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"Animal Crossing New Horizons": 10 Websites With Unique Merch

Cassidy has been passionate about gaming since she was a child. As an adult she has written content for several well know gaming websites.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is without a doubt one of the absolute best-selling titles for the Nintendo Switch. After launching in March of 2020, New Horizons sold a record-breaking 12 million copies in just its first month alone. With its happy-go-lucky casual gameplay, this lovable real-time simulation series has become the perfect serene escape for gamers. But for those Animal Crossing superfans who want to show their undying love for their favorite franchise, here are 10 stellar websites with a wide selection of charming Animal Crossing collectibles and other prime merchandise, worthy of fan's hard-earned bells.


10. Animal Crossing Shop

This website prides itself in delivering brand new and truly authentic Animal Crossing merchandise. Stating they work tirelessly with third-party suppliers to provide high-quality products to avid fans. This allows them to get their hands on one-of-a-kind items such as a stylish kimono cloak. As far as clothing is concerned they also have t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. But the unique selection doesn't stop there, they also have adorable iPhone, AirPods, and Nintendo Switch cases as well as doormats for those who want to show everyone that comes to their home their loving addiction to Animal Crossing.


9. HotTopic

As a company that's well known for its creative counter-culture products, it's no surprise that fans can find awesome Animal Crossing merch at Hot Topic. Of course, there are tons of t-shirts and other clothing items to browse through, however, there's also some exclusive goods to discover, like their character grid bookbag so that gamers can carry around all their Switch gear. Plus they can find specific items like stationary that includes a weekly desk planner, a "to-do" notepad, and a set of sticky notes printed with their favorite darling characters to help stay on top of tasks between gaming sessions.


8. Boxlunch

Although Box Lunch is an affiliate of Hot Topic, they are noticeably different since they tend to focus more on novelty items. Shoppers can still find the standard t-shirt but can also pick up things such as an Able Sisters Enamel Pin. The endearing porcupines work diligently to keep their fellow villagers stylish, now fans can wear their recognizable sign to show their support for the dynamic duo. Speaking of businesses. Inspired by the raccoon tycoon, the Nook Inc lanyard has the iconic Nook leaf design featuring a clear ID sleeve so fans can show their love even at work.


7. Gamestop

The world's largest retailer of video games and consumer electronics is guaranteed to have Animal Crossing swag. Since their main focus is on the video games themselves, shoppers can obviously find Nintendo Switch cases and carriers. But they can also find strategy guides namely the official Animal Crossing companion guide. This ultimate reference book is perfect for players to get the most out of their personal desert island. Aside from the usual gaming essentials, there are also loveable plushies and themed puzzles so customers will never be able to guess what they will unearth when they come into the store.

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6. RedBubble

Redbubble is a collective of independent artists kind of like Etsy. Animal Crossing lovers can get ahold of one-of-a-kind goods including a pillow that has everyone's favorite night owl, Celeste, with her beloved star fragments. What sets them apart from Etsy is that artists upload their artwork and then Redbubble arranges for it to be printed on a wide array of items. This way, customers who fall in love with the celeste pattern can also have it printed on over sixty different products ranging from a cool t-shirt or a chic phone case to a beautiful spiral notebook.


5. Walmart

Walmart is where patrons can buy everything from cell phones to dental floss and everything else in between, so it's no surprise that they can find video game merch as well. In their massive video game section, consumers will find plenty of Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch protective cases and console carriers but also some lovely Nook Inc patterned thumb grips. On the total opposite side of the store, however, shoppers can discover full comforter bedding sets (for kids), a gaming bean bag chair (also for kids) and a remarkably nice wall canvas print of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons box art.


4. Amazon

Literally selling everything from A to Z, Amazon has a monopoly on online retail. It's one of the only websites where shoppers can buy a new taillight for their car and gourmet cat food. But fans will be delighted to see an ample variety of Animal Crossing wares as well. Just like everywhere else, there are t-shirts but there are also terrific novelty clothing like the island vibe ankle sock pack. Aside from clothing they also have facial coverings and fanatics can sport their undying love for the game while staying safe with a stylish Animal Crossing patterned face mask.


3. Controller Gear

Controller Gear produces licensed gaming merchandise that's sold in every big-name video game retailer and there's an excellent reason for that, their products are unbelievably charming. For example, their Animal Crossing: New Horizons sling Switch Lite case. The pattern is so stylish and the classy Nook Inc leaf buckle combines function and fashion perfectly. Even their system decals are trendy and cute. Their "Whale Tales" Nintendo Switch Lite skin has a simple enough design that doesn't necessarily scream Animal Crossing, but for true fans, it will remind them of their own private desert island even when they're not playing.


2. LookHuman

At Look Human, their slogan is "Dress Yourself To Express Yourself," making it their mission to empower self-expression through exceptional designs. Holding true to their mantra, their fresh graphics are always entertaining whether in the form of a plush beach towel, sticker, or a fluffy pillow. This includes clothing (of course) with edgy designs like the hilarious "B*tch Better Have My Bells" tee for more mature Animal Crossing players. Adults fans could also accessorize with the cheeky, "I'd Let You Visit My Island" phone case, being the nerdiest way to low-key flirt with a fellow islander while flaunting their fandom.


1. Etsy

Reminiscent of a massive craft fair, Etsy is the creme de la creme of homemade items. With over sixty billion items in its marketplace, this is the ultimate site for Animal Crossing gear. Apart from their endless pages of clothing, there are products rarely seen anywhere else, for example, high-top sneakers. Sporting an eye-catching multi-color villager print, these are genuinely a treasure. Their stock also expands far beyond simple apparel, particularly with the Animal Crossing town sign lamp. Not to mention players can surprisingly buy in digital content like billions in bells or hundreds of Nooks miles tickets for super cheap.

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