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A "Sims 3" Challenge: Running a Hotel


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Can you run a successful hotel in this "Sims" challenge?

Can you run a successful hotel in this "Sims" challenge?

The Hotel Challenge and the Story Behind It

You have inherited a hotel from a long-deceased uncle you did not know, and this will be your new career and future. You have managed to get 7 other Sims to rent a room in your hotel. Because you have to pay the bills and you are not so sure you can manage, you cannot afford to hire someone else to help you. The challenge is that your hotel guests are slobs and you have to clean their rooms, make their beds, do their laundry, prepare their meals and fix anything that gets broken.

Preparing the Sims for the Challenge

This challenge does not have a whole lot of rules and it also does not have a specific target to accomplish so you can keep playing as long as you like. There are certain things in the game that you could choose to use to make the challenge easier or more difficult for you.

Your Sim aka the Hotel Owner

You can choose the gender, name, looks and clothing to your own liking, but the traits and lifetime wish need some adapting.

The traits have to be as follows:

  • Brave: needed to extinguish fires and to stop burglars from stealing your things
  • Neat: neat Sims like cleaning dirty surroundings and also like cleaning more than other Sims. They also get the option to “clean the house”, so they will do all the household chores in one go.
  • Handy: your Sim will need to repair objects when they break and as a repairman is very expensive, you will have to do it yourself. Also, handy Sims are less likely to die from electrocution when repairing.
  • Friendly: you will have to be friendly and hospitable to your guests.
  • Good chef: as you will be cooking plenty of meals for your guests, you might a swell cook some good meals too.

Lifetime Wish

When choosing a lifetime wish, make sure it is not an active profession, such as one of the careers in the “Ambitions” expansion. Your official career is running the hotel and you will not have much time leaving the hotel anyway. The advise is to choose a lifetime wish that requires obtaining skills.

The best one is that of the “culinary librarian”, as it requires you to learn all recipes. As you will be cooking many dishes anyway, you might as well learn a lot of recipes anyway. You then only have to leave the hotel for the occasional supermarket or bookstore visit.

Your Hotel Guests

For these seven Sims that will be your guests, you will be able to decide all names, genders, looks and clothing to your liking.


Even the traits can be chosen by yourself, except for one: all of your guests must have the “slob” trait. For the rest of the traits you can pick them yourself and you can make them be easy traits or you can choose to spice things up by choosing more interesting and difficult traits such as clumsy, evil, kleptomaniac or insane.

Lifetime Wishes

Because you will have to get jobs for your guests, which is how they pay for their rent and your salary, you may want to adapt their lifetime wish to the jobs you will provide them with. Again, it is not advisable to choose a profession as controlling just the hotel owner is difficult enough. Only if you want another level of difficulty you can choose these professions and control them while they are at work. Also when they have passive jobs you may control certain actions of them to have them gain a promotion and therefore more salary for you.


When you are done with your Sims, the game will ask you if you want to add a relationship between the Sims, the answer to that is no. All sims should start out as strangers to each other.

Some of the rooms in the hotel.

Some of the rooms in the hotel.

The gym is one of the required facilities for the hotel.

The gym is one of the required facilities for the hotel.

Preparing and Building Your Hotel

You can either download an existing building through the Sims 3 Exchange website or you can build it yourself from scratch. You can make it as luxurious as you want, although keep in mind that with an expensive hotel comes an expensive bill.


The hotel should at least have the following facilities:

  • 7 hotel rooms for your guests. Each of the rooms should have an adjacent bathroom
  • Your own room. You can make your own room (and bathroom) very luxurious but remember that you will probably not spend a lot of time in your own room.
  • A kitchen
  • A laundry room
  • A dining room (place sufficient tables, chairs and counters to place the food on)
  • A gym (with athletic equipment)
  • A study (with bookshelves and computer(s)
  • An entertainment room (with tv, and any other entertainment you want to place here)
  • An outdoor swimming pool

Your bedroom and bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry rooms are rooms that are only accessible to you but not your guests. Your guests will depend on you for food and laundry as they do not have access to it. Once you have arrived in your hotel you will have to lock all the rooms leading to your bed/bathroom, kitchen and laundry room with the option “locked for everyone but myself”.

Moving Into the Hotel

Once you have your building ready and your Sims ready, you still need to move in your Sims into the lot. You will not be able to afford it so we will need to cheat a bit for this.

  • Press Ctrl +Shift+c and you will see a screen appear above
  • Type “testingcheatsenabled true” and press Enter
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+c again to get access to the screen
  • Type “freerealestate” and press Enter

Now you can move your Sims into the hotel without having to pay for it. Once your Sims have arrived you need to have only 1000 simoleons left in your funds. To do this use the cheat screen again and type “familyfunds (family name) 1000” and press Enter. Now you are ready to start the show.

Rules and Activities During the Game

You can make this challenge as difficult or easy as you want. In the easy (and most important) option you will only control the hotel owner and you leave the hotel guest to do whatever they do (even when they mess things up), although when things go really wrong you can nudge them in the right direction again. If you want to make things more difficult you can decide to control all of the Sims in your hotel. An even harder task would be if you give one or more of them an active profession (firefighter, ghost hunter, etc.).

Give Your Sims a Job

Select each of the Sims, check their lifetime wishes and go in the city overview or the computer and have them select a job (in education, business, law enforcement, etc.). Keep in mind that the most important Sim is your hotel owner and her ability to keep the guests happy. Happy guests keep their jobs and keep the income to pay for the bills.

Assign a Bed for Each of the Sims

To avoid confusion of who sleeps where and have them wandering around, assign a bed to each of the Sims. They are more likely to use the bathroom that comes with their room as well, but if they wonder off into the other Sims bathroom, this is ok though.

The Responsibilities of the Hotel Owner

  • Preparing breakfast for all. Check the earliest time your guests start work and start cooking an hour before. Yes, this means that you might have to get up at 4 am but such is the life of a hotel owner without any personnel.
  • Clean up any dirty dishes and place any leftover food in the fridge so you might put it on the dinner room counter when you do not have time to cook yourself. It is therefore wise to cook meals whenever you have time.
  • Go and make the beds
  • Clean up any dropped laundry
  • Fix any objects that are broken and mob the floors when needed
  • Prepare lunch
  • Prepare dinner
  • Visit the supermarket for ingredients to prepare better and other dishes
  • Visit the bookstore for new recipe books that you can read and learn in between

Lifetime Rewards

Getting some lifetime reward points is good as you can get some rewards to make your life easier. Examples are:

  • Speedy cleaner
  • Hardly ever hungry
  • Steel bladder

If you want, you can even get some lifetime rewards for your guests once they have earned the points, although don’t make it too easy on yourself. Once you have a more stable income, you could consider hiring a maid, but remember they will not be able to do all household chores.