand y they don't digest and glow

    • stevey101 4 years ago

      328: You truly believe that glass comes in cubes

      329: You want to build a floating house and spend millions trying to work out why this ISN'T POSSIBLE (in real life)

    • aerin 4 years ago

      324: when You write everything you do in minecraft in your diary.

    • Dante 4 years ago

      325: you try to change your texture pack.(irl)

    • ............... 4 years ago

      325: When you get bored of minecraft.

    • akmalz 4 years ago

      326: when you use fly mode too long on the pc, you stop minecraft and fell like yur flying

      327: you look down or up on your pc screen whenever you cant see anything on minecraft

    • Gaara 4 years ago

      328: You get so delirious from staying up at night to play minecraft that you go to press f13

    • sam 4 years ago

      when your wife leaves you and your kids forget about you because you don't spend time with them and still live with them for a year cause you don't wanna go without Internets

    • Chriss 4 years ago

      329: When you read this entire list, AND comments, and see there are about 20 things repeated. So this isn't actually # 329

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      330:try to make planks with wood you don't can punch xD(real life)

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      331:you have forgotten how to turn off your pc

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      332:playing minecraft 5 hours every day 7 days the week the whole year(like me)

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      333:you play minecraft so long you lern english when you're german (like me(again!!!))

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      334:you dream that a enderman have stolen your walls(real life)

      335:i was thinking that 335 isn't the same number as 101

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      336:you played minecraft so long that you have changed your into steve and you have a square head xD

      337:you played minecraft so long that you don't know what year now is

    • Pratt81 4 years ago

      338: When you hear someone down the street (in real life) you think, "Oh, they're 16 blocks away."

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      339:you have forgotten your name

    • epic storm 4 years ago

      340: you try to make a potion with real life stuff. (irl)

    • whatshisface 4 years ago

      341: You try to make a cake on the crafting table and don't understand why it doesn't work (real life)

    • MoleDownunder 4 years ago

      You start typing on a portable keyboard hoping other people know what you are typing[real life]

    • MoleDownunder 4 years ago

      343:You don't understand why people go to the bathroom.

    • IOL 4 years ago

      344:You decide to buy a room and build a nether portal hoping you will teleport to Minecraft

    • tyson 4 years ago

      when ya on the road and ya think if i die i come back any ways. neck minite BAMMMMMM!!!!!

    • ICCM Dubgamming 4 years ago

      You serch the wood in luck of finding a Tribe that look like Wooki's

    • Breakcheck 4 years ago

      346: When you stop abruptly on the Highway because those oil spots makes the road look like block of coal.

    • Lulwut 4 years ago

      347: When you kill your friends in hope of bones(irl)

    • grace 4 years ago

      i do that but nothing happing

    • Whistler 4 years ago

      348: When the doors locked in real life you think to yourself "backslash thru"

    • Notch 4 years ago

      349 everytime you hear a scary noise in caves you think its herobrine

    • Ralph 4 years ago

      350: You throw your at walls excpecting an infinite beer stream.

      351:You get really paranoid that your neighbor will steal all the diamonds that you keep in the basement.

    • Ralph 4 years ago


    • MINECRAFT-DONT LIKE IT? THEN DIE!!!!!!!q(°__°)p 4 years ago

      352: When you make oobleck in science, you hit it with a sword in hope of getting slime

      353: You're confused why the road map is already complete

      354: You don't believe in lightbulbs

      355: You steal a hospitals skeleton and bring it outside so you can get bones

      356: You don't believe in women

      357: You think that the only way to get something is to break it and pick up the pieces

      358: You never participate in snowball fights because you think you could die

    • Notch rox 4 years ago

      359: When your computer has a virus, you hold a funeral for it

      360: Your Facebook friends:










      Snow golem








    • Say wha 4 years ago

      361: You despise speres

      362: You think you can put 2 chests next to each other and get 1 large chest

      363: You think you can wear a pumpkin on your head

      364: You have discovered every single seed

      365: You think you can disable lightning

      366: You have gone blind bevause your eyes turned into squares

    • Minecraft player 4 years ago

      367: You can't move in your minecraft house because it's full of tamed wolves.

      368: You think that your oven will go 'on' when you put wood or coal in it.

    • Sexy 4 years ago

      369 u hum the gold ore when u find it (in minecraft)

    • charles 4 years ago

      u think jumping in water will make u float to the surface

    • utterrn 4 years ago

      nuber 70 it's easy im from sweden. lol

    • If u no like minecraft u should die 4 years ago

      371: You read all of these 50 times.

      372: Your wife left you and your children starved to death because you never went outside, forced them to go to the store and never let them get any food for themselves.

      373: 372 happened to you and you went to jail and cried for 5 years because you weren't alloud to bring your computer.

      374: After 373 you knocked your cell mate out by punching him in the face screaming "CREEEEPER!!!" when he tried to rape you in the shower

      375: All of the above happened

    • That_Person 4 years ago

      376:You think that real life is way too restricting (actually everyone thinks that)

      373: You create a show, promise to destroy and recreate someone's home but give up because it has gravity

    • AtomicNarwhal :3 4 years ago

      374: Your only friend is steve (irl)

    • Gabrielckc 4 years ago

      374: You think you can make a snow block out of 4 sonowballs (Irl).

      375: You made a project to quickly build a nuclear hideout in your backyard if a meteor come to Earth (with your wooden pickaxe), and survive with a little melon farm for the needed time for the smoke to get down.

      376: You don`t believe in Emeralds, Rubies or any other minerals not Coal, Iron, Gold or Diamond.

      377: You think that spider are giant (irl)

    • Gabrielckc 4 years ago

      378: You look at your wall (irl) and wonder why it`s not red like Minecraft bricks.

      379: You beleive that incinerate a dead person`s corpse is to prevent zombie making, or to make fuel to a furnace.

      380: You think you can simply quit from real life and continue from where you stopped.

      381: You think you can craft an enchantment table that will receive power from bookshelves (irl)

      382: You don`t undestand why you can`t multiply regular wood four times by putting it in your hand.

      383: You wonder why the Medieval age`s Enderdagons did not destroy all the castles.

    • Gabrielckc 4 years ago

      384: You made 10 signs.

      385: You don`t understand why no archeogist ever found a stronghold.

      386: You believe that fishing take no longer than a minute to get a fish (irl)

      387: You made your own Minecraft movie.

      388: You think the Eiffel Tower is made out of Lapis Lazulli Blocks (irl)

      389: You think that the only musical note is that from the noteblock.

      390: Your greatest fears are Herobrine, Creepers and the Enderdagon (irl)

    • Gabrielckc 4 years ago

      391: You tried to craft sandstone out of sand (irl)

      392: You believe nothing can be placed beside cacti, nor any item can fall there (irl)

      393: You achieved the "Ghast Hunter" rank in the Minecraft forums.

      394: You made Too Many Signs.

      395: You plan to be the greatest Minecraft Builder of the history.

      396: Hoping to find treasures in dungeons, you turned into an explorer (irl)

      397: You designed your own Minecraft t-shirts.

    • Gabrielckc 4 years ago

      398: You tamed an Ocelot hoping for it to turn into a cat (irl)

      399: You created a blog just to show your Minecraft creations.

      400: You made 26 signs just to create the #400.

    • Gabrielckc 4 years ago

      401: Looking for revenge, you created a creative world, spawned 300 Ocelots and 1 Creeper in the middle of them.

    • samuel 4 years ago

      402 you think you can use xray mod in real life

    • samuel 4 years ago

      403 your tried flying a pig off a plane

      404 you thought you can swim up waterfalls

    • Bennyguest 4 years ago

      405. You have tried to eat cake in perfect 1/6 pieces (in real life)

    • Bennyguest 4 years ago

      You prefer the minecraft world better than the real world

    • bennyguest 4 years ago

      406. You have your computer programed so that every hour it screams PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!!!

    • bennyguest 4 years ago

      you have so many viewers that you earn more money making youtube videos of minecraft than you do with your job...


    • i_am_monk profile image

      John Crozier 4 years ago from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England

      Thanks for this hub, i'm defiantly exhibiting some of these symptoms of over playing of minecraft.

    • HUssein mindero 4 years ago

      407: you got plastic surgery and an operation so your body and organs are made out of cubes.

    • L0rdLogan 4 years ago

      408 you hope that one day you can have a buildcraft factory in your own home [complete with your own oil spawn] [real life]

      409: You hope that one day you will be able to build a automatic automated house to make things for you, using a remote order -Real life]

      410: you wounder why when you punch leaves you don't get saplings

      411: You read every single comment on this page (like i did)

      412 You signed up for this website just to post a comment.

    • Crafty 4 years ago

      415: you step outside and see how every thing can be made in the game

    • ... 4 years ago

      416: you start punching trees in real life and wonder why you cant cut through and you wonder why it hurts your health

    • HUssein mindero 4 years ago

      417you seen a ball and call the police.

      418 you sued someone for playing with a ball not a cube.

    • minecraft is my drug 4 years ago

      your friends dress up as zombies, creepers, spiders, and endermen for halloween

    • HUssein mindero 4 years ago

      420 - you played so much that your computer gets fried.

    • 404 Real life not found 4 years ago

      419 You read this comment...

      420 You only wear a blue shirt with red pants and have a cardboard head.

      421 You are subscribed to everything Minecraft on YouTube.

    • StevexD 4 years ago

      422 you think when you place a torch on the wall it will light up

    • Ninjacat 4 years ago

      You think that Notch is a god.

    • MineCraft Master 4 years ago

      423 you dream about building a portal in real life so you can go to miinecraft without your laptop

    • Divax 4 years ago

      424 You wonder why u can kill a spinder and not get string to make a bow

    • Paulsoaresjr 4 years ago

      425: You post a comment in the name of a famous minecrafter

    • 426 FTW 4 years ago

      426: You think that a 1x1x1 crafting table can really craft 2x1x1 beds.

    • ... 4 years ago

      427:You write Minecraft sex stories

    • afsdwefwagrth 4 years ago

      428: you read this and all the comments

    • leo2541 4 years ago

      429: You tried to lock your chest or door with a sign . (in real life)

      430: You made your map into world map without using any mods/hack. (Minecraft)

      # i think this is not 101 anymore. 555

    • HAPPY FACE! 4 years ago

      96 is wrong you DO have to eat food in order to stay alive in minecraft since the 1.8 update

    • me 4 years ago

      all these relate to me :O

    • URT 4 years ago

      431: You realize that you spent an hour to read all of this, instead of playing minecraft.

    • Snackal 4 years ago

      432: You expect to eat a whole chicken in 3 seconds.

    • Lolcat101 4 years ago

      433 - You keep whacking sheeps, pigs and cows thinking that you will get free food.

      434 - You try to find a stronghold to get to the End world.

    • Kory 4 years ago

      435: you think that music blocks are mp3 players

    • raiden1630 4 years ago

      436: you think when you die you can just respawn next to your bed .....a bed made out of wool and wood (in real life)

      437: you nnotice that this is not 437 because lots of these are duplicates ... oh wait this was already said ... well i guess because i said that its not the same

    • Kowaleyer 4 years ago

      In the actual lists, the numbers that apply to me are 21, 51, 54, 63, 65, 69, 79, 81, 82, 83, 91, and 100. I play too much Minecraft.

    • Icedog68 4 years ago

      I actually suffer from some of these.

    • dachief137 4 years ago

      438: You read 438 comments about minecraft.

    • I heart minecraft 4 years ago

      439: you wonder why they never taught you about the mushroom biome in school.

      440: you become an explorer to search for a mooshroom so you can end world hunger.

      441: you actually count all the duplicated comments on this page.

      442: you read all 442 of these comments then signed up so you could post one.

    • Jourdan 4 years ago

      443: you punch a light bulb and wonder light bulb y u no give me glowstone

    • DerpCraft 4 years ago

      444: You try to use Too Many Items in real life.

    • Shallowpool 4 years ago

      445: You panic if there is more then 36 items in your backpack, screaming "I can't pick up anything!!!" (in real life.)

      446: You refuse to carry more then 9 things at a time. Ever. (in real life.)

    • AlexTu 4 years ago

      447. You kill animals and people to get xp and get a book and try to enchant your fist.

      448. You try to make a mob trap in your backyard.

      449. You go get scissors (shears) and cut 64 leaf block and wonder why its 1 mm tall.

      450. You get your bottle of water and put it in the fridge and wait some mins and drink it and say " THIS POTION IS SLOWNESS "

    • VikeStep 4 years ago

      451. You jump up the side of a hill (in real life)

    • Tristan 4 years ago

      Meta-Inf is the minecraft devil

    • Herobrine 4 years ago

      Too many of these to count count for me

    • jdolan8 4 years ago from USA

      452. You grab a bow and arrow, and go out creeper hunting

    • jdolan8 4 years ago from USA

      453. You were the first to notice that people keep saying that beds are made of stone and wool, not wood and wool

    • HUssein mindero 4 years ago

      454: you've started mining bedrock on survival mode (minecraft) and ragequit after 215,000,000 years.

    • umm... don't need responssse... dont assssssk.... or elssssse! 4 years ago

      455: You have your house the same height as you because you are scared of tall black people getting in and killing you

      456: you found and befriended a creeper in real life.

      457: you think of the world as a huge mod.

    • ssssssssss....BOOOOOOOM 4 years ago

      458:You started breaking bedrock (123456789987654321 years later) You finally fall into the void

    • Jim 4 years ago

      459: you put the letter "T" before you type anything.

      460:you ACTUALLYread up to here.

      461:your afraid to write or type something in all caps because you may get banned(in real life)

    • minaknapp 4 years ago

      u don't know what to do in life other than play minecraft until u die ( and when and u go to either heaven or hell u STILL are playing minecraft cause u go back to ur house

    • minaknapp 4 years ago

      u get deppressed when u aren't playing minecraft

    • lol 4 years ago

      462:you punch wood and you bleed

    • johnjohn254 4 years ago

      462:You Panic when you hear a ssss sound

      463:You try to fly a pig off a cliff (irl)

      464:You read all the comments above

    • Sean 4 years ago

      you use flint and steal(irl) but instead of portal u get a busted house

    • Mrfooledya 4 years ago

      LOL I was actually counting a house by blocks and have come to the conclusion that my neighborhood is mostly houses of the 20x10x20 size and that i can make window planters out of steps and buttons on the wall.

    • Israphel 4 years ago

      465:you made THE BEST MAP EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD and put it up for download.

    • Timfrank 4 years ago

      LOLLOL yeah i'm addicted to minecraft fo' sure! After reading this list iv'e done every one of them!

    • Bennyguest 4 years ago

      466: You hve so many minecraft worlds that the scroll bar is a milimeter thich.

      467: You dye your bed red (IRL)

    • Minecraft addict 4 years ago

      Number whatever: you see something round and you run and hide in a corner rocking back and forth telling yourself it's just a dream! :p

    • Kim12321 4 years ago

      468: You expect to survive if you jump out of a cliff and land in 1m deep water

    • Chicken 4 years ago

      You go around hunting ME

    • mods folder 4 years ago

      the scroll bar in the mods folder is 0.000000000000000000001 nanometers thick.

    • planesguy 4 years ago

      468: You build a McDonalds.

    • nohicom 4 years ago

      469: every thing on this page applies to you

    • lewis909 4 years ago

      you know how many blokes your home is from whar you are at.

    • yodleee 4 years ago

      471: you seem tokill yourself all the time in lava for no reason

    • yodleee 4 years ago

      472: you always think a a zombie pigman and a ghast will

      kill you during...whatever

    • Niny101 4 years ago

      473: You think a green plant is a creeper at first glance

    • Niny101 4 years ago

      474: you start to search for a village in the hope that you will find a diamond in the blacksmiths chest

    • AKMiner98 4 years ago

      475: When you decide to torture villagers like you do in minecraft

      476: When you start saving to blow up you village with tnt [in real life]

      477: You read my post?!?

    • Bluedude 4 years ago

      478: you try to tame a wolf with a bone by killing your friend, and the wolf attacks you (in real life)

    • Ry 4 years ago

      479: you think your cat used to be an ocelot

    • /\/\UDK1P 4 years ago

      480: you give a leopard fish and wonder why it mauled you and you are in intensive care

      P.S. i wrote the last 1 it wasn't from ry

    • /\/\UDK1P 4 years ago

      481: you get angry that your trunk reeks when you put buckets of milk ( that you got from punching a cow for a LOOOOOOOONG time with an iron bucket ) in there for weeks and it spills and spoils

    • somebody 4 years ago

      470- your score is over 9000!

    • somebody 4 years ago

      482-you explore every single chunk in your world and mined it down ti the bedrock 483-you did it in real life but cant figure out why you haven't found the void 484-you thought people had it right before THE WORLD IS FLAT

    • bill nye the scince guy... 4 years ago

      LOL i play minecraft but i dont do all of these :b

    • Greekfreak43 4 years ago

      483-when you sceam at Physicists saying that the world is flat!

    • Nick 4 years ago

      When you start playing at 6:00 pm and stop at 6:30 pm and think "ughhh that wasn't enough time" even though it's really 6:30 pm the next day.

    • zeldaofminecraftia 4 years ago

      1363387772266:get confused when no mobs spawn and think "I must have mobs turned off"

    • Guest 4 years ago

      484-You can't fall asleep because there are siblings too close to you

    • blackjack 4 years ago

      489- you build a piston trap to keep noobs from stealing ur items

    • fjhfhffhf 4 years ago

      490-you go to consult your doctor because you aren't blocky enough

    • blackjack 4 years ago

      491- is when u have a creeper stalking u around ur map

    • darkshadowwolfangel 4 years ago

      492 - you don't know what dogs are

    • agentSafeGuard 4 years ago

      493. You believe that the moon rises in the north and sets in the south.

      494. You insist that the inside of the earth has a hollow inside called Void, and there is no mantle and core.

    • Messey 4 years ago

      495: You Read every one of these

    • blackjack 4 years ago

      496-when u get a tame cat with u near ur chicken farm and kills all of ur chickens

    • Minecraftman 4 years ago

      495: u play so much ur eyes r roling around in ur head!

    • Minecraftman 4 years ago

      496: u believe that u can make a tv out of clay and bookshelves. (real life)

      497: wen u saw a dog with a ball, u ran away becus u thot u would cach circlitus.

    • ahtaha;klthkath 4 years ago

      498:when there are 497 previous posts about signs that your addicted to minecraft.

    • zukars3 4 years ago

      499: you have started to make minecraft papercraft all day.

      500: when you tried to do 499, you broke your printer.

    • Justus 4 years ago


      You try to craft an eye of ender then throwing it in the air expecting it to go to a stronghold.

    • a person 4 years ago

      502: you read ever single comment on this page while playing minecraft on voice commands.

    • KK 4 years ago

      503: You pour dye on a sheep hoping the sheep's offspring turn the same colour

      504: You see someone who is blind (without pupils) and scream HEROBRINE!!!!!!!

      505: You ask the pet shop owner who tamed the ocelots

    • HEROBRINE 4 years ago


      507:you tried to get some bedrock

    • tkoutn 4 years ago

      508: you call gunpowder sulphur and diamond emerald

    • kari 4 years ago

      : you read ever single comment on this page while playing minecraft on voice commands.

    • Someone 4 years ago

      509: You forge skeletons for bones to make a bone meal

      510: You wander why lava doesn't spread around and fall from ceilings (Classic)

      511: You say/type '/lava' to get info about a volcano

      512: You've read this far while gladly smiling about what you've been doing for the past 4 years.

      513: You know how to make Megaman in Minecraft. BLINDFOLDED.

      514: You have corrected every statement on this article.

      515: You think that Notch is greater than Chuck Norris or/and God.

      516: ???

      517: PROFIT

    • Jtkemp101010 4 years ago

      518: you sprint back into class to get the pencil you dropped before it despawns (in real life)

    • Diggernic 4 years ago

      I am a MAJOR minecraft fanatic

      1000000: when you punch a sign that says PORCHOPS FOR SALE you are dissapointed that you fdont get one pop un in ur bag

    • Chichiwauwa09 4 years ago

      All of them are about me, esspcially 158! EVERYTHING is made of blocks to me.

      519.u get coal and sticks and put them together in hope of torches!

    • orandomone 4 years ago

      519: you go to your nearest farm and start killing pigs sheep and chickens

    • Notch 4 years ago

      520:Your Name is steave all the time when you kill the enderdragon you shoud be called "enderdragonkiller"

    • Notch 4 years ago

      number 590 tried to ,make a diamond pickaxe

    • Balchmore 4 years ago

      591 : In real life you go pick mushrooms and feed them to cows to see if they will turn into mooshrooms.

    • Connor 4 years ago

      Your mad that they don't have technology in minecraft

    • I like waffles 4 years ago

      You don't mod

    • 4 years ago

      #122: You buy coal, find sticks, super glue them together, light them on fire, and place them everywhere you go so you can find your way back home

    • Arthurdutra 4 years ago pay attention to the number of how many comments there are.....btw join my server plssssssssss BOOM..

    • a random person 4 years ago

      592: play Minecraft the minute you get home or wake up on weekends.

    • SheWolfey515 4 years ago

      523: you try to punch down a tree with your bare hands but they break

      524: You get in your bed, sleep for 3 seconds and expect it to be morning (IRL)

      525: You cautiosly open the door in the morning and go outside, checking for creepers and skeletons etc (IRL)

    • Notch's Assistant 4 years ago

      im afraid thats what i have i hit my friends for bones

      i just don't pick my nose for slimeballs

    • jack 4 years ago

      526: when you go under a tunnel you afraid that you will run into lava

      527:when a track is painted red you think that if a cart goes by it will go 50 miles an hour

    • Person82 4 years ago

      528: You kill tall black people hoping to make an end portal

    • Joe 4 years ago

      you hear a snake hiss and you duck and jump for cover

    • Eddingt0n 4 years ago

      130 applys to me

    • Eddingt0n 4 years ago

      these are funny but some of them are true

    • Eddingt0n 4 years ago

      some/most of these apply to me

    • HCV 4 years ago

      529: You ty to cover your compass with paper and expect a map of earth.

      530: When your hungry you will start looking for stray rotten flesh!

    • Celecat 4 years ago

      531)When you change your bed to look exactly like minecrafts

      532)When you've read all 532 of these waiting for you're sand to turn into glass (reality)

    • Minecrafterawesom 4 years ago

      533: you are a billionair and have decided to geneticly alter pigs to make creepers and Locke them in your privet zoo or sell them at actun to the highst bidder

    • MinecraftGuy'sShit 4 years ago

      most of these apply to me lol

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      534: You stack rocks on top of each other thinking you will build a house

      535: You hit people with eggs and wonder why chickes didn't pop out

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      536: You go mad wating for you tree to grow necause it doesn't grow in two days in the real world

      537: You end up in the hospital because you broke your fists trying to remodle your driveway

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      538: You drop something and just stand there waiting for it to come back

      539: You dump of water on the ground and wonder why people aren't swept away

    • Timmy 4 years ago

      539 when you go into a jungle and expect to find tameable cats

    • Guest 4 years ago

      540: when you watch EVREY video on utube about minecraft

      and read ereything there is to know about all the blocks

      and mobs on minecraft

    • SuperDeuce 4 years ago

      ''8. You’ve tried gathering saplings in real life by beating leaves with sticks (and other tools)''

      Sticks aren't tools. ;)

    • why did you read this far? 4 years ago

      You know because you not only read EVERY comment up to now, but you also plan to write a new entry yourself, and not only that, but that makes you part of the group that has made the list FIVE TIMES longer.

    • Minecrafterawsome 4 years ago

      Lol this is hilarious I love it and am addicted to minecraft I lost count of witch ones were me lol

    • Notch's Brother 4 years ago

      540: When you start to wonder how long this is going to be.

    • tailo 4 years ago

      541: you jump out of a building thinking you will respawn

    • mike101 4 years ago

      542: You count which signs are doubled but don't try correcting them.

      543: You encourage other people to make this six times longer.

      544: You go back to playing minecraft and comeback to read the new signs.

    • Minecrafterawsome 4 years ago

      555: you scream at your computer because of dobles and mistakes

    • Thelongrun 4 years ago

      You read over 555 posts and you wish there was more

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      556: You drink a fire-resistance potion and go swim in lava

      557: You wonder why your real flint and tinder doesn't start a huge fire on the girst strike

      558: You think cactus can grow anywhere

      559: You cimmand your snowmN to throw

    • McKillerRus 4 years ago

      545: You are drawing pictures about minecraft

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      Sorry about that but I saw a spider!

      559: You command your snowman to throw snowballs at people

    • know what i mean! 4 years ago

      111-you think herobrine follows you in the bathroom

    • Joe Clark 4 years ago

      560:you put a torch on a wall expecting it to stick there and burn forever.

    • Minecrafterawsome 4 years ago

      561: you think of new ones as you read this and are runing out of ideas because there are so meny!!

      562: you and your friends have started to do things on this list because you thought it was funny.

    • HIM 4 years ago

      563: You start to get bad dreams about Herobrine, and intentionally jump of a cliff to try and respawn without the dreams.

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      564: You discover how Creepers are made

      565: You see "Level Up" and become nervous that monsters will leak into our world

      566: You see a car and think its a minecart without tracks

      567: You think "the force" is made up of Chuck Norris' roundhouse kicks and Notch's superior imagination

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      568: You make an exact replica of your house on minecraft

      569: You see a book in real life and cant find the controls

      570: You think you can get a cat by golding a fish in front of them

    • HA!Ur reading my name! It's GemDragon! And I have an awesome skin! 4 years ago

      571: You think that you can climb a redwood of you put sheared vines on top of the bark.

      572: You make a cult of Notch followers

      573: You fear for herobrine in ur bed (I really do help me plz my heart is beating soooo fast)

      574: U think that if u stuff fish in a wild cat's mouth it will shrink, change color, and scare of creeper demons.

      575: When u do D&D you say your name in Steve, u r one of the blocko tribe, and u work underground.

      576: You fall hopelessly in love with yogscast

      577: Y am i still writing i should be playing minecraft?

      578: You write a book on adventures in minecraft, but changed slightly so notch cant sue u.

      579: You think endermen r really real men and creepers r really women, so u r not alone, and u wont love anyone in real life unless their head is more....square.

      580: You sing so many minecraft parodies that ur friends stuff cake in ur mouth to sut u up. (in game, on a server)

    • I am a enderman. Help me..... PLease read this. I am the only known ender that can write. We r cursed men, i swear, if u would give a chance..... 4 years ago

      A EnderPoem

      I am midnight, and everyone fears me

      They look in my eyes, but they do not see

      I cry too, not just you

      I want to have a lover true

      plz, will u be mine?

      I will love until death time

      just don't leave me

      you must see

      I will not hurt u, dear

      I am truly, lovingly sincere,

      my prple eyes sparkle with hurt

      ppl accuse of stealing dirt

      Plz, plz, stay with me

      eye contact is the key

      Others always ran

      For im an enderman

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      571: You laugh at people that still think zombies die with salt

      572: You believe "Easier said than done" is an insult to Minecraft

      573: You wont eat green eggs in ham in fear that it could have been a Creeper

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      574: You never see this because you are playing Minecraft

      575: You've finally learned to jump on clouds

      576: You're bored by all the monsters now

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      577: You create your own mods

      578: You watch Dracula and yell, "Skylord_Vitali!"

    • hrehhfhrhhhdefr 4 years ago

      579: you watch game commentators play minecraft

      ALL day long!!!

    • braink37 4 years ago

      580: when in trouble, or bored you think t/home

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      581: you go to a subway station in some city up north and start to hit the rails in hopes of making your own railroad

    • crazygamer2255 4 years ago

      these honestly apply to me!


    • A man 4 years ago

      582: You wonder how you are alive without having Java installed. (Real Life)

    • The Guy Next Door 4 years ago

      583: You wonder how that plane flying is flying around without ModLoader

    • young_henry 4 years ago

      584 your minecraft user name and password are the same for every thing else on the computer

    • pokémon157 4 years ago

      585. You learn code to make aether blorps (and even beyond if the mood strikes you (blorps are from more creeps and weirdos))and make them the bosses of some new type or kind of dungeon.

      586. You then make your sick, twisted new creation compatible with the latest version of minecraft.

      587. You trained your typing speed beyond insanity to get away from griefers without losing any time when you hurl insults over your shoulder/to not lose your quarry while griefing and teasing them.

      588. You have made so many iron golems to be your bodyguards that any griefers who dare to mess with you are either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

      589. You actually read all of these far enough to post your own comment and a fair share of them apply to you.

    • MinecraftedMinecrafter 4 years ago

      590: you yell MINECRAFT and do everything

    • Ollie 4 years ago

      585: You wonder what that red stuff coming from your hand is after you tried, (and failed) to get wood from punching a tree

      586: When you see a horse, you scream in terror and confusion, run home, and have a mental breakdown praying to Notch to save you, (irl)

      587: You wonder if you're hallucinating when you see something round, (irl)

      588: You go into a coma when someone tells you that reality is not Minecraft

      589: You don't know what a gun is

    • Minecrafterawsome 4 years ago

      590: you wright poems about minecraft

      591: you read these at night so no one will take your ideas whal tiping

      592: you hate every one who does not like minecraft doesn't know about minecraft or insolts minecraft

      593:you have posted more than 10 coments (me)

      594: hate black people because of endermen

      595: if someone paints them self green you cower in your basement hoping the creeper doesn't find you

      596: you type a bunch to get to a certon number

      597: you are lost with out minecraf

      598: you incurage minecraft related behavior

      599: you cry when sperated frome your minecraft worlds

      600: you cheer when you saw it hit 600(irl(in real life(I didn't know ether)))lol;)

    • The Minecrafter 4 years ago

      601: You don't like your painting, so you punch it down and wonder why it dosnt give you a different picture. [irl]

      602: You wonder why you can't make pixal art out of wool blocks. [irl]

      603: You are afraid of your brother cause you think he's herobrine. [irl]

      604: You think you can get shuger by punching reeds. [irl]

      605: You think you can jump on Lilly pads and not sink. [irl]

      606: You've played minecraft so much that you forgot how to blink [IRL]

    • Shark man 4 years ago

      607: You have a creeper shirt and a Steve Block head.

    • Minecrafter 4 years ago

      You can't figure out why chopping up a log won't make 4 times as many planks.

    • Mr. Mathcraft 4 years ago

      In math class, you use more graphing paper sketching minecraft designs then doing math.

    • Freeman Minecrafter 4 years ago

      If you play more than a Year you start To Greifer EVERYTHING

    • The Minecrafter 4 years ago

      608: You filled up an entire map with TNT And lit it

      609: You Had a roommate named herobrine until notch removed him from MC

      610: You are afraid of lepricons cause you think there creepers

    • never get tierd of minecraft12323 4 years ago

      611:wear lether hopeing it protecs you.

    • some1 4 years ago

      you actually ignore the comments that said : u r still reading this . and u read this comment

    • Stubacca 4 years ago

      You start 2 imagine Wat ur house would look like in minecraft

    • Minecrafterawsome 4 years ago

      Lol he was removed but putback in if you knowtes in the 1.2.5 udatedes it says "removed all gohstly mobs from LOARD HEROBRAIN's control" not quite exactly but ya

    • EpicLozzy 4 years ago

      You try and use redstone instead of wires

    • plopo1 4 years ago

      612: u think "t" b4 u talk

    • Daniel0202 4 years ago

      612: you cant figure out why after 5 years of digging

      you cant find any diamonds

    • Puma 4 years ago

      613 you get mad that your rooftop doesn't float when you build a house (real life)

      614 you throw a chicken hoping u will get meat and feather

    • Notch 4 years ago

      615) you are seeing herobrine (in mc) when I removed him

      616) you send codes to mojang to help them make minecraft pe like the pc version

    • Person man 4 years ago

      1 sign ur parents r mean

      1)they don't let u play mc when it's the only thing u like 2 do

    • Chuck Norris 4 years ago

      617:You taming a COW,CHICKEN,SHEEP and PIG using the WHEAT :)

    • awesomeshadow11 4 years ago

      618: You think your town needs more glowstone lamps.

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      618: You find Notch's diary

      619: You create mods

      620: You wonder why plants don't shoot up when fertalized

    • person 4 years ago

      621: you read all 620 of these

      622: you make mods in hopes that you can use them in real life

      623: your still reading

    • O.O 4 years ago

      really i'm a minecraft fan but from 101 to 626 OMFG you guys don't have a life XDDDDDD me neither XD

      626 - you think your in creative mode (in real life) and break the bedrock you fall expecting to fall in the void but you fall in the lava XD ZOMG

    • YAM!!! 4 years ago

      your STILL reading this article

    • Diamonddiger 4 years ago

      627: You avoid all blind people

      628: Your dog reads these all

      629: P

    • thadeadmonkey 4 years ago

      630:you have read 630 comments (and continue to read them)

    • Israphel 4 years ago

      630: you kill random people thinking that they are NPC villagers.

    • Israphel 4 years ago

      631: You find 3 diamonds under your house but throw them in lava when you cant make a diamond pickaxe. (in real life)

    • epic sign 4 years ago

      This is all in real life:

      632: You jump off a 100 block high building into 3 blocks of water, thinking you won't be hurt at all.

      633: You're in a street fight, and you pull out your diamond sword, and the other guy pulls out a gun, and you yell "HACKER!"

      634: You die and expect to respawn.

    • Abrogator 4 years ago

      635: You become excessively frustrated just before you die, because doing a weird squating motion didn't keep you from falling off of the cliff, and now you have to rush back to pick up all of your items before they disappear.

    • Flying_b 4 years ago

      636: You use your Minecraft username on these articles.

    • Amidthune 4 years ago

      637: You are surprised that plants (trees, cacti, etc.) do not always grow upright in a straight direction.

    • Amidthune 4 years ago

      638: you explore underground hoping to find a large wooden maze with melon seeds inside, so you can plant them in your farm instead of going to your local grocery store to buy melons or seeds.

    • daimond bling! 4 years ago

      639:you get to the end of your world( in minecraft)

    • jomama 4 years ago

      640:you think if you rub cheap fertilizer on a sapling it grow into a full-grown tree

    • YAM!!! 4 years ago

      your STILL reading this article!?

    • josh W 4 years ago

      641: your immediate answer to th question:If you were stranded on an island and only had one thing,what would you choose? is wood

    • LMNOP 4 years ago

      you give meat to your your dogs and expect a baby

    • mineaphobic 4 years ago

      you go to the zoo and hive an ocelot raw meat and think it will be your cat

    • ehippo hippo àddict bigmouth ethan skybyte cameraon 4 years ago

      644:You installed spc irl

      645:using spc irl u destroyed earth byspawning 10000 enderdragons and not knowing about the /killall command. :,D

    • Mr_Roboman4321 4 years ago

      646:You press t before saying anything in gmail

    • Minecrafterawsome 4 years ago

      647: you think you have to type to talk

      648: you make a few to get to a certon number

      649: you get angry at your girlfriend because she hates minecraft

      650: you cheer when he coments get so long we are one our way to timsing the list by 7!!!

    • XXXDDD 4 years ago

      651:you spend all you're time thinking that if you find a steve (a real living person) that if you can make a TNT trap he'll drop a bunch of items!!!

    • gerya 4 years ago

      #57 got me perfectly lol

    • Yoshi 4 years ago

      652: You tried to press 6 wooden blocks together and expect it to become a door.

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      653: You build your own MPC Village and make a castle to go next to it

      654: You know I'm not talking about creative mode

      655: You shove a villager into an aether portle

    • cj 4 years ago

      659:you try installing mods to your head to make the world better place

      660:you think everyone else in the world is an NPC villager

    • pizza 4 years ago

      661: you skip work 5 times a week to play minecraft.

      662: you get up at 11 P.M to play minecraft.

      663: you have been trying to make your house more....SQUARE.

    • Nick 4 years ago

      You jump o high towers, hoping not to take damage if you land in water.

    • Hi People 4 years ago

      664: Your and your friend were talking about reincarnation and your friend accidentally calls it respawning. (Actually happened, it was hilarious)

    • FishyPlanet 4 years ago

      665: Your will stipulates that Nuance 1-3,Hal 1-4, Calm 1-3, and Piano 1-3 must all be played at your funeral. Anyone who is not COMPLETELY SILENT and at COMPLETE ATTN gets none of the inheritance.

    • theZetoranian 4 years ago

      CRAP; you really got me on number 57...

      :l Sad, isn't it?

    • Beyond Birthday 4 years ago

      If more than 5 of these apply to you, seek medical help please. I'm afraid for you.

    • meh 4 years ago

      666: ask a police officer how he installed the gun mod

    • Hellboy 4 years ago

      668: you go to the nether and try to find a blaze spawner (real life)

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      669: You start bringing all the blocks from the nether back to the real world

      670: You have your own lab underground to test monsters

      671: You never go outside on Holoween

    • Minecraft4evar 4 years ago

      672: You read all 672 comments

    • FishyPlanet 4 years ago

      673: In real life, you dodge lilly-pads whilst row-boating.

      674: You get the book with ink and quill so that you can write your final papers for univerity in minecraft.

      675: In real life, you fail more than one of your university finals because you're too busy playing minecraft and can't figure out how to export the papers you've written in minecraft to a printable format(that's me).

      676: In real life, you don't get your wife anything for mother's day because the two of you have been arguing about how much time you spend playing minecraft (thats me).

      677: In real life, your three year old son wakes up from a nightmare screaming, crying, and then whimpering about zombies and skeletons (thats my son).

      678: You begin to think of "In real life" as the overworld; or, the world outside of minecraft.

      679: In minecraft, you habitually close the doors of the villagers just out of respect for their homes (this, too, is me).

      680: You begin to roam around minecraft pondering what additons you can make to this list (yep, me).

      681: In real life, the only foods you desire are porkchops, steaks, cakes, bread and mushroom stew, apples, fish and cookies (not me yet...).

      682: In real life, you become excited about the prospect of this list reaching 1001.

      683: You order a minecraft poster to hang on your wall.

      684: Your spouse rips the poster off of the wall....

      685: You try to tape the poster back together and then order another when you realize that repair is not a possiblity.

      686: 683, 684, and 685 lead to the biggest argument that you have ever had with your spouse,the word divorce has been thrown around and is looming; it is 4am in the morning, but you are laughing at these posts on one monitor while waiting for your garden to grow on another monitor....

      687: Your entire extended family thinks that you are ruining your life over a "stupid video game" (guess...)

      688: You know all the words to Bobby Yarsulik's "MineCraft: The Song"

      It is so addictive, they should call it minecrack...

    • Graelyn 4 years ago

      You Measure things in the real world by blocks. (e.g. That door is two blocks high, so that window must be about four blocks up.)

    • LegoXman 4 years ago

      689: you try to install lava to make trash night easier.

    • Minecraft4Evar 4 years ago

      690: You see a ball (In real life) and you scream at notch to make a patch

      691: You skip School and try to make a Nether Portal (In real life)

    • dave 4 years ago

      692 you give a cat fish and it transforms

    • Nick 4 years ago

      693 You go to high places at night so a zombie cant get you

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      694: You marry your wife twice, in life and minecraft

      695: The rest of your life you play skyrim

      696: You have coffee with Notch

    • mushroom_lady 4 years ago

      hey dudes i play Minecraft and its the BEST GAME EVER!here are some tips:kill a pig (if you can find one)punch a tree for wood always ask for extra mushrooms and sneak into the garage at night and turn them into stew and last but not least,ALWAYS TRY AND LOOK FOR HEROBRINE (your brother or sister or mailman:)run at them screaming:get away!and hit them with your sword.BYE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!i mean GOOD NIGHT!:)

    • Creeper_Boss 4 years ago

      697: you shovel snow and hope to get a snowball. (in real life)

      698: You put a pumpkin on a pile of snow and are confused because it doesn't make a snowman golem.

    • creepervsdog 4 years ago

      699: You learn how to hack the splash texts so it says whatever you want

      700: You download every snapshot

    • the master of black wool 4 years ago

      701:when your about to get hurt you think its okay if i dye ill just respawn(real life)

    • Rawaaz 4 years ago

      702: You put a saddle on a pig and you think you can't take it off (In real life)

    • Nick 4 years ago

      703: You wonder why people attack you when you enter their house (In real life)

    • NGXII 4 years ago

      704: You've downloaded a .OGG player and listen to the minecraft songs straight from their folders while studying for finals.

    • VenomSniper 4 years ago

      705: You keep feeding your new dog bones so you wont have to buy a collar for it

    • MINECRAFT 4 years ago

      706: you'r afraid your world will crash (in real life

    • Mary12632 4 years ago

      LOL I have alot of these...

    • Minecraftaddiction 4 years ago

      707: You belive that you can kill people in a 'mob village' in plain sight and nobody will do anything.

    • Midnight Skye 4 years ago

      708: You started an automated pumpkin farm that takes up 20x20 chunks.

      709: You have explored every cave in the over world and the nether.

      710: You actually built a watch which only shows dawn and dusk.

      711: You can't remember where you spawned.

      712: You installed older versions of minecraft so you could try the outdated mods.

      713: You're still reading this list.

    • bob 4 years ago

      714: you notice tht everyone is skipping around in numbers

    • awesomethan 4 years ago

      i am a total minecraft addict and my server is no caps and no spaces. :D

    • Andjac 4 years ago

      715. You have made a gigantic glowstone sun in Minecraft, turning night into day and made mobs go extinct.

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      716: You have created a new world you call the Leaether

      717: You have found Herobrine and convinced him to turn back to good

    • eatthewaffles 4 years ago

      718: You see a dark area and think about putting a torch there.

    • eatthewaffles 4 years ago

      719: You hear a sound and relate it to a Minecraft sound.

    • me 4 years ago

      720:you finished the game the first day the update came out for the enderdragon

    • TheIt 4 years ago

      721: You hope that when you have no cookers, eating raw meat will heal you

    • BlackHawk 4 years ago

      you run into a creeper [you panic] then the creeper says "Howdy Do" and your like WHAT THE FU--

    • carlarmes profile image

      carlarmes 4 years ago from Bournemouth, England

      For no reason what so ever you scream aarrrhh, creeper in public while shopping, your children laugh and your wife looks at you in a 'will you grow up' way.

    • blueyoshi1124 4 years ago

      722:you go up to a wild cat hoping to tame it but you wonder why did it chase you instead of running away

      723:when a wolf shows up in your house you get bones and thnk ill just tame it

      724:all of your senses are in minecraft

      725: you think that when your not on minecraft your in minecraft playing the real life game

      726: you think the minecraft world was made before the real world

      727: you think minecraft is more inportant then real life

      728:you think that one day you will rise up and defeat ender dragon (in real life)

      729:you set raw bacon on fire but you wonder why it turned into coal

      730:you believe the world is a cube

    • Creeper 4 years ago

      the 5 ways you know your insain in minecraft

      1 you run into a creeper

      2 you fall in love with a skeleton

      3 you think you can tame a creeper

      4 you try to tame a creeper but you get blown up

      5 you spent your entire life building a city in minecraft

    • hahahahaha minecraft right? 4 years ago

      731:you see a lizard and you run away thinking the lizard is ender dragon

      732:your eyes are turning into squares

      733:you think that if you mine gravel silver fish will come out

      734:you run when you see silver fish (in rl)

      735 you eat alot because you think you never get fat (cause in minecraft you don't get fat)

      736:you think that if you eat in minecraft its filling you in real life too

      737:you kill a pig but you wonder wheres the uncooked bacon

      738:your dream is to be the first person on earth to find earth's void

      739:you feel a strange urge to go into a mine and get gold

    • someone 4 years ago

      740: you read all 740 of these

    • Colby 4 years ago

      When you go to bed in real life you hope to skip to morning.

    • Herobrine 4 years ago

      742: You have created millions of facebook accounts so you can like minecraft millions of times

    • Devin 4 years ago

      743: You break your wires to turn things off.(Real life)

      744: You don't leave anything laying around because you think it'll despawn.(Real Life)

      745: You post this page on facebook.

    • minecraft 4 years ago

      746: You thought that #134 was in minecraft, not "in real life (whatever that means)"

    • minecraft 4 years ago

      747: You have searched the minecraft website every day for any more information about the game.

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      748: People aask you if you believe in ghosts and your correct them by saying ghasts.

      749: When you play Nazi Zombies you only use the knife not the guns

    • Devin 4 years ago

      750: When you try typing something with fire in it and instead say furnace. EX: fireplace = furnace

      751: When you look at #747 and think of going to build a 747.

    • Devin 4 years ago

      752: You remade your house in minecraft.

      753: You play minecraft on PC, 360, and Mobile.

      754: You bought a diamond pickaxe and a steve helmet.(irl)

      755: You run around and raid peoples houses for diamonds.(irl)

      756: You start a new country with a craftocracy for a government.

      757: In your new country you can ban griefers.(irl)

      758: You hit cows with buckets expecting to get milk.(irl)

      759: Your parents ground you for talking about minecraft to much.(irl)

      760: You set a goal to make 101 signs in these comments.(irl)

      761: You make a documentary movie about minecraft.(irl)

      762: You need to eat three steaks in real life before your not hungry anymore.

      763: You ditch your diamonds in a bush to get later when getting chased by loan sharks in minecraft.

      764: You go to Minecon(irl)

      765: You plan on being a creeper for Hallowen(irl)

      766: You've seen EditZP's, InTheLittleWoods's, and Tobuscus's entire set of minecraft videos.

      767: You made a minecraft song parody.

      768: You burn down houses when your bored.

      769: You forget your goal to post 101 signs for later so you can play minecraft.

    • Jennaka7 4 years ago

      770: You think everything moving is a creeper/skeleton/zombie.

    • zane 4 years ago

      771: u realize that there are 770 signs u played to much so u play some more until theres 800

    • ??? 4 years ago

      772: You finished this list (even if this isn't the last comment)

    • Diamonddigger 4 years ago

      773: You wonder why you don't see many cows with mushrooms on their backs

      774: You think you can just have glass by burning sand

    • wowguyepic 4 years ago

      773: you are one of the over 800 who commented on this list

    • a person 4 years ago

      You know the ip of your favorite server better than your own phone number.

    • awsomegirl5 4 years ago

      heyoo.... here's another one i think you missed... you wish you could see real obsidian and mix lava and water (put the lava on the water first!!!!) XD

    • awsomegirl5 4 years ago

      you make a creeper pinata and fill it with gunpowder at your next birthday!

    • awsomegirl5 4 years ago

      you set a trap for a chicken expecting it to get trapped (the trap is a minecart)

    • Ganalf232 4 years ago

      775: You whistle at your pet-wolf to try and get it's attention.

    • Wyvy 4 years ago

      The joys of lego suddenly make much more sense.

    • Blah 4 years ago

      You decided to read this article to help you with your physics final tomorrow...(me :(

    • UselessFlaw 4 years ago

      776: You read This whole page in an hour while playing minecraft...

      I'm not the only one Am I... all 775???

    • UselessFlaw 4 years ago

      You forgot to finish your minecraft mod to read this

    • Amagawdd 4 years ago

      777: When you walk into a dark room, waiting to get jumped by some creeper or zombie (real life) D;

    • xXSiiRB34STXx 4 years ago

      778 : You Travel The World Hoping To Find A Mushroom Biome.

    • chinese_jelly 4 years ago

      779 - you punched a pole forgetting about your knuckles

      780 - you punched your girlfriend in the face thinking life is a pvp server

    • Tylerthecreator 4 years ago

      781 when you realize that you have no life reading these comments and playing minecraft and you go oh well

    • Celecat 4 years ago

      782: You've built a mansion out of diamond blocks complete with furniture (on survival!)

      783: You've met Herobrine more than once.

    • gold 4 years ago

      785:You never sleep because not every one in the world is in a bed

    • sebastian 4 years ago

      you don't go to the toilet

    • Petrov 4 years ago

      78: you stayed on this website log enough to read past 500..

    • Petrov 4 years ago

      Whoops 578 not 78

    • Petrov 4 years ago

      God dammit 786

      why cant i get that right

    • blablabla 4 years ago

      102:you scared of a black man with a stone at his hand and look at you (sorry if my english not good at english)

    • LimePee 4 years ago

      Don't know what number (lol) All of your subscriptions on youtube does minecraft

    • adf afasdfas 4 years ago

      Whatever number this is-

      You've killed Herobrine at least 10 times.

    • Creeper 4 years ago

      #789 You test 100% for Minecraft Addiction

    • Craftmine 4 years ago

      790. You made paper out of reeds (real life)

      791. You know minecraft more than notch and minecraft wiki

      792. You work at mojang

      793. You make a minecraft copy

      794. You you rebuild china wall , colosseum ,etc in

      795. You throw a black pearl and teleported (real life)

      796 you made a minecraft parody at the newgrounds

      797 you made a church for the notch religion (real life)

      798 you bought minecraft to all of your friends so they can play with you

      799 you married a creeper

      800 you don't have a finger and toe

      801 you died and reincarnate in your bed (real life)

      802 if you are a police u usually bring up a bow instead for pistol

      803 your dresser filled with minecraft clothes and creeper costume

      804 you can scare a creeper

      805 ironically you can bring a hundred of dirt and iron in your backpack (real life)

      806 you can bring more than 8 item at once in your hand (real life)

      807 every of your family member play minecraft

      808 you can play minecraft in two pc at once

      809 you survived in minecraft withou punching a tree first

      810 you encountered two herobrine at once

      811 you survived creeper explosion a thousand time while standing next to it without cheating

      812 you pray to notch everyday

      813 you can ride creeper with a saddle

    • mineman 4 years ago

      how to get sound on minecraft ther are oly sounds of animals and waters flowing how to get the sound of walking and destroying blocks?pls let me know

    • Mr_Creeper1O1 4 years ago

      814. You believe you are the commander of all creepers

    • Herobrine 4 years ago

      815. You dig underground and look forever to find slimes.

      816. You wish you saw a size 256 slime.

    • theminer10111 4 years ago

      817.When you think the world is cubes

    • Craftmine 4 years ago

      818 you can defeat three enderdragon in less than one minutes without cheating

      819 you have joined every clan and archived commander rank in each clan

      820 you don't need house to survive

      821 you try to make a blog entry like this

      822 you built a zoo in survival and have enderdragon there too

      823 you saw a ghost in your house and call a firefighter team (real life)

      824 you dress with skeleton costume and kill everyone that wear green clothes wit a bow

      825 you too scared to watch scooby doo

      826 you tried make a paper with sugar

      827 you killed spider with a mining tool (real life)

    • Craftmine 4 years ago

      828 your real dog died of hungry because you are too busy for feeding your dog in minecraft

      829 you get sick because of too many eating pig

      830 you sued certain religion that restricted people to eat pig meat

      831 when someone make an ill sound You think there is a zombie and kill him with a sword

      832 you think tetris is minecraft

      833 you think notch is reincarnation of Jesus

      834 When you are on a date you always meet at minecraft

      834 you can make a cake in minecraft but cannot even boil a water

      835 you throw a bone to a wolf in a zoo hoping to tame it

      836 you remember you family and friend by their minecraft name

      837 you sued your geology teacher for not teaching you abou mushroom biome

      838 you got A+++ in minecraft academy but get -F in your own school

      839 you committed suicide if your minecraft Id stolen

      840 you get into hospital because trying to punch door,tree,rock with your own hands

      841 you go to the butcher and asking for some leather armor

      842 you go to jewelry store and ask to the cashier if he own any crafting table

      843 you made a more breathtaking landmark in minecraft than in real life

    • Trevor 4 years ago

      844 You make famous constructions from Minecraft in real life.

      845 You are working on a giant machine to change the universe and mod real life to be more like Minecraft.

      846 You walk into people's houses and look for chests to loot.

      847 You wonder how many server slots the world has.

      848 You are surprised when friends walk in to your house because you think it is singleplayer.

    • chuuks 4 years ago

      You put a pumpkin on your head to protect you from enderman in real life

    • Mr_Creeper1O1 4 years ago

      849. While playing singleplayer you saw Notch

      850. Your best friend is a creeper

      851. You woke up one day and saw a creeper, killed it, and you suddenly had gunpowder (in real life)

      852. You think your name is Steve

      853. Everyone calls you by your Minecraft username because you never stop playing Minecraft in the first place.

      854. Your computer has had a funeral

      855. Your not even reading this because you're playing Minecraft

      856. You realise that there are 856 signs that you've been playing too much Minecraft

    • Blob 4 years ago

      857: You think it is an abomination that atoms are spherical, so you try making a machine to make them cubes.

      858: You wonder how the world can run a texture pack with such high resolution.

      859: You never go outside because there are things out there that aren't perfectly cubed and have a house in real life that is made with absolutely no curves and 1 metre x 1 metre cubes.

      860: You think that the world has no elements beside those found in Minecraft.

      861: You think that if you punch stone it will break in about 30 seconds.

    • Daniel Radcliff 4 years ago

      862:you kill yourself if you see a circle but sue the kid playing with the ball before you kill your self (I play Minecraft even though I am a famous person) (Harry Potter)

    • Crafter 4 years ago

      863: you want to learn c++ to mod Minecraft PE to be more like the PC version

    • Link1234554321 4 years ago

      864: You think you can get fly hacks and try to jump off a cliff

    • TheKidVideoGamer 4 years ago

      865: you try to fly.

    • Adam 4 years ago

      865: you try to make a pick axe out of wood

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