How to Bring a Dead Sim Back to Life in "The Sims 3"

Updated on February 20, 2020
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Bringing Dead Sims Back to Life

It might be hard to believe, but there are some people out there who are so obsessed with The Sims that they may even become attached to any Sims that they've created or played with—I can say that I am one of these people.

Unfortunately, death comes for every Sim eventually (unless you've disabled aging or are using another method to keep them alive), but not all of us are ready to part with our favorite walking and talking collection of pixels and coding. Thankfully, it's possible to resurrect deceased Sims to continue having fun!

There are two ways that you can go about bringing back your dead Sim: either by an opportunity given by the science facility or through the consumption of Ambrosia. This article will include more information about both methods, as well as give you some tips on avoiding or warding off death.

a toddler ghost Sim.
a toddler ghost Sim. | Source

Method 1: Science Facility Opportunity

For this method, you'll need a Sim who has recently died. Soon after (usually a few hours to a couple days), you should receive an opportunity from the science facility asking if you'd be interested in an experimental procedure to bring your loved one back to life. It's required that you have the Sim's urn in your inventory when you do this. Without the urn, you cannot bring the dead Sim back to life.

This is the easiest method of the two, but it has a serious downfall—the Sim brought back from the dead will not be completely alive, and will instead be a ghost.

For many players, this is exactly what they want. However, not all of us are content with our Sims being ghosts and would rather them be completely alive once again. This is where the second method comes in handy.

Note that the opportunity, Oh My Ghost!, will present itself only if the Sim had a close relationship with the deceased Sim. This is necessary!

The science facility in Sunset Valley.
The science facility in Sunset Valley. | Source

Don't Do It!

Many players make the huge mistake of waiting for a ghost Sim to show up and then delete their tombstone or urn—whatever you do, don't do this! Not only will the ghost Sim be unable to return back to its grave and will be stuck roaming the lot forever, but it also cannot be playable or brought back to life, even with the consumption of ambrosia.

Method 2: Consuming Ambrosia

The ambrosia dish in The Sims 3 has amazing powers that can restore a Sim's age to the beginning of its period and even bring ghost Sim's back to (normal) life. If you don't know how to make ambrosia, you can learn to do so here with this guide.

When you're done making the dish, wait until the ghost that you'd like to bring back to life shows up, and then put it somewhere near them—even at their feet is a good place, since ghosts usually seem to know what the dish is and what they should do with it. Once the ghost consumes the ambrosia, they'll be brought back to life! If they were part of your family at the time of death, they will rejoin the family, but if they were another NPC throughout the town then they'll just go "home," wherever that may be.

Ways to Avoid Death

Besides waiting for Sims to die to bring them back to life, there are also quite a few ways to keep from succumbing to death. Here are all the known ways to keep your Sim alive and well!

Lifetime Rewards

There are some Lifetime Rewards that can be of great use to the longevity of your Sim's life. There's the Young Again potion, which allows a Sim to drink and will revert them back to the beginning of their Young Adult life stage, and the Age Freeze potion, which allows a Sim to completely freeze their age when consumed. Besides these two, there are also other rewards that can be helpful in keeping your home from ever catching on fire (keep your Sim safe from fires) and more.

A Sim tending to his life fruit plant.
A Sim tending to his life fruit plant. | Source

Life Fruit

Life fruit is a necessary ingredient in ambrosia, but it can also be just as useful when consumed alone. Eating a life fruit will give your Sim an extra day of life, and you can consume as many as you'd like (although getting fat is obviously a risk).

You can grow life fruit plants at level 7 gardening with the use of Special Seeds, which can be found around the town. Use the Collection Helper lifetime reward to help you find them.

Death Flower

At level 7 gardening while planting Special Seeds, you also have a possibility of coming across and growing a death flower plant. Having a death flower in your inventory will keep you safe from death—when the Grim Reaper comes for you, you will present the flower to him, which he will take and allow you to live once again.

You can find a harvestable death flower plant in the graveyard in Sunset Valley. Once you pick the flower, the plant dies, so keep that in mind.

Chess Playing

If a Sim dies and the Grim Reaper comes, another Sim on the lot with the Genius trait has the option to "Play Chess for [SIMS NAME]'s Life" when you click on the chess table.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      my fave sim died in the sims 4 and the method didn't work....what do I dod

    • profile image

      Ur fine if.. 

      3 years ago

      If you're willing to get rid of what you just played you can just quit and go back to the game and everything will be the same except for what you just created.

    • msdielise profile image


      5 years ago

      Hey there, I have sims 3 with 6 expansion packs including showtime, university life and island paradise. In order to bring back a dead sim, what I do is I gather 30k lifetime points and spend it on a genie lamp. I clean the lamp and make a wish to the genie to resurrect the dead. That's all. Have a nice day fellow hubber. :)

    • Amanda108 profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan, United States

      I'm bookmarking this in my Sims folder for later use. Very helpful!

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 

      6 years ago from Australia

      I haven't played The Sims 3 in a while but I did use to love keeping my Sims alive for as long as possible. Love the Hub and subject matter.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      haha my fav sim died and I'm crying!

    • profile image

      Alix Martinez 

      7 years ago

      I want the sims 3


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