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"FarmVille 2": Tips, Hints, and Tricks

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Improve your farming in "FarmVille 2" with these hints and tips.

Improve your farming in "FarmVille 2" with these hints and tips.

What's New

The sequel to the popular farm simulation game is far more graphically stunning than its predecessor. The game animation, 3D characters, and interface are top-notch and very user-friendly. The aim of the FarmVille 2 developers is to recreate the virtual farming experience by introducing new visuals, layout, and challenging quests to make your virtual farming experience more immersive.


In Zynga’s latest 3D farm sim game, all quests are connected. Watering seeds will give you crops, which when fed to livestock animals will produce food. The food can then be sold to the market for coins. Harvesting has been made a lot easier and decorations do more than hog your precious estate.


Some surprising social elements have been introduced to the game. Along with adding your friends, you can also join a unique “FarmVille Community” where you can add community friends who are outside your Facebook network and get help (parts, hiring friends to complete a building).


There is plenty more to do, including decorating your farm, adding friends to complete fun-themed objectives and buying land to expand your new farm. If you have played the original game, then you will find many things quite familiar. If you are new to this game or are finding many things confusing, then you might find these tips and hints quite useful. Don't forget to bookmark this guide, as it contains important hints and tricks.

How to Play

The game puts you into the shoes of someone who has inherited a family farm. The farm’s condition is poor and it is up to you to bring it back to life. You will need to plough empty land, water crops, and harvest them.

You can then sell the crop produce directly to earn coins or feed them to livestock animals to get food, which can then be sold at a higher price. All food products, vegetables, fruits, and other foods are sold via the market.

Farmville 2 Farming Tips

Farmville 2 Farming Tips

Farming Tips and Hints

All tasks are interdependent. You will need to water and harvest crops to get veggies and fruits. The vegetables and fruits should then be added to a feed mill to get livestock food. Feeding chickens and goats with the food will give you milk, eggs, and other animal produce. You can then sell them via the market to earn coins. Here are some more tips that will help make FarmVille 2 gameplay a bit easier:

  1. To plough land, click on the Tool icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen and click plots. Click on the empty land to add plots.
  2. Click on the empty plot to sow seeds. You can choose the crop seeds you want to sow via the General Store. Once sown, click on the plot once again to Water them.
  3. Water is precious. Note the water icon (Blue droplet) at the top-right corner of the screen. Water serves as “Energy” in this game and replenishes every after 3 minutes. It is crucial for crop growth.
  4. Next, click on the crops to harvest them once they are fully grown. Some crops, such as blueberries and wheat take time to grow. Wait for a few minutes and then click on the plot to harvest them.
  5. When you click to harvest crops, the vegetables and fruits get stored in the ingredients section in your inventory. To access this section, click on the inventory button at the bottom-left corner of the screen and select the pumpkin tab. Harvesting crops also earns you XP points.
  6. Some crops take time to harvest while others are quick. Of these, the quickest are tomatoes and Blueberry. Tomatoes can be harvested within 60 seconds, whereas Blueberries take 2 minutes. Take advantage of tomato crops to produce more food.
Selling Tips and Hints

Selling Tips and Hints

Selling Tips

  • Once you have collected vegetables and fruits, you have two options: Sell them directly via the market menu or use the feed mill to make livestock feed for animals.
  • Selling fruits and vegetables directly will earn you fewer coins. But converting them to animal feed via the Feed Mill and feeding them to animals will produce eggs, milk and other foodstuffs, which will yield more coins than raw veggie/fruits.
  • To sell goods, click on the Market Stand on the farm, click on the food and then click Sell. Notice the x3 at the top of each food. It shows how many units are available per food item. You can sell only the number units shown. Click multiple times to sell the same item.
  • Feed chickens, goats and other animals by clicking on them. For this, you should have animal feed ready with you. Check the feed icon at the top-right corner of the game screen to see how many you have. You get animal feed by adding fruits and vegetables into the Feed Mill.
Expanding Your Farm

Expanding Your Farm

Expansion Tips

  • Expand your farm by clicking on unexplored grassy areas, aka “overgrown fields”. Apart from coins, a few prerequisites have to be met to unlock these areas. Example: To unlock the Family Well, you will need to prove your farming and selling skills first and then purchase it with 1000 coins.
  • To know what each block of overgrown field needs, just click on it and you will get a list of tasks. Many unexplored fields will first require you to level up before getting access to a list of task to unlock it. Example: To unlock Camarillo Country land, you will need to reach level 30 and only then you can unlock a list of tasks to own that land.

General Store Tips

The General Store (See the screenshot above) can be accessed by clicking on the middle icon, just beside the Tools button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This store enlists seeds, animals, consumables, decorations, and trees. To plant trees, sow seeds or add animals to your barn you will need to access it and then select the seed/plant/animal.

  • When you are in the General Store window, place your mouse cursor over a seed or plant icon. To your right, in the Resources Produced section, you will notice some stats. These stats show the Sell Value, the number of feeds produced, and the recipes produced. They can be very useful as they provide a brief overview of a fruit/vegetable/tree’s worth.
  • Under Seeds/animals/trees tabs, you will notice mini-profiles of each vegetable. Inside each vegetable or fruit profile pic is the seconds/minutes/hours shown, giving you an idea about the time required for each seed to get harvested.
  • The animated profile pic to your right shows how many XP points (pink star) you will earn after harvesting the crop.
Tools Menu

Tools Menu

Additional Tips and Hints

  • Click on the Tools menu at the bottom-right corner of the game screen to get a list of important tools like plough tool, rotate and move tool. To remove a ploughed land or any other object, click on the Sell tool (dollar sign) and then click on the object you want to remove/sell.
  • To store an object in your inventory, click Tools > Move to Inventory and then click on the object.
  • To find a list of foods, fruits and vegetables collected, click on the Inventory menu (third menu, besides General Store).
  • To grow crops faster, give permission to the game to access your FB information. They will post your game news faster and in turn speed-grow your five crops.
  • In Farmville 2, you will need Crafting power to make recipes in your kitchen. But you might run out of crafting power. To earn it back, visit your neighbor’s farm and tend his/her country kitchen. You also get coins, XP and water by helping animals or by harvesting crops in your friend’s farm. You can use up to 5 energy points to help them out.
  • Complete tasks (icons to your left) to get more coins and XP points. The more XP you get, the more the chances of leveling up, which unlocks crops, trees, animals and unexplored fields.
  • You can hire farmhands by clicking on the haystacks with a water droplet sign at the top. Farmhands are actually your friends who will help you speed watering/harvesting crops and do other tasks. They can be extremely useful to produce bumpers crops. Click on the farmhand character and drop him on your ploughed land. He will water your crops and harvest them automatically. You can also use fertilizers to speed up things.

All screenshots are courtesy of Zynga


jooconnor on November 19, 2019:

I'm noticing that a lot of my farmville friends have grey plots. I thought the blue plots were the highest and I have been searching on the net trying to find some information about it. Any help would be great

nikki on March 31, 2013:

Im trying to place my plots but instead of getting a blue square i keep getting red ones. How do i fix it???

Jim on February 21, 2013:

You can'd delete trees. You can sell them. .Click on the "Tools" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the "$" icon. Click on the tree you want to sell, and it's sold. You can't keep trees in inventory...unfortunately!

suma on February 01, 2013:

i want to change trees in my farm is it possible to keep trees in inventory and change them

sri on January 23, 2013:

how can i deleate my trees frm farmville

parag on November 20, 2012:

power is for cooking,for each recipe u will need 1 power..

awesomeness on November 13, 2012:

what does the power do? why do i need it? i have a furnace but i dont know why i need it...

vikkie on November 13, 2012:

how do I use the power

robert on November 10, 2012:

i want to unsubscribe farmville 2 and the ville . i want only play farmvlle and castle ville .if i play too many games then i have no time foe me left to do other things on my computer.

Erika on November 09, 2012:

You can delete things click tools and click the object and click sell but i have a question what is the power for ????

lory on November 04, 2012:

i dont think you can delete items. its either you put it inside the inventory or sell it.

sue on October 28, 2012:

can anybody help me im wanting to no how can u delete things from my farmville 2 as i havent got a clue how to do it

rebb on October 18, 2012:


Do you know how to go to the faire ?