How to Cheat Gold in "Stardew Valley" Using Cheat Engine

Updated on July 24, 2019
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Red is a computer and video game enthusiast working as a Freelance Computer Troubleshooter. When not tinkering, he is gaming.

Farming life is relatively difficult at the start of the game in Stardew Valley. However, you can bypass the trouble by cheating. Of course, it removes the challenge but that does not mean that it is no longer fun. If you are like me who plays the game aesthetically (for the love of designing beautiful and efficient farms), you'll find this option handy.

In this article, you will learn how to add gold to your Stardew Valley character by using a third-party software called Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine allows users to scan the memory of the game to find the memory location for the gold and change its value accordingly. The software is free to download from their website.

Just follow these four easy steps to add gold to your character in Stardew Valley.

Step 1: Run and set up "Cheat Engine."

In the screenshot below, you'll see that I have 255 gold only. We will soon change it to something more.

  • Click the Select process to open option.
  • Navigate to the game process and select it.
  • Click Open.

Step 2: Scan for the initial gold value.

You don't have to change any of the other options. The default options are good to go.

  • As shown in the screenshot above, type the current amount of gold you have in the Value field.
  • Then click First Scan.
  • Wait for the software to finish scanning.

Step 3: Change the value of gold in game and scan for the changed value again.

You will notice on the left pane the many addresses containing the same value. We need to narrow it down to at least four addresses. To do that we need to change the value of our current gold in the game.

  • Go to Pierre's store and buy or sell something to change the value of our current gold.
  • Then back to Cheat Engine, type the gold value you now have.
  • Click Next Scan. Wait for the software to finish scanning.

A Handy Tip

Move your character to Pierre's store before attempting to do this cheat be able to change the gold value right away.

Step 4: Find the gold's memory address and change its value to the desired amount.

You should now see at least four addresses remaining in the left pane.

  • Double-click on an address on the left pane to bring it down on the bottom pane.
  • In the bottom pane, double-click on the value field of that address.
  • Change the value to the desired amount. In the screenshot above, I changed it to 50000.
  • Click OK.

Note that your gold in the game should be changed to the amount you typed. If it did not, do this same step on the other three addresses until you get the right address. That should do it.

If you check the box on the left, this will make the cheat Active. It means that as long as the software is running, the value of gold will be locked, giving you an infinite amount of gold. You do not have to check it if you just want a certain amount.

How About Health and Energy

You can do the same steps with your character's health and energy! This is handy if you want to explore the deepest level of the Skull Caves. If you want to cheat unlimited health, go to the Caves first or find some source of damage to be able to get the change in your health bar.

Here is how to get unlimited health in Stardew Valley.

  1. Go to the caves or find some source of damage.
  2. When your health bar pops out, hover on it to see the initial value of your health.
  3. Scan the first initial value in Cheat Engine. After the scan, you should see alot of addresses on the left pane.
  4. Get your character to be damaged and note the change of value (Eg. if you're initial health is 100 and a monster damaged you with 3, the next value should be 97).
  5. Type the changed value in Cheat Engine and click Next Scan. After the scan, you should see that only one address remained in the left pane.
  6. Double-click on that address to bring it down.
  7. Double-click in line below the Value and change it to your maximum health.
  8. Lock the value by clicking the box below the tab that says Active. This will make your character invulnerable as long as the software is running.

Do the same steps with your energy to make it unlimited. Now you are superman in Stardew Valley! But again, cheating removes the challenge and usually lessens the fun. So do so in moderation.

Cheating in Multiplayer Mode

I haven't tried these steps on Multiplayer mode yet. There is a big possibility that it works there as well. However, doing so is not fair for other players. So please do not cheat against your fellow players.

Were you able to add gold successfully?

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