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"Rimworld" Star Wars Mods

Edward is a gamer who enjoys trying out new mods for games, especially "Rimworld."

Discover some Star Wars mods for "Rimworld."

Discover some Star Wars mods for "Rimworld."

What Is Rimworld?

Rimworld is a sci-fi colony-building simulator where you are put in charge of a colony's survival on a distant planet in the galaxy. Ever since I began playing this game back in 2014, I have thought that it would be the perfect grounds for a seamless Star Wars integration.

And here we are with what seems like one of the most impactful mods I've seen. Well, there are in fact three mods designed to work together:

  1. Star Wars—Factions
  2. Star Wars—The Force
  3. Star Wars—Lightsabers

1. The Factions Mod

First, there's the Star Wars—Factions mod that integrates the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and "other scum and villainy" into the game. Those factions bring more than just the custom apparel that most other faction mods I've tried do. Instead, in the latest version, the Empire is a neutral faction that will demand you to pay a yearly tax to them, lest you want them as your enemies. And at later stages in the game, they'll send large stormtrooper assaults on your colony if you have somehow pissed them off (which isn't really difficult).

Stormtroopers in Rimworld

The stormtroopers are really a force to be reckoned with; they wear heavy armor and powerful weapons. And even though their aim is just as bad as in the movies, they can come in such large numbers that they will make quick work of your colony nonetheless. And they never flee, which makes them even more dangerous. I was assaulted by a force of at the very least 30 stormtroopers, and after slaughtering all but one, he still refused to flee. He did have a painstopper imbued in his brain, and I chopped both his arms off, and he still wanted to fight.

2. The Force Mod

Star Wars—The Force implements, as the name suggests, The Force. It adds a series of new traits that gives characters access to the powers of The Force. This is one of the most original mods I've ever seen in Rimworld. It adds a whole new RPG system for the lucky colonists that have a Force trait.

Skills Learned With the Force

By doing casual work like mining or farming, the colonist will start gaining Force XP. Whenever the colonist levels up their Force level, they are awarded a skill point that you can assign to various skills. Some skills are neutral, like the passive ones that affect the size of the colonist's force pool and lightsaber skills. But then there are the activated skills, and boy are they game changers. There are three sets of skills, the "gray" ones that provide some simple but strong powers:

  1. Force Push throws a target away from the caster at great velocity.
  2. Force Pull can, at higher levels, disarm an opponent.
  3. Force Speed greatly increases the character's movement speed.

Dark and Light Abilities

Those skills can be pretty useful, but let's be honest, they are not that fun. Luckily, Jecrell and his team have added both Sith and Jedi skills. So your dreams of becoming a Sith Lord or Jedi Master may become true!

Anyone that has access to the Force can learn basic skills from both sides, so it is possible to be able to use both Force Lightning and Force Heal. Using Dark or Light abilities will adjust the colonist's alignment towards the Dark or Light side. Some more powerful skills can only be learned if they have a certain alignment.

3. The Lightsabers Mod

Then there's my personal favorite of their three mods: Star Wars—Lightsabers. It adds more than just a powerful melee weapon; there are different hilts that change the appearance of the activated blade. And the hilts require a crystal focus to work.

You can craft some basic crystals from cheap stone, but all they do is give some damage and change the color of the blade. But there are legendary crystals out there on your planet that have unspeakable power. I got lucky and got hold of a Krayt Dragon Pearl which is one of the most powerful focuses available. My Sith Master that's equipped with that pearl deals almost 200 damage per hit.

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Oh, did I mention that lightsabers are not only customizable but also have lots of sound effects? But that and their melee power is not the reason I'm using them. You can put the Force Skill Points I mentioned earlier into Lightsaber Defense and Lightsaber Reflection. Defense gives your character a chance to block incoming projectiles with their lightsaber and Reflection makes it possible to hit an enemy with their own projectile!

Bugs With the Mods

Let's just agree that those three mods are super cool. You don't even need to be a Star Wars fan to be able to enjoy them since they give your colonists so much more depth (at least if they are gifted with the Force).

Whilst there is a lot of content, there are also a few bugs. For instance, the amount of skill points to level up skills increase linearly for the Dark skills, while the Light ones only require one skill point for each level. When I first installed the mods, Force Push didn't work properly, and just created a huge pool of blood on the ground surrounding the target, somehow without hurting it either. This has been patched by now.

There are also some bugs surrounding item permissions, all the tribal people in my area wear Alliance helmets. I would like to imagine that the tribes are similar to the Ewoks and have attacked some Alliance outposts and stolen their helmets, but I think it is more likely that it has to do with some permission error in the code.

Other than that, I haven't found any major bugs or glitches, and the developers are very active in their Discord channel.

Balancing Issues

There is, however a bunch of balancing issues in my opinion, for instance, Force Choke instantly immobilizes any mechanoids. And high-level lightsaber users are way too powerful in my opinion.

Remember the huge stormtrooper battles I mentioned earlier? I defeated all of them with a single Sith Master. I simply sent all my other colonists to hide, drafted Lyons, the Sith Master and sent her to the front line with her lightsaber activated. Then I just wait. She has over 100% chance of blocking incoming shots and reflects them back towards the enemies. Lyons is pretty much invincible to ranged weapons. And she will destroy anything or anyone she hits with her lightsaber in one slice.

Head? Decapitated. Leg? Chopped off. Torso? Sliced in half. If someone manages to get a lucky strike on her, she can just drain his life force until she's fully healed. And not to mention high-level Force Choke, Force Lightning, and Force Storm. They all instantly kill any human I've tried them on.

I think the major problem here isn't that abilities are too strong, rather that enemies gifted with Force powers are unable to use them. I am hoping that the developers will add this to the AI, because I can't wait to see epic lightsaber battles between a Jedi and Sith army.

Future Potential

And there is so much potential left with those mods. It would be wonderful if they integrated more stuff from the Star Wars universe, like I mentioned, changing the tribal people to Ewoks. Changing muffalos to banthas, wargs to nexus and adding various other creatures like the rancor or tauntaun.

Also, creating Empire mechanoids like AT-ATs with in-depth health systems. I am currently dreaming about having a giant AT-AT walking onto the battlefield, with incredible amounts of health and armor where I need to tell my colonists to attack specific parts of it to be able to bring it to a halt.

From the update notes and patches I've seen, the dev team is really effective and know what they are doing. I hope that they have visions as grand for their mods as I do, because Rimworld is the perfect game to implement the entire Star Wars universe in!

  • Steam Workshop :: Star Wars - A RimWorld Series
    Steam Workshop: RimWorld. This is a mod series themed around Star Wars. It will add fully-functional deflecting craftable slot-loadable crystal-enhanced lightsabers, force powers with a leveling system and skills, a simple que

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