How to Survive in "Natural Disaster Survival" on "Roblox"

Updated on August 3, 2020
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Melissa has been a gamer ever since her grandpa introduced her to Yoshi's Island on the SNES when she was 3 years old.

"Natural Disaster Survival" Is a "Roblox" Classic

Natural Disaster Survival is a classic Roblox game by stickmasterluke where you spawn onto one of 16 different island maps and try to survive one or more of 11 disasters. The game was created in March 2008, and has been one of the most popular games on the site, having received 890,090,000 visits as of September 2019.

When a round starts, players are teleported to a randomly chosen map and have 20 seconds to get in position to survive a random disaster (or more than one disaster at once, if someone chose to use the power machine for 100 Robux per each additional disaster). When the disaster starts, a message will pop up saying what it is, and giving a hint on how to avoid it. If you live through the round, you will be listed as one of the survivors. Here's how to get your name up there and survive each disaster.

I thought I was too pretty to die.
I thought I was too pretty to die.
I wasn't.
I wasn't.

Surviving Acid Rain

Acid rain starts with cloudy weather rolling in, and unlike other disasters immediately starts with a wind sound. If you hear wind as soon as you load in on the map, you will know the disaster is acid rain and you should have time to take cover.

During this disaster, acid rain droplets will randomly fall from the sky, damaging any players it lands on and turning bricks green. Do not touch the green bricks because they will hurt you. The best way to survive this disaster is to hide inside with a roof over your head, but you may need to move around if the structure you are in gets hit. The best place to hide would be someplace with multiple things over your head, like the first floor of a multistory building.

Acid rain is bad for the environment. It was also bad for my face.
Acid rain is bad for the environment. It was also bad for my face.

Surviving a Blizzard

When a blizzard is the disaster you will face, the clouds will roll in and the screen will look foggy. This should give you time to get indoors. Anyone outside will slowly take damage from the cold over time, and objects will slowly turn white and begin to blow around the map. Try to keep touching the uncorrupted wall or corner of a building, because you will take damage if you don't. It is supposed to simulate staying warm, but this doesn't seem to work if you try to huddle with other players. This disaster may require moving around if the wall or corner you are touching freezes because you will start getting damaged instead.

Where's the best place to stay warm during a blizzard? Under the exhaust of a rocket. (Do not actually try this at home)
Where's the best place to stay warm during a blizzard? Under the exhaust of a rocket. (Do not actually try this at home)

Surviving an Earthquake

Earthquakes appear in sunny weather, so if there are no clouds rolling in, prepare for the possibility of an earthquake. In this disaster, all the bricks on the map will shake, and with enough shaking, may come loose from the ground and fly around. For this reason, it is best to not be in a building during an earthquake, or you and the building might end up flying off into the distance.

Stay away from the edge of the island, too, because the shaking and flying objects may knock you into the water. If you jump, though, you will not feel the effects of the shaking while in the air. To survive this natural disaster, keep jumping away from any tall buildings and watch for flying objects.

I'm quaking in my boots.
I'm quaking in my boots.

Surviving a Fire

If the weather is sunny, there might be a fire, but fire is probably the easiest disaster to avoid in the game. Each map has a specific location where the fire starts, listed below, and it’s the same place every time. As long as you stay on the edge of the map and avoid the fire location, you should be fine.

Fire Starting Locations for Each Map

Location Where Fire Starts
Arch Park
Fire starts at the trash can closest to the fountain.
Coastal Quickstop
Fire starts in the fireplaces of two huts.
Fort Indestructable
Fire starts in the middle of three tanks south of the truss tower.
Furious Station
Fire starts in the microwave in the gas station.
Glass Office
Fire starts on the fourth floor on the west side of the building.
Happy Home
Fire starts on the first floor, by the back window on the left wall of the house.
Heights School
Fire starts on the second floor, in the green trash can in the corner next to the clock.
Lucky Mart
Fire starts at the cash register next to the entrance.
Party Palace
Fire starts at the popcorn machine. This fire can be stopped if a player quickly pushes the popcorn machine into the water.
Rakish Refinery
Fire starts at the boiler closest to the chimney.
Raving Raceway
Fire starts on the yellow race car.
Sky Tower
Fire starts on the first floor, on the back wall in the center of the right side.
Sunny Ranch
Fire starts at the lantern inside the barn.
Surf Central
Fire starts in the east entryway of the wooden building.
Trailer Park
Fire starts on a tree north of the water tower.
This is fine.
This is fine.

Surviving a Flood

When the flood warning appears, you have 10 seconds to get to safety before the ocean around the island begins to rise.

It is best to get on top of a high, stable structure. Something that is tall but thin may collapse into the rushing water and kill you. If the structure you are on begins to collapse, try to jump onto something floating nearby or a higher structure. Touching the water will drain your health until it kills you.

It can help to start the round going to the middle of a structure‘s height; if it’s a flood you can climb up and if it’s something else you can climb down. Floods are probably the hardest disaster to survive because high spaces are limited or nonexistent on some maps.

When surviving a flood, it's not about the survival of the fittest. It's about standing on each other's heads.
When surviving a flood, it's not about the survival of the fittest. It's about standing on each other's heads.

Surviving a Meteor Shower

During a meteor shower, do not go inside. Meteors can fall right through buildings, killing you directly or trapping you under debris. Instead, stay outside where you can see the meteors falling and dodge them. Meteors have a small damage radius and don’t start fires when they hit, so you can be relatively close to the impact area and not die. However, it may knock your arms off and fling them across the map. Even though things rain from the sky, meteor showers start in sunny weather.

Face death like a man. Or a dinosaur.
Face death like a man. Or a dinosaur.

Surviving a Sandstorm

You can tell if a sandstorm is the disaster by looking at the cloud as it rolls in. If it is lined with a sandy color, it is carrying a sandstorm. Similar to the blizzard, a sand effect covers the screen, and wind blows objects around. However, with a sandstorm the wind is stronger, the bricks hit harder, and you don’t take damage from being exposed to the outdoors. Being outdoors is actually the best way to survive a sandstorm because you can see which direction the bricks are flying to and go to the other end of the map to avoid getting hit. If you hide indoors your shelter is likely to disintegrate and kill you when it flies off.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a rocketship.
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a rocketship.

Surviving a Thunderstorm

After the clouds roll in, you have maybe a second of warning before thunder cracks and lightning strikes a random location (or its first unlucky victim). Your best bet to survive a thunderstorm is to get inside a building and avoid high places, as they are more likely to get hit by lightning. Being hit will either kill you or you will lose a lot of health and some of your limbs. Typically the thunderstorm will last for about 45 bolts of lightning.

Staying merry, even when the roof of the merry-go-round gets zapped off.
Staying merry, even when the roof of the merry-go-round gets zapped off.

Surviving a Tornado

Right after the clouds roll in and the warning is given, the smoky tornado funnel will appear in the map’s center. To survive a tornado, stay outside on the edge of the map, watching the tornado to see where it goes. If you are too close to the tornado, it will snatch your weave. Literally. You may also be sent flying into space. If you are on the Coastal Quickstop map, hide in the lighthouse, the docks, or inside the well. The tornado cannot reach you there.

Shouldn't they have shut this ride off during the tornado?
Shouldn't they have shut this ride off during the tornado?

Surviving a Tsunami

When a tsunami starts you will see a big wave spawn in the distance and start coming toward the island. If you are in a low-lying area the tsunami will hit you and you will die. Get to a high place that is relatively stable. If you climb a tall thin structure it may collapse when the tsunami hits it and you will take fall damage. Once the tsunami passes it will be safe to climb down again because it doesn’t come back.

I waved. The game waved back.
I waved. The game waved back.

Surviving a Volcano

The volcano will rise up from the ocean somewhere around the island and begin shooting lava into the air. The bricks can strike through structures, so being inside isn’t recommended.

There are two strategies you can take with a volcano: either stay on the outside edge as far away from the volcano as you can get, or climb onto the volcano so that you are too close to be hit by the flying bricks. If you choose to climb onto the volcano, it grows beneath the water so it is safe to jump into the ocean. If there are multiple disasters on the same map, this strategy may help you avoid the other disasters.

Don't you just lava this view?
Don't you just lava this view?

So which disaster is the hardest to survive?

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Survive Enough Disasters, and You Could End up in the Server’s Top 10!

Someday, I will be as good a survivalist as DumbDumb1489. I'm just not quite there yet.
Someday, I will be as good a survivalist as DumbDumb1489. I'm just not quite there yet.

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