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"Sims 4": Guide to Gardening, Painting, and Fishing for Profit

...making money in the Sims 4 game without a time consuming career.

"Sims 4" gardening for profit!

"Sims 4" gardening for profit!

Introduction to Gardening

Gardening is one of the easiest ways to make money in Sims 4. Granted, it takes time to level up your plants and character to see the money start rolling in but soon enough, you will be the local farmer.

Create Your Character

When creating a character, choose the Nature Ability, then add outdoors, creativity, and lone wolf perks.

  • Nature will help you become a better botanist.
  • Outdoors will give you bonus happiness for being outside.
  • Creativity helps later on when you start splicing plants together.
  • Lone Wolf...well, that keeps you from needing social activity as much.

Managing the Social Meter

Once you get up to level five in gardening, you can talk to your plants to cover your social meter. Until then, spend some time meeting the neighbors, followed by texting and chatting to stay on top of the social meter.

Level Up Plants

Leveling up and splicing plants are the two ways you can unlock new plants and new abilities. Also, by clicking on a flashing plant, you will get the opportunity to evolve that plant into a better version of itself.

Explore the Neighborhood

Since you will be outside a lot, the outdoor perk will help keep your Sim happy all the time. Additionally, be sure to look around your neighborhood for plants, places to dig, and find fishing spots as well. Fish can be used to make fertilizer as well as harvested plants. Also, you can find wild snapdragons growing that you will want to have later when you start splicing.

A beginner's garden.

A beginner's garden.

Sims 4 Garden Start-up

Gardening is a lot of fun and a great way to make money early on. Still, the best way to start a garden is to figure out where your garden is going to be and how that will affect any future building projects as your home expands.

Also, you have three choices when gardening: Garden Pot, Garden Planter, or just straight in the ground. But before you can get your hands dirty, you are going to need seeds.

"Sims 4" starter seeds pack.

"Sims 4" starter seeds pack.

Sims 4 Starting Seeds

You can buy seeds from your computer or by clicking on a pot or planter. Initially, you get four choices. The starting seeds are a bit random, so buying two packs of each might be a good idea when starting out, provided you can still afford to after getting your first home set up.

Hint: A good way to rack up a few extra bucks when starting out is by selling the flowers in your build area of your yard and any furniture you don't need.

Starter Flowers:

The seeds you get are usually pretty common, so be sure to scour the neighborhood for snapdragons. Although you have to wait three days before you can harvest them, it is totally worth the wait.

Starter Fruits:

This is the most important seed pack to buy a couple of when it comes to randomness. Still, it is a great way to start with apple trees, plantain trees, and grapes.

Starter Herbs:

Herbs like parsley are found in these packs. They grow pretty fast and evolve fairly easily to increase their value.

Starter Vegetables:

Vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, and so on can be found in these packs. They take half as long to grow as the fruits do and evolve easily enough.

Hint: You can find free mushrooms growing around the neighborhood too!

Books on gardening. Read all about it!

Books on gardening. Read all about it!

Purchase Books on Gardening

Make sure you hang onto a bookshelf to easily buy books. Match your Sim's interest with books on gardening. When you click on a bookshelf, you will have a ton of books to choose from. If you look at the icons above the list, you will find Skill Books on the far end. Click on that icon and scroll down to buy the three books on gardening.

It is a really great idea to curl up with these books, as you can afford them, in that they actually give you skill points when you're trying to level up in a particular area like gardening.

Unlike most career paths, gardening is one of the few jobs for which the computer and TV are virtually useless, although you can order seeds online. So, skill books are your best bet.

Gardening is a great way to make money while working from home. Another great way to make money is by painting. If you do all your gardening in the morning and painting in the evening, you will be racking up a lot of Simoleons in no time!

Painting for money.

Painting for money.

Introduction to Painting

Painting is a great way to make money in the game no matter how you look at it. As you level up in painting, your paintings will sell for more and more. But unlike gardening, painting is a bit trickier. Gardening is all about plants, plant care, and harvesting, while painting is about emotions, inspiration, and style.

Painting Styles

When you start painting for the first time you can only choose Classical. However, as you level up, more and more art styles will become available for you, but pay close attention to the descriptions. For example, you will level up and unlock pop art but if you read the description pop-up, you will see that your classical style has improved while your Sim's pop art is still questionable. Knowing that little tidbit will come in very handy later on when you are trying to level up in the Artist Career Path and in general.

Get Inspiration Everywhere

The great thing about being a painter is that you can work this from home to make money along with the profits from your garden harvest. One of the better parts of painting over gardening is that you draw inspiration from everything. Take a thoughtful shower...inspired! Watch TV...inspired! Use your computer to surf the web for art...inspired! Everything has the potential to get those creative juices flowing, even talking to yourself in the mirror can lead to a "Confident Painting."

This is why I suggested choosing the creativity perk at the beginning of this article. Creativity will help you when splicing, but it really helps make you a better artist. Oh, and do not forget to buy the Painter's Books from your bookshelf to help get those levels up.

Speaking of books...let the Sim read until he or she puts the book down. You will know approximately how much longer they are going to take reading any book by watching a green meter fill around their current activity that you assign them.

Avoid the Art Lover and Book Lover perks as those are two of the most time-consuming perks without any real benefits. Focus on these two work-from-home jobs and you'll be doing great.

So, ready for that third work from home job?

Fishing for food and money!

Fishing for food and money!

Fishing for Food and Money

Fishing is another way to make money without having to take on a job. Not only can you sell the fish from your inventory, but you can also use any fish you catch as fertilizer for your garden.

Just like every other aspect of the game, the more you fish, the more you level up, and the better the fish you have a chance of catching and reeling in. There are three books you can buy from your bookshelf to help out with fishing. Be sure to "catch" them.

Much like the stuff you get from your garden, you can cook certain fish dishes since cooking is a mandatory part of the game...why not?

Hint: You will commonly find places to search for frogs near fishing spots. Just look around the area to find a log for the frogs that you can use as decorations or sell for some extra money.

Home super-sweet home!

Home super-sweet home!

How to Sell Your Produce, Art, and Fish

Gardening, Painting, and Fishing are all great ways to keep your Sim balanced, happy, and job-free. Although the career branches do offer some really great perks, why work for somebody when you can work for yourself?

To sell produce, flowers and fish, go into the Sim's inventory, hold down on the item for sale and drag it to the coin on the left to close the deal. Selling paintings is as easy as clicking on your painting and choosing "sell to a collector."

If anyone has any suggestions to improve on what I have written here, please comment below. Same thing if you have any questions! Thank you.