Easy Ways to Level Your “Blaze of Battle” Civic Center

Updated on August 10, 2020
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Blaze of Battle Tips and Tricks

Learn to quickly level-up your "Blaze of Battle" Civic Center.
Learn to quickly level-up your "Blaze of Battle" Civic Center. | Source

About the Blaze of Battle App

Blaze of Battle is a simulation game where players from around the world compete to build empires, create alliances, and battle with real players. With over a million downloads, it's a very popular game. There are lots of other players to ally with and go to war against.

In this game, you level your character, Civic Center, dragon, and knights. Of these, it is most important to pay close attention to your civic center (until level 14). User engagement allows for dynamic leveling. The Civic Center will achieve higher levels as you check in with your empire.

An empire revolves around the Civic Center. It's your main building, but other buildings need to be leveled up to make progress with your main building. But the Civic Center is just one aspect of your Empire that you will need to level up. Your Lord's level and your Dragon's level will also help you increase your empire's production.

The farther you get in the game, the more important your dragon will become. It will help you fight monsters, gather resources, and other skills. But be careful—other empires can capture your dragon and hold it for ransom.

Priorities for Civic Center Upgrades

Before wasting precious free resources and speed-ups, take the time to understand how to level the Civic Center. First, level other buildings that are listed as prerequisites. When you click “upgrade,” you can see a list of other buildings that need to be upgraded first. Don’t randomly build or upgrade without referencing your Civic Center first.

To succeed in this simulation game, engage your multitasking abilities to maximize farming resource production. Another important tip is to join a good guild—one filled with active players. A good alliance will result in important extra bonuses.

How to Level Your “Blaze of Battle” Civic Center Fast:

  • Join an active alliance
  • Monitor resources and prerequisites to level your Civic Center

  • Obtain a town shied and always keep it on

  • Collect V.I.P bonuses

  • Train troops

  • Use troops to gather resources

  • Request resources from alliances

  • Participate in events

  • Continually upgrade buildings

  • Do all tasks with VIP to auto-complete

  • Get and upgrade your dragon

  • Get and upgrade your knights

Blaze of Battle is best played with others. Join an alliance to dominate the game.
Blaze of Battle is best played with others. Join an alliance to dominate the game. | Source

Finding an Active Guild

Blaze of Battles is a multiplayer simulation game. To succeed, you must join an alliance.

What is an alliance? An alliance, or guild, is a group of players working together on common goals. There are lots of free rewards and perks that come with being a member of a good alliance.

Low-level players may struggle to find a good alliance. Don’t be afraid to leave an alliance that shows little activity.

When you find a group you really like, you will get daily perks, gifts, and other rewards. With the support of a good alliance, you will have a high-level Civic Center in no time.

A Blaze of Battle alliance allows up to a hundred members. You can find lots of helpful information about alliances in-game by clicking “i” in the alliance tab.

How to Choose a Good Blaze of Battle Alliance:

  • Populated stronghold

  • Active alliance chat

  • An alliance Notice Board with helpful instructions

  • Members sharing resources

  • Most members wear a shield when they are not at war

  • High gift level

  • Active alliance building with ongoing construction and research

Buffs help players level faster. Always keep a peace sield and VIP handy at all times.
Buffs help players level faster. Always keep a peace sield and VIP handy at all times. | Source

Important Buffs

There are a lot of buffs in Blaze of Battles. The two most important buffs are your shield and V.I.P bonus. It is difficult to progress without these two buffs. Learning to maintain them should be one of the first things you do.

There are many other types of buffs that help you progress quickly. You can buy them in the shop and win them in chests. Not only can you find these buffs in the shop in your item list, but you can also find them in the alliance store.

Useful buffs for progression:

  • VIP
  • Shields
  • Food production boost
  • Wood production boost
  • Stone production boost
  • Iron production boost
  • Gold production boost
  • Increased troop attack and defense
  • Enlargeded March size
  • Troop upkeep savings
  • Increase Gathering speed

V.I.P. Bonuses

Activating your V.I.P bonus gives you access to special buffs and speed-ups. VIP can seem a little confusing at first. You can accumulate points and check how long you have for your V.I.P when you click on the red crown icon on top.

Here you can find out what level your V.I.P. is, and how many more points you need for your next level. You can also find out what bonuses you get from each level. The more V.I.P. prestige you have, the faster your progression will be.

Some of the benefits include:

  • V.I.P. quests that level you up faster

  • Reduced construction and resource time

  • Auto-finish daily/alliance quests

  • Extra crystals and chests

  • Troop preset

  • An increased adventure Challenge Chances points

Maintaining Your Shield

Keeping your alliance shielded at all times protects your alliance from being plundered by other players. Good alliances even go as far as requiring its members to stay shielded at all times (unless at war). If your alliance gets attacked, you will lose resources and troops. It will be impossible to level your Civic Center like that.

Some ways to get a shield include:

  • Alliance store

  • Item store

  • Win in chests

  • Win in challenges

How to Progress Quickly: Farm, produces and plunder.
How to Progress Quickly: Farm, produces and plunder. | Source

Strategic Planning

Blaze of Battle is a challenge of multi-tasking. It’s one of those brain-stimulating games that keep you on your toes. Progression requires you to plan your town wisely. To level your Civic Center quickly, it is necessary to quickly plan wisely.

If you join a good alliance, they can help you learn to plan and provide needed resources. This game helps improve critical thinking, social engagement, and multi-tasking.


If you enjoy multitasking, this is a good game for you. Blaze of Battle is a well-supported game, with lots of in-game instructions. The lower case level “i” represents information about the game.

While you wait for your troops to gather resources, upgrade buildings, and research, using the in-game information to learn how to level fast.

What to multitask:

  • Construction

  • Research

  • Troop training

  • Trap building

  • Gain force

  • Train dragon

  • Level knights

  • Alliance challenges

  • Gather resources

  • Level Civic Center

  • Level lord

  • Use items

  • Manage V.I.P and shields

  • Check alliance notice board

  • Donate to alliance construction and research

Go, Quest, and Be Merry

Blaze of Battle can provide you with hours of fun, even if you don't spend cash on gems. In your character menu, make sure to check for any achievement bonuses you have earned. These milestones give you free gems. Participating in challenges and holiday events can get you even more free gems, resources, and speed-ups.

While enjoying this multiplayer simulation game, don't forget to enjoy the social aspect. Once you find an alliance you love, you might find you make some new friends. Utilize guild chat, add players to your friends list, and use private message to make the most of this great game.

© 2019 Jade Griffin


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