The Best "Minecraft Servers": Finding a Survival Server or a Bukkit Server IP Address

Updated on May 9, 2019

Best Minecraft Servers a Guide to choosing the right One for your Minecrafting Experience

Looking for the best Minecraft server may seem like an ordeal, but when you bear a few important things in mind, finding a good Minecraft server to play on will bring in heaps of rewards. Not only are these rewards player-focused but they also add to the gaming community of Minecraft itself. Just as in life, how you spend your time is not limitless, so why waste time on a Minecraft server where the admin and moderators do nothing to prevent excessive cheating (through Minecraft block id manipulation), excessive griefing, or when they lack the resources to build an established Minecraft community spirit?

Personally I prefer vanilla as it allows me to build up my crafting without constantly being attacked or having my hard work destroyed. A lot of servers do operate a "non-griefing" policy which works well as long as the admin are able to keep the policy active. Generally private servers are the best for this. Most servers also allow customised Minecraft skins to be used, which is excellent.

Choosing the Best Minecraft Server is time well spent!

Choosing the Best Minecraft Server is time well spent! A valid IP address means you can instantly jump into the Server
Choosing the Best Minecraft Server is time well spent! A valid IP address means you can instantly jump into the Server

How to choose the Best Minecraft servers Check the Minecraft server’s website and Minecraft forum

This may seem obvious but looking at how the mods/admin and indeed owner of the servers run their Minecraft website will give an indication as to how they run their Minecraft server. A good Minecraft server will have undoubtedly a fun thriving web base presence. A good website focused on the rules of the Minecraft server in question will help you fit in with the gaming community at large.

Simply add the Minecraft Server IP address into your Game and join the server.

Is the good Minecraft server in question your playing style – Survival, Creative, PvP?

Understanding the difference between Survival and Creative servers will help you focus your time and ensure your happening whilst playing Minecraft. Survival will focus on surviving the Mobs, horrors as well as other players within The Minecraft sever. Check to see if the good Minecraft server you are considering has PvP and Survival enabled. At first you may find it hard to survive such PvP attacks from diamond wielding players, especially considering they can steal all your equipment and collected items.

If you consider Survival Minecraft the epitome of a good Minecraft Server you may do well to head towards a more Creative based server. This has the advantage of allowing you to mine craft and build your structures as you see fit without trying to survive mobs and other players attacks.

Top 5 Minecraft Servers Video

Minecraft Crashes and Lag issues

It’s fair to say that every good Minecraft server’s experiences crashes, hacker attacks, and lag. No Minecraft server is constantly up 100% of the time, but a good Minecraft server will have a very high “up-time”. Good servers will indicate a true picture of their “up-time” for all to say. Any server that professes to be up 100% of the time is hiding something. You may want to consider the geographical location of your Minecraft Server that you choose to play on as this will affect the lag-issues common with the world-wide web multiplayer experience common to all online gaming.

Mobs are always present in Minecraft Survival!

Do you want your good Minecraft Server to have relentless Mobs such as in true Survival Mode?
Do you want your good Minecraft Server to have relentless Mobs such as in true Survival Mode?

The elements of the Best Minecraft Server

Look out for extras like a booming Town economy. Selling your crafted items in Minecraft as well raw building materials will help boost your Minecraft server based currency allowing you to purchase items instead of mining or gathering them. Added extras like voting for cash (in-game Minecraft currency set by the server owner) as well as a Lottery can add to the Minecraft community feeling. Make sure you are aware of any "freebies" that may help and also look if there is an active trade town.

Ensure that the Minecraft Server has a valid IP Address.

Minecraft Bukkit and Whitelist – are they elements of a Good Minecraft Server?

Bukkit for Minecraft basically enhances the server with a host of additional functions and added features allowing for greater gaming experiences. The use of additional features may not be to everyone’s taste though. Furthermore Minecraft Bukkit allows for added add-ons from Minecraft developers whether private or commercial. Minecraft Whitelist is a way of checking out players before they join a server. Consider it a screening process that ensures the server only allows people who have registered with the Minecraft website/forum to play.

Checking to see what Anti-Cheat mods are added on your Minecraft server of choice

It’s always advisable to ascertain what anti-cheat mods are running so you can be sure your Minecraft server experience is a fair one. Playing fair and understanding the rules of Minecraft are for the benefit of everyone. Remember to follow the good Minecraft server rules! Do not break them or expect to receive the wrath of the Moderators. Often a good Minecraft server will have a “no swearing” rule in chat as well as enforcing the English language is a default language used.

Where to go to find the Best Minecraft Server IP Address?

Personally searching for the ideal Minecraft server is relatively easier today than when the game was running in its Beta phase. A whole host of dedicated server lists are widely available however I would recommend the following Minecraft links as ideal places to find the good Minecraft Server you’re seeking:

Finding a good Minecraft server remains well worth the effort as you'll experience the true sense and depth of this truly amazing game!

Minecraft Servers

A good place to start looking for Servers is Google or you can use the inbuilt server search in-game.
A good place to start looking for Servers is Google or you can use the inbuilt server search in-game.

Follow the server Rules!

Always, always make sure you read and follow the server rules before you join. These rule boards are usually found at the spawn point (in-game) and are listed at the server’s main website. Having an understanding of what is and what isn’t allowed will save you loads of grief later on. It can also help you getting started as most servers have “freebies” for new players. Make sure you grasp what you can do to other players and if there are any designated PvP areas to either avoid or go to depending on what you like to do in Minecraft. With the rules firmly understood you can either opt to join the server or look for something else that suits your wants and needs.

Dedicated Minecraft Server Hosting

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      • profile image


        21 months ago

        Hi, this is my favorite server. We normally have 5-12 players online and everyone is really nice and helpful, I put the server description below and I would love to see you on!

        Join us today for the most unique & best Towny experience!

        Server Features:

        - Server online 24/7 - Always up.

        - TOWNY

        - QUESTS

        - MCMMO (nerfed & made more compatible with PvP)

        - WAR EVENTS



        - Well trained staff, helpers, moderators, admins to help with your needs.

        - A player driven market that you can buy and sell on!

        - Great donor packages


        Btw, You will be amazed of how good the server is when you come to check it out.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        do you do bad server

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Todcuhown! That's a really cool way of putting it!

      • johndwilliams profile imageAUTHOR


        8 years ago from Essex England

        Good luck Donkey Kong Minecraft is a briliant game very simple yet terribly addictive - the community is very unique unlike any other game I have seen - cheers!

      • DonkeyKongKiller profile image


        8 years ago from Texas

        Thanks for writing this. I'm terrible with computers and I've been wanting to do minecraft online, but I can't figure any of it out. This should get me started.


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