PewDiePie's 10 Best "Minecraft" Builds

Updated on December 4, 2019
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Paul loves playing video games; especially when it comes to "Minecraft"!

Broland in All Its Glory

Welcome to my list of the top 10 PewDiePie Minecraft builds, here I will count down the top creations in Broland, reliving some of the best moments created on his iconic Minecraft world. Felix has had many pets, companions, and has made some amazing videos with JackSepticEye, Jack Black, Marzia, and James Charles, but his best moments are when he is alone with Sven, wandering around the world on adventures and getting into loads of trouble! Starting off we go to the early stages of Broland, with an amazingly simple but memorable build!

The Meatball
The Meatball

1. The Meatball

Right from the start of the world, PewDiePie was building this monstrosity! All the dirt he got as he was starting out was all pumped into making this round piece of meat, eventually, he finished it after using thousands of dirt blocks and he built an elevator inside it to give a cool view inside the meat!

RIP Water Sheep
RIP Water Sheep

2. Water Sheep's Grave

Rest in Peace Water Sheep. After the saddening passing away of Water Sheep, there was no better way to commemorate his life and death than with a beautiful shrine. Many happy memories brought us together with PewDiePie and Water Sheep, and now that he's gone, we can only smile and remember the good times! RIP Water Sheep.

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An IKEA Themed House
An IKEA Themed House
An IKEA Themed House

3. The Iconic House

The beautiful IKEA themed house is just another reason why we love PewDiePie! This was one of the earliest things he built and is a wonder to behold. After JackSepticEye burnt it down, there was widespread panic and fear, but gladly all order has been restored!

A Looming Tower
A Looming Tower

4. The IKEA Tower

This is like the Empire State Building of Broland! For miles around it is clear to see, this giant in the sky warns all mobs around it that Broland is here! Built beside the Giant Meatball, this completes the Swedish District of Broland!

5. The Church of Water Sheep

It seemed that a grave was not enough. We loved Water Sheep so much that Felix just had to build a Church in his memory. This lovely build reminds us every day of the beautiful life of Water Sheep, and all the good times we spent together!

You Are a Bro
You Are a Bro

6. The Brofist

The Brofist! The international symbol of the Felix Army! This pixel art is guaranteed to make your world look better, and give a constant reminder that you are a bro!

In Memory of Bernie
In Memory of Bernie

7. Bernie's Grave

Bernie the Donkey was a loyal companion of Felix. After discovering him wandering around in the wild, Bernie was welcomed into the Bro Family. But like many of PewDiePie's animal friends, Bernie fell ill and passed away. This grave is an essential reminder of the struggles of Bernie in his life of donkeyhood.

One of PewDiePie's Best Builds!
One of PewDiePie's Best Builds!

8. Statue of Joergen

One of PewDiePie's best builds in my opinion! This huge statue of Felix riding Joergen into battle reminds us of the happy times we had together! Later on Felix added the iconic IKEA Bird onto his shoulder, completing the statue to make it an amazing piece of work!

9. Sven's Japanese House

In a later episode, PewDiePie revealed this stunning Japanese style house which he had built! As we marvelled at how good it looked, Felix revealed that he had built the house for Sven and his family to live! And they have lived there happily ever after, even after a lot of close calls for Sven!

10. Villager Dungeon

Some of you will know all about this Villager Dungeon! PewDiePie built it as a way for Villagers to spend time with each other! With loads of rooms and plenty of Villagers, this is like a hotel for the large-nosed mobs which roam around their halls!

More From PewDiePie

PewDiePie has given us some amazing builds throughout his Minecraft YouTube series, here are only 10 of the best builds which he has made, but there are plenty more in his series and I would definitely recommend you check out his channel if you haven't already! Below I also have a list of 20 Minecraft builds to make your world look amazing! From cars to Dojos to a working lighthouse, the list has everything you could imagine! Hopefully, there is plenty of inspiration there if Felix starts running out! But I don't think he will!

Thanks for reading!


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