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"Going Medieval": How to Make a Fridge

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How to Keep Food Longer

How to Keep Food Longer

How to Keep Food Longer

  • Quick Guide
  • Food Stockpile Settings
  • Add Climate Control
  • Staircase Design

Quick Guide to Food Storage

There are several factors that affect your food decay time:

  • Roofed/unroofed
  • Floor type
  • Temperature

The first two are quick and easy to fix.

  • Build some walls to hold up a roof.
  • Wooden beams can support a roof as well.
  • Add stockpile and click allowed types to set the stockpile to allow only what you want inside.


It matters what's above your Cellar! (TL;DR coldness rules)

You can tunnel it into the side of the mountain for ground-level storage, or dig down, but putting it under solid ground vs under a series of rooms is much colder.

Another player even showed that you can build an above-ground pyramid and cool a ground-level room using player-made solid areas, but this is much more labor-intensive than just digging a hole.

Dig a hole, build under an area you won't use for anything else.

  • Deeper is better.
  • Bigger rooms are colder.
  • Leave the natural ceiling and walls
  • Floor it with wooden floors
  • No torches, fire is hot and our cellar is cold.

Food Stockpile Settings


Add Climate Control

The only place in the game where the temperature is good enough to store food is underground. Depending on your location choice, the ground may be made of dirt, rocky soil, or limestone. Sometimes there are other deposits there as well.

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We have to dig through at least two layers of that.

The pantry will have a natural ceiling and enough temperature control to keep food through a single summer.

This allows you to farm and store throughout a year, buying you some much-needed efficiency.

I prefer to make a scissor staircase down as it is decently efficient, somewhat quick to build, and looks cool.

Staircase Design


Build at Least Two Floors Down

Two solid layers does it. Climate control achieved. More depth equals a colder room.

I leave space for expansion and build the wooden beams laterally in case I need to go wider.

Seal the room from the outside with a door, and don't put torches inside as it adds heat. I deconstruct torches after the mining is done.

A cold room is the name of the game.

It won't keep forever, especially in summer, unless you go deeper. The temperature gets high enough in peak season to cause decay. I say leave several layers of untouched earth above.

Finished Cellar, Kitchen Getting An Expansion

Finished Cellar, Kitchen Getting An Expansion

Final Tips

  • It needs the stove/butchering table separated so I can get kitchen room bonuses.
  • 20% added efficiency is nothing to pass by.
  • If you'd like to learn how that works, check out my article on Room Bonuses!

How To Get The Room Bonuses

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