Sending Multiple Students to University Simultaneously in "The Sims 4"

Updated on December 11, 2019
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Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

"The Sims 4: Discover University"

The long-awaited The Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack is finally here and has been well received, but not even the Sims game developers can please everyone. Student life is very engaging, and for the most part, that's a plus. Once a Sim enrolls in a university, there are a lot of challenges and opportunities along the way for the player to ensure the Sim's success.

Players who like to rotate multiple households are a little disappointed by the programming, however, because they have had some trouble sending several Sims to university at the same time. The way the game was set up, it can be a little tricky.

Here's how you can send more than one Sim to university, and here are some tips so you can make sure you get the results you want.

Why Send Your Sims Alone?

University in "The Sims" is more fun with friends!
University in "The Sims" is more fun with friends! | Source

Applications Issues

One of the first challenges I noticed was with the application process. My first Sim applied and got accepted within a couple of days. She immediately enrolled. My Sim in a different household sent in his application, but then I went back to play my student actively. Every couple of days, I would peek in on my other Sim only to find his application always pending. This went on for over a Sim-week. I began to wonder if it was possible to have more than one student at a time.

I finally realized that once an application is put in, you have to be playing the household actively for a while before it will go through. When you switch to another household, the Sim in the unplayed household will have to wait longer to get into university.

This requirement frustrated me because if I spent too much time away from my student, she could fail.

Here's How I Played Two Siblings at University Together

The Application Solution

The solution for the application requirement is simple: delay enrollment.

Have all your Sims apply at the same time and wait for every one of them to get accepted. If they're all in the same household, this will go faster. If they live in different households, you will need to rotate between them to get the time to pass.

Once every applicant in every household gets an acceptance letter, you can enroll them one after the other. Save as you switch between households, but it will put all your Sims at university simultaneously so they can go through the first term together.

Quick Cheat: if you are impatient waiting a few days for the applications to go through, you can skip it with a simple cheat. Shift-click on an active Sim, and choose "University Debug Menu," then choose "Enroll in University."

Bonus Tip: Play Teens at Uni!

You can use the debug menu cheat to send teens to university if you wanted to play a child prodigy, or if you want to pretend the universities are boarding schools for a bunch of your teen Sims.

Playing Multiple Students

Playing multiple students is where The Sims 4: Discover University can be a real challenge. I find it comes down to one of these three scenarios:

  • If you play a Sim actively at all during the term, and you make sure she does her assignments and keeps up with the work, she will probably do well and will continue to advance (as long as you're not cheating, which is risky). There is a lot of time-consuming work to do, so if you want a Sim to succeed, keeping on top of her every day of her term is your best option.
  • If you send your Sim to university and make him inactive by switching households, there will be no story progression until you go back to him and make him active again. He won't be doing the work without you so his grades will suffer. If you go back when the term is over, he may be on probation or suspended. However, until you go back to him, he will remain at university indefinitely. If his presence is all that's important to you, and not the degree, this could be a good option.
  • If you send a Sim to university and make him a non-player character (NPC), he will behave like any other random NPC. He may remain, he may drop out, he may graduate. As long as you don't go back to him, his fate is completely random.

Of Course, You Need the Expansion Pack

The Sims 4 Discover University - [PC Online Game Code]
The Sims 4 Discover University - [PC Online Game Code]
"Discover University" has quickly become one of my favorite expansion packs. I love playing families, but it always struck me as odd how a Sim could graduate high school with nothing but one level three skill, then become a doctor, scientist or politician. This expansion pack finally bridges the gap, and opens the way for lots of new and fun storylines.

Housing Options: Keeping Control

The way you play multiple Sims at university will mainly come down to housing options.

Under the Same Roof: This is the best option for any Sims you want to succeed. Put them all in the same dorm at the same university, or in the same off-campus housing if they are attending different universities, and you can keep better track of how each one is doing. This way, you can control their actions and ensure the Sims perform in the way you want.

Rotate Frequently: If you want to actively play Sims in two different universities living in separate dorms, or in separate residential homes, it will take a lot more work. You'll have to rotate frequently. Be sure to hop in on all your Sims every day and be prepared to spend a few Sim-hours with them making them do their work.

This household-hopping can be exhausting, but remember—the minute you switch households, the Sims in the inactive household are going to stop doing their work and wait for you. This kind of hopping can make it harder for you to keep their grades up, but if you stay on the ball, you can do it with careful time management.

Bonus Tip: Enroll Them on Fridays!

When you enroll Sims, they go directly to their housing (on or off campus), but the term doesn't begin until their first day of classes. There are no classes on weekends, so if you enroll all your Sims on a Friday night, you can help them all get a significant chunk of work and studying done before the term even starts. This can help you keep up when playing multiple Sims.

What Do You Say?

Have you tried having multiple Sims attending university yet?

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Housing Options: Send Them Together, But Don't Control Them All

You can send your favorite Sims to university together without having to control all of them. If you're not too invested in how non-active Sims perform and just want them to be present as part of your active Sim's story, this can be a great option. It is a much less labor-intensive method for a laid-back player. The non-played Sims can still be part of your active Sim's college experience. You'll see them on campus, you'll study with them at libraries or chug juice at keg parties with them.

Avoid Inactive Households at University: Enroll all the Sims at university that you want, set them up in a different dorm or home than your active Sims, and start the term. Then play your active Sims and don't switch back to the inactive ones until your inactive Sims graduate.

If you go back to an inactive Sim, you can re-enroll her if you want to start playing her actively again. Even if she's suspended for bad grades, she only has to wait for five Sim-days before she can enroll again, so you won't have destroyed her future.

Make Inactive Sims NPCs: You can relinquish control of some Sims altogether. After enrolling them at university, make them NPCs. They will either progress on their own or drop out at their own will.

Remember, you can always take control of them again after university. As NPCs, their stories will progress randomly, which is actually more realistic for your active Sim's college chums. It could be fun to watch from afar.

Bonus Tip: Make Active and NPC Sims Roomies!

Enroll a Sim in university and set him to live "Not in World." Make the Sim an NPC. Your active Sim living off-campus can now invite the NPC to move in with him. The homeless NPC will probably accept. Both Sims will be living under the same roof, but you will only be responsible for controlling your active Sim. The NPC will even contribute to bills. It's a great way to keep friends or siblings together while attending university without making you responsible for controlling every Sim.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

  • How can I keep three young adult sims in the same household while they move into a university dorm in the Sims 4?

    Let them all apply together and wait for all three acceptances to come, then you can start enrolling them. You'll have to do one at a time: enroll #1, switch to the other household and enroll #2, etc, till you've enrolled them all and chosen the same dorm. Once they're all in the same dorm you'll have control over all three of them.

  • In The Sims 4, if I play a household till the end of their week long term, postpone their re-enrollment and then swap to a different household and play on will the first household remain in that phase or will they be suspended (and how will it affect scholarships)?

    My Sim withdrew from a term and took off some time to have a baby. She went back after the baby aged up to a child, all her scholarships were still there. I didn't switch households but I don't think it would have made a difference—seems to me once you finish/withdraw from a term, your scholarships & enrollment will be there waiting for you for as long as it takes. The problem only comes when you enroll Sims and leave them to their own devices while they are enrolled in a term. Taking breaks between terms doesn't appear to be a problem.

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