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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons": Break the Nook Bank With Gold Roses

Erin enjoys playing "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and sharing her experiences to help other players.


How Does Breeding Flowers Work?

The task of breeding the amount of flowers and their various colors can become daunting, especially if you are a video game completionist. Animal Crossing New Horizons has definitely set the bar very high when it comes to finishing off the many collections the game offers and they will probably be adding much more in future updates with events and extras.

When it comes to collecting all of the flower's colors, the process can definitely get confusing. Many players are reporting their flower breeding experiences which can sometimes contradict the published outcomes you may find online. Not only could a completely different color pop up when you were expecting another but there are also colors that are considered the "bred" color rather than its original color counterpart. And there is really no way in differentiating which one is which until you see the hybrids it breeds out. That's where it can get a little tricky and something you have to diligently pay attention to if you are trying to finish your flower color catalog.

According to a comment made on by an anonymous poster

"Note, guys, that [native] flowers that grow on your island (not from seeds) can have more random mutations."

— Anonymous Commenter from

Rose Breeding Guide from

Rose Breeding Guide from

The Basics of Crossbreeding

When it comes to crossbreeding your flowers you will want to put certain colors of the same type of flower near each other and without crowding them so that they have the opportunity to create new flowers in their surrounding area.

When it comes to flower placement, many players, including myself, opt for a checkerboard layout as shown in the picture below. It creates an environment for the flowers where they are close enough to each other to benefit from cross-pollination, but leaves plenty of space for new flowers to bloom.

Making sure that they get watered plays a big part in the flowers multiplying as well, whether it be by rain or watering cans. Oftentimes your island residents can lend a helping hand and start to water flowers for you.

Flower Placement

Flower Placement

Golden Roses Process

Now that we have an idea of how flower breeding works, we are now going to focus on those gold roses and filling our pixelated pockets with Animal Crossing's currency, the bells.

In order to grow gold roses, you will need black roses and in order to get black roses, you will first need red roses.

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You can find flower seeds at Nook's Cranny or from Leif when he visits your island. Flower seeds can alternate in and out of both shops and depending on your own island's native flower there will be varying chances to purchase certain flower seeds. For instance, my island's native flowers did happen to be roses and tulips, however, the chances of finding pansy or cosmo seeds in my shops took some patience because they showed up a lot less than rose, tulip, hyacinth or windflower seeds. So if your island happens to be one where rose seeds don't show up too often, don't despair. They will eventually show up. Just make sure to keep checking out Timmy and Tommy's cabinet in Nook's Cranny. You also have the option to visit friend's islands and check out their shops for rose seeds.

Nook's Cranny Cabinet

Nook's Cranny Cabinet

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Once you have your red rose seeds or roses, plant them in the checkerboard arrangement as mentioned above and go ahead and water them all. If it's raining, there is no need to use a watering can.
  2. You'll find some new flowers that came from your red roses the next day. Don't feel defeated if there are only one or two black roses or, in some cases, none at all. Red roses can breed a variety of different colors such as pink, red, black, and I have even had white roses come from red roses.
  3. Plot out an area specifically for your black roses so you can continue the same process as the red roses. (Many websites I have seen will tell you that you absolutely need a gold watering can in order to grow gold roses. I have found this to not be the case at all. I have had gold roses grow after rain and after watering them with a flimsy or normal watering can.)
  4. At some point, you're going to feel as if you have enough black roses to go ahead and just start farming gold roses from here-on-out. In my opinion, you don't need many. Just enough to make a 3X3 area.
    (In pictures below, you will see that I have plotted out a 3X9 area for my black roses.)
  5. That's pretty much all there is to it. Keep in mind that black roses will also produce more black roses and in rarer cases more red roses. Ultimately, if you continue to keep watering your black roses every day, you will accumulate plenty of gold roses over time. (On average I will accumulate about 6 gold roses a week.)

Selling Your Gold Rose Petals

Like all flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it takes two days for your flowers to grow back their petals, ready to be picked, with every new day starting at 5 a.m. You will not be digging up your gold roses for sale, just simply pick their petals and sell them to Timmy and Tommy.

Each gold rose petal is worth 1,000 bells.

Some Other Helpful Hints and Tips

  • I have to be especially careful since I often do invite visitors to my island to grab flowers that they want or need, so while my gold roses are practically my main income in the game besides my fruit and fossils I don't use, I choose to have a wall or fence built around my rose garden to keep others from mistakenly digging up my gold roses.
  • As mentioned before, I have found that you don't necessarily need a golden watering can to grow gold roses. However, I do tend to use the golden watering can most often because it covers more ground and it may or may not offer a greater chance of growing gold roses.
  • To receive the golden watering can DIY you must obtain a 5-star rating on your island. You can find out where you stand with your ratings by talking to Isabelle at town hall and asking her for evaluations. She will then let you know what your rating is and offer some friendly advice on what you need to do to your island to reach that 5-star rating.
  • When it comes to the amount of roses I choose to farm, I find that less is often more. I have tried 10X10 rose gardens and larger to try and farm black and gold roses, which would often break my watering cans fairly quickly. It leads to using more of your resources such as gold nuggets if you're constantly having to build the gold watering can. As mentioned before, a 3X3 plot is the minimum, and at this time I chose to go with a 3X9 plot for my black roses.
  • Gold roses will not produce more gold roses. Sadly, it's true. Watering your gold roses is really just a waste of time and I learned that the hard way.

If you have any helpful tips of your own, any questions or would like to share your strange flower breeding stories, go ahead and comment below! I hope you found this guide helpful and happy farming!

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Erin K Stewart (author) from Hemet, CA on May 23, 2020:

I'm right there with you when it comes to blue roses. Haven't attempted it yet. Some day, though!

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on May 23, 2020:

Great guide! I want to grow blue roses but it looks so difficult. My native flowers are pansies and wildflowers, literally the most boring ones in the game.

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