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10 "Fallout Shelter" Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

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Fallout Shelter is one of the most addictive, fun free games out there. Released on multiple platforms, including mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch, it's a great way to kill 20 minutes, and it has a surprising amount of depth. However, getting started in Fallout Shelter can be tricky, and there are a lot of common mistakes that new players make. To help you avoid these traps, this article lists 10 tips and tricks to help you start your vault off on the right foot. From which rooms to prioritize building to how to make some extra caps, these 10 do's and don'ts are great advice for anyone who wants their Fallout Shelter journey to be as smooth and fun as possible.

Fallout Shelter Tips and Tricks

Here are some things you should do in Fallout Shelter.

Train up Your Dwellers as Quickly as Possible

Training rooms take up a lot of space and power, but once you've got a few fully upgraded generators on the go, it's a great idea to start building them as fast as possible. Increasing your Dwellers' natural SPECIAL stats is a sure-fire way to make them better workers, explorers, and questers. In addition to this, babies born to parents with high SPECIAl stats have a higher chance of being born with good SPECIAL stats themselves, which cuts out some of the work that you need to do in training your later generations.

Go on Quests as Much as You can

Once you build the overseer's office, a whole new, exciting aspect to Fallout Shelter is revealed. You can now send your Dwellers on quests; missions to rescue other vaults, seek out special Dwellers, or fight particularly nasty bands of raiders. The rewards for completing quests are unparalleled; you have the opportunity to earn thousands of CAPS and score some sweet outfits and weapons to boot. To take full advantage of this fun feature of the game, make sure to send your Dwellers on quests as much as possible. Equip your team with powerful weapons and outfits and load them up with Stimpaks and RadAways to ensure you have the highest chance of success on your quest.

Upgrade Rooms Before You Build More

Building more rooms to create jobs as fast as possible is tempting, but in terms of your resource levels, it's a mistake. If your vault gets too big, your power generating rooms won't be able to keep up, and rooms that are shut down due to a lack of electricity can't make anything at all. A lot of people come across this problem and find their resources dwindling at an alarming rate. To prevent this, focus on upgrading your existing rooms before you build new ones.


Upgrade Your Vault Door ASAP

Attacks from raiders, feral ghouls, and other Wasteland menaces can be terrifying at the start of the game when you probably have precious few weapons to distribute amongst your Dwellers. Having a few extra seconds at the start of an attack to position your best Dwellers on the top floor of your vault can make all the difference. Upgrading your vault door isn't too costly and provides you with those life-saving few seconds. Make it a priority!

Amass Weapons and Outfits as Fast as You Can

It can be tempting to sell weapons and outfits for extra CAPS, but unless every single one of your Dwellers is already kitted out, this is a big mistake! Outfits provide great boosts to your Dwellers' SPECIAL stats, which makes them more efficient workers in their assigned rooms and more likely to survive quests or wasteland trips. Likewise, weapons are invaluable when your vault is under attack from raiders or when you need an extra power boost on quests. Make sure to have a good stock of weapons and outfits, with a few spare in reserve to hand out to new Dwellers.

Make Use of Your Best Gear

High-level guns are useless in the hands of pregnant Dwellers or Dwellers with low SPECIAL. Strength-boosting military fatigues are useless when given to a Dweller that needs a perception boost. A pet that increases the chance of finding junk in the wasteland is wasted on a Dweller who never sets foot outside the vault. While lower-level gear can be distributed somewhat randomly, make sure to be careful with your more powerful gear and pets and distribute them where they're really needed.


Things to Avoid in Fallout Shelter

Here are some things you should not do in Fallout Shelter.

Overpopulate Your Vault

Overpopulating your vault early on is a critical mistake that many Fallout players make. It can be tempting to get all of your female Dwellers pregnant as quickly as possible to boost your population and unlock more rooms, but if you don't have the infrastructure to support a large number of inhabitants then you'll find yourself in hot water. Children drain your food and water without contributing anything, and even once they're grown, if you don't have jobs available, then your adult Dwellers will be forced to roam aimlessly, chewing up resources. To prevent this problem, put a cap on the number of pregnancies you allow at any one time and make sure that you have extra jobs before increasing your population.

Ignore Your Objective List

Early on in the game, the easiest way to get some extra CAPS and to earn lunch boxes and pet crates is to complete objectives. Because of this, making sure to regularly check off your tasks and actively work towards them is one of the best moves that you can make. The game lets you skip one task a day (without using extra Nuka-Cola). Take advantage of this by only skipping the most difficult or time-consuming tasks.


Being Afraid to Rush Rooms

Rushing rooms can be scary; the anticipation while you're waiting to find out the outcome, the disappointment of seeing that big red "FAILED" sign, and the stress of dealing with the fire or bug infestation that comes afterward isn't fun. Despite this, rushing rooms is a great way to earn extra CAPS and gives a nice little XP bonus to boot. If you have some Dwellers with a high 'Lucky' stat working in the room you're rushing, then your chances of success are usually pretty good.

Ignore Your Dwellers' Health

It's easy to get attached to the little people living in your vault, which makes it sad when they die because of a mistake that you made. Obviously, sometimes a Dweller's death is unavoidable, but there are still some simple measures that you can take to minimize risk. Watching your Dwellers' health bars during conflicts and making sure to apply healing Stimpaks when needed is the most basic way to avoid deaths. Don't try and hold out until the last minute to apply Stimpaks; they're fairly easy to come by and should be used generously to get the best effect. Other than this, training up your Dwellers' 'endurance' stats and equipping them with protective armor is always a good idea.


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