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Interesting "Sims 4" Storylines and Challenges

Jaeda recently graduated from college. She loves animals, reading, writing, watching Netflix, online shopping, and drawing!


All of these have been tested by me on my personal Sims 4 game. I'll go into detail about how to set up each scenario, and I'll document my experience and thoughts on each one! Some of these I have gotten from my fellow Sims 4 players, and others I made up myself (although I'm sure they have been done before). Please let me know if you have other scenarios you like to play!

Bunker Family

Bunker Family

1. Bunker Family

For this scenario, I have created a wife and husband through CaS (Create a Sim) and a young daughter. Nothing fancy, just a regular couple and their pride and joy. Except for the fact that they're aliens! I had them live in a basement (bunker) their entire lives.

I decided to do an alien family for a little bit of fun. My own storyline was that they were forced into hiding underground because they were widely unaccepted in this life. It was a family of three aliens—mom, dad, and their daughter—and a human boy that the parents took in. His parents were killed in a house fire that is currently still under investigation. The human boy and the daughter were always very close, more like siblings than friends. When they became teenagers, they started to fall in love. Jane wanted to go to school every day, but her parents would not let her. Henry got to go, so why couldn't she? Jane's parents would not let her and Henry marry. When her parents died of old age, they finally got married. They wanted to leave the bunker, but they were scared of what the outside world contained. Would they accept half-alien/half-human children? After they had three children, Jane and Henry finally decided to leave the bunker! Their kids found soulmates, and the Wilson family name still lives on!

Ten Generations

Ten Generations

2. Ten Generations

This challenge was surprisingly easy to accomplish. I made a couple—Veronica and Marcus Simms. I played them normally. Aspiration oriented with some kids here and there.

After about the seventh generation of the Simms family, I wanted to make new families and try new challenges! I actually almost forgot about my Simms family. There was one child left and I had her marry someone from one of my other families. They reproduced and the Simms family name lived on for four more generations! Even now, some of my Sims marry someone with Simms family heritage! It's cool to see a family legacy live on!

Survivor: Sims Addition

Survivor: Sims Addition

3. Survivor: Sims Addition

Create eight varying Sims, from young-adult to elder (two of mine were related just for extra drama, not necessary). Put these Sims in a house—the smaller the better. Every day, slowly take away an appliance needed to keep them happy. Start with something small—the shower, toilet, TV, or sofa. Progress every day until the house is basically empty.

One by one, the Sims will start dying. All of them become very, very uncomfortable. A lot of them may pass out in their own bodily fluids. After the first one dies, it's like dominoes from there. It gets to the point that the Grim Reaper just stays at the house. In my playthrough, it was interesting to see that they all conjugated to what was the dining room. They all died there. So it was terribly dirty due to the death and the pee puddles everywhere. The angry ghosts of the already dead Sims haunted the living Sims. Eventually, all but one Sim was left.

The last one to live gets rewarded $50,000 (use the cheat bar Ctrl+shift+C and type "motherlode" without quotes). Start a family with this Sim. It is interesting because they are never truly happy. My winner happened to be the sister of the siblings I created. I had them living in the "Survival House," but the hauntings were too much for the family. I moved them into a new house and things were looking up!

Just to be cruel, I had her entire new family die in a house fire—the husband and three children. She ended up dying because all of her needs stayed low, and I could not get her to eat. Nothing was blocking her or anything. She simply refused to eat and she ended up starving to death. Very interesting scenario! So many things can be done with the ending, and there are many outcomes!

Classic Sim Family Challenge

Classic Sim Family Challenge

4. Classic Sim Family Challenge

Go into the gallery and look for one of the following families (or create your own if you know their stories well enough). The Goth family, the Caliente family, the Pleasant family, the Landgraab family, or the Pancakes family. Each one of these families are "famous" to us in the Sims world, so you'll probably recognize them. My challenge to you is to find one of these families and just play them! Get them involved in your world! It is fun!

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I chose the Pleasant family. I moved them into my town near the end of my "100 Baby Challenge."

I tried to keep them as true to themselves as possible while adding my own twist. Daniel Pleasant worked a steady job, but Mary-Sue always felt like he was gone longer than a normal work shift. Daniel had many affairs, including Olive Grey (mother of my 100 baby challenge), and had at least three children that weren't with Mary-Sue. Yes, he had Grey twins as well. Mary-Sue was a stay-at-home mom picking up gigs as a freelancing writer.

Their twin daughters, Angela and Lilith, were their own kind of special as well. Lilith was an "edgy teen" wearing all black and tattoos everywhere. She never did her homework and always swore at her parents (Parenthood expansion pack). Angela was about as perfect as a daughter could be. Had all A's in school, played piano, cooked, you name it! She even had a boyfriend Michael Grey. Yes, from the 100 baby challenge. Obviously, Lilith couldn't stand Angela's happiness, so she did the one thing that would hurt her sister the most. Seduce Michael. Turns out Michael liked Lilith's bad girl vibe a lot more than Angela's goody-two-shoes vibe. He and Lilith ended up having children together, and Angela never found love again! She eventually became the crazy cat lady up the street with her SEVEN feline friends. The Pleasant family still lives on, and they will for generations to come!

Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches

5. Rags to Riches

Start a single Sim with next to nothing. Build their skills and careers, and get them to a happy and satisfying life!

This is a super fun challenge! When one of my Sims grew into a teen, I had her move out on her own. She had a part-time job, school, and minimal assets, but she learned how to make it! I recommend raising your Sim's painting skill because when they create masterpieces, they can be sold for large sums of money. Another way to make money easily is by getting high charisma. Then you can ask people for small and large loans! After Laura became an adult, I had her move downtown and start living the apartment life! I had her enter the Tech Guru career path because that was compatible with her third aspiration, Computer Whiz. She eventually became rich enough to live in a penthouse. She had a love affair with a man named Charles, and gave birth to twin boys! She lived a content, high-class styled life with her two boys in the city! She died rich and was able to leave her earnings to her two boys, Toby and Kevin (yes they were inspired by The Office).

Asylum Challenge

Asylum Challenge

6. Asylum Challenge

Time to get a bit crazy! Literally. The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge is all about managing Sims with the insane trait. Can you do it?

  • Make a household with eight Sims (or find some in the Sims 4 Gallery!). All Sims must have the erratic trait. You must randomize their other traits (but they cannot have the "Self-Assured" trait. Randomize their aspirations.
  • You can pick one Sim to control throughout the challenge.
  • The goal is to have your controlled Sim complete their aspiration (to prove they've gained control of their life) and they can then leave the asylum!
  • No cheats are allowed, and to spice things up, you can make the house only have five beds, six seats, just one bathroom, and the cheapest electronics.

This is a fun and difficult challenge; you really have to work hard to control your Sim despite their insane trait, and you also have to watch out for the other uncontrolled insane Sims in the house. I like this challenge as it's based on an in-game trait, rather than an external set of goals or objectives.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

7. Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

  • Create a Bachelor or Bachelorette. Give them whatever traits you'd like, but they MUST have the "romantic" trait.
  • Create seven contestants! They can have any traits you want. They can be all-male, or all-female, or mixed—whatever your Bachelor/Bachelorette prefers! Try to make them as diverse as possible, for more fun. Or look for some unique Sims on the Sims 4 Gallery!
  • Your Sim must go on dates with the Sims in the house—either via group outings or one-on-one dates.
  • Eliminations take place every 3rd day—and the Sim with the least romantic relationship with the Bachelor/Bachelorette must be moved out of the house.
  • Keep going until your Sim finds their true love!

You can add or change any of the rules you want with this challenge, or try to recreate your favorite season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, whatever you'd like. This one is great for a more social/romantic-based challenge, or fans of The Bachelor franchise!

Black Widow Challenge

Black Widow Challenge

8. Black Widow Challenge

Create a female Sim with the traits snob, materialistic, and romantic, and the aspiration must be serial romantic. As far as looks go, you get to be completely creative. It could be really interesting if your widow was an alien. (This requires Get to Work in Sims 4). Here are a few basic rules:

  • Life-span must be set to long.
  • Move your Widow into any house available using only the $20,000 given at the beginning, and build a basement. If you need to use a cheat for extra simoleons, go ahead. Just be sure to set your Widow's simoleons to $150 at the start of the challenge. (do this by typing "money 150" into the cheat bar)
  • Try and make that as the last time cheats are used on your Widow's lot.
  • The basement is there to kill off your husbands by starvation.
  • You can have as many love interests at the same time as you wish.
  • You can move in a love interest before getting married, but you will have to marry THAT Sim before marrying/moving in/killing someone else.
  • You can't marry anybody else until your last husband is dead.
  • You have to have ONE CHILD per Sim before they are killed. Unless of course, you have twins, etc.
  • The widow may not have a job. All money must be earned by the men she targets. The widow is allowed to earn money by selling collectibles that she finds. But only BEFORE she's married.
  • Keep ALL of the tombstones on the lot.

To complete the challenge:

  • Have 10 graves and 10 children before the Widow becomes an elder (more is acceptable).
  • Max out as many skills as possible.

This was such a fun challenge, I thought! I tried to be creative with the deaths of the men. Fires, starvation, drowning, etc. It was difficult though. Most of the men died of starvation. In the end, my "Black Widow" ended up with around $150,000 just from men moving into her homes! I also made her an alien. I killed four other people that weren't fathers of my children, simply because they found out I was an alien! It's a fun challenge and would definitely recommend it!

100 Baby Challenge

100 Baby Challenge

9. 100 Baby Challenge

This challenge's rules are simple enough, but I have to say it has become quite the task! I used the rules that Kelsey used on the Buzzfeed YouTube page.

  • No cheats
  • Set to long lifespan
  • You can't get pregnant by the same Sim twice (twins, triplets, etc. are possible)
  • No nanny services
  • No marriages
  • All traits of children must be random
  • Young adults can be moved out of the house
  • Your mother Sim cannot get a job outside of the house

Here are some rules that I added for myself.

  • You can age your babies, toddlers, children, and teens up earlier than their actual birthday. But, here are the circumstances. Babies cannot be aged up until your Sim is pregnant again (with the exception of your lot being full). Toddlers can be aged up once all of their skill categories are three or above. Children can be aged up after they've completed at least one aspiration, and they are an A student. Teens may be aged up when they have three skills at four or above and are an A student! This way you actually play your family instead of turning the mom into a baby factory.
  • Your mom can't have a job, but your teens can.
  • You can't move the male Sim into your house to gain money. All money must be earned.
  • Try to get your mom Sim to level 10 in as many skills as possible!

Now that you know some of the rules give it a try! It is a fun challenge. It can be a little difficult, but that's why it is called a challenge. Let me know what you guys think!

Living off of the Land

Living off of the Land

10. Living off of the Land

This challenge is interesting to me! Here are my "modified" rules.

  • A single person, or two single people.
  • Empty lot.
  • Buy yourself a tent, firepit, easel, woodworking bench, and gardening seeds.
  • Give your Sims $500 using the cheat "money 500" after hitting Ctrl+Shift+C.
  • No jobs, all money must be earned purely by what you produce. I even sold my plants after a while! Once you get high enough handiness skill, your Sim can start to build furniture! Which is nice money wise.
  • Once you start making enough money start building your house! I suggest starting with an indoor toilet.

One thing that I really noticed while playing this challenge is that hygiene is very difficult to maintain. I gave them an outdoor sink and toilet after a little bit, as a Sim would have to leave the lot every time they needed to use the bathroom! It kind of got annoying! Also, after they earned more money, I bought a grill because hot dogs, marshmallows, and fresh fruit/veggies were not cutting it. This is a very nice way for your Sims to max out skills. Because what else do they have to do? I recommend giving this one a try!


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