5 Best Football Management Sim Games for Android

Updated on August 7, 2014
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A football (or soccer) manager simulation game puts you into the shoes of a team manager. You manage your squad, keep track of finances, buy and sell players, and change tactics. Instead of simulating on-the-field football matches, the game simulates the hard work behind a successful squad.

Championship Manager, developed in 1992 for Atari and Amiga computers, was the first PC soccer sim game that got players hooked spending hours on team management. With mobile and Facebook gaming on the rise, developers have introduced social games that take club management to new levels. There are quite a few football management sim games available for Android phones and tablet PCs. Here are some of the top sim titles that allow armchair managers to take full control of their virtual squad.

1. Football Manager Handheld

Football Manager Handheld
Football Manager Handheld

The most popular soccer management simulation game, Football Manager Handheld, is a stripped-down version of the classic Atari ST game. Developed for casual players, the Android game offers a simple, touchscreen-friendly layout.

FM Handheld, although simplified, is quite addictive. It lets you take full control of your team members, transfers, finances, and tactics. A special challenge mode generates scenarios, allowing players to sort out a crisis situation or complete a mini-campaign to bring glory to their club.

Football Manager recreates the soccer manager sim experience for Android pretty well. Many gameplay aspects will remind you of earlier FM games. I would recommend this game to both die-hard football fans and casual gamers.

2. Top Eleven: Football Manager

Top Eleven: Football Manager for Android
Top Eleven: Football Manager for Android

Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager brought football management games to the social gaming scene. It was the first soccer-themed social game that allowed players to interact with their Facebook friends while building their dream squad. Top Eleven was later launched on mobile platforms.

The cross-platform approach of developers has made this game one of the best football manager sim games for Android. You can manage the same team on your mobile or tablet pc as well as your desktop. You can buy and sell players via a nifty transfer system. You bid for the best players and sell unwanted ones in real time.

The best part of Top Eleven is its team training system. Not only can you improve individual players' performance, but you can also boost their morale. A skill system lets you distribute skill points among players.

The social aspect lets you monitor the progress of your friend’s team and arrange friendly matches against them. Taking advantage of the touchscreen, the game offers a streamlined soccer management experience. If you are looking for a good football simulation game for your Android device, then you should download Top Eleven.

3. Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

Online Soccer Manager
Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager is another great football management game, putting you into the shoes of a manager. You train your squad members and coach each one to become the next football star. After training, you lead your squad into local club-level football and international league matches. Your decisions will determine the outcome of a match, so make sure you have your formations right and your tactics straight.

OSM has an easy-to-use interface. It offers easy-to-read overviews of league standings, match fixtures, detailed match results, and team and player statistics.

A unique addition to the game is the “hire-a-spy” feature that lets you plant a spy in another player’s squad to unearth secret tactics and key information about the team. The training part lets you recruit additional coaches and medics to coach and treat football players. The game is free to play, but will require you to be online when managing your team.

4. Kick It Out! Football Manager

A multiplayer online game, Kick It Out offers a wonderful football manager experience on your mobile phone. The game is optimized for touch-screen Android smartphones and has a very easy-to-use interface. You can play against AI managers, or other online players. You can arrange friendly leagues and challenging tournaments.

Kick It Out’s graphics and interface options are brilliantly executed. The comic-book style visuals make the game stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The game offers a host of special challenges, mini-campaigns that are quick to complete. The game also has league seasons that start in real time during Sundays, giving you plenty of fun opportunities to take down your online friends. With excellent visuals and a robust online multiplayer option, Kick It Out makes team management and tactics quite interesting.

Kick Out! Football Manager
Kick Out! Football Manager

5. Soccer Superstars

Soccer Superstars is one of the best football sim games on Android. Besides managing your team, you can also play matches by controlling individual players. Developers at Gamevil, who are known for their anime-inspired role-playing games, have brought a fun football sim game that lets you take control of your team and lead them to victory in crucial soccer leagues. Adding an RPG feel to the entire gameplay, developers have taken the football management concept to a new level.

One of the main gameplay highlights of Soccer Superstars is its micromanagement. Not only do you sign up top players for your team, but also you create players from scratch. The RPG aspect lets you level up your team by adding skill points as well as raising a player from a newbie to champion.

Like other Android football management sim games, Soccer Superstars lets you customize your player by upgrading his offensive and defensive traits (and his clothes!) and improve his performance via training exercises. The game strikes the right balance between team management and tactical football play. The trial version is available free on the app store, but you must purchase the full version if you want the complete experience.

Soccer Superstars
Soccer Superstars

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