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5+ Confirmed Features You Can Expect in "Paralives"!

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5+ Confirmed Gameplay Features for the Upcoming Life-Simulation Game, "Paralives"!

5+ Confirmed Gameplay Features for the Upcoming Life-Simulation Game, "Paralives"!

Have you heard about the newest life-simulation game that’s in early development? Paralives, developed by Alex Massé, is an upcoming game that’s all about controlling people’s lives, building their dream homes, and more! The game is heavily inspired by The Sims series, of course, and Sims and life-simulation fans alike are eagerly awaiting the game’s release to see how it stacks up against other games in the life-simulation genre.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t near completion yet; as mentioned above, the game is in very early development stages and doesn’t even have a concrete release date set yet. That being said, Massé and his development team have already confirmed several features we can expect to see in the base game, and all of them are very exciting!

You can add Paralives to your Steam Wishlist. The game is currently planned for released for Windows and Mac OS X devices. You can also support Paralives on Patreon, which will allow you to see a sneak peek at the game development as it comes along.

Pets have been confirmed for the base game!  You can also see that this adorable doggo is sitting outside a restaurant!

Pets have been confirmed for the base game! You can also see that this adorable doggo is sitting outside a restaurant!

1. Pets

From the early stages of Paralives development, Massé has said there will be pets in the initial release of the game. For The Sims fans, this is thrilling news, as pets have always been added to each series in the franchise by way of a $40-$60 expansion pack, usually a few years after the base game is released.

Confirmed pets are cats, dogs, and horses. There hasn’t been a lot of information regarding the pets yet, except that we will be able to see their needs and the possibility to create your own pet (i.e. choose the colour of their fur, etc.)

2. Height and Body Sliders

I am quite short in real life (only 5’2, or 158cm), so it’s always bugged me that most life-sims haven’t allowed me the ability to recreate my true self, small stature and all.

Paralives is out to change that with height sliders! Using a simple pull and push mechanic, you can make your character (known as “Parafolk” in the game) as short or as tall as you’d like (with some limitations, I suppose; can’t imagine any giants in the game!). Having Parafolks of different heights will be really amazing to see, and will give the characters a more unique and realistic feeling.

In addition to the height sliders, the character editor (known as “Paramaker”) also has a body slider, which will allow you to pull or push parts of your Parafolk’s body, making them have slim arms, and wide hips, or a large tummy and flat bottom- whatever you wish!

3. Color Wheel

One thing life-sim fans love is to have total control over the design of their game, even down to the colour of their character’s hair, or the colour of their character’s clothing.

Paralives has confirmed that the game will have a color wheel, with which you can design your Parafolk’s hair, eyes, skin tone, and clothes.

The color wheel will also be able to be used in build mode- allowing you to colour and design furniture, fabric swatches, and more!

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4. Advanced Builiding Tools

Speaking of build mode, one of the very first things the Paralives team showed off is the build mode in the game. Using very impressive building tools, you can create your own homes with grid-less construction (meaning you can place things pretty much wherever you like), curved walls, split-level homes, and even customizable furniture.

This level of customisation for building hasn’t been seen in a life-sim before, so it’s very exciting for those of us whom love to recreate our dream homes!

5. Open World

The developers have already announced that the world your Parafolk live in (which has yet to be named) will be an open world, meaning no loading screens between travelling to different buildings. Sims fans, for example, haven’t had an open world in the franchise since The Sims 3, so this will be great news for anyone who hates waiting at loading screens just while visiting the next lot over.

The Steam page advertises the ability to visit homes, shops, restaurants, parks and visit with other Parafolks in your town. There will be schools and work places, though both have been confirmed to be “rabbit hole” lots (i.e. you can’t follow your Parafolk into these buildings) at launch, with the possibility for these places to be visitable in the future.

It has also been confirmed that while there will only be one town in the game at launch, there will be a world creation tool released post-launch that will give players the ability to create and share custom worlds through Steam’s Workshop.

6. Weather and Seasons

Adding to the game’s realism, Paralives will include dynamic weather and seasons in the base game!

Types of weather have yet to be confirmed (I will update the article when we know for sure), but I’m sure we can expect to see sunny days, rain, and snow, at the very least, as well as typical seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall.

An early design of a house boat in "Paralives"

An early design of a house boat in "Paralives"

7. Cars, Bikes and Boats

For most of us, transportation and commuting is part of day-to-day life, so it seems like a no-brainer to include methods of transportation in a life simulation game.

Paralives will include cars, bikes and boats in its base game, with the ability to even build and live on a house boat, if you so desire!

8. Mods and Modding Support

The ability to add fan-created content is a welcome addition in most gaming communities, so it’s fantastic news to hear that Paralives will not only allow fan-made modifications (also known as “mods”) to be added to the game, but will also allow them to be shared officially through the Steam Workshop.

The development team has confirmed that players will be able to create and play with mods that add in custom worlds, hairstyles, clothes, and objects.

I have a lot of experience with adding mods (and even creating my own mods) in my favourite games–The Sims franchise in particular–but it’s always great when a developer officially supports mods through channels like the Steam Workshop.

For people who create mods, it’ll give them an easy way to upload their mods, a built-in place to share them with downloaders, and a smooth and easy way to update any broken mods.

For people who want to download mods, having them in a central place like the Steam Workshop means they’ll be able to quickly find a huge variety of mods (once they’ve been made by players), download them and easily add them into the game through Steam, and can even have their mods automatically updated when the creator has amended anything. Mods can even be turned on or off through Steam Workshop for easy access.

Modding with official game launchers like Steam makes it so much easier to create and use mods, particularly compared to games like The Sims, where modding isn’t “officially” supported by the developers, and needs to be done by downloading through third-party sites, sometimes using complicated methods to download and install them, and having to manually check when mods are updated or out of date.

Though Paralives is still in its early stages, the game has so many wonderful confirmed features, as well as things currently being considered by the development team (like story progression, adjustable season lengths, aging options for Parafolks, and multiple worlds, to name a few).

As a nearly life-long fan of the life simulation genre, I’m incredibly excited to see what Paralives has to offer. I’ve been following Alex Massé on Twitter since I saw the first image of Paralives back in June 2019, and have been a Patron since September 2019; I devour every bit of information we get regarding the game and honestly can’t wait to buy it on day one!


What is your favourite confirmed feature coming in Paralives? What else do you hope to see in the game? Let me know in the comments section below!

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