How to Beat Plague Inc. Parasite on Normal

Beating Parasite on Normal

Welcome to my tutorial on how to beat Plague Inc.'s Parasite on Normal. Parasite is similar to Virus. However, Parasite has an added feature called Symbiosis. It allows symptoms to prevent the discovery of the parasite. This helps us a lot. While Parasite is very simple in nature, I've redesigned this tutorial recently in order to build points fast.

Let's get started!

First and foremost:

  • We will be allowing symptoms.
  • Also, symbiosis is found under abilities.

  1. Start your Parasite in South Africa, or another hot country of your choice.
  2. Build DNA Points to 30.
  3. Get Water Transmission 1.
  4. Get Water Transmission 2.
  5. Build DNA Points to 30.
  6. Get Air Transmission 1.
  7. Get Air Transmission 2.
  8. Build DNA Points to 100.
  9. Get Drug Resistance 1.
  10. Get Cold Resistance 1.
  11. Get Cold Resistance 2.
  12. Get Heat Resistance 1.
  13. Get Heat Resistance 2.
  14. Get Symbiosis 1.
  15. Get Symbiosis 2.
  16. Build DNA Points to 50.
  17. Get Drug Resistance 2.
  18. Build your DNA points until everyone is infected.
  19. Work your remaining points into the symptoms.
  20. Reach Total Organ Failure first.
  21. You can then spend any remaining points wherever you see fit.

Congratulations! You have beat Parasite on Normal.

Video: Parasite on Normal Walkthrough (Note: Doesn't Follow My Tutorial But This Works Also)

About the Author

Ashleign is my alias and a character I play on the internet. I have used this nickname for several years. I have worked in IT for about four years. Before that, I worked as an EMT in EMS. There, I drove the ambulance mostly, but I can say that I was in the room while a life was actually being saved—that was a cool thing to see. Bless our troops, fire, police, and EMS workers they have an incredibly hard job, and I love them with every bit of my heart. Especially the police.

I've been working very hard on these tutorials for you and appreciate any and all feedback you want to provide. Please let me know how you did, I would love to hear from you!

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Comments 80 comments

Mystery 4 days ago

srry didn't work I try about 3 times

Rozack 4 weeks ago

48% Cure 643 Days Total Score:11940

Jake 7 weeks ago

This doesn't work at all on multiplayer.

a random dude 8 weeks ago

Als go down from rash. Fairly deadly upgrade there.

Jerod Hawkins 4 months ago

I recommend using your extra points for genetic hardning and reshuffles

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 5 months ago from Alabama Author

Just did an update video on these tutorials check them out at

5 months ago

99% cure.... close call, but made it.

Rob 5 months ago

Marry me?

Death 5 months ago

51% cure, 841 days

MaxWasy 6 months ago

Good but took a long time

Emma 8 months ago

Used this on brutal. 807 days.

Paula 9 months ago

it worked for me, but I reached 99% and then I finally reached enough DNA-points for a genetic reshuffle.

Mr. It 9 months ago

Towards the end I had to make some adjustments to complete the level, but aside from that, this works.

Justin hunt 9 months ago

Worked well for besides it almost going to 95%

Morriganna 9 months ago

If you do symbiosis earlier on it is extremely more effective

Rozack 10 months ago

()-------- (0___ o)

Papyrus 10 months ago

Worked! but i din't follow esacly i worked to the organ failure from coughing

and Worked!

42ndsheep 12 months ago

did not work, to fix: before you go for total organ failure (I didn't even get to it for a really long time and would recommend going there from coughing) get your points to 100, also devolve all symptoms until u infect everyone in the world

Hitman 12 months ago

The first time I tried this, I followed everything step by step and "Shit" got detected to early and I lost, with Greenland infected but majorly healthy. Immediately after that I decided to try my own method. Firstly, start in a hot country, so that all other hot countries con be infected in due time. Please note that using this method you'll have to play in fast forward, as you'll usually win in 900 days or more depending on how fast you evolve things. By the way, in the beginning, if you have unlocked the gene for bonus DNA when devolving, then use it. This'll make things easier later in the game. Wait till you get like 50 DNA points, then completely evolve the symbiosis to level 3. This will ensure that your parasite will not be detected, and then get Air 1 & 2, Water 1 and if you have any points left and you can afford it, Drug Resistance 1. Then your parasite could mutate a few symptoms, but don't bother. Now wait till you get 50 or more DNA points so that you can get Drug Resistance 2 and Genetic Hardening 1. Now keep in mind that you should NOT evolve ANY symptoms as it'll lead to either people dying faster or your parasite getting detected faster. Devolve any lethal symptom if it mutates. Now save up your DNA points till you infect everyone in the world or the message "There are no more healthy people left in the world" pops up. Now your main objective is to get to Total Organ Failure first. This will ensure that people die fast. After getting enough DNA points get Necrosis and Hemorrhagic Shock. Now the death rate skyrockets, and you'll have a steady income of DNA points. Now get All of the Genetic Reshuffle (1,2 and 3). Now all you need to do is sit back and watch the chaos. Congratulations! You've beaten Parasite on Normal!

If this doesn't work please get back to me. I'll then work up another strategy.

Mokona 13 months ago

Nice tutorial! I started in Africa and it has worked!! Thank you ;)

Fungus Amoungus 13 months ago

i followed the tutorial VERY presice, and they quickly discovered and destroyed me. either this game hates me, or their is a flaw in the tutorial.

Foullily 13 months ago

It almost got me, but without symbiosis 3 and a few more drug resistances while everyone was being killed by TOF i woulda lost. However, its a good walkthrough otherwise, just a few tweaks or quick thinking on the players part :3

Thank you

Higherlevel1 profile image

Higherlevel1 14 months ago

They cure it before i can infect everyone i think allowing symptoms early on is doing it going to try again can u please update

TRex 15 months ago

Nice tutorial but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Greenland was last and slowest to get infected and the cure went super fast. I'm going to try this but fully evolve symbiosis to see what happens.


Nagrom 17 months ago

I did like your tutorial but I just didn't work for me, so I tried it out on my own and I did good. All you really have to do is evolve all three of the symbiosis,

water resistance(to the maximum)

air transmission(to the maximum)

cold and heat resistance all the way. Devolve your symptoms until everyone in the world is sick, after that evoke your symptoms until you reach Total Organ Failure . It's how I won. But I still love you and your tutorials, honestly

allie. 17 months ago

I'm a big fan of your work but I've done this one 6 times and it hasn't worked.

Please help..

wat 18 months ago

That may have been my fault for naming it "Twerking" ... as soon as it was discovered, the world was quite eager to eradicate it.

Apparently I don't learn, because my next attempt was "YOLO" and that was spontaneously detected and destroyed with extreme prejudice as well.

Let's see how "Swag" does...

wat 18 months ago

Spontaneously discovered during step 5, without any symptoms. That didn't go well.

(: 18 months ago

i don't know what i dis wrong but i had no symptoms and people were treating my disease like it was really deadly lol but the cure was complete before everyone got infected ):

Flutter 18 months ago

This tutorial only works about 30% of the time. The scientists will almost instantly find the disease.

Ray 20 months ago

Should I devolve the transmissions and abilities once everyone's infected?

Lrxx 20 months ago

Darn, only 15,000 survived in Greenland. Got it infected but in the end some of them survived. Gonna try again, thanks for your tutorial though!

Josh 20 months ago

Im struggling to complete it, ive played a few times with these exacy instructions but they keep finding the parasite really early and curing it :P

Liam 20 months ago

This Works. But my computer forces to shut down immediately but i will try again. I force to evolve an parasite's abilites because of a high severity. Nice Tutorial.

Braydeng71 21 months ago

DNA sequence : Standard

Difficulty: Normal

Time: 1062 Days

Cure progress: 69% complete

Score: 4080

Thanks for the tutorial! Did I do good?

cindy 22 months ago

have you done or will you do brutal and mega tutotials?

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 23 months ago from Alabama Author

Or Sir.. Doesn't matter.

Zalel 23 months ago

Perfect! Thank you uhhh maam?

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 23 months ago from Alabama Author

I'm not sure. I will check, I don't have it on my phone anymore.

0897867564 23 months ago

There is no symbiosis on the cell phone version. Ignore?

wawawaifus 23 months ago

But I still won

wawawaifus 23 months ago

Not enough DNA points

Lolcraft 23 months ago

You can actually go without drug resistance 2. It'll take longer but you can kill a lot faster though.

meggan 23 months ago


August 23 months ago

So I followed this exactly, but the parasite was noticed, and the cure beat me. Is this normal?

Tristan 24 months ago

I would like to say that you make very good tutorials but I would buy symbiosis 1 and 2 in the bwgging because I had a problem with it getting noticed when it had no symptoms and no way to get noticed

JoMoFo 2 years ago

Worked great! And in only 798 days :D

irishjay91 2 years ago

used your tutorial on fungus and it helped me extremely and using this tutorial on parasite haven't been discovered yet and its my first try thanks for your help

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author


Test 2 years ago

Wow ! This is REALLY great tuts !

I beat parasite normal mode in 843 days, 13% cure, and have scores 35760 by ur tuts !

Thanks a lot, dude !

Ryan 2 years ago

Great tutorial, thank you. Just wanted to say in this tutorial you called it Air and Water resistance when it's really transmission. I caught on, but maybe consider updating to avoid confusion. Thanks again!

wpedd 2 years ago

Cheers for the help, named all my diseases Facebook


wendy 2 years ago

Thank u! I've been stuck on Parasite...always so close! I hope it's slow at work so I can do this!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Well thank you for the kind words and the comment :)

NitroQueen profile image

NitroQueen 2 years ago

Thank you SOOOOO much for your tutorials! This one definitely helped me, although I tweaked it a little bit. I had to use Symbiosis sooner than you've listed because my parasite kept mutating and giving me symptoms. I know you said to allow symptoms, but I had to devolve them for a while due to continually being "discovered" too early and then the cure would start, but not enough DNA points came around after that for me to counter it...and the cure was going FAST.

But once I did that...DNA points popped up quickly. I waited until everyone was infected and then unleashed terror. I owe it to your tutorial to be sure!

DNA sequence : Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Time: 897 Days

Cure progress 20%

Score: 12780

Keep up the great work!! YOU ROCK! :)

Sue 2 years ago


Every step went extremely well. In this level it was much more easier to gain DNA points. Amazing tutorials, keep it up!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Try Simian Flu before you check out my tutorial.. There's some serious challenge there.. Although it only took me a full day to figure out a solid tutorial for it.

Misdrhaal 2 years ago

Difficulty : Normal

Day : 920

Score : 38220

Cure : 14%

Investments to counter the cure : 0 point

I started in Russia, stacked points to up one level in each type of contamination triggering mutation, then maxed out the air and water spreading.

And then waited, waited, waited, undoing every new symptom. Then the message indicating that the whole world was infected poped up. (about 800 days)

So i've unleashed hell with more than 130 DNA points (and more coming the weeks after^^)

They started the cure juste after the first symptoms, but that was too late, definitely. The diseases killed everyone in a blink of an eye:p

And it seems to be an always win strategy? Quite a shame for the moment, i will try prion.

David Rinaldi 2 years ago

Days - 1025

Cure - 51%

Scores - 5710


Jonathan 2 years ago

Water RESISTANCE? Heat RESISTANCE? What about extreme bioareosol?

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Haha. Thanks Kahdha.

It's really no trouble, walkthroughs can be confusing. Anyway I can improve helps me dearly.

Kahdha 2 years ago

If you are reading his tutorial ia because he knows more than you.. Don't try to correct him so you can appear smarter, don't be that guy, is air 1 and air 2 it's not that hard to figure it out

Jinx 2 years ago

Worked perfectly on brutal as well. Thanks! :)

nyeh 2 years ago

Do you allow mutations or no¿

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Spoon Frustrated. I think I will name it that for the Bio-weapon video.

Carole 2 years ago

By spoon frustrated, I meant soooo frustrated. Of course, auto correct.

Carole 2 years ago

You rock, girl. Thanks a load for the tutorials. I love the game but in was getting spoon frustrated!

And I think with your mini-bio that you're an amazing person with a deep heart, and I want to say that even your short summary touched my heart, and I can admire the part of you that you display to us.

Once again, thanks, and happy gaming! :D

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Good news. Just got nano done tonight. Will have a video and tutorial posted soon.

:3 2 years ago

Nevermind … i made a dumb question

:3 2 years ago

Do you allow mutations?

Pika 2 years ago

Pls do nano virus

Ash 2 years ago

Your tutorials are extremely helpful. Thank you, and keep the great work going!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Thanks guys.

trav 2 years ago

its air 1 air 2. water 1 water 2 no resistance. its under the transmission

marcus 2 years ago

There is no water or air resistance

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

It's a transmission.

Guest 2 years ago

Water Resistance?Air Resistance?WHAT

Fred 2 years ago

Thanks so much for your tutorials, Ashleign.

Really helpful. Much appreciated!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

I apologize for that. I just noticed I did not post it. South Africa.

Shabba 2 years ago

I could be blind but did you state what country to begin in

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