Sims 3 World Adventures Champs Les Sims: An Endeavor for Flavor

Updated on November 19, 2016
The Nectary located in Champs Les Sims
The Nectary located in Champs Les Sims | Source

Step One: Obtain Grapes

“I see to perfect the beverage of Nectar, and to put Champs Les Sims on the map as the greatest location for Nectar making in the world. I require the assistance in this noble endeavour. Please bring 10 samples of the Cherimola Blan varietal of grape to me. We shall perfect the flavour yet!”

Objective: Deliver 10 samples of Cherimola Blan Grapes to Jeannine Lambert

Reward: 15 Visa points

The quickest way to obtain 10 Cherimola Blan grapes is to visit the Nectary and purchase 10 from the storekeeper, who incidentally is also Jeannine Lambert. They cost $6 each, bringing the total cost to $60. An alternative option free but more time-consuming method would be to go to the Nectary’s back garden and hand pick 10 Cherimola Blan grapes. Simply click on a plant that bears fruits and select the option to “Harvest.” Your Sims will then automatically start harvesting every plant that’s available on the lot.

Whichever method you pick, once you have 10 samples, the Adventure Tracker will give you to option to “Deliver Grapes.” Click on it will bring your Sims to Jeannine Lambert and trigger the next step in this adventure.

“You cannot just shove grapes into bottles and expect them to become liquid. No, they must first be smashed between your toes. Once you’ve finished, rev up old Flo, my beloved Nectar maker. She will turn your smashed grapes into delicious nectar. Bring me the bottles when you are done.”

Making Nectar
Making Nectar | Source

Step Two: Creating Nectar

Objective: Make a bottle of nectar from the grapes and speak to Jeannine Lambert when finished.

Reward: 15 Visa points

The art of making nectar is quite easy. Simply walk up to any nectar maker (and since your Sims is in the Nectary, there are plenty of nectar makers in the building) and put in the 10 grapes that are in your Sims’ inventory. Next, click on the machine and select the option to “squish fruit.” Your Sims will then change into his/her swimsuit and jump in and start making nectar – the traditional style.

Once the fruits have all been squished, you then need to direct your Sims back to the machine and make some nectar. If your Sims do not have any pre-existing nectar making skills, then the choice is simple – s/he will only be able to make basic nectar. As your Sims level up, they will have options to make different varieties which differ both in quality and quantity. For this quest, basic nectar is sufficient and your Sims requires 3 bottles of it.

Once the machine is done making the final product, your Sims will be prompted to name this batch of nectar. Then, your Sims will need to collect the bottles of nectar from the machine and then go back to speak to Jeannine Lambert.

“Take this set of fruits, smash them in the Nectar Maker and make more Nectar. I guarantee you will be surprised by what emerges. Each unique combination of fruits has its own charm, and some will taste much better than you might expect... others, not so much. Go, make Nice or better quality Nectar and bring it back to me.”

Step Three: A Little Experimentation

Objective: Use the provided fruits to create Nice or better quality Nectar by smashing the fruits and creating the Nectar. Bring the bottle to Jeannine Lambert when finished.

Reward: 15 Visa points

This step is relatively straight-forward. Simply repeat the step with the fruits Jeannine Lambert gave your Sims and make some more nectar. After your Sims is done, go back and talk to her again to earn your Sims’ 15 visa points.

“You are well on your way to being a renowned creator of Nectars! Now I want you to create a Nectar that is at least Very Nice or better and bring it to me. I shall reward you with some Nectar.”

Join in the fun!

Step Four: Even Better!

Objective: Create a bottle of Nectar that is Very Nice or better and deliver it to Jeannine Lambert.

Reward: 3 Bottles of Nectar, 35 Visa points, 188 Simoleons (the value of your Nectars)

This step is tricky. Unless your Sims has high levels in the nectar making skill or is a pro-gardener who happens to be carrying high quality fruits in his or her inventory, chances are your Sims do not have the capability at this moment to make Very Nice or better quality nectars. At this point, you have a couple of options. Firstly, abandon this quest, play other quests and build up your Sims’ nectar making skills at home (since days are numbered while your Sims is on vacation) before coming back and finishing this quest. However, if you abandon this quest, coming back to this quest depends on your Sims’ luck in encountering this quest again when s/he scans the Adventure board.

The second option is to buy a nectar making machine, take it home and practice making nectar until you have three Very Nice bottles before you return to Champs Les Sims. The key to creating high quality nectar is a combination of top quality fruits, which unfortunately need to be home grown rather than purchased at the supermarket, and high nectar making skills.

Either way, once your Sims has made the required three bottles of nectar, return to France, speak to Jeannine Lambert to receive your Sims’ rewards.

“This is simply superb! There is no more for me to teach you at this time. You know what I know. Why, I believe you could take Nectar making to a golden age, the likes of which has never been seen! Take this bottle of Nectar and these Simoleons. You have helped me a great deal.”

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