5+ Must-Have Mods For Cities: Skylines!

Updated on April 2, 2018
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5+ Must-Have Mods for Cities: Skylines
5+ Must-Have Mods for Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is easily one of the best city-building games to come out in a long time. Created by indie game developer, Collasal Order, C:S allows players to build their own city, manage everything from the bus lines to the laws, and do it all with beautiful, realistic graphics.

As awesome as the game is, however, there are a few things that make the game a bit tricky to play. Some of the finer details of city managing can be difficult once your city grows to a bigger population, and you'll quickly notice things like dead bodies piling up and big lines of traffic.

Thankfully, Cities Skylines comes with a built-in system for adding in game mods and plenty of amazing creators have created mods which fix some of the problems in the game, make things easier, or just make C:S more fun, overall.

If you haven't played around with mods yet, or don't know which mods are essential for Cities: Skylines, this is the article for you!

How To Install Mods For Cities: Skylines

Installing mods on C:S is extremely simple. You can browse for mods via the Steam Community workshop either on your browser or through your Steam client. Once you find a mod that you'd like to add to your game, simply click on the plus button to subscribe, and the mod will be automatically downloaded via Steam to your game.

When you launch your game, go into 'Content Manager' and open the 'Mods' tab. From there you can turn on the mod you just downloaded (or turn off mods you don't want in your game).

Alternatively, if you download mods from a source other than Steam, navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines. From there, there should be an Addons folder (if not, create one). Inside there should be a Mods folder (again, create one if there's not one made already); simply drag and drop your mods (they should be packaged in folders) into this folder, then close the windows and start your game.

Though all of these mods have been tested and should work functionally with your game, be aware that 3rd party content could potentially cause damage to your save. Always download from the Steam Workshop or from users whom have tested their content before sharing, and always be sure to backup your game files BEFORE installing mods and other assets.

If you do run into any issues after installing a mod, remove it from your game and consider telling the mod's creator about the issues you ran into.

1. Automatic Bulldoze


One of the things that becomes really frustrating is buildings becoming abandoned and burning down. The game requires you to bulldoze these buildings, and if you don't the people around them will start complaining, the land value will go down, the other buildings near it will start to become abandoned, and so on. Who has time for all that when you're also trying to zone a new district, and make sure that there's enough electricity in all your areas?

Thankfully, there's the Automatic Bulldoze mod, which does just what it says: automatically bulldozes all abandoned and burned buildings. Thank God; now you can finally focus on the things that really matter, like legalizing drug use in your hipster district of town.

Subscribe to the mod here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639486063

2. Automatic Emptying


Created by the same user who made Automatic Bulldoze, Automatic Emptying is a mod that does just what its title suggests: automatically empties cemeteries and garbage facilities when they get full.

In my opinion, the fact that you have to manually empty out cemeteries and landfills when they reach capacity is a bit too much micromanaging, especially when there's so many other fun/more important things to occupy your time while playing the game.

Lucky for us, this mod takes the stress out of managing your landfills and does it for you- just make sure you have adequate facilities for your trash to go into.

Subscribe here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407873631

3. First-Person Camera


It's awesome to build your city and see it all from a birds-eye view, but there's something infinitely better about zooming in and seeing a street view. The First-Person Camera mod lets you do just that; you can either choose a car, or even a person, to zoom into and view things from a close-up perspective.

Subscribe: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650805785

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4-5. Tree Brush/Better Bulldozer

Better Bulldozer mod
Better Bulldozer mod | Source

I'm combining these two mods into one space, because both are fairly similar "utility" mods. They don't add much to the actual game play, but they definitely make planning (and destroying) your city a bit easier.

The Tree Brush mod is pretty straight-forward; instead of having to plop down trees one-by-one, you can use a "brush" tool to place many at one time. Finally, you can build those forests and national parks without spending hours planting individual trees!

Subscribe: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406723376

The Better Bulldozer mod is a much needed one for the game; instead of only being able to bulldoze one individual building or road piece at a time, this mod allows you to use a "marquee" to delete a much bigger area. This mod also allows you to delete things you can't normally, like filled cemeteries or landfills. Better Bulldozer makes it a hell of a lot easier to delete an entire district than it normally is.

Subscribe: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417965096

6. Traffic ++


I've saved the best for last, as Traffic ++ seems to be one of the coolest/most downloaded/most useful of all C:S mods.

The biggest problem in anyone's city will be traffic. The traffic AI is a bit broken, and you'll notice it the bigger your city gets. However, this mod allows you to have total control over traffic in your city. You can change vehicle restrictions for specific roads (not just by district), create speed limits, and even determine which way cars turn in lanes.

This mod is a definite must-have for any mayor with traffic problems, or even just someone starting out, because all cities in C:S eventually have traffic problems (unless you're one of those really skilled people who just figure their traffic out right from the start).

Subscribe: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=409184143

A beautiful shot of a city in C:S!
A beautiful shot of a city in C:S! | Source

7. All 25 Areas Purchasable

This is another of the most popular mods. However, I didn't include it in the top 5 as it's not one I use/necessarily recommend.

By default, C:S allows you to unlock/build on 9 of the plots available per map. That leaves 17 other areas that you can never build on. This mod allows you to purchase all the land on each map (upon completion of the last in-game milestone).

Personally, I think there's a good reason why the game's default is 9 tiles (lag, anyone?) so I'd probably never use this mod, however, I understand that other users might have a beefed-up computer that can handle 25 plots, or maybe you just need 10 or 11 plots instead of 9.

Subscribe: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405810376

Can't/don't want to use the Steam Workshop for your C:S mods?

Check out SKYMODS. It's a safe site that you can download mods directly from. Just install them using the manual method I outlined above!

Need to buy Cities Skylines? Purchase it here:

Which mod are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

Coming soon...the best assets for Cities:Skylines!

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