Fun Club Ideas for the Sims 4: Get Together

Updated on January 10, 2019
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Brittany is an avid Sims fan and has been playing and modding the games since the first Sims title was released in 2000!

Fun club ideas for the Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack!
Fun club ideas for the Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack! | Source

The Sims 4: Get Together is the second expansion pack in the Sims 4 video game franchise. The EP adds in a new town, Windenburg, several new game play objects and clothing options, and the ability to form clubs with your Sims. The club system is one of the most in-depth features of the Sims 4 currently; you can create a club for just about anything in the game, give your club members rules to abide by, and gather all your club members with just a click of the button.

The pack comes with some preset clubs, and most players have created clubs with their Sim's friends or family members, but a lot of players ran out of fun ideas for clubs. I've gathered some of my favourite ideas for Get Together clubs to add to your game play experience, recreate the feeling of “afterschool” activities for children or teens, or liven up community lots.

Boy Scouts

Create a Boy Scouts club for your child Sims!
Create a Boy Scouts club for your child Sims!

Boy Scouts (or Girl Scouts) can be a great club for children or teen Sims. I made the club initially for my Sim children. The club consists of both boys in the household, their dad, another adult in the town, and the rest of the members are male, child Sims. The club gathering area is any park in the game- so each time a club meeting begins, the group will meet at any random park in the game.

I set up some rules for the club, like playing on playground equipment, finding frogs, being nice to one another, fishing and grilling (for the adults, so that the adults in the club can grill food for the scouts to enjoy). If you have the City Living expansion pack, you can also do fun things let set up a “yard sale” at any park, and sell the frogs and fish your club find for some extra cash.

Thanks to this adorable CC scouts uniform by inabadromance, I was able to give my Boy Scouts a cute uniform. However, you can make a uniform of your own by going into the club options (your Sim must be the club's leader) and setting a uniform using the clothing already in the game.

If you'd like to have a Girl Scouts club instead, you totally can. Use the same club ideas above, and make your own uniform from the game's clothing!

Choir Club

Make a choir club- get together and practice your singing skill!
Make a choir club- get together and practice your singing skill!

Another fun idea is to make a choir club! If you have the City Living expansion pack, you'll have access to the new Singing Skill. Why not gather some Sims together and create a “choir” for them to sing together in?

You can even have a club requirement be that all Sims have a singing skill (or creative skill for kids) of 2+ or higher, before you allow them to join.

Skill building clubs can really be used for any skills in the game; you can create a baking club, or a guitar club, a handiness club, or gardening club- whatever you'd like. But I thought a choir would be a cute and creative club for my Sims (plus I sang in choir when I was younger and wanted my Sims to do it too ;)).

If you're looking for the CC I used to decorate my choir club with, check out this DIY Record Store custom content set that I created!

Ballet Class

Make a ballet club for your little girl Sims!
Make a ballet club for your little girl Sims!

One of the new things that Get Together introduced is the Dancing skill. I took the idea for a dancing club and changed it a bit: ballet class!

Of course, Sims don't do real ballet movements, but you can still pretend and make something fun for little girl Sims to do! The only club activity is dancing, and I even made a little ballet studio using CC (though you can make your own with the game's objects) inside of the gym at Windenburg. I also used some cute ballet skirts and shoes from Marigold for their uniforms.

Whenever the club gathers, the Sims show up in their uniforms and go to the ballet studio and dance! It's very cute and another way to level up skills and tell stories with your game.

School Clubs

Follow your Sims to school by making clubs in Get Together!
Follow your Sims to school by making clubs in Get Together!

I won't go into too much detail about this one, because I've already done a whole tutorial on it, but you can also use the Get Together clubs to make a functioning school for your kids and teens (you could even make a “college” for young adults, if you want!).

Build a school community lot, or download one from the Gallery and place it in your town. Make some clubs of "students" with your child Sim and other children Sims in your town. Make some Club Activities related to children (like "Use the Science Table" or "Use the Activity Table"), and send/follow them to "school"!

You can read the full tutorial here, and get started on making your own school clubs!

Community Lot Clubs

My cinema, filled with the Cinemaphile club autonomously gathering!
My cinema, filled with the Cinemaphile club autonomously gathering!

This one is to set up the world around you, less for your actual gameplay.

Ever go to a community lot in The Sims 4 and see that it's completely empty? Or filled with people doing weird and inappropriate things? The cool thing about clubs in Get Together is that they'll still gather autonomously, even when you're not playing the active household. You can use the club system to force Sims on the community lots, and to even modify their behaviour on said lots!

As an example, I created a "cinema" in my game, using the objects from the Hangout Movie Stuff pack. I got tired of no one being in the theater when my Sims showed up, so I went to one of my unplayed households, created a "Cinemaphile" club, made their Club Activity to "Watch Movies" and their hangout as the Cinema, and now whenever I go to the Cinema, there are already Sims there, watching movies!

It works pretty well to make your worlds feel a bit more full and realistic. Give it a try!

Download Zerbu's More Club icons mod for more icon options!
Download Zerbu's More Club icons mod for more icon options!

There's a few great mods you can use to make your Get Together clubs even better! Here's my top picks:

  • More Club Icons- Gives you 230 more club icons that you can use for your clubs!
  • More Than 8 Club Members- Allows you to have up to 1,000 members in your clubs
  • More Clubs Per Sim- Allows your Sim to join a maximum of 9 clubs (instead of 3)
  • Unlimited Club Points- Allows you to add or subtract any number of club points
  • Gender Filters For Clubs- One of the restrictions missing from Get Together is to add club members by gender...this mod adds that option in.
  • Custom Club Interactions (by Konansock)- Adds in tons of Club Activity interactions from all the DLC packs (things like "Use Bubble Blower" or "Dig for Treasure" were oddly not added to the Get Together Actvity List, this adds them in), and also adds in custom interactions for mods like Zerbu's Go to School mod, or brittpinkiesims' Fashion Career mod!
  • Custom Club Interactions (by IceMunMun)- Adds in more Club Activity interactions from the DLC packs (there's no overlap with her mod and Konasock's).

I've actually tried ALL of these Mods and use them in my game and they all make creating and using clubs even better than before!

Credits: All screenshots and pictures are from my game play; interior school screenshots are from my Windenburg Elementary lot, ballet classroom is from my Ballet Classroom, and Cinema shots are from my Regal Cinema lot. You can find all my lots on the Sims 4 Gallery under brittpinkie.

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      • profile image

        mimi landgrabb 

        3 months ago

        "You can use the club system to force Sims on the community lots, and to even modify their behaviour on said lots!"

        omg this is genius I can finally make better community lots I love you

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        Great ideas for sims 4 to get together. thanks for sharing this post.

      • dredcuan profile image

        Travel Chef 

        18 months ago from California

        Sims has been my favorite game since I was a kid. I am interested to try this Sims 4. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Lovely Ideas! So many opportunities! Will use some when I get this expansion one day.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Wasn't that interested in this expansion when it was released but what a great feature to make your sims world more lived in/go out with bigger groups.

        Thanks for the review. :)


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