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How to Decorate Your House in "Minecraft"

Jessica has been playing Minecraft since 2012. She enjoys building, farming, and breeding animals. She especially enjoys magic modpacks!

Decorate your house by recreating basic furniture that isn't included in "Minecraft."

Decorate your house by recreating basic furniture that isn't included in "Minecraft."

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox indie simulation game published by Mojang and released for PC in 2011. In this 3D-generated world, players can assemble structures with blocks, gather resources, go exploring in cave systems, craft items, and fight monsters. Survival mode pits players against mobs that spawn at night whilst maintaining their stamina and hunger bars, while Creative mode allows players infinite access to blocks, as well as no hunger and the ability to fly!

Building a home in Minecraft can be a lesser or larger priority, depending on the player; some people are perfectly content living in a small, unfurnished shelter, while others take pleasure in constructing a more permanent home. Building enthusiasts are often seeking ways to improve the appearance of their houses. While Minecraft doesn’t contain many furniture items, it is easy to recreate indoor décor with basic materials.

How to Decorate Your House

To date, Minecraft has been updated with numerous decorative items; pots allow players to display saplings and flowers around the home, while paintings make walls look less bland. Item frames allow players to display their favorite items on the wall, and stained glass windows add sophistication to the most simple houses.

However, there are many furniture items that the sandbox game is lacking. For example, there is no recipe for tables or countertops. Hygienic items like sinks, toilets, and showers do not exist as there is no functional need for them. There are no chairs or couches to sit on. Nevertheless, Minecraft’s creative nature has allowed players to replicate these items with basic materials.

Building a fireplace, television, and couch makes a living room feel more complete.

Building a fireplace, television, and couch makes a living room feel more complete.

1. Decorate Your Living Room

The living room is the center of the home in our non-virtual world—we use them to host parties, watch television, relax with the family and take a seat after a long day. Do you want your Minecraft living room to be warm and welcoming, or new and modern? No matter how you envision your house's living room, there are a few basic items that should be included.

  • Couches: Couches are a big part of living rooms and are easily replicated in your Minecraft home. You can make a couch by placing two or more stair blocks next to each other. Placing slabs in front of the stairs make it look longer! You also can use slabs surrounded by wool blocks for a fancier and fluffier-looking couch.
  • Tables: Tables and end tables are great additions to any living room. If you have a couch already built, try making a simple coffee table out of slabs in front of it. A fence post with a pressure plate on top makes a great small end table, as well as an activated piston. You can also place different colored carpet on top of an anvil—experiment with what you like best!
This TV was made with six black wool blocks, three fence posts and three signs.

This TV was made with six black wool blocks, three fence posts and three signs.

  • Television: A living room isn't complete without a television for you and your friends to watch! The easiest way to build a television is to place four or six blocks of black wool (or obsidian) together. Try building a table underneath it with fence posts and signs to look fancier. Your TV won’t be functional, but it will be the talk of the village!
  • Fireplace: Do you live in a winter biome? Try building a fireplace! Keep in mind that certain materials (like wood) catch fire easily and should not be used on your fireplace. Your best bet is to surround a block of Netherrack with stone or brick blocks; Netherrack will burn constantly, and materials like brick and stone are fireproof.
Using a furnace, cauldrons with water, and a hidden chest make kitchens functional.

Using a furnace, cauldrons with water, and a hidden chest make kitchens functional.

2. Decorate Your Kitchen

Kitchens are fun to make—they provide a cozy place to store your food, as well as a decorative table, countertops, sinks, and more. As with our own homes, kitchens can be small and cozy, or large and spacious. The options are endless, so try messing around with many different styles and furniture items!

  • Refrigerator: While a refrigerator isn’t an available item in Minecraft, it is simple to replicate it with basic materials. The best method is to dig down one block where you want your fridge to be. Put a chest in that hole, leave the block above it blank, and place one iron block above that. Place an iron door in front of your fridge, with either a lever or button on the iron block to open the door.
  • Sink: A sink is not only a decorative item to have in your kitchen, but a great place to store some water on-hand. To make a simple kitchen sink, place down one cauldron, fill it with a water bucket, and place one tripwire hook above the cauldron to represent the faucet. You can place two cauldrons next to each other if you want a double sink!
  • Tiles: With the addition of glazed terracotta, you can now have a tiled kitchen floor. Pick a color and place the blocks so the designs match up; matching the patterns in the glazed terracotta above created a circle pattern. If you prefer to keep things simple, wool is a good tile alternative. Try using different colors to make your own pattern!
  • Countertops: Every kitchen has countertops—where else are you going to prepare your food? To create a simple cupboard, just place one bookshelf block, and put a wooden trapdoor on the side of the bookshelf facing you. Whenever you open the trapdoor, your shelves will look like they are full of items! You can use wood planks for simpler approach.
  • Stove: Lucky for you, there is already a stove in Minecraft; for a fully functional stove, just use a furnace in your kitchen. Try adding a crafting table as well to make your kitchen completely functional.
This open closet has an armor stand, bookshelf, and two storage chests.

This open closet has an armor stand, bookshelf, and two storage chests.

3. Decorate Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the sanctuary of every home—it’s a place for personal space, quiet and retreat. It is where we keep our most personal belongings and rest when we are weary. While you can already craft a bed in Minecraft (with three blocks of wool and three blocks of wooden planks), you can still have fun decorating your room with a dresser, closets, and more.

  • Dresser: A dresser holds our clothes, personal belongings, and other apparel. To mimic the appearance of a dresser in Minecraft while maintaining its functionality, you can place two long chests on top of each other. A long chest is made by placing two chests adjacent to each other; this doubles the space the chest can hold, as well as its length.
  • Closet: Another functional feature of a bedroom is the closet. You can build a closet in Minecraft for decoration, or fill it with chests or other items. To make a closet, dig one block deep and two blocks high into the bedroom wall. If you prefer, you can make the closet wider, deeper or taller—you can even have a walk-in closet! Placing stained glass panes around an opening can mimic a colorful curtain.
With different colored beds and carpet, bedrooms can be more personalized!

With different colored beds and carpet, bedrooms can be more personalized!

  • Desk: You can also build a desk to do your very important Minecraft work at. An easy model of a desk is built the same way the tables were in the living room—place two fence posts next to each other with wooden pressure plates (or wood slabs) on top. Alternatively, place a wooden trap door between two anvils, and cover the surface with carpet. While you can’t put anything on the desk, it still makes a nice addition to the bedroom.
Placing stone slabs in front of the sink and toilet makes the bathroom look more fancy.

Placing stone slabs in front of the sink and toilet makes the bathroom look more fancy.

4. Decorate Your Bathroom

Finally, no home is complete without at least one bathroom. While having no functional use in the game, bathrooms make a house look complete and are a great place to dump your unwanted junk items, like gravel or excess cobblestone. With some basic materials, you can build toilets, showers, sinks, and more.

  • Toilet: The toilet is the most important part of any bathroom. To create a realistic toilet, put down a cauldron, fill it with a bucket of water and place a trapdoor on top. When you open and close the trapdoor, it acts like a toilet lid. You can also use your toilet to dispose of unwanted items—simply drop the blocks into the toilet water and they will despawn after five minutes.
  • Sinks: Bathroom sinks are similar in appearance and functionality to kitchen sinks, but usually look more aesthetically pleasing. Try placing a cauldron next to the toilet and putting a stone slab in front—whatever matches your bathroom best. From here, you can either place a tripwire hook above the cauldron to represent a faucet or use a lever. A lever next to the toilet's trap door will open and close the lid!
This small shower has stained glass panes on the side that look like a sheer curtain.

This small shower has stained glass panes on the side that look like a sheer curtain.

  • Shower: You can put together a shower that is either functional or decorative. Start by outlining the edge of the shower with slabs or blocks. You can leave the shower open, or place some glass panes to give it a closed-in look. Place a tripwire hook on the top of the wall inside the shower for a faucet, or place a block of water in the ceiling above a piston; activating the piston will open a hole in the ceiling and rain water down!

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment!

Remember that this article isn’t an end-all for decorating your house in Minecraft. The majority of these designs are quick and easy; if you have an idea to make something fancier or more detailed, go for it! The creative possibilities in Minecraft are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment. And feel free to share your own furniture designs in the comment section below!

Check Out Mr_Crayfish's Furniture Mod!

  • Furniture Mod | "Minecraft" Mods
    Not up to creating your own furniture with basic blocks and materials? Mr_Crayfish's Furniture mod adds over 30 different pieces of furniture to "Minecraft," including chairs, lamps, cabinets, and refrigerators!

Questions & Answers

Question: How did you get all of this stuff to decorate your house in Minecraft?

Answer: Every item is something that can be found or crafted in vanilla Minecraft! Some materials may be harder to get than others, but it is totally doable with some patience and creativity.

Question: How can villagers kill you in Minecraft?

Answer: If they are turned into zombie villagers, they act just like zombie mobs and will attack you!

Question: How do you decorate a cave?

Answer: However you like! If you like that natural look though, you can do potted plants along the walls, dig paths into a dirt floor to make it look like carpet, break blocks in the walls at intervals and put torches inside. These are just a few ideas, but it's up to you!

Question: What should I make or build in my minecraft home?

Answer: It's up to you! You can try some of the furniture items in this hub, or make up some of your own.

Question: Could you add like more rooms to your Minecraft house? For example an attic, guest bedroom, or garage?

Answer: Absolutely! This is just an example of what you can build. Minecraft is all about being creative!

Question: Have you ever seen a villager turn into a witch?

Answer: No, but I've heard it can happen if a villager is struck by lightning.

Question: How do you avoid creepers exploding while playing Minecraft?

Answer: You can try to outrun them! Or command tamed cats to sit around your house - they repel creepers.

Question: If you live underground in Minecraft how would you decorate it?

Answer: However you like! It could look like a cave, or a bunker, or simply a house that's underground. It's all up to you.

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P.S. How did you frame those items?

Jessica Peri (author) from United States on August 25, 2014:

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