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"The Sims 3: World Adventures" – Champs Les Sims: A Trivial Affair

Yuan loves to explore the world via "The Sims 3: World Adventures."

The Forgotten Burial Ground is located outside the town, highlighted by the gold star.

The Forgotten Burial Ground is located outside the town, highlighted by the gold star.

Step 1. A Trivial Affair

“I am looking for a daring soul who is willing to provide some assistance for an ample reward. If you are willing, please report to me, Gerard Morel.”

Objective: Report to Gerard Morel

Reward: 5 Medium Quality Dried Food, 10 Visa points

There is no need to track down a stranger in a foreign land. With Adventure Tracker turned on (it’s on by default), a little “Report In” button will appear above your Sims’ moodlets. In addition, the person of interest will have a gold star hovering over their head, which is visible even in map mode. So whichever method you prefer, simply go up to the person and talk to them.

“Ah, thank you for coming. Are you prepared? Now to your mission. I need you to head up to the old Celtic Ruins and retrieve something I lost while exploring these several days ago. I dropped it in a hole in the floor and didn’t realize until I was halfway home! You will know when you find it. Now go, I eagerly await your victorious return!”

Entrance to the tomb

Entrance to the tomb

Step 2. Celtic Foray: First Floor

Objective: Travel to the Celtic Ruins up the road and behind the Nectary. Enter the ruins, and find Gerard Morel’s missing object in a hole in the floor. Then return it to Gerard Morel.

Reward: 80 Ancient coins, 35 Visa points

The missing object lies in the tomb of the Forgotten Burial Mound (1 Western Hills), which is located outside the town. As soon as your Sim is done talking, the gold star will transfer from Gerard to the Burial Mound. Simply click on it to visit the place. Once there, the entrance to the tomb is really obvious.

Tip: Before your Sim enters the tomb, you should make sure you have the necessary basic equipment for your Sim, as it is likely to be days before they resurface.

Room 1

There is a pile of rubble in front of the first door. Make your Sim clear it first (which helps build their athletic skills), then direct them to “inspect” the wall behind the rubble which will reveal to be a hidden door. Once your Sim is in, the door to the next door needs to be unlocked by your Sim stepping on the tile in the middle of the room.

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Room 2

In the next room, clear the rubble to find some hidden treasure. Also, collect the ancient points on the bench. Once again, step on the trigger tile to reveal the position of the hand switch. Then direct your Sim to inspect the hole in the wall which will unlock the door to the next room.

Room 3

In room #3, clear the rubble to find firstly, hidden treasure and secondly, a star keystone that will be necessary to unlock the door. In addition, one of the walls is actually a hidden door that will lead your Sim into another room where there is some more hidden treasure. After your Sim is done collecting the loot, direct your Sim to insert the keystone and progress to the next room.

Room 4

The floor tile in the next room is a little trickier because it needs a constant presence on it for the door to remain unlocked. Therefore, simply having your Sim standing on it is insufficient. You need to direct your Sim to pull one of the statues from the left onto the tile. There is also a treasure hiding behind the fence next to the statue’s original position.

Room 5

The last room on this floor contains an emergency exit that can be opened by inspecting the hole in the wall. If your Sim is not carrying the necessary exploring equipment, this is a good time for your Sim to exit the tomb, return to civilization and take care of bodily needs. Otherwise, have your Sim pull the left statue onto the floor tile, which will trigger the appearance of the second-floor tile.

Placing the statue on the right onto the second-floor tile will trigger the appearance of the third and final floor tile. Directing your Sim to step on that one will unlock the staircase to the second floor.

Guide to first floor.

Guide to first floor.

Step 3. Celtic Foray: Second Floor

The second floor reveals what appears to be a maze with various pieces of treasure and as well as hidden doors around the periphery. Luckily for your Sim, there is already a tent in place for your Sim to sleep in. Also, the hole on the ground next to the tent contains dried food for your Sim to eat. So if your Sims’ needs are low, take care of them before embarking on the next leg of this journey.

Hidden Rooms and Treasure

Once your Sim is refreshed, you should start off by collecting all the visible treasures littered throughout the maze. The hidden room at the base of the map below can be unlocked by inspecting the hidden door. The other hidden rooms are unlocked by inserting a keystone, which your Sim will find in the maze, and standing on floor tiles. The largest room, which also contains Gerard’s missing object, can be unlocked by pushing the statue onto the tile next to the locked door.

The Last Chamber

Once your Sim enters the last chamber, you will see the hole in the ground glowing with light. Inspect it to reveal Gerard’s missing object and receive a surprise.

“A baseball? Really? Gerard Morel is paying for someone to retrieve a baseball? Well, it would be best to find it and bring it back.”

Hidden rooms in the last chamber

Hidden rooms in the last chamber

Step 4. Exit and Collect Your Reward

Before your Sim eagerly rush off to deliver the baseball back to Gerard, direct your Sim to collect all the treasure available in the room. There are also two hidden doors on the left-hand side with more treasure. Instead of exiting the way your Sim came in, there is another hidden door to the right which contains more treasure as well as a second staircase back up to the surface.

Once your Sim is done with the tomb, return to the surface and deliver the object back to Gerard for your reward.

“Ah, Madame! You have returned my precious baseball. I thank you from the depths of my heart. It is lucky you see, I would never dare to go into a place lik those ruins without it at my side. That is why I had to pay you to do it for me.”

"The Sims 3: World Adventure"

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