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"Kitchen Scramble": Tips, Hints, and Tricks

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Kitchen Scramble is a stripped-down version of Diner Dash. The restaurant sim game is fun, addicting, and will keep you busy for hours. It revolves around the adventures of Pepper Mills, an aspiring restaurateur who is grounded to her values and won’t compromise on food quality.

This time-management game offers a diverse menu of dishes, each with its own special recipe. Every level has something new to offer, be it a new dish or goal. As you progress, preparing dishes will be a tiresome job as you will have to juggle between multiple kitchen appliances to prepare food for your customers.

The game tests your multi-tasking and time management skills. To prepare the right recipes, serve impatient customers, earn more coins, and become a successful entrepreneur, follow these Kitchen Scramble tips and tricks:

1. Multi-Tasking, Thy Name Is Chef


To help you multitask better without making any cooking errors, follow these hints:

  • While playing, mentally note down the appearance of the customer and the food he/she has ordered. Truck drivers will usually order bacon; the mother carrying a baby in her arms like home fries, the fussy reporter will look forward to having a delicious salad. Customers will come back again and order the same dish, so start preparing that dish immediately when you spot the same customer. This will really quicken things up and may even help you earn a bonus tip.
  • Click on more than one ingredient to help Pepper Mills grab them with both her hands. She will then put them all in a mixing bowl or a blender. This really saves time and helps Pepper cook faster.
  • Once you have finished cooking, click on a dish, else it will burn and get spoiled. At a later stage, you can use the “Never Burn” power-up to prevent foods from burning.

2. Practice Makes a Cook Perfect


Before playing a level, you can practice cooking to improve your cooking skills. The “Recipes” section appears to your right after clicking on a level. It shows a list of food items you will need to cook in a level. New recipes get added to that section. Click on a new recipe icon to practice cooking and begin playing a level once you have mastered it.

The practice mode helps you prepare for hard-to-cook dishes. Cooking is quite easy in the first few levels, but will involve multiple ingredients and preparation stages to make complex dishes. Practicing will help you cook complex dishes faster, save time and earn bonus coins.

3. Food Is Where the Heart Is


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In Kitchen Scramble, A vanishing heart implies that the customer is getting a bit impatient. He or she will leave your food truck if all 5 hearts disappear.

Keep a tab on a customer's hearts—A customer with 5 hearts is happy with your restaurant and may even give you a tip. 2 hearts implies an impatient, angry customer. If there are customers ordering the same dish, try to serve those that have a lesser number of hearts first.

The higher the heart level of a customer, the more coins + tip you earn. Serving food to a customer with all 5 hearts could earn you a big heart bubble, and clicking on it will fill up your heart meter (You can find this heart meter at the bottom of the game screen, just beside the star meter). Once the meter is filled up, you will earn additional coins and tip. You will stop getting bonus coins once the heart meter decreases.

4. Premium Ingredients Help You Earn Coins


The Recipes section shows a list of Premium ingredients available to you. One can purchase premium items with coins by clicking on the small plus button beside them. Some premium ingredients require players to spend real money, but they can request these items from their friends if they want it for free.

There are several advantages of using premium ingredients. A premium ingredient used in place of a standard ingredient earns you more coins. o identify these ingredients, notice a glow around them. Earning more coins will ensure quick appliance upgrades.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Invite your friends to make cooking more fun and exciting. You can send and receive premium ingredients, which pay bonus coins and tip. You can also get supplies and coins simply by requesting a friend.
  • Always upgrade your kitchen appliances. Save and use coins to level up skillets, chop boards and other objects. Upgrading kitchen appliances helps you cook food faster, save time and earn bonus coins.
  • If you have prepared a wrong dish or couldn't serve a completed dish to an impatient customer, just throw it away in the trash bin located at the corner of the food truck. The bin can be easily identified by its “recycle” sign.
  • In Kitchen Scramble, star tokens can be collected by earning golden stars on each level. The more golden stars you earn, the more tokens you collect. You can earn a maximum of 3 tokens and use them to get through token gates.
  • Replay a level to earn star mastery if you don’t have enough tokens. You can earn bonus tokens by completing location goals. Click on the Goals button at the bottom of the screen to check out the objectives for earning token rewards. For example—Reaching the 15,000 coin goal will earn you an additional 13 star tokens.

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