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Identifying The Ghosts of "Specter" on "Roblox"

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Hey buddy, what are you doing there behind the couch?

Hey buddy, what are you doing there behind the couch?

There's Something Strange In The Neighborhood...

Specter, created by Lithium Labs, is Roblox's answer to the horror hit Phasmophobia. In this game, you and up to three other players work as a ghostbusting team of paranormal investigators. You must use your tools and your wits to discover the type of ghost that is haunting your location, while trying not to anger the ghost and avoiding it when it begins hunting for victims to join it in the afterlife. Each type of ghost leaves three pieces of distinctive evidence, and you will need to find its favorite room to begin your detective work. There are four different difficulty settings, including an insanity mode, so you can play it safe or give yourself a challenge. It's a very fun game to play with your friends, if they're prepared to face their fears... Here's a guide to help you get started.

Always watch your surroundings in this game and pay attention to sounds, even if it's really dark. At least he's smiling for the camera!

Always watch your surroundings in this game and pay attention to sounds, even if it's really dark. At least he's smiling for the camera!

Ghost Hunting Equipment

When you first load into the van, you may notice that there are many different types of equipment, especially if you team up with higher-leveled friends and they bring extra goodies along. If you die, you'll lose the items you brought, but you may be reimbursed for some of the costs depending on the difficulty you were playing on, unless you're playing on insanity mode. Here are all of the different tools you can use to find and identify the ghost in Specter.


The basic flashlight is your main source of light in the game, so you're going to want to keep it as one of your three held items unless you have a strong flashlight or have a friend who's willing to follow you around with a light source. It is a default item, so you don't have to buy it. One will show up for every member of your group.

Strong Flashlight

The strong flashlight is an upgraded red flashlight that has a stronger beam than the default one. It costs $150 in the shop.

Candle and Lighter

You can buy the candle and lighter separately, but for them to work they have to be used together. To use them, first set the candle down, then pull the lighter out and light it. Get next to the candle and it'll prompt you to light it. This is a source of light that will last for five minutes. When you stand in the light of a candle, your sanity will go up over time. This makes them very useful on harder difficulties or if you suspect you're against a ghost that drains sanity quickly, such as the Yurei or Wendigo. However, you can't pick them up and move them while they are lit, so choose your location carefully. Candles can also be blown out by ghosts, in which case you'll have to relight them. You can buy a candle for $30 and a lighter for $25 in the shop.


The glowstick is a small source of infinite light that you can carry around or drop on the ground in one location. It gives everything an eerie green glow and lights the area around it, rather than having a beam like the flashlights. You can buy a glowstick for $40 in the shop.

EMF Reader

The EMF reader detects paranormal activity, and it is probably the easiest way to find the ghost in Specter. As you enter each room, pull your EMF reader out and get a reading. The readings can be anywhere between 1 and 5. EMF 1 (green) means that there's no paranormal activity. You'll know you have the ghost's room when you get an EMF of at least 2 (yellow). It will begin to beep at EMF 2. EMF 3 (light orange) means that you're getting some ghost activity, such as thrown objects or interaction with the lights. It will begin to beep faster here. EMF 4 (dark orange) is where you start to get in trouble. The beeping increases in volume, and the ghost may appear in front of you or begin hunting, in which case you're going to need to run. EMF 5 (red) also may mean a hunt or sighting, but it counts as a piece of evidence for certain ghosts. Your team will spawn in with one EMF reader, but you can buy an extra for $100 in the shop.


The thermometer is one of the other main ways to find the ghost's room. Simply pull it out for each new room you enter and get a reading. You'll see your temperatures in Celsius, but don't worry, Americans! You'll know you're in the ghost's room when the temperature is at 4 degrees and below. If you get a negative temperature reading (below zero), this is evidence of freezing temperatures, and it needs to be recorded in your journal. You'll spawn in with one thermometer, but you can buy an extra for $100 in the shop.

Spirit Box

The spirit box is basically a walkie-talkie for ghosts. To use it, go to the ghost's room and turn out all lights, including picking up glowsticks and extinguishing candles. You can either hold it or drop it on the ground and click on it. Then, ask some questions in the chat. You could ask things like "Are you here?" or ask it about itself like "How old are you?", or tell it to do something, like "Can you show us a sign?". If the ghost has the spirit box as a piece of evidence, it will respond to your questions in the chat. Sometimes this can trigger a hunt, especially if your ghost communicator uses the ghost's full name, so I like to save the spirit box for last if possible. You'll spawn with one spirit box, but you can buy an extra one for $100 in the shop.


The book is an item that you can place in the ghost room and leave it there. If the ghost is one that has writing as a piece of evidence, then you might see charming messages such as squiggly lines or "DIE DIE DIE" appear on the pages after a time. I like to put the book in front of the video camera so you can see writing even if you have to hide in the van from an angry ghost. You will get one book as a default, but you can buy an extra for $75 in the shop.

Ghost Goggles

To find ghost orbs, one of your group members will need to put on the ghost goggles, which tint everything in purple. Ghost orbs are neon purple floating balls that will show up in the ghost room if they are a piece of evidence for your ghost. It may take a while to find them, since they spawn randomly and only appear for a few seconds. Sometimes you can find the room by finding orbs, though, so it helps to have someone keep them on as you go. You'll get one set of ghost goggles when you join a match, but you can buy an extra for $125 in the shop.

Video Camera

The video camera gives you a safe way to observe the ghost room, and see ghost activity, without being inside. When placed in a room, it'll cast video to the tablet in the van. It's a good idea to place it in front of a window for fingerprints, or in front of the book for writing. Make sure it's facing the right way, though! You'll want the lens to be looking at the direction of whatever you're observing. The video camera comes with your default kit, but you can buy more in the shop for $200 if you want to get multiple angles in a room.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor will allow you to detect ghost movement in front of it. Place it in strategic locations to know where the ghost is coming from during a hunt, or to figure out how often it moves around. It will turn red and beep when the ghost passes by it. The motion sensor costs $120 in the shop.


The crucifix can be dropped in a room to prevent one hunt from happening. It is a must have on harder difficulties or against the more aggressive ghosts, like demons and revenants. It will only prevent the hunt if the ghost is nearby, though, so it won't save your buddy on the other side of the map. It will disappear from your inventory if it's used, but if not, you can bring it to your next hunt. Crucifixes cost $100 in the shop.

Sanity Soda

Sanity soda restores your sanity by 20% every time you use it. Sanity affects how frequently the ghost hunts, so unless you're doing a challenge you'll want to keep it filled. Certain ghosts will drop your sanity faster than others, including the phantom and the yurei, while the wendigo gets faster the lower your sanity is. When your sanity goes under 30%, you'll start hearing whispering around you, whether the ghost is present or not. Because of this, sanity soda is a very useful item to have, and it could save your life if you drink it at a crucial moment. One can of sanity soda costs $100 in the shop.

Types of Evidence

There are 6 different types of evidence you can find to narrow down which ghost you're facing. Once you find a piece of evidence, record it on the last page of your ghost journal. Luckily, each of these is detectable with your base equipment, so you don't have to risk your extra items if you don't want to.


When you get an EMF reading of 5, it counts as evidence for the banshee, jinn, shade, oni, revenant, phantom, or upyr. Your EMF reader will have all five lights lit up and it'll beep really fast. This may mean the ghost is about to hunt, so have an escape route ready.

Freezing Temperatures

You'll know freezing temperatures are a piece of evidence when you get negative readings on your thermometer, or if you can see your breath fogging up when you enter the ghost room. This is evidence for the banshee, demon, mare, yurei, phantom, and wendigo.


Ghosts will typically leave fingerprints on windows or near light switches inside their room. You can't see these from outside, and if you die, you will only be able to see fingerprints that spawned before your death. A good auditory cue for the appearance of fingerprints is knocking sounds, so listen carefully and then look around the room to see if there are any fingerprints. This is evidence for the banshee, spirit, revenant, poltergeist, and wendigo.

Ghost Orbs

Ghost orbs will appear in a haunted place every now and then, but only if it's evidence for that ghost, and you'll only be able to see them if you're wearing the ghost goggles. They will show up as neon purple floating balls, and float around before vanishing. Sometimes they'll float around the building, but they can only spawn in the ghost's room, making that your best place to spot them. Don't mistake your friend's flashlight for an orb, though! Ghost orbs are evidence for the mare, poltergeist, jinn, shade, yurei, and phantom.


Ghosts that write (aka ghostwriters) will write messages in a book if you leave it on the floor. You may have to wait a while for them to get their inspiration, but once they do, you'll hear writing sounds and squiggly lines will show up in the book. Writing is evidence for the demon, spirit, shade, yurei, revenant, and oni.

Spirit Box

Some ghosts can communicate with you through the spirit box. To talk to a ghost, turn off all of the lights in the ghost's room, and type your message in the chat. Here are some questions that work:

  • Are you here?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you a boy or a girl?
  • Can you turn on the light?
  • Give us a sign. (this will get the ghost to do something, but sometimes this makes the ghost angry, and they'll come to kill you)
  • Say the ghost's name to make it mad and trigger a hunt.

Ghosts that have the spirit box as evidence include the spirit, mare, demon, jinn, poltergeist, oni, and wendigo.

Extra Evidence and Objectives

Sometimes you'll get extra objectives for your mission. These don't count as evidence for any particular ghost, but completing them will earn you more money, such as finding dirty water in a sink or finding a bone in the building. Always look out for these when you can. For dirty water, you'll hear a sink running nearby; for bones, look in corners and beside or on furniture. Other objectives you might get include having your group sanity below 10% (good luck staying alive with that one), or recording ghost activity with an EMF (readings of 3 or higher), or having someone witness a ghost event. This could be as simple as watching it break a glass, or watching it hunt and living to tell the tale.

Types of Ghosts

There are 14 different ghost types in the game, each with their own lore and pieces of evidence.


The banshee is a ghost from Irish folklore who warns of the death of a family member with a horrible scream, or heartbroken weeping. In the tales, they are unnaturally tall, pale, and female, but in this game they can be either gender. They herald the death of one particular person, so here in Specter they will target one player over the others. If you see the ghost completely ignore you to chase after your little sister down the hall, it's probably a banshee. To know you're dealing with a banshee, you will look for three pieces of evidence: EMF level 5, freezing temperatures, and fingerprints.


Demons come from the early writings of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions. They are said to be evil spirits that can possess people and make them harm others, and they are typically depicted as enemies of the gods of those religions. In Specter, demons cannot possess players, but they are a very aggressive ghost, hunting early and often. Even with high sanity, they can keep hunting back to back. You will know the ghost is a demon with these pieces of evidence: freezing temperatures, the spirit box, and writing.


The mare is a ghost from German and Slavic folklore, and the origin of the word nightmare. These ghosts preferred the dark, where they could come sit on people's chests while they slept and give them horrible dreams. They were also thought to steal horses and tangle the branches of trees. The mare in Specter also hates the light, turning the power off more frequently to start hunts in the dark. To keep a mare at bay, keep your area lit as you work. Glowsticks will help here since they can't be extinguished. Besides the light tampering, you'll know you're dealing with a mare when you have these pieces of evidence: freezing temperatures, ghost orbs, and the spirit box.


Spirits are your run of the mill ghost, haunting the location where they died and unable to move on. Contrary to the description in the journal, they aren't more common than any of the other ghosts in this list. You will know you've got a spirit when your evidence is writing, the spirit box, and fingerprints.


Poltergeist is German for "noisy spirit". In German folklore, these ghosts would cause lots of physical disturbances to their environments, and they would haunt a particular person rather than a location, following them around and harassing them. However, in Specter, they work like most other ghosts, not going after an individual more than any other. If you see lots of objects being thrown around and paintings falling off of the wall, it's likely that your ghost is a poltergeist. You'll know for sure that you have a poltergeist when the evidence is the spirit box, fingerprints, and ghost orbs.


Jinn are spirits from Arabic folklore that are made of air and fire, and can transform into humans or animals. In the legends, there are good and evil jinn, but in this game, they are quick to defend their territory, and can be aggressive to outsiders. The further away you are, the faster it will get to find you. When the breaker is on, they'll feed off its power and move at maximum speed, so make sure you find the breaker to turn the power off and slow this speedy ghost down. The jinn can be found with this evidence: EMF-5 readings, ghost orbs, and the spirit box.


Shades come from Greek mythology, and reside in the underworld. They have little memory of who they were, and are a shadow of their former selves. In Specter, you can think of the shade as an introverted, shy ghost. If there's too many people around, they may not show themselves, so if you suspect the ghost is a shade, only have one person in the ghost room at a time. To tell if it's a shade, look for writing, ghost orbs, and EMF-5 readings.


The yurei in Japanese folklore has had a violent death, and strong emotions and needs have brought it back to fulfill its last wish, whether that be a wish to find peace or a wish for revenge. In the legends, they prefer to haunt places at the hour of 2 AM to 2:30, but in this game they haunt at whatever time the game is taking place. When you're dealing with a yurei in Specter, your sanity will drop twice as fast when you're not looking at it. Freezing temperatures, ghost orbs, and writing signify the presence of a yurei.


The oni in Japanese folklore is a troll-like demon commonly depicted with horns and a love of cannabalism. In the stories, you can banish them by throwing beans at them, but sadly this doesn't work in Specter. In contrast to the shy shade, the extroverted oni is the life of your Halloween party. This ghost becomes more active when more people are near it, and it gains the strength to move heavy objects around. Onis can be found with this evidence: EMF-5 readings, the spirit box, and the book.


In French folklore, a revenant is a ghost that returns from death to get revenge or express its anger at the people who wronged it, or anyone else who's unfortunate enough to encounter it. In Specter, these ghosts are violent and hunt frequently. They will speed up when they can see you, and move faster when their targets are further away, making them difficult to outrun. You'll know you've got a revenant when you have fingerprints, writing, and EMF-5 readings.


In folklore, phantoms appear and disappear at will, possess whoever they want, and may frighten whoever views them. This is the case in Specter as well, minus the possession. Looking at a phantom will drain your sanity at four times the normal rate per second. The sanity watch gamepass can help you identify phantoms, since you can see your sanity drop as you watch the ghost. Also, to tell if it's a phantom, look for freezing temperatures, ghost orbs, and EMF readings of 5.


The wendigo is an evil spirit that comes from the folklore of the First Nations of Canada. In the folklore, they possess people, and their victims become filled with a hunger and greed that can never be satisfied, and they will cannibalize and murder even their most dearest friends. They are often depicted with antlers or horns. In Specter, the wendigo will become faster as your sanity drops, meaning you'll want to find your evidence quickly and get out, or bring sanity sodas and candles with you to stay sane. Wendigos can be found with this evidence: fingerprints, freezing temperatures, and the spirit box.


In Russian folklore, when a person dies without their soul being redeemed from their sins, an upyr is created. The upyr feasts on the blood of its victims, and pretends to be an attractive young man or woman, but its real form has dark slimy skin and demonic red eyes. The upyr falls in love with its victims, but gains strength from killing them, making this creature's existence tormented. Unlike the vampire, the upyr is immune to sunlight, and has a greater thirst for blood. In Specter, the upyr moves faster after each kill, so you'll want to move quickly with finding evidence, and pay attention when the ghost is hunting. The upyr's presence can be detected with EMF-5 readings, freezing temperatures, and communication on the spirit box.


The egui is a "hungry ghost" in Chinese folklore, who was greedy in life and is now greedy in death. In the stories, they would steal food and gold and hoard their resources from the people they stole from. In Specter, the egui will be after a randomized item in your inventory. When you are holding that item, the egui will come after you faster and hunt more often. To find an egui, look for ghost orbs, writing, and answers on the spirit box.

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