12 Clever (or Downright Sneaky!) Ways to Use Clubs in "The Sims 4"

Updated on July 8, 2019
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Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

The Potential of Joining Clubs

The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack introduces the concept of clubs. Clubs are supposed to be fun social opportunities that allow your Sims to meet with friends and enjoy their favorite activities.

But did you know you could get a little sneaky with clubs and use them for things like advancing your Sim's goals, exploiting free labor or making lots of simoleons? Here are 10 clever (or even sneaky) ways to use clubs to your advantage.

You will definitely want your Sim to join a club.
You will definitely want your Sim to join a club. | Source

Find Your Sim's Next Target

If you're playing fan challenges that require your Sim to find multiple love interests, baby daddies or, as in some of the darker challenges, victims, a club is a great place to meet them.

Find a Baby Daddy/Baby Mama

You can tailor the club to draw non-committal Sims looking to woohoo. This can help you cut out all the time wasted looking for your next partner and seducing him. You can cut straight to the chase.

Find Your Next Victim

If your challenge involves looking for the next heart to break, or the next spouse you plan to kill, then form a singles club. You can set it to draw lots of romantics looking for love. You can totally take advantage of them.

Find Your Next Meal

Got vampires? What could be an easier way for them to meet some charming young plasma donors?

A Vampire's Gotta Eat, Too!

Lure in victims (willing and unwilling) by starting a vampire club with activities like "drink plasma" and "use vampire powers".
Lure in victims (willing and unwilling) by starting a vampire club with activities like "drink plasma" and "use vampire powers". | Source

Slave Labor

If you need stuff done around the house, why pay for a maid, gardener or repair man? Your Sim can simply get her club to do all the dirty work.

Cooking Club

If your Sim can't keep up with cooking, start a cooking club and have some friends come over to stock the fridge. Be sure when starting the club to put "eating" on the banned activity list, so your club members don't consume all the food.

Clean Club

A maid is just a waste of money. A clean club will come over instantly whenever you start a meeting, and they'll do all the dirty work for free.

Free Repairs

Maybe your Sim just hasn't had enough time to get those repair skills up. That's okay, with a repair club. Your club members will come and fix things whenever you need them, and for free.

Of course, the smartest move of all would be to create a club for cooking, cleaning, and repairing. That way you can have your very own team to keep your Sim's home in tip-top shape.

Make Simoleons from Your Club

Your Sim has to earn a living, but there is only so much one Sim can do—especially when he hasn't gotten very far in his career yet, or had a chance to build up advanced skills. Your Sim doesn't have to be broke, though. Just let him start a club.

Gardening Club

A gardening club is not just for helping around the house; many crops can be sold for lots of simoleons. Gardens are time-consuming, though, so let the club members do all your weeding and watering for you. Just be sure to harvest all the plants for yourself before they get there.

Painting Club

Invest in a few easels and invite over a bunch of artsy types. They'll have fun painting at your house, and they'll leave you all their paintings! You can sell the artwork and pocket the profits.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Is it cheating to exploit club members for labor, money, or victims?

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Raise Your Kids in Clubs

Forget scouts or after-school jobs. Put your children and teens in clubs, instead. Not only does this keep their social and fun bars full, but it helps them learn faster and gain valuable skills early.

Homework Clubs

Kids will all settle in and do their homework together. With club points, you can buy traits that will allow them to increase their mental skills even faster when the club is in session.

Skill-Building Clubs

Do you have plans to play your Sim's teens when they age up to young adults? You can get them to jumpstart the skills they need for the career you want them to have. The best way to raise a kid you hope will become an actor, a musician, a scientist or a gamer is to get them into clubs that do these activities while they're still young.

Keep Kids Fit

Sim kids can grow up to be overweight and out of shape if they don't get enough exercise when young. Get your kids into a club that keeps them active, and you won't have to worry about it.

"I'd Like to Thank My Teen Drama Club..."

"...for helping me get to level 10 in acting and guitar playing before adulthood."
"...for helping me get to level 10 in acting and guitar playing before adulthood." | Source

Get a Skills Boost Bonus From Basic Self-Care

Keep in mind that you get points in your club whenever it's gathered and members are doing club activities. You can spend those points on building skills to give yourself a boost.

Household Skills Boosting Club

Put all your household members in a club and make eating, sleeping and bathing two club activities. Now, add one or two other activities that you want your Sims to learn how to do quickly. Start a meeting and let your Sims go about their day. Whenever they shower, eat and sleep, they'll get club points, which you can then spend to boost the desired skills. They will level up quickly!

When they max out one skill, you can change it to another and keep knocking them out.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Kenzie Cartwright


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