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"The Sims 4": Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

Angela loves "The Sims 4" and other "Sims" games and is here to give you tips, tricks, and cheats to enjoy the popular simulation game!

Sims 4 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Sims 4 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

The Sims 4 was the most highly anticipated game of 2014, and with good reason—it is quite possibly the most realistic and life-like simulation game you will ever play. The great folks over at EA Games worked tirelessly to bring us a game that makes all their previous incredible games seem primitive.

If you are addicted to the new Sims 4 game, then you've come to the perfect place. Here you will find cheats, tips, and tricks to make gameplay much more exciting and rewarding. You will explore the new world of the Sims by cheating your way through it. Use the Table of Contents to the right to easily find what you're looking for. So open your game, and let's get started!

Sims 4 - Addicted to Phones

Sims 4 - Addicted to Phones

Updates From The Sims 3

The first thing I noticed when starting to play the game is that the entire interface has changed from the Build a Sim mode to the Live Mode, Build, and Buy modes. It seems a lot more intuitive and easier to control. They have definitely done an excellent job of simplifying things. The other wonderful thing is that the world is so much more beautiful and realistic.

You can now choose from different neighborhoods to live in. They range based on home price. There is a low, middle, and high price range. Of course, with the cheats below, nothing will hold you back.


  • They are addicted to their phones, just like so many people in real life. They will whip out their phones and play a game or browse the internet every chance they get—they can even take selfies!
  • Your Sims can now do multi-tasking. Instead of just doing one task at a time, they can do a few at a time, which makes it convenient to set your sim on auto-pilot.
  • They can make their own decisions. You no longer have to choose every little action and option for your Sims. They are smart Sims now.
  • Emotions can change their lives. They way they feel at any moment can drastically change their lives and can trigger certain events.
  • Positive emotions grant your Sims powerful benefits.
  • If your Sim gets inspired, he/she can suddenly get the desire to do something creative or action-oriented like starting a job. This is called a Whim.
  • Clothing is no longer as customizable as it was in Sims 3. You only get a few color and pattern options per clothing item. This is a big disappointment because that was one of my favorite things about Sims 3.

Building/Buy Mode

  • Now you can search for objects in the Build/Buy store. This makes it so much easier to build and decorate your house because you no longer have to rummage through all those objects looking for things.
  • Certain high-priced objects in the store must be unlocked by reaching a certain level.
  • You can now place entire pre-designed rooms that are styled and furnished for you. If you don't enjoy building houses, this is perfect for you.
  • Rooms and fenced areas can now be many different shapes and have rounded corners.
  • Building rooms and homes is much easier and intuitive. You can easily customize any room exactly how you want it.
  • Foundations are so easy to work with now and are so customizable. They can now be lowered or raised to your liking, and they shrink and stretch along with the room or home as you adjust the size. This is such a huge benefit because foundations were so clunky and difficult to deal with in The Sims 3.
Sims 4 - Streetcar on beautiful boulevard

Sims 4 - Streetcar on beautiful boulevard


Many cheats are still the same as in The Sims 3. I have organized them below by category.

Mailbox Cheats

After enabling cheats by typing testingcheats {true / false} in the Cheats Bar, your mailbox can do some wonderful things. This basically works the same as in Sims 3.

To activate the Mailbox Cheats, Shift + Click on your mailbox, then click Alter Needs. You get the options below:

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  • Fill Needs (world) -This option will fill all your Sims' needs like hunger, energy, fun, hygiene, etc. when they are out around town.
  • Fill Needs (household) - This option will fill all your Sims' needs like hunger, energy, fun, hygiene, etc. when they are at their house.
  • Enable Household Needs Decay - This option will allow your Sims' needs to increase and decrease naturally during gameplay at their house.
  • Enable World Needs Decay - This option will allow your Sims' needs to increase and decrease naturally during gameplay out around town.
  • Disable Household Needs Decay - This option will prevent your Sims' needs from decreasing any more than their current level while they are at their house.
  • Disable World Needs Decay - This option will prevent your Sims' needs from decreasing any more than their current level while they are out around town.

Game Settings



Lists available commands and some cheats


Testing Cheats

Enable testing cheats

testingcheats {true / false}

Frame Rate Display

Toggle frame rate display

fps {on / off}

Quit Game

Quit the game without saving


Full Screen

Toggles Full Screen on or off





Will give you $1,000 at a time



Will give you $50,000 at a time


Free Real Estate

Buy any home you choose regardless of cost

freerealestate {on / off}



Reset a Sim

Reset a Sims mood to neutral

resetsim <sim name>

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Cam on April 04, 2020:

Type "testingcheats yes"

Simmer on June 08, 2019:

To enable cheats, do control shift c, then type testingcheats true or testingcheats on, don’t put testingcheatsenabled true

Fnafgirl2008#unicorns on March 25, 2019:

I think theres a cheat called "money x /amount of money you want??!

L**** on July 01, 2018:

Cheats are good for the base game but we need more for the create a sim!!

Misti Reply.... on January 20, 2018:

Give your Sim a shower!

anomymous on December 23, 2017:

I've tried many ways to do testingcheatsenabled true and it refuses to work can you help

Misti on November 13, 2017:

I've tried cheats. My sim hygiene meter will not go up, stays red what can I do?

AAK on February 09, 2017:

Are there any mood, hygiene, and hunger cheats?

Norwegian on September 16, 2014:

I feel some times that the game freezes or just quit's when I use cheats... Is it just me/my game og have you had the same?

H on September 16, 2014:

What if you don't got a mailbox?

Russell Pittock from Nakon Sawan Province, Thailand. on September 06, 2014:

I've never really been comfortable about making use of cheats in any of the games that i have played but hey! Never say never.

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