Sims 3 World Adventures: Champs Les Sims The Lost Library of Landgraab

Updated on November 19, 2016
It's important to build up the friendship level first
It's important to build up the friendship level first | Source

Step One: The Search Continues

“My name is Edith Morel. I am an avid amateur historian, with my specialty being the local history of Champs Les Sims. The thesis of my book is that the delicious beverage Nectar was invented here thousands of years ago by Jean Necteaux. I require the assistance of an ambitious Sims who can interview Yves Bernard for any information concerning our history and then report to me.”

Objective: “Interview” Yves Bernard then report to Edith Morel

Reward: 10 Ancient coins, 10 Visa points

The first step would be obviously to locate Yves Bernard. Fortunately, Sims 3 World Adventures spares you the need to locate a stranger in this foreign land. There are two ways for you to find Yves Bernard. Firstly, the person of interest will have a gold star that follows him around. Even if he’s not in the vicinity of your Sims, the gold star will appear in the periphery of your computer screen. The second option is to use the Adventure Tracker located above your Sims’ moodlets. Either way, your Sims will automatically go to where Yves Bernard is standing.

To interview him with regards to the history, simply select Yves like you would if you want your Sims to interact with him and there would be a special highlighted option “Interview about History.” However, it’s not as simple as walking up to a stranger and demanding an interview. If your Sims’ relationship with Yves is low, you would get the response “Maybe I should get friendlier with Yves Bernard before attempting this again.” You need to direct your Sims to do a couple of positive social interactions first before asking for an interview. If your Sims’ friendship level is high enough, Yves would respond with “Yes, I know a bit about the local history of Champs Les Sims. Let me tell you...” In addition, the gold star will migrate to Edith Morel (as you would now have to report back to her) and the Adventure Tracker would change to “Report In.”

“Your interviews revealed that Admiral Landgraab was also studying the history of Nectar nearly 60 years ago and that he may have notes about what he learned. Unfortunately, Landgraab was a rampant conspiracy theorist and worrywart and his home is shut up tighter than Napoleon’s tomb. Take this key to his library and try to find the papers. It should be near the front of his home. Please be careful!”

Disarming an electric trap
Disarming an electric trap | Source

Join in the fun!

Step Two: The Lost Library of Landgraab

Objective: Enter the Library near the front of Admiral Landgraab’s Chateau, locate the Nectar Papers hidden within, and deliver them to Edith Morel for some Ancient Coins

Reward: 25 Ancient coins, 15 Visa points

The beautiful Chateau du Landgraab is located outside the town and is the location of a couple of quests in Sims 3 World Adventures Champs Les Sims. Thankfully, for this adventure, you only need to access the ground floor of the mansion. Even though the description given by Edith Morel states that the library is located near the front of his home, your Sims can’t access the front door. Instead, you will need to direct your Sims to the back of the mansion.

Be careful though. Even though the backdoor is unlocked, there are two electric traps waiting to catch your Sims by surprise. You will need to disarm the traps before entering the mansion. Once inside, walk towards the front of the mansion to a room with two stone statues. There are some dirt on the ground near the first statue. This is again, another trap. However, this time, your Sims cannot disarm it by hand. So instead, direct your Sims to push the statue onto the trap to disarm it.

The slot of the library key will be glowing by the time your Sims reaches it. Once the keystone is in place, the library will be accessible by your Sims. There are two treasure chests located in the study room, one of which contains the documents your Sims need. But, once again, there are hidden electric traps on the way to them. You can either inspect the ground and disarm them by hand or turn on the stereo near the front of the study room to automatically disarm them.

Tip: Before your Sims rush off to deliver the documents to Edith Morel, have him or her inspect the whole library for other valuable hidden treasure.

“Blast that old coot! Admiral Landgraab had these papers translated into some ancient military code. Curse his incessant obsession with security. You did what I asked, here is your reward.”


Step Three: Code Breaker

“I refuse to let Admiral Landgraab’s code get the best of me. Noelle Saint James is a well known cryptanalyst. In fact, Noelle Saint James deciphered the legendary Vaughan Cipher that stumped Adventurers for years! Take the Nectar Papers to Noelle Saint James for translation.”

Objective: “Deliver” the Nectar Papers to Noelle Saint James

Reward: 10 Visa points

The bulk of the job is now done. After talking to Edith Morel, this step simply requires your Sims to visit Noelle Saint James to trigger the next step in this adventure.

“Hmmm, yes, Landgraab’s code is a bit tricky, but not too difficult. Unfortunately the old man lacked ingenuity. Perhaps his enthusiasm and vigilance sapped that part of his brain? Nevertheless, I have cracked the code.”

Step Four: Code Broken

“Take these papers and deciphering key to Edith Morel. This should give Edith Morel all the information needed to complete the current research on Nectar. Ask Edith Morel to send me a copy of the finished report, will you?”

Objective: “Deliver” the Nectar Papers to Edith Morel to receive some Ancient Coins

Reward: 250 Ancient coins, 35 Visa points, Improved relationship with Edith Morel

Similar to the previous step, go back to Edith Morel for your Sims’ rewards and the completion of this quest.

“Ha! I knew Noelle Saint James could crack Landgraab’s code. I win again, old man! I can prove without any doubt that Jean Necteaux created Nectar centuries ago. Do you realize we are standing at the birthplace of Nectar this very second! I can now finish my book and perhaps move from amateur historian to professional. I hope this reward more than compensates you for your efforts.”


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