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"Afrika": A Relaxing, Non-Violent Video Game

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Afrika offers a non-violent, relaxing gaming experience for mature gamers

Afrika offers a non-violent, relaxing gaming experience for mature gamers

If you are a mature gamer who is attracted to the concept of "being one with nature," and you want a relaxing gaming experience, without a lot of violence, then Afrika is a video game you will definitely want to check out.

Afrika is a photography simulation type of video game that allows you to experience nature by virtually transporting you to the African Savanna. During gameplay, you are on a Safari, where you are afforded the luxury of spectacular views of traditional animals typically associated with the African continent.

The game allows you to glean up-close views of elephants, zebra, gazelle, leopards, etc, without scaring them off or having to deal with the tense experience of an attack. So, if all this sounds intriguing to you, stick around and learn a little more.

Basic Gameplay

So, here's lo-down on the game. You play through the lens of a photojournalist who is commissioned to take pictures of a diverse range of animals in Africa.

On your mission to snap images of various animals, you receive emails while you are at the base camp. These emails will instruct you which specific animals you are to supposed to obtain at which time

While you are on your journey to the different regions the animals are located, you have the choice to travel by various means, including foot, Jeep or hot air balloon.

The amount of in-game money you will receive for each photograph you obtain is determined by the quality of the image. You are able to control your in-game camera with the game controller.

If you are the type of person who enjoys watching others play relaxing games, check out gaming YouTuber JohnGodgamesHD as he guides you through a complete walk-through:

Relaxing Game Aspects

Afrika is an ideal choice for mature gamers and older gamers who want relaxed games, mainly because of the laid back and non-threatening atmosphere of the gameplay and its game objective.

No doubt, the coolest part of the game is being able to sit back and chill while you are free to explore the animal kingdom as they go about their daily habits. You can come face to face with a pride of lions without any fear.

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Afrika is also an excellent choice for mature gamers who desire relaxing gameplay because of its African safari-inspired score, which is pleasant and on-pace with the action in the game—of which there is very little (action).

The game's soundtrack seems like a cross between a simulation ride at Walt Disney World and a higher-than-average safari related TV movie.

One ultra-cool aspect of the game is that real-life photos and footage of the animals can be unlocked during gameplay. Once unlocked, the images can be stored away for safe-keeping.

The graphics are better than average for a game that is now more than a decade old, and they are on par with some of the more popular games of its time.

An aspect that I find annoying about the game is the fact that there is no actual voice acting. the dialog is in the form of on-screen text. The on-screen text/dialogue may not bother most people, but I would have preferred voice actors to play out the various scenes.

Scene from the non-violent game African safari game, Afrika

Scene from the non-violent game African safari game, Afrika

Game Details

Afrika is also known by the name "Hakuna Matata" in some parts of the world. The game was developed by Rhino Studios, and published by Natsume for PlayStation 3.

I find that PlayStation 3 (PS3) games are typically still vivid and rich games that offer a decent playing experience, even with the dawn of the PlayStation 5 right on our heels.

All of the PS3 games are best experienced with the official wireless PlayStation 3 (PS3) controller, because it offers a freeing gaming experience, and I have never encountered a glitch in network connection that would interfere with the game.

The score to Afrika was composed by Wataru Hokoyama, and it was released in 2009. It is classified as a single-player, life simulation game.

Basically, there are no jumps or scares in the game, it offers a completely non-violent gaming experience, and nothing at all actually "happens" to your player as you guide him or her through the game.

So, if you are the kind of person who can associate inner-peace with nature and animals, and you are on the hunt for a relaxing video game, Afrika is where it's at!

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