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Revisiting "The Sims" (TS1) Original Game Expansion Packs

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The Sims (TS1) Complete Collection Included all 7 Expansion Packs

The Sims (TS1) Complete Collection Included all 7 Expansion Packs

The Sims (TS1) spawned seven expansion packs that allowed us to extend the creativity and the fun of the original base game.

Today, expansion packs are a staple, and most simmers have come to expect that each version of the game's sequels will offer multiple packs to extend and enhance and dazzle us beyond what we can imagine.

Recent years have seen us disappointed in a few of the newer packs, but back in the day, theThe Sims (TS1) expansion packs had us all aglow with excitement about the possibilities.

The Sims: Livin' Large

Livin' Large was released on August 27, 2000. In European markets, this expansion pack was also known as Livin It Up. It includes new characters, music neighborhoods, careers, items, features and new non-player characters, such as the Grim Reaper, a Genie, Santa Claus, Servo, and the Tragic Clown.

The Sims: House Party

House Party was released on April 2, 2001. This pack allowed players to throw house parties in different formats: Rave, Tiki and Country & Western. There were new items, music, and non-player characters like a mime, entertainers, caterer, and Green Beard the Ghost.

This was the first instance where a celebrity likeness was included in the game by way of Drew Carey showing up in a limo if your sim managed to throw a killer party.

The Sims: House Party - That time Drew Carey dropped by...

The Sims: House Party - That time Drew Carey dropped by...

The Sims: Hot Date

Hot Date was released on November 14, 2001. Hot Date was particularly important because with it came the introduction of a sim's ability to use the telephone to call a cab to take them to Downtown SimCity - this area went on to become a significant part of future gameplay.

Downtown was another "world" or lot where sims were allowed to hangout and hobnob with others. There were new places for your sim to explore, such as restaurants, night clubs, shopping centers, a park complete with a pond, etc.

Along with the new lot, net interests, music interactions, items, and new non-player characters were introduced to the game, such as servers, a minstrel, the Townies, Claire the Bear, and Miss Crumplebottom.

The Hot Date expansion proved to be the most critically praised release of The Sims (TS1) entire ecosystem.

The Sims: Vacation

Vacation was released on March 25, 2002, and it was known in the UK, Ireland, China, and Scandinavia as The Sims: On Holiday. This vacation-themed pack allowed your sim to experience a stay somewhere other than their own home.

Vacation Island was the sims vacay destination and with it came new objects, interactions, items, and new non-player characters like Kana the Vacation Director, Marky Sharky, Betty Yeti, Archie Archer, and vacation tourists.

The Sims: Vacation | Camping Vacay

The Sims: Vacation | Camping Vacay

The Sims: Vacation | Winter Vacay

The Sims: Vacation | Winter Vacay

The Sims: Unleashed

Unleashed was released on November 7, 2002, and it is the first pack to allow pets into the game. There are, of course dogs and cats, but there are also small pets like fish, birds, and reptiles.

Your sim could adopt a pet and interact with it. This expansion pack also featured new animal related skills, the release of over 100 new items, and 5 new careers as well as the ability for your sim to participate in farming activities.

There was a host of new families introduced as well as new non-player characters like Animal Control Evan, Miss Lucille, Gardener Bob, Tidy Heidi, and more.

The Sims: Superstar

Superstar was the penultimate expansion pack in the original The Sims series, and it allowed your sim to become a celebrity (supermodel, actor, singer) if it so desired. In this pack, your sim was tasked with the responsibility to practice the skills that would lend to stardom.

A new lot called Studio Town (Hollywood-esque) was added to the game, and there were new objects and careers. Also, for the first time ever, you could follow your player to work instead of having it disappear into a work rabbit hole.

The highlight of this This Sims expansion pack was the introduction of celebrity non-player characters like Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Andy Warhol, Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe, Jon Bon Jovi, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah McLachlan, and Richie Sambora.

Also included were non-player characters like a photographer, talent agent, director, record producer, fashion designer, paparazzi, etc.

If your sim was successful in its endeavor to become a star, there would be a visit from a "fading" star to present your sim with a "Simmy" award (Emmy/Oscar-esque).

The Sims: Superstar

The Sims: Superstar

The Sims: Superstar

The Sims: Superstar

The Sims: Makin' Magic

Makin' Magic was the seventh and last expansion pack of The Sims original game, and it was released on October 29, 2003. This pack allowed your sim to be able to cast spells and create magic charms.

Magic Town was the new neighborhood and it came complete with new currency called MagiCoins and new building themes: Spooky Shingles & Vines, Tuscany, and Magic Carnival.

There were new objects like enchanting crystals, cauldrons, spell books and more. New non-player characters were introduced like Faerie Queen Mara, Vicki Vampire, Apothecary Todd, Bonehilda, Nagganaste, Flaming GoGo Dancer, Garden Gnome, and Mystery Man.

The Sims: Makin' Magic was highly rated and fans & critics alike considered it to be the best of all of The Sims expansion packs. The Sims 2 was released in 2004 so Makin' Magic marked the end of The Sims (TS1) original game.

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