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How to Build a Starter Home in "The Sims 4"

Jaeda loves playing "The Sims." She loves building, and creating really fun storylines! She has been playing "The Sims" since she was eight!


Playing The Sims 4 can be so much fun! But not everyone finds it fun to build. Not everyone finds it fun to use cheats! Here we discuss ways to make building a little easier, and not needing to use freerealestate on. If that is what appeals to you, that's fine! Keep reading if you want to know how to build the perfect starter home!

Create a playtester Sim first.

Create a playtester Sim first.

Before Building

To keep track of your spendings, I find it easiest to create your family BEFORE building their home. Even if you aren't making it for a specific family, create a playtester Sim, like mine. (You can find her on the gallery—Jaedarian1 is my ID and she is called "Playtester.")

If you make a larger family, you will start with more funds automatically. You can use them if you like, or just build with your playtester Sim and then move your family in after.

Build small, build smart.

Build small, build smart.

Getting Started

The smaller the lot, the cheaper the lot! There are advantages to choosing a smaller lot to build your starter home on, but the main advantage would have to be the lower price. I try and pick a 20x15 or 30x20. For this build, I have chosen a 20x15. Another advantage of a smaller lot is that you CANNOT build a huge home! This is very beneficial here because it limits you to using fewer objects.

The first thing you will do once moving your family is to start on the exterior walls!

Here are some tips I have when starting your exterior walls.

  • start with a box in the center(ish) of your lot. My box in the picture is 8x7.
  • add bump-outs around the box to give your house a little more dimension. I have added four that all mirror each other, but do it however you want!
  • After this, I will delete the extra interior walls that I do not want! (Pictured below.)
  • I have also added two porch pieces, one in the back and one in the front.

Tip: walls can be expensive, so try and keep them to a minimum!

Roofs and foundations are free!

Roofs and foundations are free!

Roofing and Foundation

Good news! Both of these features are FREE. These are very easy ways to make your house look really good, or not so good!

Starting with the foundation. You can raise your house as little or as much as desired. This is free, and really is a preference! Don't forget your foundation paint!

Onto the roofing:

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  • put one big roof piece onto your initial box that you created. I like to always use a gabled roof for this.
  • Fill in the rest of the roof pieces on your bump-outs!
  • Add roof trim and shingles. These items are also free and add so much value to the home!
This can be expensive!

This can be expensive!

Doors, Windows, and Siding OH MY

Depending on your style this part can be spendy!

Try and pick cheap yet tasteful doors and windows! If you have the Parenthood game pack I recommend the windows that I used because they're HUGE yet only $30!

Picking a perfect front door can be tricky. You want it to sort of look like a front door, but cheap at the same time! Mine was only $175, not bad!

Exterior paint can make or break a house. Picking the right color is so important! Here I went with a grey "clapboard crush."

A basic porch.

A basic porch.


I actually decided to take my back porch off of the build and make my front porch a little bigger. I realized that I didn't really have that much back yard to work with, and a porch was an unnecessary expense.

Here you'll want to pick cheap stairs, fencing, and railing (if desired). I used the fence and railing from seasons, and the "unremarkable staircase."

Don't forget to add flooring to the porch, and I like to use terrain paint (because it is free) as a path to the porch. Don't forget a mailbox and outdoor trashcan!

Save money by saving landscaping for last.

Save money by saving landscaping for last.


Finally, we are moving to the inside of the house.

BUT WHAT ABOUT LANDSCAPING?? Landscaping is something I like to do at the end to make sure I have enough money to get what I need inside!

If you're like me, you are moving into the interior of the house with just under $15,000. This is a great amount to be able to use on the interior!

Floorplans can be hard to figure out, but I have a few tips to make it a little easier!

  • I like to have my kitchen with an outside wall. It is very realistic.
  • I like to put my bedrooms towards the back of the house.
  • I like to put my living room near the front door.
  • To save a little money on walls having the kitchen and dining room be an open floor plan is helpful. (You could leave the living room open as well, but closing it off makes it a little cozier.)
Light is a necessity, but the fixtures don't need to look pretty.

Light is a necessity, but the fixtures don't need to look pretty.


Every builder is different, but I usually could care less about what kind of light fixtures I have in my home. I usually take the "super subtle saucer light" and place it in every room. ESPECIALLY, in starter home builds because they are stupid cheap!

Use an archway to open up the dining room area.

Use an archway to open up the dining room area.

Interior Doors

I used the season's interior doors because they are very cheap, and I also used one archway to open up the dining room area.

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to furnish.

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to furnish.


I like to start with the bathroom because it is, in my opinion, the easiest room to furnish.

If you have toddlers or pets in your family, you will need to have a bathtub. The tub shower combos are very expensive. It is cheaper to get a separate tub and shower—if you have the room for both.

I used the cheapest toilet available in the game.

I did choose a little bit more of an expensive sink, but I think the other options are not as cute! Do not forget a mirror above the sink! This is useful for a lot of functions in Live Mode.

If you are going to choose one expensive thing for the living room, make it the TV.

If you are going to choose one expensive thing for the living room, make it the TV.

Living Room

I chose to do the living room next because it is small and also easy to furnish.

Living rooms can get expensive for one main reason . . . TVs! If you want a nicer, more expensive TV make sure you compensate for it with cheaper furniture.

A cheap rug, lamp, and plant can really tie the whole space together.

So small!

So small!


I have quotations around word entryway because it is so small I'm not sure you can call it that. I have the Seasons expansion pack so I added a thermostat, an attic decoration bac, and an umbrella holder.

I also added a rug and coat rack!

Don't forget a trashcan!

Don't forget a trashcan!


I ended up using the Parenthood counters because they are not that much more expensive than the cheap ugly, base game counters. Another reason I chose them is that they have a "farmers" sink that matches the counters. And it is WAY cheaper than buying a counter and then buying a sink. Don't forget a trashcan for the kitchen!

Keep the dining room small.

Keep the dining room small.

Dining Room

Dining rooms can be tricky to furnish if they're too big. I always try to have a small dining room that way I do not have to add much besides the dining table! A centerpiece, rug, and floor plant can fill the room up easily!

Ever bedroom needs a computer.

Ever bedroom needs a computer.


I was getting pretty low on funds, so this bedroom turned out pretty plain. I think every build needs a computer of some sort because they are essential to gameplay. Also, the bed is on a half-tile. This IS usable on both sides. I like to put carpet in bedrooms, to make them seem cozier.

Last but not least!

Last but not least!


I ended up putting a few pieces of landscaping!

Let me know what you think of this build, and if there are any tips that you would've added! You can find this starter home in the gallery. My ID is Jaedarian1 and it is called "Starter Home." It ended up only being $18,615!

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