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Updated on February 11, 2017

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Ciao Bella is hard to find free online unless you download or register first. Luckily, there are a lot of Time Management and Sims games like Ciao Bella that are well known such as My Life Story, LifeQuest and Cute Knight. But there are also some other games that are similar to these out there. Most of them need no downloads or signups. Although, if you want to save your progress you may have to register onto the sites to do so.

1. Diva Days


What the Game is About:

Mostly Similar to My Life Story and Life Quest but slightly like Ciao Bella

Diva Days is a game where you act as an agent that performs tasks to not only keep yourself healthy and increase your popularity but also to manage up and coming stars by balancing their health, popularity, tasks to perform, energy, etc.

There is a town you can move around to perform these tasks. You, the agent keeps up with these tasks and meesages from your agency using a smartphone icon you can click on.

2. A Goody Life


What the Game is About:

Most similar to My Life Story and Life Quest

A Goody Life is a simulation game. where your family lives in Goody City. You have a certain amount of time to score as much cash and points in intelligence, creativity and knowledge to pass down to the next generation. The next generation inherits your intelligence, creativity and knowledge, money and so on uses this to get a job and more cash and points in intelligence, craetivity and knowledge.

3. Catwalk Countdown


What This Game is About:

Most Similar to Ciao Bella

Your character is trying to get a free trip to Fashion Week. You have to choose the correct dalogue to influence the game. After choosing your dialogue you are assigned a task. Like usual, each task takes energy and time will pass. Each task has to be done at a certain time. You do the task and the task will affect your inspiration, well-being, reputation, and collection. It also has a map where you can go around town and do your tasks. The map at the beginning may seem a little scarce but will fill up as you are assigned different tasks.

(For some reason, this reminds me of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" because the woman named Simone looks a little Meryl Streep (or at least has a similar haircut) and is in fashion and orders your character around constantly.)

4. Band RPG


What the Game Is About:

You get to choose 50, 100 or an unlimited amount of time to beat the game. You can choose the band's name and customize their look. You drive to the locations to buy equipment for each one, upgrade their car, perform, and work. You can drive the band to each of the destinations and you don't even have to be good at the driving games to do so.

5. My Pet Protector


What the Game is About:

Most Similar to Cute Knight

I'd say that this game is the most similar to Cute Knight. except it has more masculine graphics. Depending on how high your skills are can determine how well you do the job.

You act as a Recruiting Apprentice and you choose what your profession is. The profession can be in either combat, magic or varied skill. You choose your Apprentice's Background where they have no money, a little money or a lot. You get to choose what kind of assistance either basic training, money, or basic equipment from the court. You have 208 weeks to accomplish your goal. You can look at the Character's Info, Look at the inventory, shop, balance your stress levels with rest and recuperation, go on an Adventure, work, and go to school.

6. Rock Band Sim


What the Game is About:

Most similar to Life Quest and My Life Story

Balance their Charisma, Drive, Musicianship and Flair to be able to write, perform and sell records and tickets to your band's concerts. You can buy instruments for your band, figure out a PR strategy through the Record Company. Record your gigs at the recording studio, play a gig to get hype, money and reputation.

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