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A Guide to Transfiguration in "The Sims 3"

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Use transfiguration to find the best items in "Sims 3."

Use transfiguration to find the best items in "Sims 3."

All About Tranfiguration in "World Adventures"

Transfiguration is an ability which came with the World Adventures expansion pack for The Sims 3. Although not a skill to be improved, it has many interesting mechanics which can net your Sims a fortune or make awe-striking decorations should you choose not to sell them.

Before I start, apologies for no in-game shots from myself this time. I've just moved house, so my gaming PC isn't set up yet, but I need to get my written articles out so that I can work on more.

Getting Started

First of all, you will need a specific display cabinet. Carter's Display Case, found in the Displays section of the Surfaces sub-menu in Buy Mode, will allow you to access transfiguration.

Next of all, you need a spare §500 to activate transfiguration. This may seem like a large cost at first, but when converting cheap and common resources into expensive and rare ones, you will easily make a profit.

Finally, you need resources. Find some gemstones, metals and other fun things around town and place them in careful combinations (explained below) on the cabinet until all 10 slots are full.

Now that's sorted, time to transfigurate!


Gemstones are amazing for transfiguration! They can be easily found in the world by collecting or dumpster diving, are easy to process into valuable cuts with the gem cutter from Supernatural, and can even be found ready-cut as treasure in tombs.

Of course, you can make even more beautiful and even super-rare gems through the process of transfiguration!

A variety of gemstones made through transfiguration

A variety of gemstones made through transfiguration


Soulpeace is one of the rarest and most valuable gems in The Sims 3. It's also a beautiful gem to have on display as an ornament. Finding it is a challenge in itself; it doesn't spawn naturally and can only be "found" as a one-time treasure within the Sphinx tomb in Egypt. Therefore, you're looking at transfiguration if you want a soul-piece of this pie.

There are two conditions which must be met to create soulpeace:

  1. Have at least 5 unique gem types on display—value does not matter!
  2. Have 2-4 different types of cuts. For example: 4 oval, 3 plumbbob, 3 marquis.

Soulpeace is easily distinguishable from its creamy colour and the flickers of electricity within it. It is a very beautiful gem, but also worth a lot of money. Whether you decide to keep it or sell it, it will be a very worthwhile investment of time and resources.

Skull Cut Gems

The skull cut is a rare and striking gem cut exclusive to transfiguration. This requires 5-8 different cut types of gems. It is worth noting though that the gem type chosen for the skull cut is randomly selected from those used to transfigure, so if you want to keep the skull-cut gem for decoration, make sure to fill the display case with the gem type you want the skull to be.

Carl's "Sims 3" Guide recommends this combination to get skull-cut tiberium:

  1. 4 heart cut tiberium
  2. 1 spire cut tiberium (un-grown)
  3. 1 emerald cut ruby
  4. 1 oval cut sapphire
  5. 1 plumbbob cut blue topaz

An important note is that the skull cut provides the biggest cost multiplier (10x) of all cuts in the game, doubling the profit one would make with a heart-cut gem.


Although gems can make a killing, metals should not be left behind.

As a general rule, place the most valuable or best metal ingot in the top-left corner of the display when transfiguring.

Here's a selection of metals ready to be transfigured. This combination should create stacked large ingots, as mentioned below.

Here's a selection of metals ready to be transfigured. This combination should create stacked large ingots, as mentioned below.

Compendium and Supernovium

These are two types of metal unique to the transfiguration process, and they both can be quite valuable. Compendium can be obtained by filling the display cabinet with two to four different types of metal ingots. With five or more different types, you can get supernovium.

Although supernovium is quite pricey in itself, compendium can really step things up in terms of profits. By using the compendium ingot you made in the next compendium transfiguration, you can multiply the price. Some people have reported building up compendium until its price reached the millions.

An ideal recipe for compendium:

  1. The previous compendium ingot (if done before) in the top left corner.
  2. Either: 9 ingots of the same kind, a 4/5 split of 2 different metals, or a 4/4 split of two different metals plus a supernovium ingot.

Stacked and Large Ingots

To make large ingots, place 10 ingots of the same metal on the display case and transfigurate. For example, placing 10 gold ingots will get you a large gold ingot.

By filling each slot of the display cabinet with a stack of at least two ingots, you can create a stack of large iron ingots. Even more important is that there is a chance to find a supernovium or mummitomium ingot within the stack, both very valuable metals.

Miscellaneous Items

Have some spare ingots, cut gems, meteors, nectar bottles or spirits? Why not transfigure them too? These can be placed together on the display case to create interesting miscellaneous items.

The most important step in this kind of transfiguration is to calculate the value of your items before transfiguring. This is because, outside of gems and metals, the game uses the total value of the items to determine the output. Here are the most useful and profitable potential items:

  1. §1-199 will give you a random seed (common, uncommon or rare). This option relies on gardening skills to profit from it, otherwise, it's pointless.
  2. §3,500-4,999 will produce a spire-cut tiberium gem, ready to be grown or transfigured.

There are other combinations, but those are more likely to result in a loss than a profit - for example §200-499 plus §500 for transfiguration only giving out §350-700 - or have a useful reward in a lacklustre quantity for the cost of the investment (§500-999 only produces 20-40 ancient coins).

Large and small spire cut tiberium gems

Large and small spire cut tiberium gems

As for those with Ambitions installed, spirits can also be transfigured. Using 10 spirits of the same type on the display case will produce an urn. This urn contains a ghost which can be resurrected if one has the Philosopher's Stone reward from Supernatural, or if you get the somewhat-rare opportunity to resurrect a ghost at the Science Lab. Here are the possible combinations and results:

Table of possible ghost traits after transfiguration

Table of possible ghost traits after transfiguration

Happy Transfiguring!

Overall, transfiguration is a complex but rewarding pursuit for your collector Sims. Try it out for yourself, and let me know all the interesting results you get!