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A Complete Guide to "Scuba Diving at Quill Lake" in "Roblox"

Scuba Diving at Quill Lake is one of "Roblox's" best treasure-hunting games!

Scuba Diving at Quill Lake is one of "Roblox's" best treasure-hunting games!

Tons of Hidden Treasures

Scuba Diving in Quill Lake has been around on Roblox in some iteration or another since 2010, but it has received over 42 million visitors in the past three years. This game, created by Roblox developer ColonelGraff, is a popular treasure-hunting game where you explore Quill Lake, a vast and varied environment with areas like a pirate graveyard, intricate cave systems, and an underwater volcano.

One hundred artifacts are hidden throughout the map, waiting to be found and pawned for tons of coins. The denizens of Quill Lake have also lost some treasures of their own, and they will reward you if you find them. This guide will help you learn how to explore every inch of the map and find all of the artifacts and secrets in the game.

Sell your artifacts to the Pawn Shop to be able to buy upgrades for your gear.

Sell your artifacts to the Pawn Shop to be able to buy upgrades for your gear.

Buying and Selling

There are two places in Quill Lake to buy upgrades to your scuba equipment. The first shop is Steve's Scuba Gear, which sells these basic items:

  • Freedive Training for 50 coins - allows you to hold your breath for twice as long
  • Scuba Gear for 140 coins - allows you to use the scuba mask and air tank to supplement your breath and allows you to dive deeper
  • Advanced Suit for 60 coins - makes you swim faster
  • Flashlight for 20 coins - lights up dark caves
  • Geolocator for 25 coins - allows you to see your coordinates
  • Life Jacket for 40 coins - lets you resurface quickly
  • Dive Weight for 30 coins - helps you sink to the bottom quickly

Merlin's Shack is hidden on the far west side of the map at (-1170, 11, -378). He sells these special suits that unlock areas while you are wearing them:

  • Pirate Disguise for 120 coins - unlocks the Pirate's Cove
  • Hazmat Suit for 170 coins - unlocks the toxic area and sewers
  • Heat Suit for 220 coins - unlocks the underwater volcano
  • Ice Suit for 320 coins - unlocks the ice caverns

Merlin can also build you a power suit for 500 coins if you find all four parts to it (more on that later). Both Merlin's Shack and Steve's Scuba Gear also have places to refill your health and air tank for a small fee.

To sell things, go to the Pawn Shop, a white building on the beach with a green roof. The Pawn Shop also features several upgrades for your character:

  • Shack fast travel for 20 coins
  • Beach fast travel for 10 coins
  • Treasure chest keys for 30 coins - allows you to open the many chests you will find on the lake floor
  • Backpack upgrade 1 for 25 coins- allows you to carry three more items from a single dive
  • Backpack upgrade 2 for 50 coins - allows you to carry another three items on one trip

If you would like to buy a boat to travel faster across the lake, talk to Cleo, the blonde girl on the dock. She sells access to boats for 50 coins, and then you can spawn a boat by the dock whenever you like by clicking on one of the purple buttons on the dock.

Artifact Locations

Here is a list of all artifacts, organized by area and then alphabetically. In total, there are 100 artifacts for you to find, 94 of them being unrelated to quests, while 6 of these are. I recommend that you buy the geolocator first since this guide gives the coordinates for each piece of treasure. To pick up an artifact on the lake floor, press E.

The Flats

The Flats is the first area that you will have access to. It is a relatively flat, shallow area by the docks and to the right of the beach, and it spans from the sandy beach to the muddy area further out. There are 16 artifacts in this zone.

Many interesting things can be found on the lake floor in the Flats.

Many interesting things can be found on the lake floor in the Flats.

Artifacts in the Flats


Anchor Necklace

22, -33, 100

9 Cash

A symbol of the sea, worn by a proud sailor.


528, -71, 94

8 Cash

Somebody dropped their binoculars! Too bad...

Bling Necklace

200, -86, 183

10 Cash

Subtlety was not a concern of whoever owned this necklace.

Galaxy Emperor

255, -86, -12

16 Cash

The crown of a galaxy's emperor. Of which galaxy, it is unknown.

Gear Necklace

154, -66, 5

6 Cash

A necklace with a gear centerpiece.

Gold Pocket Watch

-102, -66, 194

14 Cash

This is a valuable collector's item!

Golden VIP Necklace

28, -85, -59

11 Cash

A VIP necklace! Does this mean I'm a VIP?

Knotwork Necklace

-51, -122, -160

10 Cash

A knotwork necklace. Perhaps the emblem of a ninja clan.

Mystic Spiral

607, -114, 128

10 Cash

A mysterious pendant from a forest kingdom.

Prince of the Seas

-151, -30, 98

10 Cash

The makeshift crown of the boy prince Ivan, who loved the sea.

Redcliff Pendant

277, -84, 192

12 Cash

The pendant belonged to an old Redcliff knight. How did it end up in this lake?

Serpent King

-5, -81, 40

13 Cash

In ancient times, this crown gave you power over the snakes.

Silver Star Crown

612, -65, -34

15 Cash

It's a beautiful crown honouring the stars of the night.

Snow Queen's Necklace

-110, -113, -75

16 Cash

The long-lost necklace of a queen from a snowy claim.

Webbed Headphones

134, -34, 164

10 Cash

Mermaids use headphones, too.

Winged Visor

-11, -46, -98

11 Cash

A very heroic looking golden visor.

Coral Reef

The coral reef is a small but colorful zone west of the Flats that features bright corals and tropical fish. There are four artifacts to be found here. Scuba gear is not necessary for this area but might make things easier for you, as well as the freedive training that doubles your amount of air.

I found Nemo!

I found Nemo!

Artifacts in the Coral Reef


Caramel Apple

-312, -67, 98

1 Cash

It looked tasty.. but now it's stuck on me! Gah!

Mysterious Necklace

-435, -89, -111

16 Cash

Is it diamond, or cubic zirconia, or straight tin foil?

ROBLOX Necklace

-437, -121, 31

18 Cash

The letters spell ROBLOX.

Seashell Crown

-371, -82, -90

6 Cash

An adornment of the sea.

Deep Flats

This is the area of the Flats where you need scuba gear to reach the lake floor. There are three artifacts here for you to collect.

This boat has a hidden treasure inside!

This boat has a hidden treasure inside!

Artifacts in the Deep Flats


Samurai Helmet

44, -129, -372

18 Cash

The helmet of a powerful samurai warrior.

TIX Necklace

-117, -183, -318

15 Cash

Gone, but never forgotten. :'(

Warrior's Helmet

111, -137, -395

18 Cash

Helmet of the Warrior of the Golden Elk Stag.

Forgotten Temple

Past the Coral Reef lie the ruins of the Forgotten Temple, possibly created by the ancient Atlanteans. This area is characterized by Greek buildings and columns on the lake floor, and it has six hidden artifacts. You will need the scuba gear to dive deep enough to collect artifacts here, aside from the Bladed Ninja Claw, which is on a small piece of land on the surface.

Who built these mysterious ruins, and why?

Who built these mysterious ruins, and why?

Artifacts in the Forgotten Temple


Atlantean Helmet

-604, -276, 41

100 Cash

The helmet of the inimitable Atlantean Guard.

Atlantean Tiara

-614, 276, 41

100 Cash

A tiara famously worn by the ladies of Atlantis. Nobody has seen one for centuries.

Bladed Ninja Claw

-578, 4, 99 (above the surface on a small piece of land)

16 Cash

A forbidden ninja weapon.

Forgotten Dragon Relic

-313, -262, -158

50 Cash

It has a faint magical aura. Something tells you it has a deep hidden power.

Ice Skull of Nevermoor

-574, -278, -224

50 Cash

Hopefully I won't be cursed for eternity for taking this...

Mystic Ruler

-622, -286, -162

12 Cash

The crown of a mystic ruler from the depths.

Deep Lake

There are seven artifacts not in a particular zone but require scuba gear to reach them, and these are marked on the geolocator as having the location "Deep Lake."

There are many hidden gems in the Deep Lake, but unfortunately, this pearl doesn't count.

There are many hidden gems in the Deep Lake, but unfortunately, this pearl doesn't count.


Archduke of the Federation

-597, -254, -313

21 Cash

The crown of the one and only Archduke of the Federation. Leader of all creation.

Diver Helmet

-615, -336, -553

22 Cash

An old deep sea diver's helmet, lost and forgotten.

Dragonbone Crown

-684, -198, -410

20 Cash

It's said the tailbones of dragons possess magical qualities. Could have belonged to a dragon priest.

Dragon Tamer Circlet

-497, -354, -410

23 Cash

This was awarded to those who mastered the sacred art of dragon taming.

Everworld Eyes


19 Cash

A helmet that can see into time and space.

The Golden Robloxian

-1006, -291, -362

18 Cash

This golden statue is awarded to only the bravest robloxians.

Royal Crown

In chest at -582, -281, -316

20 Cash

"Old King Coal was a merry old soul. Until someone stole his hat!" This must be that hat!

Toxic Wasteland

The Toxic Wasteland is past the Deep Flats area, and it is decorated with shipping containers and radioactive goo that will damage you if you touch it. Nine artifacts can be found in this zone. There is also a system of sewers here with a few quest items inside. You will need a Hazmat Suit to swim here without taking damage.

I feel it in my bones, enough to make my systems blow...

I feel it in my bones, enough to make my systems blow...

Artifacts in the Toxic Wasteland


Butterfly Lapel Pin

-407, -306, -715

20 Cash

It's in surprisingly good shape.

Captain's Compass

-406, -252, -619

17 Cash

A captain's compass. Nevertheless, tragedy befell this ship.

Cyborg Helmet

-409, -317, -689

21 Cash

Looks as if it belonged to some sort of high-tech soldier..

EKoSS Headphones

-466, -302, -846 (only accessible after you do the fish quest)

40 Cash

The official headphones of the Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum!

Korblox Pendant

-336, -362, -856

24 Cash

This gem is beautiful, but it's cursed with the blackest magic.

Overseer Pendant

-476, -216, -753

30 Cash

When the overseer was struck down, he was survived by this pendant. Always watching, always waiting.

Radioactive Robot

-369, -301, -642

18 Cash

This would look great on my mantlepiece.

Robot Lapel Pin

-399, -268, -640

16 Cash

A little friend made of Os and Is to go everywhere with you.

Toxic Waste Cap

-480, -320, -734

6 Cash

Why would anyone want to wear this?

Pirate Graveyard

The Pirate Graveyard is a spooky zone with ghost-white sands and eerie translucent green ghost ships. Deep within it lies Pirate's Cove, a haunted hangout for drowned sailors. To access this area, you must disguise yourself with a Pirate Disguise bought from Merlin. There are nine artifacts in the Pirate Graveyard.

Entering Pirate's Cove requires you to fit in with the pirates, or else they'll make you... swim the plank?

Entering Pirate's Cove requires you to fit in with the pirates, or else they'll make you... swim the plank?

Artifacts in the Pirate Graveyard


Deluxe Pirate Hook

-1064, -279, -75

25 Cash

A hook for the most special of occasions. Hope nobody notices it's gone...

Lock 'N Key Necklace

-1020, -257, 8 (accessible after you bring the captain back his hat)

50 Cash

Too bad this key couldn't open his jail cell.

Necklace o' Gold

-1060, -272, -134

16 Cash

A necklace to show off your love of gold coins.

Pirate Necklace

-1062, -285, -48

15 Cash

Very fitting that this is worn by a dead pirate.

Pirate's Flintlock

-966, -258, 12

14 Cash

A swashbuckler's best friend.

Purple Ice Crown

-952, -322, -7

30 Cash

A ghost pirates most sacred hidden treasure. Hope he doesn't come back anytime soon...

Ship in a Bottle

-769, -287, -85

17 Cash

How'd they fit that ship in there?


-931, -290, -37

18 Cash

Giving "Death-Metal" a whole new meaning.

7 Jeweled Circlet

-1058, -272, -134

20 Cash

Valuable pirate's loot.

Volcanic Mountains

The Volcanic Mountains, on the far side of the lake north of Merlin's shack, consist of chunky black obsidian rocks and glowing red lava. Twelve artifacts are found in this area, with a few tucked into lava caves where you must be careful not to touch anything since it's all burning hot. To enter this area, you must buy the Heat Suit from Merlin.

Some like it hot. Some like it Flaming Hot Cheetos (TM) hot. And some like it Carolina Reaper hot!

Some like it hot. Some like it Flaming Hot Cheetos (TM) hot. And some like it Carolina Reaper hot!

Artifacts in the Volcanic Mountains


Astronaut Helmet

-878, -314, -705 (in a lava cave)

18 Cash

This helmet must have belonged to an astronaut.

Dark Alchemist Faceplate

-1222, -351, -533 (in a lava cave)

22 Cash

Who knows what sinister creations the dark alchemist has unleashed upon this world.

Dark Spellbook

-977, -241, -578

25 Cash

A spellbook of unknown origin, filled with knowledge of forbidden dark magic.

Dark Summoning Hood

-976, -242, -592

22 Cash

What did this priest summon, and for what nefarious purpose?

Demon Knight Helmet

-759, -326, -794 (in a lava cave)

30 Cash

An evil demon knight wore this; on a quest for destruction no doubt.

Fire Fighter Helmet

-983, -322, -756 (in a lava cave)

20 Cash

"I am fire's fighter. I speak for the flames."

Fire Ruby Helmet

-768, -326, -781 (in a lava cave)

30 Cash

As soon as you touched it, you knew this knight fought for justice.

Flame Golem Head

-972, -326, -771 (in a lava cave)

25 Cash

"Where are you taking me!? Bring me back to my body at once!"

Mystic Flame Sword

-985, -322, -755 (in a lava cave)

30 Cash

A flaming weapon of a fire warrior.

Pharaoh's Headdress

-1256, -354, -755 (in a lava cave)

50 Cash

Headdress of an ancient pharaoh, revered as a god.

Solemn Dark One

-957, -362, -636 (in a lava cave)

20 Cash

You feel a mystical presence.. as if this hood is not from this world.

Sword of Light

-764, -326, -781

50 Cash

The wielder of the sword is gone, but the sword itself lives on..

Ice Caves

Beyond the Volcanic Mountains, there is a frozen area with the entrance to the Ice Caves, which has quite a few interesting quests inside. You will not survive the freezing temperatures here without the Ice Suit, so buy it from Merlin's Shack for 320 coins before you go. Also, don't touch the hexagon-shaped bubbles coming out of geothermal vents in the tunnels, or they will instantly kill you. There are seventeen artifacts for you to find here.

Chilling by the Ice Temple, how about you?

Chilling by the Ice Temple, how about you?

Artifacts in the Ice Caves


Bluesteel Domino Crown

-560, -308, -2184 (in the temple)

50 Cash

Once thought lost, This Domino Crown was cast away as the darker of only two Domino crowns ever made.

Crystal Skull

-506, -311, -1878 (in the temple)

40 Cash

A greatly revered artifact. Supposedly used in some form of black magic.

Frost Crown

-787, -325, -2050 (in the temple)

42 Cash

The frost crown of the federation.

Frozen Crown

-779, -311, -1779 (in the temple, behind a dead end)

50 Cash

This hand-crafted crown must have belonged to the king of the ice temple.

Gemstone Golem

-810, -351, -1091

45 Cash

The head of the Harbinger of Neverending Winter.

Ice Dragon Head

-1065, -268, -1388

45 Cash

The head of Frosttooth. An imitation, anyway. The real one is much larger.

Ice Flower

-628, -258, -1527

28 Cash

A frost flower made from freshly fallen snow.

Ice Monster

-422, -238, -1091

30 Cash

Once known for terrorizing the local area, this monster has been reduced to a head.

Ice Prince Shield

-841, -292, -1697

45 Cash

An icy shield fit for a prince.


-672, -369, -1138

35 Cash

Listen to some chill beats on these fancy Icephones.

Icicle Top Hat

-350, -288, -1195

40 Cash

A fancy icicle top hat perfect for an ice-themed outfit.

Korblox Ice Crown

-713, -287, -1353

38 Cash

A cursed helm worn by the leader of the Korblox Ice Guard.

Korblox Ice Dragon

-345, -333, -2012 (in the temple)

50 Cash

A model of the Korblox Ice Dragon. The real one is much more intimidating.

Midgard Helmet

-787, -296, -1254

40 Cash

The helm of the Ice Gods of Midgard.

Snowflake Lapel

-451, -316, -1246

30 Cash

A snowflake embezzled with gems.

Snow Queen's Crown

-454, -306, -2002 (in the temple, behind a dead end)

60 Cash

The crown of the sinister Snow Queen.

Sword of the Winter Winds

-557, -261, -2310 (in the temple)

50 Cash

Harsh and cold just like the winter winds.

Other Caves

There are six artifacts in caves not listed elsewhere, including the cave system connected to the Old Mine behind the beach area. There's also a cave that looks like a mouth on the far side of the lake from the beach at -121, -85, -415.

Even in the darkest of places, there is money.

Even in the darkest of places, there is money.


Bejeweled Necklace

In a chest between the Old Mine and a Cave. Head down the second tunnel on the left from the entrance to the Old Mine.

17 Cash

A necklace with several jewels. Perhaps it belonged to some kind of royalty?

Elven Prince Crown

Inside the mouth-shaped cave at -109, -109, -424

18 Cash

This is the crown of an elven prince; struck down in battle.

Golden Boombox

In a cave connected to the Old Mine

20 Cash

It doesn't work, but it's still a valuable collector's item.


Down the first tunnel of the Old Mine

6 Cash

An old miner's pickaxe.

Timework Clockphones

In a cave connected to the Old Mine.

17 Cash

Highly advanced technology. They play music, and tell the time!


Inside the main chamber of the old mine, next to a column

6 Cash

TNT left over from this mining operation. They must have left in a hurry.

The Lagoon

To reach the lagoon, head right from the beach and continue towards a cave on the furthest right wall from the beach at 721, -66, 104. Head through the darkness, or light it up with a flashlight, and you will find a sunken plane. There are two artifacts in this area.

The sunken plane is hidden in the Lagoon.

The sunken plane is hidden in the Lagoon.

Artifacts in the Lagoon


Blue Jade Necklace

871, 7, -358

20 Cash

Legend states that this blue jade necklace will protect the wearer from evils unknown.

M40 Gas Mask

865, -27, -247 (go to the plane)

13 Cash

An old Russian gas mask used in the 20th century.

The Ravine

The abandoned workshop in the ravine can be a difficult area to find, but not if you have the Valuable Items location note or this guide! To find the ravine, enter the mouth-shaped cave at -109, -109, 424. Take an immediate right and resurface once you reach the end of the tunnel.

Then, head left up the path until you reach a grassy area. There is a hole with a ladder down to the left of the cave. Follow the path from here, and you'll reach the ravine. Finally, parkour your way over to the workshop! You'll be rewarded with three artifacts for your trouble.

Parkour time! If you fall off you can swim back to the start.

Parkour time! If you fall off you can swim back to the start.

Artifacts in the Ravine


Clockwork Bird

341, 76, -621

14 Cash

This bird must have been the buddy of a genius inventor, back when it was working.

Fundroid Blaster

330, 78, -625

16 Cash

A dangerous gun for a dangerous robot.

Inventor's Goggles

339, 76, -619

13 Cash

The goggles of an eccentric inventor.




There are currently 12 quests in Scuba Diving at Quill Lake. Here is where to pick up each quest, what you need to find, and what you get for completing the quest:

Celtic Necklace

The first quest you find will probably be the girl on the beach, Kat, who has lost her family heirloom, the Celtic Necklace. This can be found in the muddy part of the Flats area at 512, -93, 221. Your reward when you return the necklace is 30 coins.

Egg of Cthulhu

Another quest is given at the Ancient Tower on the path behind the beach where you start. Howard Phillips needs you to retrieve the egg of Cthulhu from the temple in the tower's basement. You will need to get two keys from two different chambers. The red side has two puzzles for you to solve, a memory-matching game and a puzzle with five lights and four light switches where you need to pull them in the correct order to light them up.

To solve the light puzzle, this is the pattern: 1st one and 3rd ones face away from you, 2nd and 4th ones face toward you. The blue chamber is an obby followed by a disappearing path. Once you have both keys, place them on the pedestals in the main chamber to unlock the egg. Howard will reward you with 50 coins.

Radioactive Egg

Cthulhu himself is tucked away in a sunken boat's cargo hold, and he also needs one of his eggs. To find the radioactive egg for Cthulhu in the Toxic Wasteland, head to the sewers behind the boat and enter the main tunnel. Go straight and then left to enter another room. Go straight through the tunnel behind it, straight again, then right, then left. You will enter another room, and the egg will be sitting in a tunnel to your left. Cthulhu will give you 100 coins for the egg.

Pirate Hat

One of the pirates in Pirate's Cove will open up his cabin door and share his treasure if you help him find his hat. To find the hat, enter the sewers in the Toxic Wasteland. From the first tunnel, head right and then left, and the hat will be on the ground in this big chamber. It's turned green from the radioactive waste, but he doesn't mind! As a reward, he'll open up his cabin door and allow you to loot his treasure.

Lost Fish

A fish in the Toxic Wasteland needs you to bring back his son, who is lost in the sewers. To find him, enter the sewers, then make a left at the first chamber, and continue through. Next, make three consecutive rights at the next pathway, and you should find the green fish. Return him to his dad to get the EKoSS headphones as a reward.

Sapphire Crystal

Lumber Jack needs your help finding a sapphire crystal in the Old Mine. To complete this quest, it helps to have a flashlight in the dark cave. Enter the mine and ignore the two tunnels to the left, following the trail of the rails. Once you get to the large chamber, you can't miss that blue glow. Collect the crystal and return to Lumber Jack to receive a note with the locations of several valuable items.

Teddy Bear

A zombie pirate wants you to find proof that Bronzebeard has a teddy bear. You'll find Bronzebeard standing in front of his house inside Pirate's Cove beside the ship. Swim around the back of his house to the hole in the wall, and you'll find the teddy bear beside his bed. Return your evidence to the zombie pirate, and he'll give you 50 coins.


Miguel on the beach has a treasure map to a legendary guitar. To start looking for it, head to -621, -284, -336 and look behind the pirate ship for a cave with a chest. There is another note from a pirate who already claimed it, but maybe you can work out a deal. Talk to the legendary adventurer to the left of the Pirate's Cove entrance. She will give you the guitar if you can find her missing partner in the caves. Follow the lanterns to find the skeletal pirate by some blue crystals. Once you come out, the adventurer will give you the guitar, which is an item that you can equip to play.

The Three Orbs

Penguin Pip will give you the quest to enter the temple; he is in a small cave to the right side of the Ice Caves as you enter. To enter the temple, you'll need three orbs: a Green Orb, a Blue Orb, and a Red Orb. These can be found by looking at the top of the caves for green, blue, and red diamonds. Follow each cave to the end to find the orbs, and then place them into their spots.

Ice Golem Head

There is an ice golem at the entrance to the Ice Caves who is missing his head. The golem's head is at -823, -258, -1029. As a reward for bringing it back, you get 60 coins.

Penguin Artifact

Once you have access to the Ice Temple, Penguin Pete has a quest for you. He is searching for a missing penguin artifact. To find it, you will have to go through the maze to -593, -331, -1952. This may be hard because there are a lot of dangerous bubbles, and you can run out of air if you aren't quick. Once you find it, return it to Penguin Pete for 70 coins.

Atlantean Vault

On top of the ice temple in an alcove, you'll find a note prompting you to find the key to a hidden treasure vault inside the temple. The key is at -559, -264, -2303. The vault that the key opens is over in the Forbidden Temple area, at -605, -274, -10. Have fun!

Power Suit

The power suit is the best equipment in the game, but it has to be crafted, and it will cost you an additional 500 coins to be put together. A note can be found in the attic of Merlin's Shack that gives the locations of each part; you can also look at the table below to find all of the parts. After you have all parts, talk to Merlin, and he'll build you the power suit. You can pick it up after 5 minutes. Once you have it, the power suit will give you an extra air tank, even if you aren't wearing it.

Power Suit Component Locations


Power Cell

-343, -295, -571 (In cargo ship in radioactive area)

Power Suit Schematic

-9, 142, 793 (Close to spawn)

Power Suit Scrap

-1009, -292, -359 (Near Merlin's Shack)

Lava Reactor

-1208, -360, -730 (Requires the Heat Suit, inside the Lava Cave)

Having an extra air tank is extremely helpful in this game, so pick this up sooner rather than later!

Having an extra air tank is extremely helpful in this game, so pick this up sooner rather than later!

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