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11 of the Best "The Sims 4" Mods for Romance, Love, and Woohoo

Love, romance, and woohoo get better with mods.

Love, romance, and woohoo get better with mods.

A Sucker for Romance

Yes, I am a sucker for romance. I admit it. That's why when I play The Sims 4, there is always some kind of romantic storyline worked into the mix. I enjoy watching the drama unfold, watching those first kisses and first heartbreaks. I love seeing "happily ever afters" in progress.

The way the basic game handles love and woohoo is a little bland for me, truth be told. That's why I owe so much to fans who have created unofficial modifications (or "mods"). Mods can kick the game up a few notches, especially in the areas of romance, love, and woohoo.

Before Using Mods

  • Mods are not created or inspected by the game company Electronic Arts Inc. or by Maxis, the creator of The Sims games. They are fan-made, unofficial add-ons.
  • Mods can occasionally conflict with game content or with other mods. Back up your computer or game before installing and using mods. Check for updates to the mods occasionally, especially after new game releases and patches.
  • Make sure you download mods from reputable sources that are recommended by other Sim fans.
  • Remove mods before official updates to The Sims and check mods one by one to make sure they are compatible with new game patches.
  • If you like a modder's work, continue supporting them to help them keep making and updating their mods.

First Love in The Sims 4

In the official The Sims 4 game, love is for teens or older people. With this mod by popular modder LittleMsSam, children can enjoy a little romance, too, in the form of a first crush.

The interactions are perfectly innocent. If a child's friendship bar with another Sim gets full, they can reveal they have a crush and perform interactions such as hugging or stargazing together. After a while, the child can also ask the crush to be their boyfriend/girlfriend.

“SimDa” Dating App

LittleMsSam also made a great dating app for your Sims who are looking for love. Your Sims can access "SimDa" dating app through their phones. It works much like real-life dating apps. Your Sims can search for a new potential love interest or set up a blind date with someone.

If your Sim is a bit of a player, they can look for and set up a one-night stand through SimDa.

The First Love and "SimDa" Dating App mod, along with LittleMsSam's other mods, can all be found on her Tumblr page.

Romantic Slow Dancing Mod

With this mod by Sacrificial, which can be downloaded here, your Sims can enjoy a slow romantic dance together. Unlike in the regular game, Sims will put their arms around each other and gaze at each other, looking totally smitten. They can also be prompted to hug or have a little make-out session while dancing. While this is going on, they will get flirty moodlets, and their romance bar for the couple will increase.

Sometimes this mod's animations can be a little off. An arm might go through a torso occasionally for a moment, or a hand might be misplaced, but I haven't found these minor glitches extensive enough or bad enough to ruin the experience for me.

More Realistic Animations

One Sim whispers something to another Sim. Then both of them seem to get very excited. One jumps and pumps her fist in the air; the other clenches his hands and throws his head back to cheer. If you never saw the game before, you might think one Sim just revealed to the other that his favorite team won the big game or that a great new band was coming to town for a concert.

A regular player will recognize the interactions, though: one Sim just propositioned another for a little woohoo, and the proposition was accepted.

The game maker's animation choices for this particular scenario are rather odd. Modder Shimrod101 fixes it with the mod "Woohoo Acceptance Anims Replaced." With this mod, when one Sim propositions another, their reactions are a little more flirty and sexy—much more fitting with the mood.

With the Pillow Talk mod, your Sims will sit up in bed and be playful or cuddly with each other for a minute.

With the Pillow Talk mod, your Sims will sit up in bed and be playful or cuddly with each other for a minute.

Pillow Talk

Speaking of more realistic animations, Shimrod101 also has a mod that changes the after-woohoo animations. Usually, in the game, Sims just roll over and go to sleep, or they'll get up and go back to their daily business.

With the Pillow Talk mod, they'll sit up in bed and be playful or cuddly with each other for a minute.

You can find Shimrod101's mods here.

WooHoo Lover Trait

If you want to play a real player in The Sims 4, consider downloading this custom trait by modder Sims_Lover. You can give your Sim the "Woohoo Lover" trait to turn him into a serious playboy (or to turn her into a serious playgirl). Your Sims with this trait will get the urge to woohoo a lot and get more romantic buffs for woohoo-ing.

Risky Woohoo

In the original, unmodified games, Sims have two options. They can woohoo with their partner or try for a baby. If they just woohoo, they won't get pregnant. If they try for a baby, they will most likely get pregnant.

With this mod by PolarBearSims, who is my favorite all-time modder, you can make all woohoo risky so that there is a chance of pregnancy. After all, even in real life, no birth control is 100% effective.

It's nice to see your Sims get spontaneous and choose their own partners.

It's nice to see your Sims get spontaneous and choose their own partners.

Autonomous Romantic Interactions

Do you ever get tired of your Sims always having to make the first move? The way the game is set up, you have to initiate the action if you want your Sim to have a first kiss with a non-player Sim they're dating. Your Sim always has to be the one to propose to their boyfriend or girlfriend or has to be prompted to suggest moving in together. Even divorce is totally up to you instead of up to the married Sims.

If you're a control freak, you might like that you get to decide all these aspects of your Sim's life. For other players, it is a sad lack of surprises when it comes to relationships.

PolarBearSims has a series of mods to make all these actions autonomous. Your Sim might initiate a first kiss or propose without you telling them to do so. Alternatively, their boyfriend or girlfriend might surprise them and make the first move or pop the question. These mods add a little excitement to the game.

Ghost Babies

In The Sims 4, ghosts can be played a lot like living Sims. You can make them active members of your household, have them get married, get a job, and go on with life after death.

One of the few things that ghosts could not do was get pregnant and have babies. Now, thanks to PolarBearSims, they can.

You can check out all of PolarBearSims mods on her website.

Modders have imagined all kinds of things that can make the game more fun and open up new adventures.

Modders have imagined all kinds of things that can make the game more fun and open up new adventures.

MC Command Center Mod

MC Command Center is one of the biggest, most game-changing mods known to The Sims 4.

This all-in-one mod allows you to control just about everything, from slowing your Sim's need decay to letting you have some control over non-player Sims. The MCCC mod has an additional package of mods designed explicitly for issues pertaining to woohoo.

MC Command Center allows you to do what many other mods do and more. You can enable autonomous proposals, kisses, and woohoo-ing. You can enable risky woohoo or alter the odds of pregnancy to suit your liking. You can disable jealousy or allow your Sims to be polygamists. They even include a special woohoo skill so that as your Sims level up in the art of love, they will get better and leave their partners more satisfied.

You can review and download both parts of MCCC, by modder Deaderpool, at his website here.

Wicked Whims

Wicked Whims is the ultimate "Not Safe for Work" Sims mod. The main mod is by Turbodriver, but many other collaborators offer a variety of animations you can add to expand the mod.

This mod is so extreme that many popular The Sims message forums ban mention of it. This mod is so controversial I'm not going to go into details, and I'm not providing a link to it. I'm just letting you know it's out there.

Suffice it to say that this mod can take your game from a PG rating to an R, X, or XXX rating with one download. If you're over 18 years old and plan to search for it, just be forewarned that you may find some of the content shocking or offensive.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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