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"Harvest Land" Dragon Race Gameplay Tips and Tutorial

To access the dragon race tasks in "Harvest Land", click the dragon next to the clan castle.

To access the dragon race tasks in "Harvest Land", click the dragon next to the clan castle.

Dragon Races in Harvest Land

Harvest Land gameplay can be very competitive and enjoyable. At level 15, you have now unlocked the clan castle and restored it. Now what? The dragon races can be a little confusing to new players. First you need to find yourself a clan—hopefully you followed the in-game prompts to do so.

Large clans are often "request" only, and there is no guarantee that they will end up with an available slot. Do yourself a favor and join a clan to compete in dragon races as soon as you can. Without a clan, it is often hard to level up, and many needed items can only be found in dragon race prizes.

Clan Basics

There is no way to compete in Harvest Land dragon races without a clan. There are no solo competitors—it is very much a "team" activity. Each clan generally has specifics as to what they require. Most are looking for active players, and you must participate in the dragon race. Some clan descriptions will also note the language they speak.

Tips for Choosing a Clan in Harvest Land

  • open/not on request
  • leader and co-leaders with high help stats
  • same language
  • a good mix of player levels

Once you find a suitable clan request to join, so long as the clan is set to open, you will automatically be added. Look for a clan where leaders have high help stats. If a leader has low stats, the clan likely is not very active or helpful. Seeing a good mix of player levels, including some high-level players, is preferred. Odds are, with a good mix of levels, your help request won't sit unanswered long.

This allows you to use the clan chat as well. Don't be bashful. Most clans want people who will communicate. Pop in the clan chat located on the left-hand side and introduce yourself.

You are not required to use your real name, though I have connected with many clan members on social media channels. At times it is easier to show someone a screenshot than try to describe things in chat.


Dragon Race Introduction

Dragon races are league and bracket based. Depending how well your clad does each race will determine if they backslide or move up a league. Every clan who participates has a chance to win prize chests.

To access the dragon race each week you will have a popup during game-play. It will ask you if you want to participate, and you should.

The Dragon races run in seasons and you can expect a new race every week. Races consist of a few requirements to earn the rewards:

  • Earn points by completing assignments.
  • Defeat monsters.
  • Keys to prize chests are earned by defeating monsters.

Completing tasks alone wont have you opening any special prize chests as the end of the race. The points are cumulative for the entire clan and at certain intervals of points you get a new monster. Killing the monster alone wont get you a keys, you also have to reach the points attached to each monster as well.

Depending on your league you have a different amount of available tasks. Each time your clan reaches a new league you will gain two additional assignments to complete for each member.

At any given time there are many tasks to choose from in the dragon race.

At any given time there are many tasks to choose from in the dragon race.

Dragon Race Assignments or Tasks

You start with 12 tasks for the clan, each time a member takes the assignment it will clear off leaving blank space with a clock image. A new task will pop up in 20 minutes after one is taken. Usually even with large clans this leaves plenty of tasks to choose from at all times.

There are many different assignments available each race. Sometimes it feels as though they all suck, in all honesty. But you do have the ability to "trash" tasks allowing new assignments to pop up.

Many tasks are not even possible to complete unless you spend diamonds on boosts. Diamonds are hard earned in game or purchased via in app sales. Not really worthwhile spent to finish tasks. Just pay attention to the types of tasks and time restrictions.

Dragon Race Task Types and Tips

Dragon races consist of several types of assignments you can choose from:

Assignment Types

  • Production
  • Collection
  • Mining Relics
  • Feeding
  • Trading
  • Boat orders
  • Merchant orders
  • Send a caravan
  • Fill carts in the caravan
  • Help on the caravan
  • Help on the whale
  • Casino Task
  • Upgrades

Production Tasks

Production task include anything created or made in any of the buildings. These can be great, or these can be impossible to finish. Before you take a production task, go to the building it is made in and see what is required.

For example, a simple task that may show up is to produce 100 fried eggs. Each "fried egg" takes two eggs. So you will need a total of 200 eggs to complete the task. If you haven't gathered the XX of ingredients it takes to make items, odds are you will not finish in time.

Gather ingredients ahead of time. Before taking the task make sure you have all required ingredients. This way you don't have to focus on producing the ingredients and the specific item for the task too.

Always be sure to communicate with clan members. mention in clan chat: "I can do the produce paint task please leave it". This is a good way to avoid being overstocked on items you gathered, only to find someone deleted the task.

Production tasks are frequent under dragon races. Use caution depending on the items they take too long to complete the quota in time.

Production tasks are frequent under dragon races. Use caution depending on the items they take too long to complete the quota in time.

Collection Tasks

Collection tasks are pretty much what they sound like. It requires you to collect things. Usually crops or items harvested from fruit trees or bushes fall under a collection task. Milk, eggs, wool and even honeycomb are often collection tasks as well.

These are actually extremely easy to do if you follow these tips.

  • Keep respective warehouse inventory full.
  • Plant or continue to harvest trees, or feed the animals.
  • Don't start task until you have harvested enough and it is waiting to be collected.

I keep my inventory full in all 3 of my warehouses at all times. This allows me to continue to produce everything with no need of picking it up right away. For a honeycomb collection tasks if you don't use this method it is easy to fail, costing you and your clan some much needed points.

If I am lucky and the board is loaded with collection tasks I can easily finish all my tasks in the first day. Sometimes as little as an hour.

With a full inventory you can continue to pick apples from trees, feed the bees, cows and chickens or plant and harvest crops. All while never picking them up or "collecting". So when a tasks rolls around you can sell off some inventory.
Though I prefer keeping a good stockpile of wood and then I make weapons.

Once I have started making weapons I take the task and pick up the items. Weapons are produced fairly fast and you need them constantly to battle trolls, spiders, elementals and in race monsters too. Easy points for myself and my clan and I am then free to help others finish their tasks by making them items if need be.

Taking these tasks without following the tips makes these tasks boring and time consuming. It can take days to produce enough of certain items unless you want to dedicate non stop hours of gameplay in Harvest Land babysitting plant growth and animals.

Mine Relics

Mining relics at any of the "treasure hunting" locations in Harvest Land can be completed for race tasks. The tip here is "always be mining". In gameplay, you send your warriors to ancient castle ruins, the temple of the tide and various other places to search for treasure, yielding some much-needed items for gameplay and leveling up too.

Treasure hunting or mining relics will produce relics. This is the only way to obtain relics in gameplay. They are needed to upgrade buildings and often for new construction too.

The same principle for collection tasks works here with one exception. Mine your relics, but do not pick them up until you think you have enough to finish the task. This can be hard if you are at lower levels and have not opened up all the places for treasure hunting yet.

Lower level places to treasure hunt yield fewer relics. As you get up to triple digit levels you will open up better places that will give you more. The higher level treasure hunting locations will often yield enough relics to complete the task. Without the need to treasure hunt in multiple places.

It also requires you to max out building all available warrior houses too. Without enough warriors, and the ability to treasure hunt in at least two places in a given day. This task is not for you, instead move on to something else more beneficial for you and your clan.

Feeding Tasks

Feeding tasks are a pain, they are longer boring tasks. Feeding tasks include:

  • Feed the workers.
  • Feed the wildlife.
  • Feed the animals.

Animals and wildlife are different. Animals are your farm animals some of whom don't require feeding as often as others. Feeding the workers can take days, as it often wants you to feed them over 300 times.

If you are going to do a feeding task, feed the wildlife. They often drop casino chips, and amulets that are very beneficial for gameplay. The only thing you get from feeding animals is whatever they produce. Workers only give XP for the item you fed them.


Trading with the gnome is a long and irritating task in Harvest Land. Needing to trade with him 7-9 times and he often is missing in action. The gnome is almost everywhere until you need to trade. He will 9 out of 15 times want to trade for diamonds. So if you only have coins you have to continually deny the trade and wait till he asks for coins.

Not sure about you but I like to avoid in app purchases, so I trade for coins. This tasks generally takes days when only trading for coins. He will also overload your inventory and if this can hinder the ability to do other tasks too. He has filled me an extra 45 units over my max capacity in the past.

This is generally a task that I delete for my clan, I find they almost always fail and it hinders them taking easier tasks to earn points.

Boat tasks can be completed fast in dragon races.

Boat tasks can be completed fast in dragon races.

Boat and Merchant Orders

Boat orders are a great way to complete a task fast if you follow these tips:

  • Gather or produce all needed items in advance.
  • Do not take the task until you have all inventory needed to fill boat orders.

This task in particular is something almost every member of my clan completes each race. Boat orders consist of filling X amount of anywhere from 3-6 different item types for each boat.

Once you have all the items gathered to fill the orders take the task. Don't send the boats until a boat task comes up and you already have them ready to send. Then send all 7-8 boat orders and the task is done.

Merchant orders are harder, it will often want more than 1 a day. We only have the option to view what 1 merchant order needs at a time, with several hours in between his return.

I avoid these, these are easily failed. If you fail a task, you don't get an extra you are just out the points for your clan. If you think you can pull it off use the same tips for boat orders, do not take the task until you are ready to send his order.

Caravan Tasks

Harvest Land has several assignment options for race tasks that include caravans. These are best avoided by lower lever players or those who really aren't too committed to gameplay.

  • Send a caravan

Send a caravan tasks are generally higher point tasks for dragon racers. The best tip is do not take the task until you have the caravan(s) ready to send. This saves you losing points due to failing the task because you could not fill the needed items in time.

Fill Carts in the Caravan

Fill carts in the caravan is my least favorite task,. It will require you to spend diamonds in game to have opened all of your caravan ports. That takes a lot of diamonds.

This is also labor intensive as usually this task requires you to fill 11 carts. Filling that many carts with different goods takes a lot of time in production.

Help on the Caravan

Help on the caravan can be an easy task to complete if your clan communicates well with each other. Help other members fill their carts to do this you need to produce the items. This boils down to two things:

  • Clan members telling you what they have for carts.
  • Relaying what you will be able to fill
  • Making sure they do not request the help on the caravan until you have all inventory ready to load.

If you cannot get your clan on board for this one, you will fail. When someone in gameplay requests help to fill a caravan not just clan members have access.
That leaves loads of other people in game with the ability to fill that cart, perhaps before you.

If you can fill a clam members caravan they should only request the help when you tell them you are ready. Otherwise it could leave you stuck with an overloaded inventory because someone out of clan filled it before you could.

Help on the Whale

Help on the whale can be hit or miss since you never know how many others are in gameplay when you are. And this particular tasks does not count for helping on clam members whale requests. This tasks only counts for helping those players who request products but are not in your clan.

I also think this one is a bit like helping the competition and a bit counter productive. Odds are those whale requests are to fill something for a race task. By filling them for out of clan members, you are helping other clans earn points. As a general rule I am very competitive so I avoid this task.

If you have a lot of lower-level "friends" on your list in Harvest Land, this can be an easy task. Lower lever requests tend to be basic items that most higher players keep in their inventory.

If you are a helpful clan member casino tasks are a breeze. Earn casino tickets in "Harvest Land" by filling help requests on the whale.

If you are a helpful clan member casino tasks are a breeze. Earn casino tickets in "Harvest Land" by filling help requests on the whale.

Casino Task

Casino task is simple, assuming you are a helpful clam member and help others fill requests. You will earn casino chips when you help fellow clan members and fill requests for those outside of clan. Casino tasks are the fastest tasks you can take in the dragon race. Only take the task if you have enough chips to finish, check them by clicking the casino.

Head to the casino and pick select items by laying your chips down. If you want to finish fast and don't care what items you win, fill up the board! The casino sometimes has a few diamonds too. The casino task is a win-win, you earn points and perhaps some much needed items in a short time.


Upgrade tasks are hit or miss, they require you to have enough specific upgrades and usually relics, amulets or other materials. If you have enough these are super fast tasks to finish. If you don't then you fail, no points awarded.

This is harder when you are at higher levels as leveling up will require harder to obtain gems and items. And as you level up your buildings more and more tickets are needed each time. The best bet here is to save upgrade tickets in a stockpile and make sure you have a stockpile of amulets, relics and other items.

Once you build up a stockpile then you can take these upgrade tasks and finish fast.

Early stages of building upgrades in "Harvest Land" only require tickets. As the game progresses it will require tickets and relics.

Early stages of building upgrades in "Harvest Land" only require tickets. As the game progresses it will require tickets and relics.

Harvest Land Dragon Race Strategy

If you follow these tips for the dragon races in Harvest Land it will help both you and your clan earn points faster. If you fail a task, there is no "do-over", and you lose that task and any points you would have gained.

Do the math, some of the tasks it pops up are impossible based on item allotted and amount of products needed. If you are a clan leader or co-leader you can delete these tasks and other tasks that your clan members cannot do. Do it frequently so that there is always a good choice of finish-able tasks on the board.

Always communicate with clan members to be sure they weren't planning on taking a task. Nothing worse than piling up stuff to work on a task to find out it was removed by someone who didn't check first. This is where communication is key, everyone needs to communicate task intentions.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: Are the weapons for attacking monsters in the "Harvest Land" dragon race the same each time or do they change with each race?

Answer: Weapons used in "Harvest Land" dragon races are generally the same. Each dragon race monster will offer you several different weapon options to use. While they vary slightly they are fairly standard throughout all races.

Even lower-level players can contribute to defeating monsters in dragon races. The most commonly used or needed weapons for races are bows, spears, axes, and silk nets. I have never seen or needed shields or regular nets for attacking dragon race monsters.

Outside of using basic weapon options in harvest land higher level players will be able to use magical weapons. Magical weapons in "Harvest Land" are the fastest way to defeat monsters in races. The hit points for magic weapons are much higher than common weapons.

To make defeating the monsters a snap, stockpile common weapons like bows and spears. They are the lower point weapons, but they also are faster to produce than their magical counterparts.

Question: Under the dragon race what is 'statistics' used for?

Answer: Excellent question. Statistics are a good way to see what tasks you or clam members have completed. The dragon race statistics help clan leaders weed out and potentially remove clam members who do not participate in the races. Many clans require dragon race participation, using the statistics is the easiest way to see what members are pulling their weight or not. It is not limited to tasks either, the sword icon will show you how many hit points of damage each member has dealt to the dragon race monster.

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