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"Roller Coaster Tycoon" Razor Rocks Strategy Guide

Jenna is a fan of the "Roller Coaster Tycoon" series and enjoys discussing strategies for different maps in the game.

Learn what strategies to use in the Razor Rocks map for "Roller Coaster Tycoon."

Learn what strategies to use in the Razor Rocks map for "Roller Coaster Tycoon."

About the Razor Rocks Map

Razor Rocks is a desert park that comes with the Loopy Landscapes expansion pack. Large rock formations provide interesting opportunities for building tunnels. The objective of the Razor Rocks map is to build ten different types of roller coasters, each with an excitement rating of at least six. This map allows you to research a wide variety of coasters, rides, stalls, and scenery. The objective and the gargantuan size of the map present a number of unique difficulties.

How to Achieve an Excitement Rating of 6.00 or Higher

The most important part of getting your excitement rating high is not to make your ride too intense. When your ride is too intense, the excitement rating stays low and most guests won't ride the coaster, which will result in the coaster losing money. There are a number of things to keep in mind when building your coaster to make sure your intensity rating doesn't get too high.

  • Smooth Turns: Avoid sharp turns, especially after a drop. Allow the train to coast across straight tracks for a while before turning. Adding a roll under the Roll/Banking makes the transition smoother and keeps the intensity lower. Use the larger turn whenever possible.
  • Limited Hill Lifts: Limit lift hills to one or two. It is possible to include shorter hills after your initial lift hill without using chain lifts. Bumbly Beach has a good example of a coaster with limited lift hills.
  • No Steep Drops: Sometimes it's best to avoid the steepest drop option altogether.
  • Speed Limits: Limit the speed of your ride. If you have a large lift hill, you might not use the steep drop option or you might level out the drop before it comes all the way back down to the ground. In order to slow the train down, you can add a steep hill without lift chains after the first drop.

Strategies for Increasing Excitement

Even if your ride's intensity is comfortably around 6–8, your ride still might not be exciting enough. It might hover in the 5–6 range, so other measures will have to be taken to improve the excitement rating.

Other ways to raise excitement:

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  • Weave the tracks around and through each other.
  • Weave another ride through the coaster's tracks.
  • Add tunnels. The rock formations on the map provide ample opportunities to add tunnels to your coasters.
  • Add water. There is no water on this map, so you will have to add it, which is expensive.
  • Add scenery. Scenery raises the excitement rating of your rides.
An example of three rides woven around each other to keep the park in a compact area.

An example of three rides woven around each other to keep the park in a compact area.

Map Size

Because the map is so large, difficulties can arise when you spread out your park. Guests may get lost, and hiring enough handymen, mechanics, and security guards to cover the area can get expensive. Without patrol areas set, it can take mechanics ages to reach a ride than needs to be repaired. So it's best to start with a compact area.

If you continue the path straight out from the entrance it will run between two large rock formations. Gentle rides and thrill rides can be built on either side of this path. You can set your research to only gentle and thrill rides to start with while you work on the coaster options that are already available.

In order to make the park area smaller to begin with, I like to build three rides around each of the rock formations that weave through each other and the rock formation. This will also help with your excitement rating because the rides will be interwoven.

There are various strategies for making your park profitable, like slowly increasing ride prices.

There are various strategies for making your park profitable, like slowly increasing ride prices.


Building ten different roller coasters is expensive, and the loan is limited to $25,000, plus this map doesn't allow you to charge an entry fee. Most likely not all of your attempts to build a roller coaster with a 6.0 excitement rating will be successful, so you'll probably end up building more than ten coasters. You will need to make your park profitable to continue building coasters.

Tips to increase park profit:

  • Check the guest thoughts for you rides and stalls to see if they think the ride or stall is a really good value. If it is, you can start raising the price in $0.50 increments. Keep doing this every so often as long as guests still think the ride/stall is a good value. As the ride ages eventually the guests may complain that they don't want to pay that much to ride it.
  • Raise umbrella prices to $5 or more. Most guests will pay for umbrellas when its raining even though the price is steep.
  • Add more food stalls as your park expands.
  • Begin an advertising campaign to get more guests to come to your park and spend money.
  • Build all the gentle and thrill rides you can because these are less expensive to build than roller coasters and will generate profit.

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